22.5 truck tire size chart: Profile Height, Width (Guide)

Understanding truck tire sizes and how to choose the right set for your needs is essential for safety, performance, and efficiency.

Today, our focus lies on 22.5 truck tire size chart, a standard used widely in the trucking industry. We will dive deep into understanding these tires, comparing top models from leading manufacturers, costs, common mistakes to avoid, and in the end, guide you to make the right choice.

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22.5 truck tire size chart

What Are Truck Tire Sizes?

Before diving into the specifics of R22.5 truck tires, it’s essential to understand the concept of truck tire sizing. Unlike the straightforward dimensions of passenger vehicle tires, truck tires have a more complex nomenclature that conveys a wealth of information about their size, capacity, and intended use.

Truck tire sizing typically includes values for diameter, profile width, load index, speed index, and rim diameter. Let’s break down these terms:

  • Diameter: The tire diameter indicates the overall size of the tire. It’s a critical factor in ensuring the right fit for your truck.
  • Profile Width: Profile width refers to the distance between the outer and inner edges of the tire’s tread. It influences stability and handling.
  • Load Index: This index reflects the maximum load capacity the tire can bear when correctly inflated.
  • Speed Index: The speed index signifies the maximum speed at which the tire can safely operate.
  • Rim Diameter: This value corresponds to the wheel rim’s size in inches. It’s important to match the rim diameter with the tire for a secure fit.

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Understanding R22.5 truck tire size

here’s a table summarizing the features of an 22.5 truck tire size based on your description.

Tire FeatureR22.5 Truck Tire Specifications
Design TypeRadial (Indicated by ‘R‘)
Rim Diameter22.5 inches
Profile Width255 millimeters
Profile Height495 millimeters
Load Index160/157 (Varying load capacity at different inflation pressures)
Speed Index‘K’ (Maximum safe speed of 68 mph (110 km/h))
22.5 truck tire size

It’s important to understand what the numbers in 22.5 truck tire sizes represent. The ‘r’ denotes the radial tire design, while ‘22.5’ denotes the diameter of the rim required for the tire, expressed in inches. “5” is the aspect ratio of the tire’s height to its width, expressed in percentages. In practical terms, the number reveals important traits about the tire its handling capabilities, load capacity, and suitability for certain applications.

  • Profile Width: R22.5 truck tires typically have a profile width of 255 millimeters.
  • Profile Height: The profile height is 495 millimeters.
  • Load Index: R22.5 tires often come with a load index of 160/157, which means they can handle varying loads at different inflation pressures.
  • Speed Index: The speed index is “K,” indicating a maximum safe speed of 68 mph (110 km/h).

It’s worth noting that these specifications can vary slightly between different manufacturers and models, so it’s crucial to check the specific details when selecting tires for your truck.

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All 22.5 Truck Tire Sizes Chart

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of 22.5 truck tire sizes, you’re in the right place. Below is a table that shows various 22.5 truck tire sizes along with their profile width, profile height, and load and speed indices:

SizeTire Width (mm)Profile Height (%)Load/Speed Indices
315/80R22.531580158/155 L
295/80R22.529580152/148 L
275/80R22.527580149/146 M
385/65R22.538565160 K
315/70R22.531570154/150 L

22.5 truck tires Size, height, width, diameter chart

here is the table that shows all the tire sizes with index R22.5 and their respective profile widths, heights, and rim diameters:

Profile width (mm)Profile height (%)Rim diameter (inches)

The profile width is in millimeters, the profile height is the aspect ratio, given in percentage of the profile width, and the rim diameter is given in inches.

22.5 truck tire weight in KG and volume in m3

Below is the 22.5 truck tire weight in KG and volume in m3.

SizeVolume, m3Weight, kg

How to Choose the Right 22.5 Truck Tire Size

Choosing the best truck tire size isn’t always easy. Your choice must be based totally to your truck’s specs, the type of shipment you shipping, and the situations you stumble upon on the street.

How to Choose the Right 22.5 Truck Tire Size

Here are some steps to manual you thru the decision-making for Choose the Right 22.5 Truck Tire Size:

  1. Understand Your Truck: Start by knowing your truck’s specifications, including the recommended tire size. Consult your truck’s manual or contact the manufacturer if necessary.
  2. Consider the Load: The load index of the tire is crucial. It must match or exceed the weight your truck carries, considering both the vehicle itself and the cargo.
  3. Think About Speed: The speed index should align with your typical driving speeds. Opt for higher speed ratings if you frequently drive at high velocities.
  4. Tread Patterns: Different tire models have varying tread patterns designed for specific road conditions. For long-haul trucking, look for tires with good wear resistance and stability.
  5. Budget and Reviews: Compare prices and read customer reviews to find a balance between affordability and quality. Remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best.
  6. Consult Experts: When in doubt, consult with tire experts or your truck’s manufacturer for personalized recommendations.
  7. Maintenance Matters: Don’t forget regular tire maintenance, including proper inflation and alignment. It’s essential for tire longevity and safety.

Various models exist for 22.5 truck tire sizes from industry-leading manufacturers, each featuring its peculiarities, strengths, and potential drawbacks. It’s crucial to consider these aspects while purchasing to ensure you pick what’s right for your truck.

Popular 22.5 truck tire size Models

Notable models include:

  • Michelin X MultiEnergy Z: These tires are celebrated for their economic efficiency and reliability. Their construction enhances traction and diminishes rolling resistance, contributing to better fuel economy and longevity.
  • Bridgestone M721: Leveraging modern technology, these tires underline their performance and durability. They offer high traction levels that enable refined, comfortable truck driving, respecting any road condition.
  • Continental HSR2 SA: These tires pride themselves on their safety measures and comfortable drive. Reduced rolling resistance helps curb fuel consumption while enhancing mileage.
  • Pirell TP TG85: These tires contrast the yin-yang of wear resistance and off-road capabilities. They further provide an excellent grip on roads, ensuring stability and driver comfort.
  • Goodyear KMAX S: These tires incorporate cutting-edge materials to ensure durability while being lightweight, providing maximum road grip and cornering stability along with better fuel efficiency.
Michelin X MultiEnergy ZMichelinHigh efficiency and reliability
Bridgestone M721BridgestoneHigh traction
Continental HSR2 SAContinentalLow rolling resistance
Pirelli TG85PirelliGood grip and traction characteristics
Goodyear KMAX SGoodyearLightweight, durable, and improved rolling resistance


In the market for 22.5 truck tires? Make list of your requirements, evaluate the options available based on the information in this article about 22.5 truck tire size chart with all parameters, then make your purchase. Remember that with the right 22.5 tire, you’ll ensure a smoother, more stable ride while safeguarding your investment for the long haul.

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