Accelera Tires Review: What Are Best Accelera Tire for 2023

Welcome to our Accelera Tires Review! Choosing the right tires for your vehicle can make a significant difference in terms of performance, safety, and overall driving experience.

Accelera Tires Review
Accelera Tires Review

Accelera Tires is a brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and we’re here to provide you with an honest and unbiased review of their products.

We’ll take a closer look at the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of Accelera Tires, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your next set of tires. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a new car owner, this review will provide you with valuable insights to help you find the right tires for your needs.

List of Accelera Tires

Here is a complete list of Accelera Tires:

  • 651
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Delta
  • Eco Plush
  • Epsilon
  • Iota
  • Iota ST68
  • Iota ST68 NPM
  • Omikron A/T
  • Omikron H/T
  • Phi
  • Phi 2
  • Phi NPM
  • Phi-R
  • Rho
  • Sigma
  • Snow
  • Ultra 2
  • Ultra 3
  • Ultra 5
  • X Boost
  • X-grip
  • X-Grip 4S
  • X-Grip N

Accelera Alpha review

It would be surprising if such a sporty-sounding brand did not produce a model designed for the fastest and most powerful modifications to passenger cars. It is their owners who are addressed to the Accelera Alpha tire, which has very high technical characteristics.

Accelera Alpha review
Accelera Alpha review

Aggressive V-tread

This model compares favorably with a combination of spectacular appearance and high performance. It is provided by a V-shaped tread design, all elements of which have increased resistance to deformation. Especially these qualities are distinguished by the shoulder zones and the central longitudinal rib, due to which the tire is given increased directional stability and precision in driving at high speed.

Improved grip on wet roads

One of the advantages of the V-shaped tread is the location of the drainage grooves at an acute angle and against the movement. This significantly increases the rate of water removal. At the same time, the developers have found additional opportunities to increase the intensity of this process by giving the drainage grooves a curved shape.

The main features of Acceler Alpha

  • aggressive-looking directional tread provides excellent performance at any speed;
  • increased resistance to aquaplaning thanks to the optimized arrangement of the drainage grooves.

Accelera Iota ST68 review

Accelera Iota ST68 is a summer type tire used on passenger cars. Provides confident control, both when driving in a straight line, and during maneuvering. It has a long service life due to minimal wear even with intensive use.

Accelera Iota ST68 review
Accelera Iota ST68 review

The asymmetric tread with two ribs in the center provides excellent stage properties. The manufacturer paid special attention to speed indicators. To this end, one of the ribs in the center has a monolithic structure, which contributes to the stabilization of the rectilinear movement. At the same time, there is a high sensitivity of control.

Ribs in the middle zone have a block structure. On the one hand, they are separated by cruciform grooves, and on the other, by diagonal ones. This structure minimizes drifts, and the edge effect increases traction.

The shoulder area also contributes to confident cornering, which makes the vehicle more agile.

Main features of Accelera Iota ST68

  • good adaptation to high-speed driving conditions due to the central ribs;
  • high traction, causing fast acceleration;
  • braking efficiency due to edge effect;
  • maneuverability at any speed due to blocks of “shoulders”.

Accelera Iota ST68 NPM review

The abbreviation NPM in the name of the Accelera Iota ST68 NPM SUV tire is made up of the capital letters of the phrase Non-Pressure Mobility. This means that it can be used with a complete loss of pressure inside the tire.

A key feature of the tire is the special sidewall design, which not only supports the weight of the vehicle, but also reduces heat generation, reducing rolling resistance and preventing the tread from overheating. Another feature of the tire is its tread pattern, which is distinguished by a variety of elements that reduce the risk of aquaplaning. On its inner side there are grooves of the original form in the form of an exclamation mark, which prevent the formation of a continuous water film between the tire and the road surface.

Main Features of Accelera Iota ST68 NPM

  • the special design of the sidewalls allows you to continue driving with a complete loss of pressure inside the tire;
  • exclamation mark grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning;
  • asymmetrical tread pattern with massive ribs and blocks provides excellent stability at high speed.

Accelera Omikron A/T review

The Accelera Omikron A/T SUV and pickup tire is designed for use on any type of road surface. It is characterized by balanced performance properties, combining stable grip properties with a low noise level and smooth running on uneven surfaces.

Accelera Omikron A/T Review
Accelera Omikron A/T Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a large number of blocks and the distribution of elements over functional areas. Massive shoulder blocks go into the sidewalls, thereby increasing traction and stability on unpaved surfaces. Their rigidity allows dynamic maneuvering on paved roads. In the central part, the blocks are arranged in such a way that during their movement continuous transverse edges are formed, providing excellent traction and braking intensity on any unstable loose surfaces.

Key features of the Accelera Omikron A/T

  • stepped block wall profile and Z-shaped grooves improve traction properties and prevent uneven tread wear;
  • dense arrangement of blocks in the central part, their distribution along the longitudinal ribs increase comfort and handling on the highway;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Accelera Omikron H/T review

Summer tire for SUVs Accelera Omikron H/T is designed for use mainly on paved roads. In such conditions, in addition to the stability of grip properties, it demonstrates increased smoothness, low noise level and wear resistance.

In the manufacture of tires, a special rubber compound is used, the composition of which is characterized by a high content of “silica”. Such a compound on wet surfaces and at low pavement temperatures provides improved traction. The tread pattern is characterized by numerous blocks and lamellas, due to which the model remains extremely effective in adverse weather conditions. In addition, the tread pattern elements are arranged in a high density and distributed along the longitudinal ribs. This structure increases stability and control accuracy, reduces wear unevenness, significantly slowing down the process of abrasive wear.

Main features of Accelera Omikron H/T

  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” improves grip on wet and cold surfaces;
  • optimized tread pattern improves handling and wear resistance;
  • four wide longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Accelera Phi review

Despite the lack of wide popularity of the brand, the Accelera Phi summer tire, with its affordable price compared to competitors, has very good characteristics.

Accelera Phi review
Accelera Phi review

Tread pattern adapted for high speed
The asymmetric tread pattern used in this model contains a minimum of elements. In the central part, these are the longitudinal ribs of an inextricable structure, and in the shoulder areas blocks connected by rigid bridges. This design allows the tire to react to the driver’s actions at the wheel with lightning speed and very high precision, which greatly facilitates the steering process, especially at high speed.

Confidence in the rain

This tire remains stable even in heavy rain. This feature is provided by longitudinal drainage grooves. These tread elements have a large internal capacity, which allows you to dry the contact patch very quickly, bringing almost any amount of water out of the tread.

Main Features of Accellera Phi

  • the rigid design of all tread elements ensures high efficiency at any speed;
  • reliable grip on wet roads due to the large number and capacity of drainage grooves.

Accelera Phi NPM review

The Accelera Phi NPM summer passenger car tire belongs to the Ultra High Performance category, featuring excellent performance at high speeds. The abbreviation NPM in its name means that its design uses Run-Flat technology, which allows the tire to be used with a complete loss of internal pressure.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness and rigidity of the blocks and ribs. Deformation-resistant elements increase handling precision and stability when driving at high speed, both on straight sections and in turns. In addition, the pattern contains a large number of diamond-shaped slots. These elements improve ride comfort and reduce noise, thereby increasing comfort, especially on poor quality roads.

Main features of Accelera Phi NPM

  • three rigid ribs in the central part increase stability at high speed and control accuracy in turns;
  • massive blocks in the shoulder areas facilitate the control process when maneuvering, prevent uneven wear of the tread;
  • special diamond-shaped slots improve acoustic comfort and ride smoothness.

Accelera Phi-R review

Accelera Phi-R is a summer tire for passenger cars. It features good traction, fast drainage and stability when driving in a straight line.

The model has four central ribs, which are distinguished by their rigidity. Complemented with diagonal notches, they stabilize the movement in a straight line, providing a sensitive response to the actions of the steering wheel. And the presence of an edge effect allows you to make traction more pronounced.

The rubber composition of the tire contains silicon dioxide, supplemented by a number of synthetic-type polymer compounds. This factor had a positive effect on grip characteristics, minimizing the degree of wear.

The shoulder area is responsible for maneuverability, the blocks of which are made of a more rigid compound, and the presence of diagonally directed channels eliminates side skids.

Key features of the Accelera Phi-R

  • focused on fast driving, providing a high level of stability in the behavior of vehicles in straight-line traffic;
  • quickly removes excess moisture from the area in contact with the surface;
  • provides maneuverability due to the structure of the shoulder area.

Accelera Ultra 2 review

The Accelera Ultra 2 summer tire is used in small commercial vehicles. Differs in the increased loading capacity and resistance to damages, reliability of coupling properties on a wet covering, efficiency of braking.

Accelera Ultra 2 review
Accelera Ultra 2 review

The tread pattern is dominated by large elements forming four continuous longitudinal ribs. This design significantly reduces wear unevenness during operation under the constant influence of a large weight of the transported cargo. This solution provides excellent directional stability and reduces rolling resistance. The wave-like shape of the longitudinal grooves reduces the risk of hydroplaning and the formation of resonant noises and vibrations.

Main features of Accelera Ultra 2

  • massive blocks increase the contact patch, improving grip and handling;
  • optimized tread profile prevents rapid abrasion;
  • The wavy shape of the longitudinal grooves improves grip on wet surfaces and reduces noise levels.

Accelera Ultra 3 review

The Accelera Ultra 3 summer tire for commercial vehicles is designed for long and intensive use in the most difficult conditions. It features improved wet grip, driving comfort, reduced fuel consumption and high mileage.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the S-shaped shape of the longitudinal ribs in the central part. It forms additional grip edges, increasing the performance of the tire on wet surfaces and driving comfort when maneuvering. Massive Z-shaped blocks along the edges of the tread provide stability when changing direction and prevent the occurrence and development of uneven wear. Two wide longitudinal grooves in the central part, due to their increased volume, make it possible to avoid the formation of a continuous film of water in the contact patch even under the most adverse weather conditions.

Main features of Accelera Ultra 3

  • a wide double rib of the original S-shape increases the stability and reliability of handling on wet surfaces;
  • rigid blocks at the edges provide stable grip when maneuvering, slow down the process of tread wear;
  • wide longitudinal grooves in the central part minimize the risk of aquaplaning.

Accelera Ultra 5 review

The Accelera Ultra 5 summer tire is used in compact commercial vehicles. With a modest size, the tire is characterized by increased load capacity and resistance to damage, resistance to abrasive abrasion. On the go, it is characterized by “passenger” driving comfort and reliable grip on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is dotted with narrow slots. Especially a lot of sipes in the central part, which ensures stable handling and stable grip when braking on wet surfaces. The wide grooves located between the longitudinal ribs in such conditions guarantee the absence of hydroplaning even in heavy rain. Massive blocks are located along the edges of the tread. Rigid elements provide reliable grip when changing direction of movement, while preventing uneven wear of the tread, which increases the mileage of the tire.

Main features of Accelera Ultra 5

  • an increased number of sipes increases traction on wet surfaces;
  • wide longitudinal grooves prevent the formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch;
  • Massive shoulder blocks increase steering precision, providing stable grip when maneuvering.

Accelera X Boost review

The Accelera X Boost summer tire was developed for the Japanese market, which largely determines its specificity. The model is designed for minibuses and full-size minivans, whose owners appreciate the sporty handling and grip at high speed in such products.

Structurally, the tire is a “hybrid”, in which there are solutions from both commercial and sports tires. The frame and sidewalls are distinguished by a reinforced structure, due to which it is possible to neutralize the negative impact of a large weight and a high center of gravity. The asymmetric tread pattern is “borrowed” from the PHI-R model, an Ultra High Performance tire for passenger cars. He and the appropriate rubber compound allow the tire to maintain stability at high speed and demonstrate polished handling.

Key Features of Accelera X Boost

  • Reinforced carcass and sidewalls provide long service life and reliability when used in commercial vehicles;
  • asymmetric tread pattern from UHP tires provides reliable handling and sporty handling at any speed;
  • Optimized rubber compound with improved abrasion resistance and improved wet grip.

Accelera X-Grip 4S review

All-season tire for passenger cars Accelera X-Grip 4S is a versatile tire that is equally effective on both summer and winter roads. It is characterized by stable grip properties, ease of control, fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

In the manufacture of the tread, a special rubber compound is used. It is distinguished by an extended range of “working” temperatures. Such a compound remains elastic at low temperatures, retains its integrity during prolonged heating and is resistant to abrasion. The tread pattern, in turn, is made asymmetrical and contains a large number of grooves and sipes. This allows the tire to maintain stability on any slippery surface. On summer roads, its efficiency is ensured by the massive size of the blocks and ribs, as well as the optimization of the tread profile, which further increases the contact patch.

Key features of the Accelera X-Grip 4S

  • optimized compound provides the tire with efficiency and long service life in all road conditions;
  • an increased number of sipes and grooves improves traction on slippery surfaces;
  • the special shape of the tread profile increases the contact patch, improving handling on dry surfaces.

Accelera X-Grip N review

Winter tire for passenger cars Accelera X-Grip N is designed for operation on any snowy and icy roads. On the most slippery surfaces, it demonstrates stable grip, driving comfort and braking efficiency.

The tread pattern is dotted with numerous sipes. Sinusoidal slots with predominantly transverse slots retain the ability to accelerate and brake on rolled snow and ice, forming a large number of pointed edges in the contact patch. Blocks with high walls and extended edges allow the tire to demonstrate confident behavior on snowy surfaces. The tread has an asymmetrical design, which largely determines the versatility of the tire. On any flat surface, it is distinguished by comfortable handling and reliable grip when changing direction.

Key features of the Accelera X-Grip N

  • sinusoidal sipes improve handling and braking efficiency on ice and snow;
  • four longitudinal grooves provide reliable control in difficult weather conditions;
  • asymmetrical tread pattern gives the tire a balanced running properties.

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