Antares Tires Review: Top Antares Tires with Features (2023)

Antares tires are built on a high-strength carcass, thanks to which they successfully cope with all forms of physical aggression (bumps, tearing loads, etc.). Let’s discuss our today day Antares Tires review with all information, features, and benefits of Antares tires.

Antares Tires Review Top Antares Tires with Features
Antares Tires Review

Who makes Antares tires?

The Antares trademark was created by the Chinese company Maxtrek with the direct participation of the Bridgestone concern, which provided high-performance technologies and helped to acquire the latest Japanese-made equipment. The brand appeared in 2006 with the aim of promoting tire products to the North American and European markets, as well as to other regions of the world. The undertaking was successful: Antares products quickly became popular due to their impeccable quality, high performance and budget cost.

The manufacturing company is trying to constantly expand the range and regularly bring new products to the market. This is facilitated by the presence of its own design and research centers, modern laboratories, as well as access to highly equipped test sites. So, for testing winter models, polygons in the north of Finland are used, and Antares summer tires are tested at sites in the southern regions of Europe.

Antares winter tires

Antares winter tires are distinguished by high grip performance on snowy and icy surfaces. They do not “tan” even with extreme temperature drops, and help the driver to keep the car under full control at all times.

Antares Summer tires

Summer tires are made of a tougher and more wear-resistant compound, which is adapted to driving on hot asphalt in extreme heat. As for Antares all-season tires, they are optimally suited for year-round use in most European countries, where the climate is characterized by little snow and mild winters.

Also in the range of Antares, there are tires for specific operating conditions. Off-road models are well-suited for difficult off-road conditions, including driving on loose ruts, loose sand, sticky ground, rocks, and rough terrain. And Antares sports models are maximally adapted for an aggressively high-speed driving style, which makes them popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Antares An-Locus Review

The Antares An-Locus summer tire is designed for cars that only have a puncture repair kit in the trunk. This model is offered in the Run Flat version, allowing you to continue driving even with a complete loss of pressure inside the tire.

This ability is provided by reinforced sidewalls, which in such conditions are practically not deformed. At the same time, the softness of the ride is preserved, since some mobility of this part of the tire is still present, thanks to the use of a special compound. As for the tread pattern, it is distinguished by significant volumes of longitudinal grooves. This significantly increases the stability of the tire on wet surfaces. Look at all brands tires review with all models and trims.

Main features of Antares An-Locus

  • a special design of the sidewalls and a special compound allow you to continue moving with a puncture without much loss in softness;
  • increased volume of longitudinal grooves minimizes the risk of aquaplaning even at high speed;
  • excellent directional stability and control accuracy due to the rigidity of the rib in the middle and massive blocks along the edges of the tread.

Antares Comfort a5 Review

Summer tire Antares Comfort A5 has a rather narrow scope. It is limited by paved roads. At the same time, this model boasts a wide applicability. In addition to crossovers and SUVs, it can be installed on pickups and light trucks.

Antares Comfort a5 Review
Antares Comfort a5 Review

Improved grip on wet roads

The tread pattern of this tire contains an increased number of gripping edges. Most of them are formed when the lamellae open. In addition, it is impossible not to note the significant capacity of the longitudinal drainage grooves, due to which they easily remove almost any amount of water from under the contact patch.

Optimized shoulder design

Due to the complex composite design, the shoulder areas of the tread have a fairly wide functionality. Wide lateral blocks improve cornering and braking grip. In turn, a narrow longitudinal rib on each side reduces the noise level.

The main features of Antares

  • increased grip on wet roads thanks to a productive drainage system and an increased number of gripping edges;
  • wide shoulder zones with massive blocks and narrow longitudinal ribs provide stability in cornering and braking.

Antares Deep Digger M/T Review

Summer tire Antares Deep Digger M/T is designed for SUVs and pickups. The Mud Terrain model is adapted for use in the most difficult conditions, differing on off-road with high reliability and traction.

The tire has a reinforced carcass. Its construction contains 2 layers of steel and 3 layers of polyester cord. Such a solution, on the one hand, has a high resistance to mechanical damage, and on the other hand, elasticity and reduced weight. The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound based on natural rubber and silicon dioxide. This compound also has high elasticity, which is combined with resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts. The tread pattern has an open design with multiple blocks, effective on earth and sandy soils with reduced bearing capacity.

Main features of Antares Deep Digger M/T

  • reinforced carcass with multi-layer steel and polyester cord provides reliability and smoothness on the road;
  • special rubber compound, elastic and resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage;
  • tread pattern with open design is effective on earthen and sandy soils.

Antares Grip 20 Review

Despite the lack of wide popularity of the brand under which the Antares Grip 20 winter tire is produced, this model has very good technical characteristics, more than competitive against the background of numerous analogues, especially from Chinese manufacturers. They are provided by a number of modern technologies that have found application in the design of this tire.

Antares Grip 20 Review
Antares Grip 20 Review

Double rib in the center

A significant part of the advantages demonstrated by this model is provided by the original design of the central longitudinal rib. It consists of two equal parts, separated from each other by a wide arrow-shaped drainage groove. This design improves several important technical characteristics at once. The most significant of these include stable traction at high speed, increased traction on snow, reduced rolling resistance and resistance to uneven wear.

Zigzag tread block walls

In addition to the open design, the shoulder areas are distinguished by the unusual configuration of the blocks contained here. They have a large height, and their walls are zigzag in shape. The combination of these design features gives the tire excellent performance on snowy roads.

Main features of Antares Grip 20

  • wide swept tread groove in the center of the tread improves resistance to slashplaning and hydroplaning;
  • inextricable longitudinal ribs in the central part increase the stability of grip properties and control accuracy;
  • the zigzag shape of the vertical walls of the blocks in the shoulder areas provide reliable grip on the snow.

Antares Grip 60 ice Review

The Antares Grip 60 Ice winter tire has been specially developed for the Nordic countries and Canada. Taking into account the peculiarities of the climate in these regions made it possible to create a tire product that is perfectly adapted to operation in difficult conditions.

Antares Grip 60 ice Review
Antares Grip 60 ice Review

Arrow-shaped blocks in the center of the tread

The central longitudinal rib of this tread contains a plurality of individual arrow-shaped blocks interconnected by wide webs. This design gives the tire several important advantages at once increased control accuracy, directional stability at high speed. In addition, fuel economy and uneven wear resistance are improved.

Improved grip on snow and ice

The design of this tread pattern remains open in its other areas, including the shoulder areas. The presence of a large number of individual blocks provides the tire with increased grip on snowy surfaces. In turn, the wavy lamellas cut into them, located in different directions, improve the grip on packed snow and ice. They can be additionally increased in case of installing spikes, for which special mounting holes are provided on the tread.

Grip 60 Key Features

  • wide swept blocks in the center of the tread with bridges between themselves increase the accuracy of control, directional stability;
  • Open design with multiple blocks and sipes improves traction on snow and ice.

Antares Grip WP Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Antares Grip WP is designed for operation on any snowy and icy roads. Under such conditions, it is characterized by braking efficiency, reliable control, acoustic comfort and long service life.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of its constituent elements. Mostly these are blocks, the elongated edges of which help the tire maintain stable grip on snow. It is worth noting the presence of a toothed profile at the drainage grooves along the edges of the tread. Such a non-trivial solution further reduces the risk of lateral slippage on a snowy surface. Another feature of the pattern are lamellas with sawtooth edges. These slots allow intensive acceleration and braking even on bare ice.

Main features of Antares Grip WP

  • increased size and rectangular shape of the contact patch improve grip and handling, prevent rapid wear of the tread;
  • massive blocks improve traction on snow;
  • densely cut sipes allow intensive acceleration and braking on ice and wet surfaces.

Antares Lumi 001 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Antares Lumi 001 is designed for operation under the influence of high dynamic loads. At any speed, it is distinguished by stable grip and driving comfort, braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces.

The asymmetric tread pattern is dominated by massive rigid elements. The longitudinal rib running exactly in its middle ensures directional stability at high speed, as well as control accuracy when changing the trajectory of movement. Rigid blocks along the edges of the tread enhance these properties. Drainage elements evenly distributed over its entire area effectively resist hydroplaning, preventing the formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch.

Main features of Antares Lumi 001

  • asymmetric tread pattern with large elements provides excellent handling and stable grip at any speed;
  • enlarged grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning;
  • a special profile of the running part and shoulder zones increase the contact patch.

Antares Majoris R1 Review

Antares Majoris R1 is a passenger tire designed for use on crossovers and full-size SUVs in the summer. Rubber is distinguished by reliability, confidence and driving safety, as well as comfort for the driver.

The tread pattern has pronounced road components, due to which the car acquires excellent driving dynamics, both on dry and wet road surfaces. The medial part of the tread has a fine cut, which provides a high level of traction and confident braking. Deep channels and small grooves in the shoulder areas allow you to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from under the contact patch. At the same time, the coupling with asphalt remains at a height even with an active downpour.

The treadmill of the product is sufficiently rigid, due to which the car moves stably, both when driving straight at high speeds and when cornering.

Main features of Antares Majoris R1

  • the product perfectly “behaves” both on asphalt and on a primer;
  • high resistance to aquaplaning;
  • short braking distance, independent of the weather and the condition of the road surface;
  • excellent grip on the road surface.

Antares NT 3000 Review

Summer tire Antares NT 3000 is installed in small commercial vehicles. Reduces operating costs due to pronounced fuel-saving properties and high mileage. In motion, it is distinguished by excellent directional stability on wet surfaces, stability when maneuvering under a significant weight load.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the large dimensions of the elements. This increases the contact patch and, combined with the optimized tread profile, maintains contact patch when maneuvering and reduces wear unevenness. Shoulder zones are made solid. This improves directional stability and control accuracy at high speed, as well as stability when maneuvering. Large elements in the center provide traction on wet surfaces.

Antares NT 3000 Key Features:

  • Increased contact patch and optimized tread profile improve dry grip and wear resistance.
  • continuous shoulder zones prevent uneven wear, increase stability during maneuvering and control accuracy;
  • blocks in the central part provide traction and grip on wet surfaces.

Antares Polymax 4S Review

The all-season tire Antares Polymax 4S is designed for operation throughout the year, including on winter surfaces. Even in such conditions, it demonstrates good traction properties, the ability to brake intensively and maintains driving comfort.

To a large extent, the tire does not become helpless in the snow due to the design of the tread pattern. It has a classic V-shaped design for winter tires, with a large number of blocks forming long, curved edges. They allow you to effectively implement traction and maintain stability on a snowy surface. In the summer, this pattern virtually eliminates the possibility of hydroplaning.

Main features of Antares Polymax 4S

  • “winter” tread pattern provides good traction and grip on snow;
  • special rubber compound remains elastic at low temperatures;
  • increased block width in the shoulder areas improves grip and handling on summer surfaces.

Antares SU-810 Review

Summer tire Antares SU-810 is designed for commercial vehicles based on compact cars. Adapted for operation in specific urban conditions. It is characterized by stability and efficiency when decelerating on wet surfaces, resistance to wear and mechanical damage.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the elements. This increases the contact patch, and, along with the optimization of the running part of the tire, allows you to evenly distribute the pressure on the road surface, preventing wear and providing traction properties with additional stability. Shoulder zones are significantly enlarged and have a monolithic structure. This significantly improves stability during maneuvering and control accuracy, reduces the risk of uneven wear under heavy weight loads. The wave-like design of the water-removing grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning and the level of driving noise.

Key Features of Antares SU-810:

  • increased contact patch and optimized tread profile enhances grip and stability, reduces wear at high weight loads;
  • wide shoulder zones and their high rigidity improve stability during maneuvering, prevent uneven wear, and reduce rolling resistance;
  • Wave-shaped drainage grooves reduce hydroplaning and noise.

Antares SU-820 Review

Summer tire Antares SU-820 belongs to the so-called “rain” models. It features exceptional resistance to hydroplaning, resulting in reliable grip on wet surfaces.

Antares SU-820 Review
Antares SU-820 Review

The tread pattern is made in a spectacular V-shaped design with a large number of curved drainage grooves. The rearward-facing elements and the shape that expands towards the edges, even in heavy rain, minimize the risk of a continuous film of water forming between the wheel and the road surface. In the middle there is a continuous arrow-shaped rib with “outgrowths” in the form of no less rigid blocks. This solution guarantees traction stability and control accuracy at high speed.

Main features of Antares SU-820

  • numerous and V-shaped arrangement of grooves minimizes the risk of aquaplaning;
  • a continuous rib in the center and rigid blocks in the shoulder areas provide sporty handling;
  • Rubber compound with a high content of “silica” increases grip on wet surfaces and resistance to abrasion.

Antares SU-830 Review

Summer tire Antares SU-830 is suitable for most compact cars. It is distinguished by comfort and safety of driving in difficult road and weather conditions, pronounced fuel-saving properties, and high mileage.

The tread pattern has a closed design with large elements. This increases the contact patch and with it the dry grip. When maneuvering, they remain stable thanks to the optimized tread profile. On wet surfaces, efficiency is ensured by the increased dimensions of the water evacuation grooves, which minimize the risk of aquaplaning. At the same time, numerous transverse edges of blocks and sipes allow intensive acceleration and deceleration. The solid rib located in the middle and wide “bridges” between the triangular blocks in the central part provide precise control and directional stability on straight sections.

Key Features of Antares SU-830:

  • increased contact patch due to the large dimensions of the pattern elements and the optimized tread profile;
  • a massive rib in the middle and wide “bridges” between the triangular blocks in the central part increase the accuracy of control and directional stability on straight sections;
  • extended and numerous transverse edges of blocks and sipes allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces.

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