Armstrong Tires Review: Features of all Armstrong tires 2023

In armstrong tires review, I will be discussing the features of all Armstrong Tires available in 2023, including their performance, design, and technology. If you are in the market for new tires or simply curious about what Armstrong Tires has to offer, then keep reading to find out more about their top-rated products.

Armstrong Tires Review Features of all Armstrong tires
Armstrong Tires Review

Armstrong Blu-Trac Van Review

The Armstrong Blu-Trac Van commercial tire is designed specifically for light trucks and vans used in urban and suburban transportation. It is characterized by stable grip on dry and wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Armstrong Blu-Trac Van Review
Armstrong Blu-Trac Van Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a “step-by-step” arrangement of elements. This noticeably reduces noise and vibration while driving, providing a good level of comfort in the cabin. The running part of the tire is made of a special rubber compound. The advanced compound provides reliable grip on dry and wet surfaces, while possessing excellent resistance to abrasion, punctures and tears, as well as increased thermal conductivity, further reducing rolling resistance.

Key features of the Armstrong Blu-Trac Van

  • tread pattern with wide solid ribs provides excellent directional stability and stable grip;
  • Numerous multidirectional sipes increase traction and braking intensity on wet surfaces;
  • optimized tread profile, increasing the contact patch, improves not only grip, but also wear resistance and fuel efficiency.

Armstrong Ski-Trac HP Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Armstrong Ski-Trac HP, despite the absence of studs, is suitable for use on any slippery roads. It is characterized by ease of control and grip stability, acoustic comfort and reduced rolling resistance.

Armstrong Ski-Trac HP Review
Armstrong Ski-Trac HP Review

The tread pattern has a standard V-groove design for winter tires. Thanks to a large number of drainage elements, even in the most adverse weather conditions, this model demonstrates stable grip and reliable control. The tread blocks are dotted with numerous slots with special “activators” that open the slots when even one of them touches the road surface. This noticeably improves traction and stability on wet and icy surfaces.

Armstrong Ski-Trac HP Highlights

  • V-shaped tread pattern with narrow blocks and “three-dimensional” sipes is effective on any winter surface;
  • optimized compound based on “silica” with special polymers in the composition remains elastic at low temperatures, featuring high wear resistance;

Armstrong Ski-Trac PC Review

The Armstrong Ski-Trac PC winter tire for passenger cars is designed for long and intensive use on snowy and icy roads. On any slippery surface, it demonstrates stable grip, reliable handling, braking performance, along with good fuel economy and long service life.

The tread pattern is replete with numerous sipes. Tightly spaced elements with their pointed and multidirectional edges allow the tire to maintain stability and reliable control on wet surfaces and ice. The “three-dimensional” profile of the walls of the slots significantly enhances these properties by limiting the mobility of the blocks in which they are cut. In turn, numerous small blocks with their high and long edges provide excellent traction and no side slip on the snow.

Key features of the Armstrong Ski-Trac PC

  • directional arrangement and numerous tread blocks provide reliable grip and stability on snow;
  • “three-dimensional” notches increase grip on wet surfaces and ice;
  • Increased groove width provides reliable grip in adverse weather conditions.

Armstrong Tru-Trac HT Review

Summer tire for SUVs and crossovers Armstrong Tru-Trac HT is designed for use on paved roads. A typical representative of the High Terrain category is distinguished in such conditions by stable traction, acoustic comfort, low rolling resistance and wear resistance.

The tread pattern is made up of separate blocks forming five longitudinal ribs. This design helps to reduce rolling resistance, slow down wear, improve directional stability and control accuracy. At the same time, the numerous block edges provide reliable grip and stability on wet surfaces. At the same time, a significant volume of drainage grooves almost completely eliminates the risk of hydroplenning even in heavy rain.

Key features of the Armstrong Tru-Trac HT

  • narrow solid ribs in the shoulder areas reduce the noise level, prevent uneven wear;
  • a large number of transverse drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning;
  • enlarged shoulder blocks increase stability when maneuvering, providing high control accuracy.

Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Review

Summer tire Armstrong Tru-Trac SU is designed for the most dynamic versions of SUVs and crossovers. Accordingly, this model demonstrates the greatest efficiency exclusively on asphalt roads with good surface quality. In such conditions, it is distinguished by improved traction and coupling properties, increased control accuracy, fuel efficiency and good ride smoothness.

One of the key features of the tire is the sidewall design. They contain crumple zones, which increase the smoothness of the ride without any loss of handling and grip. It is also worth noting the profile of the running part, which significantly increases the contact patch, making it wider and almost square. This noticeably improves both traction and handling while reducing wear.

Key features of the Armstrong Tru-Trac SU

  • increased contact patch improves grip and handling, slows down wear;
  • lamellas on the inner ribs improve the properties of traction and grip on wet surfaces, preventing the development of uneven wear;
  • Optimized sidewall design provides excellent ride comfort even on rough roads.

Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Flex Review

The all-season tire for passenger cars Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Flex is developed taking into account specific conditions of “European” winters. It is distinguished by increased stability on wet and snowy surfaces, braking efficiency, fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Flex Review
Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Flex Review

In addition to the asymmetric arrangement of elements, the tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of a large number of lamellas, and several types. The inner shoulder contains the so-called “winter” slots with a “three-dimensional” wall profile. They increase traction and braking power on snow. The outer side of the tread contains straight sipes that direct excess water to the drainage grooves, thereby increasing the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning.

Key features of the Armstrong Tru-Trac SU Flex

  • optimized tread profile prevents wear unevenness, providing driving comfort;
  • asymmetric arrangement of tread pattern elements gives the tire balanced driving properties, improving most of them;
  • two types of slots to improve traction on snow and wet surfaces.

Armstrong Blu-Trac HP Review

Summer tire for cars Armstrong Blu-Trac HP is designed for operation with constant or long-term exposure to high loads, i.e. high speed. In such conditions, it is characterized by comfortable handling and grip reliability, stability and braking efficiency on wet surfaces.

Armstrong Blu-Trac HP Review
Armstrong Blu-Trac HP Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an increased volume of longitudinal grooves. It is more than enough to eliminate the risk of a continuous film of water forming in the contact patch even at high speed. In such conditions, numerous sipes form multidirectional sharp edges, which allow intensive acceleration and braking in such conditions, while maintaining reliability and driving comfort. The increased width and trapezoidal profile of the blocks at the edges of the tread provide excellent stability when changing direction of movement, with precise control of the car.

Main features of Armstrong Blu-Trac HP

  • straight grooves on the outer shoulder of the tread increase control accuracy and stability when maneuvering;
  • grooves on the walls of the longitudinal grooves reduce the noise level;
  • Numerous grooves provide reliable grip on wet surfaces.

 Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Review

The Armstrong Blu-Trac PC all-season passenger car tire is designed for year-round use without any restrictions. Even on winter roads, this model demonstrates consistent grip and braking performance, along with fuel efficiency and abrasion resistance.

Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Review
Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Review

To a large extent, the efficiency of a tire in winter is provided by the characteristics of the rubber compound. Due to the high content of “silica” and the presence of special polymers, such a compound remains elastic at low temperatures, while being distinguished by enviable wear resistance and good thermal conductivity. The classic V-shaped tread pattern for winter tires with numerous blocks and sipes contains a huge number of sharp edges that allow the tire to effectively cling even to icy surfaces.

Main features of Armstrong Blu-Trac PC

  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” and special polymers has good elasticity at low temperatures;
  • optimized tread profile expands the contact patch, improving grip and handling on summer surfaces;
  • a large number of blocks and sipes, the V-shaped arrangement of pattern elements provides excellent traction and stability on snowy and icy surfaces.

Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Flex Review

All-season tire for passenger cars Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Flex is perfect for both summer and winter roads. Even on snowy surfaces, this model demonstrates good stability and driving comfort.

Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Flex Review
Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Flex Review

The profile of the running part of the tire has a profile that significantly increases the contact patch, expanding it due to the fact that the shoulder blocks “go” onto the sidewalls. This greatly improves grip and handling on dry, snow-cleared surfaces while reducing wear. A solid rib in the middle and rigid blocks at the edges provide precise control and directional stability. High and long element walls increase stability and traction on snow. The lamellas cut into them with their pointed edges retain reliable control on icy and wet surfaces.

Main Features of Armstrong Blu-Trac PC Flex

  • a special tread profile expands the contact patch, improving handling and increasing wear resistance;
  • V-shaped arrangement of blocks increases traction and stability on snow;
  • a large number and multidirectional sipes provide reliable control on ice and wet surfaces.

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