Arrowspeed Tires Review: Best Models With Features For 2023

Here is the complete Arrowspeed Tires review guide! Are considering the Arrowspeed Tires brand, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of the performance, design, and overall quality of Arrowspeed tires.

We’ll dive into the features that set these tires apart, including their durability, traction, and value for money. So if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective tires, be sure to read on and find out if Arrowspeed Tires are the right fit for you.

Arrowspeed Tires Review Best Models With Features
Arrowspeed Tires Review

who makes arrowspeed tires?

Arrowspeed Tires, a popular brand of tires that offers a range of reliable and cost-effective options for different types of vehicles, are owned by Kwik Fit (GB) Limited. Kwik Fit is a British-based automotive repair and servicing company that acquired the Arrowspeed brand.

While the exact details of the acquisition are unknown, it is clear that Kwik Fit is now the owner of the Arrowspeed brand. This change in ownership may have implications for Arrowspeed customers, as Kwik Fit may have different strategies and approaches to managing the brand. However, it is still unclear how this will affect the quality and availability of Arrowspeed Tires. Regardless, Arrowspeed Tires remain a popular choice among drivers and offer a range of options for different driving needs.

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Arrowspeed AS-HP01 Review

The Arrowspeed AS-HP01 summer tire is a great option for everyday use. It is characterized by balanced driving characteristics, demonstrating, along with improved grip on wet surfaces and precise control, acoustic comfort and softness.

Arrowspeed AS-HP01 Review
Arrowspeed AS-HP01 Review

The tread pattern is replete with a variety of drainage elements. A significant amount of longitudinal grooves allows them to prevent the formation of a continuous film of water between the tire and the road surface. In turn, the numerous elements connecting them significantly enhance this process. A rigid rib in the middle and massive blocks on the edges provide stable grip and increase steering precision, allowing you to easily control the trajectory of movement.

Main Features of Arrowspeed AS-HP01

  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning due to the multiplicity of drainage elements;
  • hard blocks along the edges and a solid rib in the middle improve handling, prevent rapid wear of the tread;
  • Optimized tread profile increases contact patch for improved traction.

Arrowspeed AS-S01 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Arrowspeed AS-S01 is designed for long and intensive use mainly on urban roads. It features improved grip on dry and wet surfaces, braking intensity, ease of control, low noise and vibration levels, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Arrowspeed AS-S01 Review
Arrowspeed AS-S01 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the density of elements and their distribution along the longitudinal ribs. This design provides good stability when driving at high speed, and also reduces rolling resistance and slows down the wear process. Large blocks on the edges of the tread allow the tire to demonstrate stability in corners, providing the driver with transparent feedback. Rubber compound with a high content of “silica”, while maintaining the elasticity of the tread at low temperatures, enhances grip on wet surfaces.

Main features of Arrowspeed AS-S01

  • a special tread profile, a dense arrangement of elements of its pattern increase the contact patch, improving grip, handling and wear resistance;
  • Numerous lamellas increase resistance to aquaplaning, enhance grip on wet surfaces;
  • Optimized compound remains flexible at low temperatures for reliable handling in rainy conditions.

Arrowspeed EV-1 Review

The Arrowspeed EV-1 commercial tire is used in vans and light trucks, primarily used in urban and regional transportation. It is characterized by increased load capacity and resistance to damage, driving comfort and reliable grip on dry and wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

Arrowspeed EV-1 Review
Arrowspeed EV-1 Review

The tread pattern is made in a closed design with continuous longitudinal ribs. Rigid elements provide reliable traction and directional stability at high speed, preventing rapid development and uneven wear, as well as reducing rolling resistance. The wavy shape of the drainage grooves not only improves hydroplaning resistance, but also reduces noise and vibration, improving acoustic comfort.

Key features of the Arrowspeed EV-1

  • the strengthened carcass gives the tire the increased loading capacity and resistance to blows;
  • rigid solid ribs increase directional stability, reduce fuel consumption and wear;
  • wave-shaped grooves prevent hydroplaning and uneven wear, improve acoustic comfort.

Arrowspeed EX-4 Review

The Arrowspeed EX-4 summer tire for SUVs and crossovers is a High Terrain tire designed for use primarily on asphalt surfaces. It is characterized by stable grip and good traction on wet surfaces, efficient braking, low noise and smooth running.

The tread pattern is dominated by large blocks. In the central part, they form a wide solid rib, which reduces rolling resistance, increasing directional stability and control accuracy in straight-line motion. Strong blocks along the edges of the tread help to maintain these properties when maneuvering. Numerous sipes provide good traction and effective braking on wet surfaces.

Arrowspeed EX-4 Key Features

  • tread pattern with large blocks and a solid rib in the middle ensures reliable control at any speed;
  • optimized tread profile improves handling, prevents uneven wear;
  • Special rubber compound resistant to abrasion, punctures and tears.

Arrowspeed Performance UHP Review

The Arrowspeed Performance UHP summer car tire is designed for heavy-duty use. At any speed, it is distinguished by reliable grip, precise control, braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces, and wear resistance.

Arrowspeed Performance UHP Review
Arrowspeed Performance UHP Review

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of its constituent elements. Large blocks and ribs, having excellent resistance to deformation, provide stable grip at any speed, sporty precision in dynamic driving. The increased volume of the drainage grooves allows the tire to avoid hydroplaning even in heavy rain. Directly under the tread there is a breaker with an increased number of cord layers. Rigid “substrate” increases stability and control accuracy, especially at high speeds and dynamic driving.

Arrowspeed Performance UHP Key Features

  • the breaker reinforced with an additional cord increases the accuracy of control and stability at high speed;
  • large blocks on the edges and a wide rib in the middle provide stable grip at any speed, reducing wear;
  • excellent resistance to hydroplanning due to the increased volume of drainage grooves.

Arrowspeed Touring HP Review

The Arrowspeed Touring HP summer tire for passenger cars is a great choice for slow motorway driving. Differs in stable grip and braking performance on dry and wet surfaces, smooth running and acoustic comfort, regardless of the quality of the road surface.

The tread pattern is made in a classic road tire design. Three rigid ribs in the center provide directional stability in straight-line driving, reducing rolling resistance and wear. Large blocks on the edges of the trapezoid profile, due to their rigidity, help the tire maintain stable grip in corners, making it easier to control the car due to the transparency of the feedback on the steering wheel. Wide drainage grooves distributed over all areas of the tread effectively prevent hydroplaning.

Main features of Arrowspeed Touring HP

  • rigid ribs in the central part provide reliable grip on straight sections, reducing wear and fuel consumption;
  • massive ribs along the edges increase stability and control accuracy in turns, preventing rapid tread wear;
  • the special shape of the tread profile improves handling, preventing uneven abrasion.

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