Atturo Tires Review: Best Atturo Tires for 2023 (Expert)

Let’s discuss Atturo tires review with features and benefits.

Atturo is an American tire brand, whose products have recently appeared on the markets of many countries around the world. Thanks to the optimal combination of high quality, excellent performance, and affordable cost, tires from this manufacturer have become very popular among motorists. In addition, a wide range of tires of different seasons, produced in a wide range of sizes, makes it possible to choose a set of tires for a car of any brand and class.

Atturo Tires Review Best Atturo Tires (Expert)
Atturo Tires Review

who makes atturo tires?

Although the company’s administrative offices are located in New York, the main manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan. Such territorial location significantly reduces the cost of delivery of raw materials and materials, as well as transportation costs when exporting finished products. All these factors affect the reduction in the cost of manufactured products.

The factory lines of the enterprise are equipped with the most modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Atturo tires are designed and manufactured on the basis of progressive technologies from high-quality raw materials and innovative materials. The use of the latest electronic quality control systems ensures that each unit of the finished product meets the requirements of generally accepted standards.

The manufacturer pays special attention not only to improve the driving characteristics of each tire but also to its endurance, reliability, and durability. For this purpose, reinforcement of internal structures with high-strength innovative materials is used, which allows them to withstand increased loads, and resist mechanical stress and deformation. 

The use of steel and metal cords for the production of carcasses and belts, as well as the reinforcement of the side parts of the tire, makes it possible to ensure the strength of each rubber. The development of rubber compounds adapted to use in certain weather conditions improves traction, prevents aquaplaning and slashing, and has good acceleration dynamics and easy handling.

Atturo Summer and winter tires

Summer tires of the Atturo brand perfectly hold the road in all weather conditions, and are distinguished by performance, driving stability at all speeds, and when performing maneuvers. Its advantages also include fuel efficiency, hydroplaning resistance, driving and acoustic comfort, and long service life. Among the summer developments of the company, Atturo AZ800 and Atturo AZ850 tires are especially popular.

Tires for the winter season are characterized by a decent level of driving safety on snowy and icy roads. The protectors of these models provide maximum grip, fast and powerful braking, excellent flotation, and driving stability. Studded tires are produced for operation in very difficult weather and road conditions. Durable and functional studs allow you to easily overcome snowdrifts, maintain stability on packed snow and ice, and avoid slash planning. According to the test results, Atturo AW730 Ice tires are recognized as one of the most effective winter models.

The Atturo brand is a guarantee of your safety in any season of the year.

Atturo Aw730 ice Review

The light winter tire Atturo Aw730 ice is designed for severe or mild weather conditions. It is suitable for passenger vehicles with a landing wheel diameter of more than 17 inches. Such budget rubber does not “fill cones” and does not tear when hit. She is not afraid of bumps, snow masses, and various pollution on the road.

Atturo Aw730 ice Review
Atturo Aw730 ice Review

The car tire tread is based on Atturo’s advanced developments. The pattern is wedge-shaped. This unique shape makes it easy to cut the snow crust, guaranteeing high traction, regardless of the quality of the road surface. The desired edge effect is achieved by the abundant application of three-dimensional lamellas. Therefore, at the moment of braking, each element of the tread pattern is activated.

Main features of Atturo Aw730 ice

  • – high grip with any road surface, provided by large tread blocks, which also contribute to improved tire flotation;
  • – extreme softness due to natural compound and elastomers;
  • – elastic rubber compound, which is provided by the presence of silicate compounds;
  • – Significant cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Atturo AZ800 Review

Atturo AZ800 summer car tire is the first tire from the popular Taiwanese brand Atturo, which, at a low cost, guarantees excellent performance and technical characteristics to all owners of premium luxury cars who care about safety and driving confidence in various weather and road conditions.

Atturo AZ800 Review
Atturo AZ800 Review

The working surface of the tread of the Atturo AZ 800 car tires was created using SRG technology, which made it possible to achieve the quality of adhesion of the car’s wheels to the road surface, with the maximum level of its directional stability during high-speed traffic. The design itself is formed from many wide grooves that stretch from the middle to the shoulder part to the center.

The dense lamella system on the surface of the structural tread blocks of the Atturo AZ800 rubber significantly improves the traction and grip characteristics of these tires, and also helps to reduce the level of noise and vibration emitted by them.

Special solid polymer compounds included in the rubber compound of the Atturo AZ800 tire guarantee an increase in the stability and predictability of the machine’s behavior during active maneuvering and overcoming sharp turns.

Special metal threads that form the internal power carcass of tires help to increase the responsiveness of the car to steering commands, and also improve the resistance of tires to external physical influences.

All this makes Atturo tires the most optimal solution for premium passenger sedans.

Atturo AZ800 tire features 

  • Court to protect the disc from mechanical damage;
  • Tires withstand even very high loads that appear at high speeds;
  • Although it was created for the American market, it will be perfect for summer driving in Central Europe;
  • The manufacturer recommends using this rubber specifically for high speeds, as it has a rigid sidewall.

Atturo AZ850 Review

Atturo AZ850 summer tires for SUV-class SUVs and overall crossovers. Rubber is characterized by excellent handling, excellent traction, and braking qualities on dry and wet road surfaces. Despite the budget model for its manufacture, they spared no raw materials, technologies, and innovative solutions. Such powerful cars need durable tires that can provide safe and comfortable movement in any weather. These are the Atturo AZ850. Taiwanese developers have done their best, tires fully comply with European quality standards, and are able to meet the requirements and all kinds of preferences of motorists.

Atturo AZ850 Review
Atturo AZ850 Review


The tire tread pattern developed by computer simulation has an optimal arrangement of all elements. The asymmetric directional structure guarantees a confident ride in the heat and rain, even with a slight frost. The design of the tire, which is more typical for winter models, provides a stable grip not only on asphalt but also on light off-road due to its clear directionality. The solid central rib of the tire with notches on the sides allows you to keep the course, and the lugs formed by the sharp edges of the blocks enhance the braking and accelerating properties.

On both sides of the Atturo AZ850 summer tire edges are located, consisting of blocks in the form of a rhombus. Ideally, correct forms, and “herringbone” placement makes it possible to confidently navigate city streets with their constant congestion, traffic jams, and the need to be able to stop, start and change lanes in time. 

Nevertheless, even on country roads, a car shod in Atturo AZ850 summer tires feels quite comfortable. Cornering stability was achieved with rigid shoulder macroblocks. It is the strong sidewalls of the tire that are the key to the absence of deformation when hitting obstacles and resistance to mechanical damage. A special noise absorption technology, due to the carefully thought-out placement of blocks, muffles dynamic noise and vibration vibrations of the tire for the most smooth and quiet ride.


The drainage system of the Atturo AZ850 consists of four circumferential channels and grooves that separate the block structures. They evacuate moisture and water flows beyond the contact zone, minimizing the risk of a breakdown in hydroplaning. Slanted grooves redirect the liquid from the center to the edges, from where it is removed through the shoulder slots to the outside.

Rubber compound Atturo AZ850

The composition of the tire compound includes modern natural and synthetic components. The special molecular-level mixing technology MultiSell, used by many tire manufacturers, allows you to achieve ideal joint stability. Rubber is elastic, durable, and resistant to wear and high temperatures, with low rolling resistance. The latter led to a decrease in the consumption of fuel resources, which means that fewer harmful substances from the tire will enter the atmosphere, which is so important for many regions. Internal rubber construction.

The carcass of the summer tire is made using the method of seamless cord winding, the multi-layer construction gives the rubber strength and endurance. Nylon strips have reduced the braking distance by 12% and increased handling by 8% at a maximum speed of about 300 km/h.

Atturo AZ850 is available in various sizes with a diameter of 18 to 22 inches. The extended size range greatly simplifies the selection process.

Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) Review

Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) is an all-season tire designed for full-size 4×4 vehicles, which is characterized by high off-road flotation, wear resistance, and, oddly enough, acoustic comfort.

Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) Review
Atturo Trail Blade MTS (MT Sport) Review

In 2019, the  Atturo Trail Blade MTS model (Atturo Trail Blade MTS) became the firstborn in the new line of the manufacturer “Trail Blade Sport”. With new dimensions and an optimized tread pattern, it aims to expand the offering of the popular Trail Blade M/T mud tire model.

Working on the model, Atturo continued its collaboration with Quartermaster Knives: the Trail Blade MT Sport tread blocks are modeled after the OTR-5 karambit and cover more than half of the tire’s sidewall for increased traction in the absence of hard pavement.

The high-center tread blocks not only improve directional stability and traction in rough terrain but also extend the life. Their beveled shape enhances the edge effect and helps reduce road noise.

The wide shoulder blocks of the Atturo Trail Blade MTS have received additional slots: horizontal and V-shaped, which are designed to increase traction on wet roads, especially when cornering. The staggered arrangement of the shoulder blocks guarantees good lateral stability of the tire on soft surfaces.

The self-cleaning ability of the Atturo Trail Blade MT Sport has been improved with built-in stone repellents. The 12-ply construction greatly increased the strength of the tires.

Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) Review

Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) is an all-terrain novelty for 2020, focused on the use of SUVs and pickup owners. It is positioned as a continuation of the Atturo Trail Blade A / T tire, being at the same time the second model in the new “sports” series of the manufacturer.

Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) Review
Atturo Trail Blade ATS (AT Sport) Review

The Atturo Trail Blade ATS tires use large, deep sipe tread blocks to provide reliable traction and stable handling. A narrow center rib helps to improve directional stability, while wide drainage channels between the blocks help quickly drain water from the contact patch, thus guaranteeing good stability on wet roads.

The ribs on either side of the center are responsible for the Trail Blade AT Sport’s traction on all types of surfaces, including asphalt. The blocks that form them are connected to the stabilizing blocks, which were done to maintain the rigidity of the tire on highways, as well as on rough terrain.

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