blackhawk tires review: What Are Best blackhawk Tires

Today we are going to share the Blackhawk tires review. Blackhawk line includes almost two dozen summer, all-season, and winter tire models for passenger cars and SUVs.

For example, the assortment of summer passenger tires includes models Street-H HH01, HC01, HU01, and HU02, as well as asymmetric Street-H HU02 (similar to Blacklion Champoint BU66).

blackhawk tires review: What Are Best blackhawk Tires
blackhawk tires review

Tires for crossovers, SUVs, and commercial vehicles are grouped into the Hiscend-H family. It includes tires of categories H/T, A/T, and M/T, as well as tires for SUV class cars.

The winter range (Snow-H line) features four models, including the Blackhawk Snow-H HW02 studded tires (patterned by Blacklion Ice Pioneer W506).

In line with current trends, the brand’s range includes all-season tires that are gaining popularity in Europe, called the Blackhawk Street-H HH4S.

Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS01 Review

Summer tire for SUVs and crossovers Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS01 is designed for operation with high loads arising from dynamic driving style and driving at high speed. Differs in the reliability of coupling and efficiency of braking on a dry and wet covering, smoothness of the course, and low level of noise and vibrations.

Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS01 Review
Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS01 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a very wide longitudinal rib running exactly along its middle. A rigid, non-breakable element improves traction stability at high speed, reducing rolling resistance. Another feature of the tread pattern is the arrangement of the blocks, in which they form virtually continuous transverse edges. This noticeably increases traction and provides effective braking on wet surfaces. These properties are enhanced by the rubber compound, which, due to the high content of “silica”, retains elasticity at low temperatures.

Main features of Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS01

  • a wide solid rib in the middle improves grip stability and control accuracy at high speed;
  • transverse edges elongated due to the arrangement of blocks provide intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces;
  • the location of the tread elements with a certain step reduces noise and vibration during movement.

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Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02 Review

Summer tires for SUVs, crossovers and light trucks Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02 belongs to the models of the High Terrain category, being designed exclusively for paved roads. Differs in the stability of coupling at a high speed, the comfort of management, low noise level, and smoothness of the course.

The asymmetric tread pattern is characterized by a dense arrangement of elements, which significantly increases its usable area. Additionally, the contact patch is increased due to the profile of the running part. This improves not only traction but also handling, as it allows the driver to control the vehicle’s trajectory. Another feature of the pattern is the presence of numerous small blocks. This provides more stable traction on wet surfaces.

Main features of Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02

  • Reinforced carcass improves stability and control accuracy in turns;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” keeps the tenacity of the tire on a cold wet surface;
  • Numerous blocks and sipes improve traction on wet surfaces.

Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02 RFT Review

Summer tire for SUVs and crossovers Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02 RFT is a special version of the model of the same name, differing from it by the ability to continue moving with punctures. It is provided by Run-Flat technology. Otherwise, both tires are almost identical to each other.

The key feature of this model is the design of the sidewalls. It is not only reinforced but also contains special deformation zones, which allow the tire to maintain its original profile during a puncture even with a complete loss of air pressure inside. There are also some changes in the composition of the rubber compound. It is highly resistant to abrasion, cracking, and overheating.

Main features of Blackhawk Hiscend-H HS02 RFT

  • reinforced sidewall design with deformation zones provides the possibility of using the tire in case of punctures;
  • optimized compound with increased resistance to abrasion, cracking, and overheating;
  • asymmetrical tread pattern with many blocks and sipes is effective on dry and wet surfaces.

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Blackhawk HIscend-H HT01 Review

The Blackhawk HIscend-H HT01 SUV/SUV summer tire strikes the right balance between high-speed grip, precise handling, comfort, and fuel economy. This was achieved through the use of efficient technologies and modern materials.

Blackhawk HIscend-H HT01 Review
Blackhawk HIscend-H HT01 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the original S-shaped blocks in the central part. It increases the length of the edges of the elements, making them multidirectional, which significantly enhances traction and grip on wet surfaces. The shoulder blocks have a trapezoidal profile, which, combined with their massiveness, makes them even stiffer and more resistant to deformation. As a result, stability and control accuracy during maneuvering are increased, and the risk of uneven wear is reduced.

Main features of Blackhawk HIscend-H HT01

  • S-shaped blocks in the central part improve traction and stability on wet surfaces;
  • rigid blocks along the edges of the tread provide grip stability and comfortable handling in corners;
  • Optimized tread profile improves grip and handling, and slows down tire wear.

Blackhawk Ice Prey HW01 Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Blackhawk Ice Prey HW01 is designed for long-term operation on any snowy and icy roads. It is characterized by reliable control and stable grip, acoustic comfort, and high mileage.

The tread pattern is dominated by large blocks with elongated multidirectional walls. This significantly increases traction and stability on snow. These properties are noticeably enhanced by the jagged edges of the elements in the shoulder areas. This wall profile allows the tread to grip and hold snow, providing more reliable traction. The entire tread is dotted with densely cut sipes with sawtooth edges. These elements maintain the tire’s ability to accelerate and brake on ice.

Main features of Blackhawk Ice Prey HW01

  • large blocks increase the contact patch, improving grip on dry surfaces, and their extended edges provide excellent traction and stability on snow;
  • tightly cut sipes increase the efficiency of acceleration and braking on snowy and icy surfaces;
  • The serrated profile of the block walls along the edges of the tread enhances grip on snow.

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Blackhawk Ice Prey HW02 Review

The Blackhawk Ice Prey HW02 Passenger Car Winter Tire is great for all snowy and icy roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates reliable grip, stability when maneuvering, and effective braking.

The tread pattern is directional and is distinguished by an increased width of the grooves. Drainage elements, due to their location and design, provide an extremely intensive removal from the contact patch not only of water but also of its heavy mixture with snow. The walls of the grooves in the shoulder areas have a toothed profile, which enhances traction on snow. A wide swept rib in the middle with numerous “outgrowths” provides directional stability and control accuracy, increasing traction and stability on snow.

Main Features of Blackhawk Ice Prey HW02

  • increased density of cutting of lamellas due to the “three-dimensional” profile of their walls and special “activators” of their opening;
  • the serrated profile of the slot walls improves traction on snow;
  • A rigid swept rib in the middle improves stability and control accuracy at high speed.

Blackhawk Ice Prey HW06 Review

The Blackhawk Ice Prey HW06 passenger car winter tire is a great option for everyday use on all snowy and icy roads. It features stable grip, comfortable handling, smooth running, and long service life.

The tire tread is made of a special compound, which, due to the high content of “silica”, is distinguished by the ability to maintain elasticity even at extremely low temperatures. This makes the tire very grippy on the coldest surfaces. The directional tread pattern is distinguished by the serrated profile of the vertical walls of the grooves in the shoulder areas. This solution significantly increases grip on snow. On more slippery icy surfaces, the tire’s performance is ensured by densely cut sipes with sinusoidal edges.

Key Features of Blackhawk Ice Prey HW06

  • slots on the outer edges of the shoulder blocks improve grip on ice and snow when maneuvering;
  • toothed profile of the walls of the grooves in the shoulder areas increases traction and stability on a snowy surface;
  • a continuous longitudinal rib in the middle increases the stability and accuracy of control during rectilinear movement.

Blackhawk Ice Prey HW07 Review

The Blackhawk Ice Prey HW07 passenger car winter tire is designed for everyday use on snowy and icy surfaces. It features increased stability at high speed, driving comfort, fuel efficiency, and smooth and quiet running.

The tread pattern is made up of free-standing blocks with elongated transverse edges. This provides high traction and braking intensity on snowy surfaces. Sawtooth sipes are cut into each block, which allows the tire to literally bite into the ice while maintaining reliable control in such conditions. Shoulder elements are interconnected by special “bridges”. They increase the stability and accuracy of control when changing the direction of movement, prevent uneven wear, slowing down this process.

Main features of Blackhawk Ice Prey HW07

  • a large number of long transverse edges increases traction on snow;
  • sipes with sawtooth edges provide a stable grip on ice and wet surfaces;
  • rigid “bridges” between the shoulder blocks increase stability and control accuracy, slowing down wear.

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Blackhawk Street-H HH01 Review

The Blackhawk Street-H HH01 passenger car summer tire is designed specifically for use on urban and suburban highways. It is characterized by a stable grip on wet surfaces, ease of control, fuel efficiency, smooth running, and high mileage.

The tread pattern contains a large number of sipes. Along with the blocks in which they are cut, these elements enhance traction on wet surfaces. Under such conditions, the increased volume of the grooves avoids hydroplaning at almost any speed. Another feature of the tread pattern is the presence of a continuous longitudinal rib located exactly in its center. This element increases directional stability with uniform movement, and in turn, interacting with the shoulder blocks, provides ease of control when maneuvering.

Main features of Blackhawk Street-H HH01

  • special compound, elastic at low temperatures, resistant to abrasion, punctures, and the formation of small cracks;
  • a rigid rib in the middle provides ease of control at high speed and in turns;
  • wide longitudinal grooves and a lot of drainage elements in the shoulder areas reduce the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum.

Blackhawk Street-H HH4S Review

The Blackhawk Street-H HH4S tire is designed for all-weather use on passenger cars in urban areas. The model is characterized by an increased level of grip, and high maneuverability with maintaining control at various speeds.

The tire tread is made in an asymmetric non-directional design. In the central part, it contains two ribs: solid and consisting of arrow-shaped blocks. They provide good maneuverability and maintain straight-line stability. While the massive diagonally directed blocks of the shoulder zones guarantee the stability of the vehicle during maneuvers, as well as increase traction in snowy areas. The key feature of the model is massive lamella. Wavy cuts densely cover each tread element, creating a huge amount of hooks. All this has a positive effect on grip efficiency, especially on winter roads.

Main features of Blackhawk Street-H HH4S

  • all-weather operation with maintaining performance at the same level in any weather;
  • Numerous sipes enhance grip on wet, icy, and snowy roads;
  • the compound capable to keep elasticity in the wide temperature range.

Blackhawk Street-H HU02 Review

The Blackhawk Street-H HU02 tire belongs to the radial type and is designed for summer use on powerful cars. The model is distinguished by its comfort, sensitivity of control, and resistance to increased loads.

Blackhawk Street-H HU02 Review
Blackhawk Street-H HU02 Review

The composition of the rubber compound contains silica components, which immediately give a set of positive properties: smoothness and softness, increased grip on wet asphalt, reduced rolling resistance, and reduced braking distance. To this, we must add an asymmetric structure of the tread with variable pitch. Due to this, most noise effects are suppressed and driving comfort is increased. The non-directional tread pattern in the central part has wide channels in the longitudinal direction. At their expense, protection against hydroplaning is achieved. And the sidewalls, reinforced with helical steel strips, stiffen the tire during maneuvers while maintaining responsive handling. In addition, this design provides reliable protection against mechanical damage.

Main features of Blackhawk Street-H HU02

  • high-performance tire for powerful passenger cars;
  • provides a high level of comfort due to the composition of the compound and the alternate arrangement of the tread elements;
  • equipped with reinforced sidewalls that support handling during turns and turns;
  • wide central channels effectively resist hydroplaning.

Blackhawk Street-H HU02 RFT Review

Summer tire Blackhawk Street-H HU02 RFT, designed for modern passenger cars, including those equipped with powerful engines. Provides stable handling on dry and wet roads, low noise effect, and reliable protection against aquaplaning.

The non-directional asymmetric tread pattern contains three longitudinal ribs in the central part. Each of them bears multidirectional grooves. This structure provides increased grip, and reduced braking distance, and also contributes to the confident passage of straight sections of the road at high speed.
The tire is made using a modern rubber compound in which a certain percentage of silica is present. This made it possible to achieve a reduction in rolling resistance, and also reduced abrasive wear. The result is a longer operating period with the maintenance of performance.

Main features of Blackhawk Street-H HU02 RFT

  • use on cars of various classes in the summer;
  • a high level of controllability, including on wet roads due to multidirectional toe edges;
  • fast drainage from the contact zone;
  • minimization of noise effects transmitted to the car interior.

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