blacklion tires review: All Best Blacklion Tires for 2023

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Blacklion tires are manufactured by China’s Goldstar Tire Co., Ltd. It was created in 2005. It specializes in the production of tires for trucks and cars, the annual output of which are 3 and 6 million pieces, respectively. In the manufacture of tires, the latest equipment from leading suppliers from Japan, Italy, Germany, and the USA is used. Quality control of products is carried out in strict accordance with the latest industry standards.

blacklion tires review: All Best Blacklion Tires
blacklion tires review

Tires for passenger cars

The range of tires for passenger cars is widely used. The manufacturer offers models in this segment for both passenger cars and SUVs, crossovers and small commercial vehicles. The flagship models are tires in the Ultra High Performance category, which, nevertheless, compare favorably with a high level of driving comfort. They are soft and quiet on the go, even in poor road conditions. Other “proprietary” features of tires of this brand are reliable grip on wet surfaces, and pronounced fuel-saving properties.

Tires for commercial vehicles

Blacklion tires for commercial vehicles, although produced in smaller quantities than for passenger cars, are much more diverse. All models are characterized by excellent economic efficiency. They are favorably distinguished by high mileage, resistance to any mechanical damage, fuel efficiency. In addition, each model, in terms of its operational properties, exactly corresponds to certain conditions of use.

Best blacklion tires for 2023

Here are the best blacklion tires:

  • W517 Winter Tamer
  • BL4S 4Seasons
  • BH15 Cilerro
  • Voracio CUV
  • W507 Winter Tamer
  • W517 Winter Tamer
  • Voracio Van
  • BC86 Voracio
  • BU66 Champoint
  • W506 Winter Tamer

Blacklion BH15 Cilerro review

The Blacklion BH15 Cilerro is a radial tire designed for use on passenger cars of various classes. It has improved performance characteristics through the use of a number of modern technologies.

Blacklion BH15 Cilerro review
Blacklion BH15 Cilerro review

The central part of the tread contains three ribs, the middle of which is solid, and the side ribs have diagonal grooves. Thanks to this, the tire provides a high level of directional stability and ease of cornering.

The side zones are characterized by the presence of wide blocks with deep grooves and numerous sipes. Thanks to this system, a quick removal of water masses is carried out and at the same time maneuverability in any weather is increased. Additionally, a drainage system (developed using computer simulation) levels out noise effects, creating acoustic comfort.

To increase the strength characteristics, the side zone is made of a more rigid compound. This factor prevents rapid wear and effectively resists side punctures and cuts.

The design includes steel elements and synthetic fibers, which have a positive effect on the resistance of the tire to mechanical damage. The softness and elasticity of the compound is given by polymers, silica and rubber, the proportions of which were developed on the basis of many years of field testing of the rubber compound.

Main features of Blacklion BH15 Cilerro

  • universal tire for cars of various classes;
  • an increased level of resistance to various damages due to a reinforced cord and a new compound;
  • effective removal of water masses through a developed drainage system;
  • a small braking distance due to several types of slots with different directions.

Blacklion BL4S 4 Seasons review

All-season tire Blacklion BL4S 4Seasons is designed for small cars. Available in 12 sizes for 13″ to 15″ wheels. Most options have high H and V speed indices for their category.

Blacklion BL4S 4 Seasons review
Blacklion BL4S 4 Seasons review

The difference from most similar tires from other brands is the real ability to provide reliable grip on winter surfaces. It is largely provided by the design of the running part of the tread with a very high sipe density for all-season tires. At the same time, several types of narrow slots are used here wavy in the shoulder areas and straight in the central part. In addition, round holes of extremely small diameter are provided in the tread. In the lateral projection, they have a drop-like shape, due to which such elements, upon contact with the road surface, capture moisture, thereby drying the contact patch. This significantly improves traction on packed snow, ice and wet surfaces.

Key Features of Blacklion BL4S 4Seasons

  • asymmetric tread with several functional areas provides excellent grip in both summer and winter;
  • several types of sipes improve grip on slippery surfaces;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning and slashplanning, deep snow flotation.

Blacklion BU66 Champoint review

Summer tire Blacklion BU66 is designed for the most powerful modifications of passenger cars. Specifications that meet the requirements of the UHP category are ensured by the use of modern technologies and materials.

Blacklion BU66 Champoint review
Blacklion BU66 Champoint review

“Hybrid” frame

The tire uses a so-called “hybrid” carcass. Its design is based on a 2-ply steel cord. It maintains the original shape of the tire under the influence of the vehicle’s weight and multidirectional acceleration forces. On top of it are two more layers polyester and nylon. These elements give softness on the move and provide protection against mechanical damage.

Special compound

The tire tread is made from a rubber compound with specially selected properties. Its composition is based on silica, a component that improves wet grip and wear resistance. In addition, it includes special polymer compounds that accelerate heat dissipation from the carcass and increase the tread’s tear and tensile strength.

Key features of the Blacklion BU66 tire

  • “hybrid” carcass simultaneously provides sporty handling and softness on the go;
  • The rubber compound improves wet grip, resists wear and protects against punctures and cuts.
  • Four longitudinal grooves in the center of the tread minimize the risk of aquaplaning.

Blacklion Voracio CUV review

Summer tire Blacklion Voracio CUV is installed in crossovers and SUVs. It is the most “asphalt” model in the line, demonstrating its strengths on expressways. These include directional stability at high speed, precision in handling when maneuvering, fuel efficiency and acoustic comfort.

Blacklion Voracio CUV review
Blacklion Voracio CUV review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a significant length and numerous transverse edges formed both by blocks and by lamellas cut into them. This noticeably improves the performance of the tire when accelerating and decelerating on wet surfaces. Hydroplaning resistance is ensured by the increased volume of longitudinal drainage grooves.

Exactly in the center is a double longitudinal rib. A rigid and deformation-resistant element in motion interacts with massive shoulder blocks, which increases directional stability and control accuracy, reduces rolling resistance and the level of abrasive effect on the tread tread.

Main features of Blacklion Voracio CUV

  • elongated transverse edges provide intensive acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces;
  • increased longitudinal grooves prevent hydroplaning;
  • a rigid rib in the middle and massive blocks along the edges of the tread increase driving accuracy and directional stability, and reduce wear.

Blacklion Voracio Van review

The Blacklion Voracio Van summer tire for compact commercial vehicles significantly reduces operating costs due to its pronounced fuel-saving properties, reliability in difficult conditions of use. In motion, it is characterized by reliable grip properties, efficiency when braking on a wet surface.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of two rows of large triangular blocks in the central part. The shape and arrangement of the elements significantly reduces rolling resistance, provides a more even load distribution over the road surface, thereby reducing the level of abrasive impact on the tire. The profile of the running part is optimized in such a way as to maximize the contact patch, which has a positive effect on the reliability of traction. Larger longitudinal tread grooves minimize hydroplaning, while their curved shape reduces noise and vibration.

Main features of Blacklion Voracio Van

  • triangular blocks improve longitudinal grip, reduce rolling resistance, reduce tread wear rate;
  • increased zones along the edges of the tread with solid ribs reduce fuel consumption, improve lateral stability, reduce wear;
  • enlarged longitudinal drainage grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning at high speed.

Blacklion BW56 Winter Tamer review

The current level of development of the global tire industry is such that even little-known manufacturers are able to offer very competitive tires with an attractive set of performance properties. One of the brightest representatives of this small category is the Blacklion BW56. This winter model is intended for operation mainly in the city with rare visits to country roads.

Winter-optimized compound

A significant part of the numerous advantages of this tire, in one way or another, is related to the technical characteristics of the rubber compound of the tread. It contains a number of chemicals that provide elasticity even in severe frosts. Thanks to this, the tire is characterized by good and at the same time behavior on any winter roads.

Multifunctional design of longitudinal drainage grooves

Between the four longitudinal ribs there are drainage grooves, which, in addition to their considerable size, are distinguished by the original design of the side walls. They have a serrated shape that gives them additional functionality. It is to provide additional grip on the snow. At the same time, the main function, namely the rapid removal of water and snow masses from the contact patch, is provided due to the large internal volume of the drainage grooves.

Main features of Blacklion BW56

  • adapted for operation in winter conditions, the tread rubber compound provides increased grip on snowy and icy surfaces;
  • the jagged shape of the side walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves improves grip on snow;
  • V-shaped directional tread design with multiple sipes for high performance on packed snow and ice.

Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer (non-studded) review

Winter tire Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer is designed for use on medium-sized passenger cars. The model is not equipped with spikes, but this does not prevent it from demonstrating confident grip and traction on snowy or icy sections of city roads.

The tire features a classic directional symmetrical tread design. Its specificity is a developed block structure, supplemented by a network of wavy lamellas. Together, this creates a large number of hooks of various sizes that increase traction and grip properties. Therefore, even the absence of studding does not adversely affect the stability of vehicles on a winter road. To this it is worth adding a special compound, which contains silica. It provides flexibility at low temperatures, maintaining traction and braking efficiency.

Main features of Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer

  • a pronounced block structure of the tread with an abundance of hooks increases the snow flotation;
  • developed drainage system quickly removes melted snow and water from the contact area;
  • a modern compound with a set of polymers that maintain the softness of the tread at low temperatures.

Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer review

The Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer winter tire is used in pickups and SUVs. Differs in the increased efficiency on crude roads, reliability at extremely low temperatures, the improved acoustic comfort.

Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer review
Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer review

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with a symmetrical arrangement of elements. One of its key features is the presence of a large number of X-grooves. These elements provide the tire with confident behavior in difficult weather conditions. The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound adapted to use at extremely low temperatures. In such conditions, it retains elasticity, providing reliable grip. The tread pattern contains a large number of sinus-shaped sipes. They are located transversely, due to which the tire demonstrates excellent longitudinal grip on icy surfaces. If necessary, it can be further strengthened by installing spikes in special holes.

Main features of Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer

  • X-Groove grooves provide reliable grip on roads that are not cleared of snow and slush;
  • sinus-shaped lamellas prevent slippage during longitudinal accelerations on an icy surface;
  • the possibility of increasing grip on ice by installing spikes;
  • rubber compound with a high content of silicon dioxide retains elasticity at extremely low temperatures;
  • low risk of aquaplaning and slashplaning due to large volume and angled drainage grooves.

Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer (non-studded) review

The Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer tire is used in winter on a wide range of passenger cars, including SUVs and crossovers. This model is not equipped with spikes, but provides a confident passage of snowy, icy and wet areas, reliably protecting against drifts.

The tire tread is designed specifically for harsh conditions. Symmetrical orientation with a pronounced block structure, a lot of hooks and an abundant lamellar network protect against slippage, increase traction on loose snow. At the same time, the developed central zone is designed to stabilize transport during rectilinear movement.
The internal structure of the tire is represented by a nylon cord, which provides a certain level of elasticity and protection against mechanical stress.

Main features of Blacklion W517 Winter Tamer

  • installation on sedans, crossovers and SUVs;
  • operation in severe winter conditions with the preservation of performance throughout the entire service life;
  • a pronounced block structure, which forms a huge number of hooks, increases grip and traction on snow;
  • Zigzag sipes densely covering block structures maintain tight contact with the road in icy areas, guaranteeing predictable handling.

Blacklion BA80 Voracio review

Summer tire Blacklion BA80 Voracio is installed on SUVs and pickups. Belongs to the All Terrain category, featuring good efficiency both on the highway and off-road. Characterized by improved longitudinal grip, reliability and long service life under the most difficult operating conditions.

The tread pattern features a symmetrical non-directional tread design optimized for heavy-duty 4WD vehicles. The central longitudinal rib of densely spaced blocks improves directional stability, fuel efficiency, and also prevents uneven wear. The distance between the elements of two adjacent rows is much greater, and they themselves have a composite arrow-shaped shape. These blocks give the tire good traction on any surface with low grip and load carrying capacity. Shoulder zones with an open design reduce the braking distance, improve handling when maneuvering, and reduce the wear rate of the entire tread.

Main features of Blacklion BA80 Voracio

  • high efficiency on paved roads and off-road;
  • carcass made of multilayer cord with seamless winding technology;
  • reinforced breaker with synthetic cord;
  • a special shape of the rim that prevents damage to the rim;
  • Zigzag sipes enhance grip on wet surfaces.

Blacklion BM56 Snow Pioneer review

The Blacklion BM56 Snow Pioneer winter tire is a classic model that has proven itself well on Russian roads. Possessing increased resistance to skidding and slipping, it provides confident passage of snowy and icy sections of the road.

The tire is equipped with a standard tread pattern that has a pronounced directionality and symmetry. The presence of an extensive network of wave-shaped lamellas helps to increase grip and traction on a winter road. To this it is worth adding a pronounced block structure of the picture. The bottom line is that an abundance of rough-edged hooking edges shortens stopping distance and maintains control at various speeds.
The model is made using modern technologies, which are reflected in the composition of the rubber compound. Along with silica components, it also contains special polymers that reduce wear.

Key Features of Blacklion BM56 Snow Pioneer

  • a large lamella network increases grip and traction on a winter road;
  • a short braking distance is provided by an increased number of hook edges;
  • the orientation of the arrangement of block structures and wide drainage channels contribute to the rapid cleansing of the contact zone.

Blacklion BS87 Voracio review

Summer tire Blacklion BS87 Voracio is designed for light commercial vehicles. Available in 5 sizes for 14″ and 15″ wheels. It is distinguished by high carrying capacity for its size, stable grip in any road conditions, and increased mileage.

Blacklion BS87 Voracio review
Blacklion BS87 Voracio review

The design of the running part of the tread is optimized taking into account the peculiarities of operation of modern light trucks and minibuses. It is distinguished by the massive size of the blocks and their dense arrangement in the longitudinal direction. Such a tread pattern provides a large area of ​​the contact patch with the road and a uniform distribution of the load on it from the weight of the car. As a result, not only grip is improved, but also its stability, which makes it easier to control. In addition, the wear rate of the tread is significantly reduced. The longitudinal arrangement of rows of blocks improves directional stability and fuel efficiency.

Main features of Blacklion BS87 Voracio

  • optimized for commercial vehicles tread pattern with massive blocks and wide longitudinal ribs;
  • an increased number of gripping edges improves the efficiency of the tread on wet surfaces;
  • rubber compound with high resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts.

Blacklion L301 Voracio review

Summer tire Blacklion L301 Voracio is designed for light commercial vehicles. It features increased mileage compared to most competitors, a low tendency to aquaplaning, comfortable handling on asphalt roads.

The design of the tread pattern is optimized for the specific use of light trucks and minibuses. It contains four longitudinal ribs, the outermost of which are significantly increased in width. This design, in addition to the large size of the contact patch, provides a uniform distribution of the load from the weight of the car. As a result, the wear rate is significantly reduced, and the behavior of the tire in difficult situations becomes understandable and predictable. Here it is worth noting the large volume of drainage grooves, due to which water is drained with extremely high intensity.

Main features of Blacklion L301 Voracio

  • extended service life thanks to the abrasion-resistant rubber compound and tread pattern design that slows down wear;
  • wide solid ribs improve directional stability;
  • Volumetric drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Blacklion M871 Voracio review

Summer tire Blacklion M871 Voracio is designed for North American pickup trucks and light trucks. Belongs to the Mud Terrain category, demonstrating the greatest efficiency on earthen and sandy soils with low and medium bearing capacity.

The running part of the tread is made in a symmetrical non-directional design. Its key feature is the presence of a large number of tall massive blocks. Elements located in the shoulder area improve longitudinal grip and handling on earthen and rocky surfaces. At the same time, a large distance between them allows the tread to effectively self-clean. On the sidewalls, just below the shoulder blocks, the tread has numerous arrow-shaped protrusions. These elements provide protection against mechanical damage, as well as enhance traction on soft ground. In addition, off-road reliability is achieved through a three-ply cord carcass and a two-ply breaker. At the same time, the high density of these components and the seamless winding technology provide excellent rigidity and strength.

Main features of Blacklion M871 Voracio

  • increased efficiency on earthen and sandy soils;
  • open design of the tread pattern with high and massive blocks ensures confident overcoming of difficult off-road sections;
  • reinforced carcass and breaker with seamless cord winding technology.

Blacklion S806 Voracio review

Summer tire Blacklion S806 Voracio is installed in SUV class cars. Shows maximum efficiency on asphalt roads. Differs in stability on a wet covering, pronounced fuel-saving properties, acoustic comfort.

The running part of the tread is characterized by a high content of drainage grooves for its category. This guarantees a low tendency to aquaplaning in difficult weather conditions. Another important feature is the enlarged double rib in the middle. The monolithic structure of both “halves” of this element, coupled with their massive dimensions, gives the tire directional stability and precise control. The tread is made from a rubber compound with a high content of silicon dioxide. This component gives the tire elasticity on cold rainy surfaces, reducing rolling resistance and increasing its resistance to abrasion.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with a high content of drainage grooves;
  • rubber compound with a large amount of silica improves grip on wet surfaces, prevents abrasive wear, reduces rolling resistance;
  • multi-step arrangement of tread elements increases acoustic comfort;
  • a wide double rib in the middle improves control accuracy and directional stability.

Blacklion Vr1 Racing review

The tire in the central part contains a solid rib, which ensures the stability of the rectilinear movement. The outer side zone contains blocks separated by diagonal channels. Inner zone blocks with multidirectional grooves. This asymmetric structure guarantees high stability of the vehicle when performing maneuvers.

The tire also demonstrates the effectiveness of driving performance on wet pavement. Providing a quick removal of water masses due to deep longitudinal channels, it maintains controllability at a high level.

The composition of the rubber compound of the tire contains a number of components that prevent premature abrasion and ensure a long service life.

Main features of Blacklion Vr1 racing

  • installed on sports cars in the summer;
  • distinguished by perfect handling on dry and wet pavement due to the asymmetry of the tread;
  • high maneuverability.

Blacklion W506 Winter Tamer (non-studded) review

Winter non-studded tire Blacklion W506 Winter Tamer is installed on a wide range of passenger cars operated in the city. Provides stability of traction and grip on winter roads, as well as shortens the braking distance.

The main feature of the directional symmetrical tread is a wide central rib, which has an arrow-shaped shape. On the sides, it is supplemented with separate blocks that have a strong connection between themselves with special bridges. Such a constructive solution provides rigidity to the elements. This has a positive effect on maintaining control stability during maneuvers.
A large lamella network consisting of self-locking slots, large blocks with a diagonal direction, an elastic compound all this helps to increase driving safety in winter, reducing the braking distance and preventing skidding.

Main features of Blacklion W506 Winter Tamer

  • a massive central rib with many hooks stabilizes the transport during straight-line movement;
  • numerous block structures in the middle and side zones increase traction on loose snow;
  • a system of special lamella pumps retains moisture, drying the contact patch.

Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer review

The Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer winter tire is used in compact and mid-size passenger cars. Available in dozens of sizes from 15″ to 18″. Adapted to operate in the most difficult winter conditions, featuring high stability on snow and ice, while offering low noise levels and a smooth ride.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with a symmetrical arrangement of elements. The key one is the longitudinal rib in the middle, formed from large arrow-shaped blocks. Each of them has V-shaped sipes, which, in addition to directional stability and control efficiency, improved grip during acceleration on slippery surfaces. Similar elements, but of a wave-like form, are contained in the remaining tread blocks. Being located transversely, they provide an extremely efficient implementation of traction and shorten the length of the braking distance. Grips on slippery surfaces can be further improved by installing studs. For this, the manufacturer provides special holes. The protrusions around them, forming a “snowflake” pattern, provide faster removal of ice chips,

Main features of Blacklion W507 Winter Tamer

  • a longitudinal rib in the middle of blocks with V-shaped sipes improves directional stability, control efficiency and longitudinal grip on slippery surfaces;
  • sinus-shaped sipes prevent slippage during acceleration and braking on wet asphalt and ice;
  • curved longitudinal drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning and slash planning, improve lateral grip on snow;
  • the ability to significantly increase grip on ice by installing spikes

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