Can Broken Glass Pop A Car Tire? Conditions and Situations

We inhumanly litter nature, and then we ourselves suffer from it. Glass shards and broken bottles on the road is it a potential hazards for car tires, or does the rubber withstand driving through such garbage or can broken glass pop a car tire?

can broken glass pop a car tire?

answer to the question can broken glass pop a car tire? depend upon different conditions. Let’s discuss how broken glass can damage a car tire or not.

can broken glass pop a car tire

Glass is fragile

Similar experiments are carried out by bloggers with enviable regularity. And the result is almost always the same: in most cases, the wheels of the car pass painlessly over broken glass.

It just crumbles under the weight of the car but does not stick into the tires. The thing is that glass is quite fragile, and, as a rule, has an uneven surface.

The contact is not long, but quick: after all, the car is moving, even if it is very slow.

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If the pieces are large

There is absolutely no difference in the size of the glass crumb. Be sure: in 99 cases out of hundred your car will even pass through huge pieces of glass, and nothing will happen to the wheels.

But, an important condition must be met: well-inflated tires. If the wheels are flat, then contact with the glass can end sadly.

And the pressure that ideally should be in the chambers of the wheels is enough for them to be rigid and easily overcome obstacles, including broken glass.

Bottles on the road

Bottles on the road are somewhat more dangerous than just fragments. If you hit a whole bottle with a wheel, then there is a chance that it will simply burst, and a sharp neck or bottom may stick into the side of the wheel. There the rubber is a little thinner, there is a risk of cuts.

The same applies to those cases when there is a broken bottle on the pavement. Always look at the road and direct the wheels so as not to hit the bottom or neck: the glass is stronger there, it can even stick into a well-inflated tire.

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Glass on upaved road

Is it possible to puncture a wheel by running into broken glass if the road is unpaved? The question is ambiguous, and again it all depends on several factors: how dense the road is, how strong the glass is, and how much the wheels are inflated.

If the soil is “Floating”, then the fragments will simply “tread down” more strongly in the mud, or sand. At the same time, there is a great risk that on soft ground the glass will turn “as it should” and stick into the tire.

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