capitol Tires Review: All Models with Characteristics 2023

Today we are sharing our capitol tires review with you.

The brand is currently owned by one of the largest South Korean manufacturers, Nexen. The model range produced under the Capitol brand includes 5 tires – H / T LTR, Precision Trac II, Sport, Sport UHP, and Sport UHP Plus, designed for most modern passenger car models, as well as for SUVs, crossovers, and pickups.

capitol Tires Review

All season tires

The Capitol H/T LTR is an all-season tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks operated in the city and on the highway. The tire features excellent grip on wet surfaces, reinforced sidewall construction, and long service life.

Capitol Precision Trac II tires are designed for year-round use on crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. This tire can rightly be considered the most versatile in the entire model range of this brand due to the excellent balance of the main performance characteristics.

Summer tires

The Sport tire is ideal for compact passenger cars, providing a high level of safety when driving on wet roads. Other advantages of this tire include excellent directional stability combined with excellent grip under various road conditions.

Tires Capitol Sport UHP and Capitol Sport UHP Plus are designed for powerful and fast passenger cars. Both tires provide high stability and safety at very high speeds due to their exceptional hydroplaning resistance. At the same time, the tires demonstrate excellent directional stability and excellent handling characteristics, combined with high resistance to uneven wear.

Capitol tires List

Here is the list of capitol tires:

  • Capitol All Terrain
  • Capitol Commercial HT
  • Capitol Precision Trac II
  • Capitol Precision Trac III
  • Capitol Sport
  • Capitol Sport UHP

    Capitol Sport Review

    The Capitol Sport is an economical all-season tire for car enthusiasts who want the best value for money. Soft, comfortable, quiet ride with good handling. This is how this model can be briefly described.

    Capitol Sport Review
    Capitol Sport

    This model appeared on the market at the end of the summer season of 2011.

    In the design of the tire tread, it is worth highlighting four wide longitudinal grooves that effectively cope with aquaplaning. The look of the Capitol Sport is very similar to some of the Continental summer tires.

    Characteristics of the tire Capitol Sport

    The presence of spikesNo
    Type of transportpassenger car
    Sealing typetubeless
    RunFlat TechnologyNo

    Capitol Sport UHP Review

    Capitol Sport UHP Review
    Capitol Sport UHP

    A characteristic feature of the Capitol Sport UHP tire is its excellent adaptability to difficult road and weather conditions in our country. At the same time, it demonstrates very stable grip properties even with severe tread wear. This was achieved through the widespread use of the latest technologies that have improved a number of other characteristics of the tire.

    Characteristics of the tire Capitol Sport UHP

    The presence of spikesNo
    Transport typepassenger car
    Sealing typetubeless
    RunFlat TechnologyNo

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