Carlisle Atv Tires Review: Best Carlisle Tires For 2023

Welcome to our best Carlisle ATV tires Review for 2023. As an ATV owner, you know that the right set of tires can make all the difference in your vehicle’s performance and overall experience.

Carlisle is a well-known brand in the ATV tire industry, with a reputation for producing high-quality tires that are durable, reliable, and offer excellent traction on all terrains.

Carlisle Atv Tires Review: Best Carlisle Tires For 2023
Carlisle Atv Tires Review

So, if you’re in the market for new ATV tires and want to know which Carlisle tires are worth your investment in 2023, keep reading!

Carlisle ACT Review

Carlisle ACT is a tire for installation on ATVs that operate on various types of soil. The model is equipped with large lugs that form a V-shaped design. Thanks to it, the efficiency of traction and grip is achieved, and the speed of cleaning from contaminants increases.

Carlisle ACT Review
Carlisle ACT Review

In addition to off-road patency, the tire also demonstrates high-speed characteristics in combination with control precision. This was achieved by reducing the weight of the tire, as well as the presence of a straight rib in the central part, consisting of separate blocks.

The rubber composition is represented by a compound with additives that protect against abrasive wear and mechanical impacts from sharp objects.

Main features of Carlisle ACT

  • long service life due to the strength of the rubber and the massiveness of the tread elements;
  • universality of application both on loose and hard ground;
  • the ability to move at high speed while maintaining control.

Carlisle AT489 II Review

Carlisle AT489 II is a high-traffic model for ATVs. It can be used on both hard and loose surfaces, always maintaining its operational properties.

Carlisle AT489 II Review
Carlisle AT489 II Review

The tire is lightweight and has improved speed characteristics. Moreover, it ensures the safety of control at any speed. And the massive 19mm lugs help maintain grip and traction in any terrain.

For the production, a special rubber compound was used, which is distinguished by its elasticity and strength. This achieves adaptation to various irregularities, which affects driving comfort.

The presence of a large distance between the tread elements contributes to the rapid cleansing of water and dirt, keeping the contact surface always in working order.

Main features of Carlisle AT489 II

  • the strong framework steady against the raised loadings;
  • rubber compound and large tread blocks contribute to increased protection against damage;
  • light weight improves handling.

Carlisle AT489 X/L Review

The Carlisle AT489 X/L is a directional symmetrical tread pattern for a wide range of ATVs. Due to its height, it contributes to a significant increase in vehicle clearance, and its light weight reduces the load on the suspension elements.

Carlisle AT489 X/L Review
Carlisle AT489 X/L Review

The model is positioned as a tire with increased cross-country ability, which can be used on loose and hard soils. At the same time, controllability and speed characteristics are maintained.

Puncture and cut protection is provided by a rubber compound combined with high lugs (height 19 mm). The latter have a directional arrangement, which has a positive effect on traction properties, especially on soft soils.

Main features of Carlisle AT489 X/L

  • light tire, characterized by sensitivity of control;
  • versatility in application (clay, sandy soils, etc.);
  • protection from damage due to the tread with a large height and a rubber compound with special additives.

Carlisle Knobby Review

The tire for ATVs and buggies Carlisle Knobby belongs to the classic type. The model is covered with a large number of lugs that provide confident passage on both hard surfaces and loose soils.

Carlisle Knobby Review
Carlisle Knobby Review

Protector elements perform several functions at once. Firstly, they increase grip and traction due to their height and the ability to adapt to any irregularities (due to hollowness inside). Secondly, they protect against damage, significantly increasing the service life.

The model is made using a package of additives in the compound. This provides protection against abrasive wear.

Main features of Carlisle Knobby

  • classic tire for buggies and ATVs;
  • suitable for driving on hard and soft surfaces;
  • has reliable protection against mechanical influences;
  • provides confident control.

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