Chevy Cruze Torque Specs: Engine, GearBox, Brake, Wheels

The Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car that has been known for its versatility, efficiency, and comfort. Proper tightening of its various components is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. In this guide, we will present the recommended tightening torques for various parts of the Chevy Cruze, including the engine, suspension, brakes, gearbox, and rear chassis. By adhering to these specifications, you can ensure that your Chevy Cruze runs smoothly and is safe to drive.

chevy cruze torque specs

chevy cruze Engine torque specs

componentTorque SpecificationNotes
Valve cover (set)12 Nm
Vacuum pump11 Nm
Camshaft drive gear133 Nm
Tension roller of the aggregate belt52 Nm
Tensioner for aggregate belt52 Nm
Guide Roller – Aggregate Belt52 Nm
Toothed belt tensioner25 Nm
Camshaft timing belt guide roller52 Nm
Toothed belt tensioner52 Nm
Timing belt guard11 Nm
Bolts of fastening of a head of the block of cylindersStage 01: 65 Nm; Stage 02: 120°; Stage 03: 120°Use new screw(s).
Intake manifold nut(s), screw(s)23 Nm 16 NmUse new screws.
An exhaust manifold33 Nm
Turbocharger34 NmUse new nut(s).
Glow plugs9 Nm
Nozzles28 Nm
Drive gear for injection pump70 Nm
Fuel pump30 Nm
Crankshaft position sensor7 Nm
Coolant pump11 Nm
Belt pulley, crankshaft34 Nm
Crankshaft center screw235 Nm
Clutch drive28 NmUse new bolt(s), cross tighten
Flywheel105 Nm
Torque Converter60 Nm
Oil drain screw(s) on an oil pan20 Nm
Oil sump Air conditioning compressor22 Nm on the gearbox: 50 Nm on the engine block: 11 Nm
Oil filter housing50 Nm
Oil filter cover25 Nm
Oil filter drain plug10 Nm
Oil cooler40 Nm
Oil pump24 Nm
Connecting rod bearing25 Nm + 90°
Main bearing center, screw(s), step 01: 25 Nm + 45° + 90° outside, screw(s), step 02: 35 Nm
Engine holder45 Nm
Engine bearing on the body: 62 Nm on the engine bracket: 50 Nm + 60-75°
Bracket of the lower arm of the front suspensionbehind, on a stretcher: 110 Nm
Aggregate bracket160 Nm

chevy cruze front chassis torque specs

ComponentTightening TorqueAdditional Notes
Suspension Strut (on the body)45 Nm
Suspension Strut (on the swivel)90 Nm + 60° – 75°
Shock Absorber Piston Rod70 Nm
Front Axle Rear Lower Wishbone55 Nm + 45 – 60°Use new screw(s) and new nut(s).
Front Lower Wishbone Front Axle70 Nm + 75 – 90°Use new screw(s) and new nut(s).
Wheel Mount140 NmTighten the wheel nuts crosswise
Front Wheel Hub/Bearing (Central Nut, Stage 01)150 NmUse new nut(s).
Front Wheel Hub/Bearing (Central Nut, Stage 02)Loosen 45°
Front Wheel Hub/Bearing (Center Nut, Step 03)250 Nm
Front Wheel Hub/Bearing (Wheel bearing block, on steering knuckle)90 Nm + 60° + 15°Use new screw(s).
Tire Pressure Sensor(s)6 Nm
Front Axle Stabilizer Bearing on Subframe22 Nm + 30°
Front Axle Stabilizer Bar on Suspension Strut65 NmUse new nut(s).
Front Axle Stabilizer Bar on Stabilizer Bar65 NmUse new nut(s).
Front Axle Independent Suspension Hinge on the Steering Knuckle30 Nm + 60° – 75°

chevy cruze Brake torque specs

ComponentTorque (Nm)Additional Information
Front disc brake caliper28 Nm
Rear disc brake caliper28 Nm
Rear disc brake caliper bracket90 Nm + 60°Use new screw(s).
Front disc brake caliper bracket100 Nm + 60° + 15°
Air valve17 Nm
Sensor – wheel speed9 Nm
Brake line18 Nm
Brake hose18 Nm
Brake drum7 Nm

chevy cruze Gearbox torque specs

ComponentTorque (Nm)Notes
Clutch Master Cylinder18
Flange connection of the gearbox with the engineabove 75from below 50
Gearbox bearingon the gearbox 50 + 60° – 75°Use new screw(s). on the body 62
Gearbox bracketon the gearbox 100on gearbox bracket 100
Drive shaftCentral nut, stage 01 150Use new nut(s). Stage 02 Loosen 45° Stage 03 250
Drive shaft intermediate bearing58
Oil filling screw(s)with gearbox, Gearbox D33 6 + 45° – 180°
Oil control screw(s)with automatic transmission, Gearbox 6T30, Gearbox 6T40/45 12
Carving plug of an oil drain aperture of a transmissionwith automatic transmission, Gearbox 6T30, Gearbox 6T40/45 12with gearbox, Gearbox D33 6 + 45° – 180°

 chevy cruze rear chassis torque specs

ComponentTorque (Nm)AngleAdditional Information
Rear axle beam70130°Use new screw(s) and new nut(s).
Wheel mount140N/ATighten the wheel nuts crosswise
Rear wheel hub/bearing5040°On the back bridge
Tire pressure sensor(s)6N/AN/A
Rear axle damper100N/AOn the body, use new screw(s).
Rear axle damper15060°On the back bridge, use new screw(s).

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