Davanti Tires Review: Best models with features for 2023

We will look at some of the best Davanti Tires Review with features. Tire brand of British origin Davanti Tires was founded in 2015. The appearance of a new player in the world market was preceded by many years of work on the creation of original products that could compete with famous brands. And the company succeeded.

Davanti Tires Review Best models with features
Davanti Tires Review

Now the Davanti brand produces tires for passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers, as well as commercial vehicles. All production is concentrated in two large factories located in China. In addition, the company is constantly expanding its product line and expanding its production capacity.

are Davanti tires any good?

innovation the use of an innovative tread design in combination with the original composition of the rubber compound (the use of a wide range of additives and additives that increase the number of performance properties);
safety all Davanti tires are equipped with systems that help maintain directional stability, improve traction and minimize abrasion under all conditions;
performance on any type of coating due to the optimized composition of the compound and the original tread elements;
quality at a low price the company offers premium tires, the cost of which is much lower than that of famous brands;
proven efficiency the products have passed numerous European tests, proving their worth and compliance with the declared characteristics.UHP tires

DX640 UHP tires have been developed to improve the performance of vehicles with powerful engines. They provide the reliability of coupling characteristics and resistance to increased loads. All this has been repeatedly proven on the tracks in Portugal as part of the Racing School, where tires are installed on supercars.

Davanti Tires for cars

The range of tires produced under the Davanti brand is constantly expanding, offering modern solutions for various climatic zones. Tested in cold, temperate, and hot climates, the tires provide confident handling, a high level of responsiveness and excellent braking properties. Considerable attention is also paid to the durability of tires, which are characterized by minimal wear due to innovative solutions. Therefore, they are an excellent option for everyday use.

Davanti Tires for commercial use

All products in this segment are distinguished by their durability, fuel efficiency, and high mileage while maintaining performance. Along with these properties, commercial tires are distinguished by their grip in various weather conditions and improved handling.

Davanti Off-road tires

For those who often have to frequently overcome areas with poor or no road surfaces at all, the Davanti brand offers AT (All Terrain) tires. They are characterized by increased reliability, resistance to mechanical damage, and improved adhesion performance. Together, all this provides a comfortable overcoming off-road.

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Davanti DX390 Review

The Davanti DX390 tire is designed for use in summer on small cars. It excels in fuel economy by minimizing rolling resistance, comfortable handling and good wet performance.

The tread design is designed to provide not only responsive handling, but also the ability to drive on poor quality roads. Three central ribs are responsible for the stability of the transport behavior. They are complemented by open-type sipes that effectively remove moisture and also retain grip on any road surface.

Davanti DX390 Review
Davanti DX390 Review

The lateral zone is distinguished by the numerous blocks that create hooking edges, as well as helping to keep the car under control when performing maneuvers.

Despite its budget, the model can be made using Run-Flat technology. It makes it possible to move around in transport even in the presence of a puncture.

In the shoulder area there are channels with a special shape of the bend, which dampen resonant noise, contributing to the creation of acoustic comfort.

Main features of Davanti DX390

  • excellent grip, both on dry and wet pavement due to rapid drainage;
  • the presence of the optional Run-Flat system (the prerogative of expensive models);
  • minimum noise level due to groove structures in the lateral zone;
  • long service life thanks to a special compound with silica.

Davanti DX640 Review

Summer model Davanti DX640, which is a high-performance tire that is installed on a wide range of passenger vehicles. Among the characteristics are improved controllability, low noise and resistance to hydroplaning.

Davanti DX640 Review
Davanti DX640 Review

The compound contains silica, which improves the performance of the tire and also makes it resistant to abrasion. Thanks to the latter factor, the tire can withstand a large number of seasons even under conditions of intensive use.

The deep asymmetric tread, equipped with numerous channels, quickly copes with any volume of water, while maintaining a high level of grip. This factor has a positive effect on braking performance, providing increased safety.
In some sizes, the tire is equipped with a run-flat system that allows you to continue driving even with punctures.

Main features of Davanti DX640

  • elastic compound with silica provides reliable grip and effective wear resistance;
  • asymmetric tread structure increases traction, and also helps to minimize the braking distance;

Davanti Protoura Sport Review

Designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars, the Davanti Protoura Sport summer tire is characterized by a balanced driving performance. It is characterized by the improved grip and handling at the same time as acoustic comfort and a smooth ride on rough roads.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness and rigidity of the elements. Along with optimizing the tread profile, this improves traction and stability, and reduces the level of abrasion on the tire, increasing its service life. The large volume of longitudinal and numerous transverse drainage grooves causes a low tendency to aquaplaning. The increased number of transverse edges increases traction and braking power on wet surfaces. The large size of the shoulder blocks and their resistance to deformation improves the stability of the coupling properties and the control accuracy when maneuvering.

Davanti Protoura Sport Key Features:

  • asymmetric tread pattern with rigid massive elements ensures stability and precision in driving at any speed;
  • low tendency to aquaplaning due to the large volume of longitudinal and numerous transverse drainage grooves;
  • excellent traction and braking power on wet surfaces due to the large number of cross sipes.

Davanti Terratoura A/T Review

The Davanti Terratoura A/T tire is used year-round on a variety of SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks that are operated in intensive mode. The model combines grip reliability, driving comfort, both on asphalt and off-road.

The tread is designed using modern design technologies, so it provides several important characteristics at once. Firstly, it is excellent grip on various types of surfaces, including non-ground. Numerous blocks are responsible for this, having a broken shape and located in the central part. Between them are deep channels that quickly remove water and dirt and contact areas. Secondly, these are increased traction properties due to numerous hook edges.

The tire is provided with stone ejectors, which exclude punctures by sharp edges of rocks. While durable shoulder blocks with pronounced cutting edges guarantee the efficiency of passing through various off-road areas.

The protector also ensures even distribution of pressure in the contact area. This factor not only improves grip, but also reduces wear unevenness.

Main features of Davanti Terratoura A/T

  • a high level of off-road patency due to numerous large blocks with sharp hook edges;
  • high reliability due to the massiveness of the main elements and the strength of the frame;
  • versatility can be used both on paved roads and off-road;
  • effective self-cleaning.

Davanti Wintoura SUV Review

Winter tire Davanti Wintoura SUV for SUVs and crossovers is designed for use in mild winters of the European type. Differs in a frictional structure of a protector in combination with the increased durability of a carcass.

The V-shaped tread pattern in the central part promotes quick cleaning of the contact area. A wide rib with a network of lamellas applied to it is responsible for the stability and stability of the rectilinear movement. The latter not only increase grip, but also participate in self-cleaning.

The symmetrical shoulder area, represented by massive rectangular blocks, is responsible for increased traction in snowy areas, and also contributes to the preservation of control when cornering (including at speed).

The key links of the drainage system are 2 longitudinal channels, which differ in their depth. Smaller tubules are connected to them. Such a system quickly copes with any volume of water masses, excluding the effect of hydroplaning.

Main features of Davanti Wintoura SUV

  • increased grip by 10% compared to analogues due to the huge number of hook edges;
  • quick removal of water and snow thanks to the drainage system;
  • increased strength due to the solid frame and multilayer nylon;
  • minimal noise, including when driving at high speed.

Davanti DX240 Review

Davanti DX240 is a summer tire for passenger cars of various classes, which provides a comfortable ride, minimal rolling resistance, quietness and fuel efficiency.

The asymmetric tread pattern handles a wide range of road surfaces for responsive handling. In its center, there are two ribs having a block structure. Thanks to the latter, quick removal of moisture is realized (due to transverse slots) and the level of adhesion is maintained (due to the engagement edges).

The main components of the drainage system are three longitudinal channels. Their work allows you to keep the minimum humidity in the contact zone even during heavy rains. Moreover, they are supplemented by numerous tubules located throughout the tread.

The rubber composition of the tire is represented by many modern components, including silica. The latter causes minimal wear and good elasticity while maintaining the elasticity of the compound.

Main features of Davanti DX240

  • low noise;
  • efficiency of the drainage system;
  • minimal wear due to the structure of the tread, the uniform distribution of pressure in the contact patch and the rubber compound with silica.

Davanti DX420 Review

Davanti DX420 is a summer tire for light commercial vehicles. It has a high level of grip, both on dry and wet roads, a reinforced carcass, as well as improved drainage performance.

The model’s tread is designed to be effective in all weather conditions. In its center are placed for the ribs responsible for the stability of rectilinear motion. Their block structure provides a large number of engagement edges that increase traction and shorten the braking distance.

The “shoulders” zone is characterized by an increased density of the compound, thanks to which the vehicle easily enters turns and maintains controllability even when maneuvering at speed.

The compound contains silica, as well as a number of special additives that increase the mileage of the tire, minimizing the level of abrasion. This factor contributes to an increase in service life.

Main features of Davanti DX420

  • a long period of operation due to the specifics of the compound;
  • high control accuracy due to two ribs in the central part of the tread;
  • grip reliability on wet pavement, due to rapid drainage through the drainage system.

Davanti DX440 Review

Davanti DX440 is a summer tire for commercial vehicles (light trucks, minibuses). Distinctive characteristics of the model are increased resistance to abrasion, the ability to withstand heavy loads, providing comfortable driving conditions.

The presence of a steel belt in the design significantly increases the reliability of the tire and makes it possible to use it intensively with increased loads.

The central zone is occupied by two wide ribs divided into blocks by slots opening into longitudinal channels. On the one hand, this structure provides a large number of hook faces that increase traction, and on the other hand, it improves drainage by drying the contact patch.

The development of shoulder blocks increase the ability to carry heavy loads, while maintaining control over the steering during maneuvers.

The model is also distinguished by acoustic comfort, which makes it an excellent option for long-haul transportation.

Main features of Davanti DX440

  • the silicone-containing compound effectively resists abrasion, providing good grip;
  • the design of the tire using a steel breaker causes a high load capacity;
  • an asymmetric tread with a developed system of channels quickly removes excess moisture from the contact zone and increases traction.

Davanti DX740 Review

Davanti DX740 is a summer tire for crossovers and SUVs from various car manufacturers. Among the characteristics of the model, one can single out a high level of reliability, fuel efficiency and confident grip with an asphalt road surface. The tire is positioned as a product for urban conditions.

Davanti DX740 Review
Davanti DX740 Review

The performance of the tire is due to the asymmetric tread type, which effectively copes with water drainage. Of great importance in this are four deep channels located longitudinally, as well as a network of diagonal U-shaped notches, most of which open into channels. Thus, the contact patch always ensures reliable adhesion, and hydroplaning is minimized.

Numerous hook faces, formed by notches located across the movement, are responsible for the traction characteristics. They also allow you to dampen some of the noise, making the ride more comfortable.

Main features of Davanti DX740

  • stability when performing maneuvers due to the dense shoulder area with numerous blocks;
  • reduced rolling resistance;
  • improved grip performance even in high humidity thanks to an efficient drainage system represented by a developed network of channels.

Davanti Wintoura Review

Davanti Wintoura is a winter passenger tire with a directional V-shaped tread pattern. It is characterized by the stability of driving characteristics, the duration of the operating period and the stability of grip on a winter road. Designed for light winters with little snow volume.

As a compound in the model, a special mixture was used, which contains silica. The latter ensures the preservation of elasticity, and also increases wear resistance. This is the reason for the long period of operation.

The tread has a directional symmetrical structure, which contributes to the quick cleaning of the contact patch, as well as the confident passage of straight sections of the road.

To increase maneuverability, as well as the passage of snow-covered areas in the shoulder area, numerous blocks are provided, which are distinguished by their strength and protection from mechanical influences.

The tread is complemented by a network of sipes that densely cover all elements. In this way, the braking distance is minimized and the grip is improved.

Main features of Davanti Wintoura

  • ease of control on a winter road due to improved grip;
  • fast cleaning of the contact zone due to the symmetry of the tread;
  • preservation of elasticity due to silica;
  • Duration of operation due to the resistance of the compound to abrasion.

Davanti Wintoura Van Review

Davanti Wintoura Van winter tire for light trucks. Has a strengthened design allowing it to maintain of various loadings. The model was introduced in 2018 and is positioned as a tire for European winters.

Davanti Wintoura Van Review
Davanti Wintoura Van Review

The tread design is symmetrical for easy and fast self-cleaning and effective hydroplaning protection. At the base there are two large ribs located in the center. Their bodies are divided into separate blocks, the surface of which contains a large number of lamellae. Such a structure helps to increase traction, reduce the braking distance and eliminate the likelihood of skidding, which are not uncommon even if the road is clean in winter.

The massive shoulder area with pronounced blocks provides efficient maneuvering and stability under heavy loads.

In general, the protector is designed in such a way as to maintain its functionality even under heavy loads, creating effective control conditions.

Main features of Davanti Wintoura Van

  • deep protector provides long service life;
  • distribution of pressure over all elements guarantees uniform wear of the tread;
  • reinforced shoulder area protects against damage;
  • a solid metal frame contributes to the preservation of shape under heavy loads.

Davanti Wintoura+ Review

The Davanti Wintoura+ tire from an English manufacturer is designed for winter use on passenger cars. It is distinguished by high stability at high speeds, as well as the breadth of the size range, which determines the possibility of installation on vehicles from various manufacturers.

Davanti Wintoura+ Review
Davanti Wintoura+ Review

The model belongs to the UHP class, indicating the ability to maintain its performance at high speeds.

The asymmetric non-directional tread is a winter tire classic. In this case, it has an internal rib increased in width, divided into blocks. This increases traction, which has a positive effect on acceleration and braking characteristics.

In the center there are two longitudinal ribs responsible for the safety of control during rectilinear movement.

Particular attention should be paid to the network of lamellas that covers all the elements. It provides not only a quick removal of snow and water masses, but also contributes to an increase in traction.

Main features of Davanti Wintoura+

  • square profile of the outer zone with rigid blocks provide responsive control when maneuvering;
  • the presence of protection of the rim against mechanical damage;
  • three-dimensional lamellas in combination with the sharp edges of the blocks contribute to an increase in grip properties, and also help to reduce the braking distance.

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