delinte tires review: What Are Best delinte Tires

Today we are going to share our test and views about Chinese best Delinte tires review with features.

Delinte was founded in 2008 in China. It is engaged in the production of tires in various directions. Tires from this manufacturer are of excellent quality and affordable cost. It is this combination that has made the tires very popular with consumers, both in China and around the world.

delinte tires review: What Are Best Sumitomo delinte Tires
delinte tires review

The plant has the latest equipment, which produces various tires. Approximately 1,000 people work at the plant. The production capacity is 6 million tires per year (a fairly large figure). Particular attention is paid to quality control during production, due to this, it was possible to prevent defective products from reaching consumers. Specialists constantly improve their skills, so only the most advanced technologies are always used in production.

Much attention is paid to various studies, which can significantly improve the running parameters of tires. For a long time, the rubber compound has been improved, and in the end, it was possible to achieve the desired result. The resulting mixture increased wet grip and reduced damage. When creating tires, the company’s specialists try to take into account the wishes of consumers.

At present, Delinte is one of the largest tire manufacturers in China. Let out production meets all world quality standards and has confirming documents.

Delinte Tires List

Here is the list of Delinte tires we are going to review below with all the features.

Delinte Winter Tires:

  • Delinte winter WD1
  • Delinte winter WD2
  • Delinte winter WD3
  • Delinte winter WD6
  • Delinte winter WD42
  • Delinte winter WD42 (Scandinavian )
  • Delinte winter WD52 (Scandinavian )
  • Delinte winter WD52
  • Delinte AW5 Van

All-season Delinte Tires:

  • Delinte AW5
  • Delinte DH7

Summer Delinte Tires:

  • Delinte D7
  • Delinte DH2
  • Delinte DH3-RFT
  • Delinte DH6-RFT
  • Delinte DH7 SUV
  • Delinte DS2 SUV
  • Delinte DS7 Sport
  • Delinte DS8
  • Delinte DV2
  • Delinte D8
  • Delinte Dh3
  • Delinte DS2

Delinte winter WD1 Review

Winter tire Delinte WD1 is installed in compact passenger cars. Excellent for urban conditions, demonstrating excellent stability on slippery asphalt surfaces, shortened braking distances, and driving comfort.

Delinte winter WD1 Review
Delinte winter WD1 Review

The tread pattern is made in a “classic” design with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges. On snow, this increases traction and reduces braking distances while maintaining directional stability and reducing rolling resistance. Blocks in the central part form a wide continuous rib. This solution improves fuel economy and wear resistance, and increases stability and control accuracy at high speed. On an icy surface, the efficiency of the tread is ensured by several thousand sharp edges formed by multidirectional sinus-shaped sipes.

Key Features:

  • “classic” design with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges ensures efficiency on any winter surface;
  • a wide rib of blocks in the central part reduces rolling resistance, increases directional stability and control accuracy while maintaining traction on slippery surfaces;
  • several thousand sinus-shaped sipes improve longitudinal grip on icy surfaces.

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Delinte Winter WD2 Review

The winter tire Delinte WD2 is installed in commercial vehicles of small capacity. With a high load capacity for its size, it is distinguished by stable grip properties and reliable control on slippery surfaces.

Delinte winter WD2 Review
Delinte winter WD2 Review

The profile of the running part of the tread is optimized so that under load the contact patch is larger and takes a close to rectangular shape, which contributes to the uniform distribution of pressure on the road surface. This solution significantly reduces wear and increases the stability of grip properties. These properties are further enhanced by the trapezoidal profile of the shoulder blocks. The tread pattern contains a large number of elements. Their sharp-angled shape with elongated edges ensures the performance of the tire on snow. Performance on ice is achieved using several thousand sine-shaped sipes.

Main features of Delinte WD2

  • optimized tread profile improves handling, and reduces wear;
  • acute-angled shape and elongated block edges increase the efficiency of the tread on snow;
  • Numerous sinus-shaped sipes allow intense acceleration and deceleration on packed snow and ice.

Delinte winter WD3 Review

Winter tire Delinte WD3 is designed for operation in areas with a cold continental climate. It features stable grip on snowy and icy surfaces even at extremely low temperatures, comfortable handling, soft and quiet running, and increased mileage.

Delinte winter WD3 Review
Delinte winter WD3 Review

The tread pattern is made in the “classic” style for tires, primarily Scandinavian brands, with a V-shaped groove arrangement. This significantly increases stability in adverse weather conditions. Extended multi-directional edges of numerous blocks improve traction and directional stability on snow. Massive dimensions and an optimized arrangement of elements provide stability and comfort in driving at high speeds. Numerous lamellas with sawtooth edges allow you to confidently accelerate and brake on icy surfaces. In such conditions, stability is enhanced by special “mini-pumps” in the shoulder areas that dry out the contact patch.

Main features of Delinte WD3

  • a wide solid rib in the middle increases directional stability and control accuracy, reducing fuel consumption and wear;
  • the location of the blocks according to the “three plus one” scheme provides excellent traction and coupling properties on snow;
  • densely spaced slots and special sipes-“pumps” improve stability on icy surfaces, acceleration, and braking efficiency.

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Delinte winter WD6 Review

Winter tire Delinte WD6 is installed in compact passenger cars. Adapted for use in urban environments. Efficient on the road surface with all grip characteristics, reduced fuel consumption, and long service life.

The running part of a protector differs in the directed arrangement of elements. In the central part, these are small blocks. Their staggered arrangement increases the size of the contact patch and ensures uniform distribution of the load over the road surface. The transverse edges formed by these blocks have a slope that increases their length. The result is increased traction and braking performance on snow. On icy surfaces, these qualities are significantly improved by numerous sinus-shaped sipes.

Key Features:

  • design of the central part with small blocks increases traction and braking efficiency on snow, and increases the contact patch;
  • several thousand sinus-shaped lamellas provide efficiency on ice;
  • increased width of the drainage grooves in the shoulder areas reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slash planning.

Delinte winter WD42 Review

Winter tire Delinte WD42 is designed for crossovers, SUVs, and pickups. Adapted for use on paved roads. It is characterized by improved traction on icy surfaces, efficient acceleration, and braking, reliability, and long service life.

The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound with a porous structure. Numerous tiny voids dry out the road surface, which enhances traction on packed snow and icy surfaces. The tread pattern contains numerous sipes. The “three-dimensional” profile of their vertical walls ensures the maximum height of the faces and fixes the blocks in a fixed position. As a result, the grip properties are enhanced, becoming stable. The spikes are located inside the hexagonal recesses. They prevent the accumulation of ice chips, helping the steel elements to maintain efficiency.

Main features of Delinte WD42

  • porous rubber compound additionally dries out the contact patch, enhancing grip on slippery road surfaces;
  • “three-dimensional” sipes improve grip on wet and icy surfaces, rolled snow;
  • 6-angled recesses in the places where the spikes are located prevent the accumulation of ice chips around them.

Delinte winter WD42 (Scandinavian ) Review

The Delinte WD42 winter tire is designed for the Scandinavian markets. It is characterized by good traction on ice and snow, precise control, braking efficiency, and resistance to abrasion and punctures.

The tread pattern is notable for the V-shaped arrangement and numerous intersections of the drainage grooves with each other. This significantly increases the ability of the tread to intensively remove excess water and its mixture with snow and road dirt from under the tire. The grooves lie between numerous small blocks, the walls of which allow you to move confidently even through yards not cleared of snow. The optimized and sufficiently dense arrangement of elements increases the contact patch, improving grip and handling, especially at high speed.

Main features of Delinte WD42 (Scandinavian)

  • an increased number and optimized arrangement of grooves provides intensive removal from the contact patch of water and its mixture with snow;
  • a large number of small blocks improves traction on snow;
  • increased density of tread elements, a special shape of the tread profile improves grip and handling at high speed.

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Delinte winter WD52 (Scandinavian) Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Delinte WD52 is designed for operation in difficult climatic conditions of the Scandinavian countries. It is characterized by improved grip on icy and snowy surfaces, reliable control in difficult conditions, braking intensity, and long service life.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design, with a classic arrangement of elements for “Scandinavian” tires. A noticeable difference from most of these models is the location of the longitudinal groove exactly in its middle. This improves resistance to hydroplaning. Wide cruciform grooves in the shoulder areas allow not only water to be removed from the contact patch but also its mixture with melted snow, holding part of it with the tread, which further enhances grip on such surfaces.

Main features of Delinte WD52 (Scandinavian)

  • the distribution of blocks into groups increases the length of the transverse edges, which significantly increases traction and stability on snow;
  • the sawtooth shape of the edges of the lamellas enhances the traction properties on wet and icy surfaces;
  • cross-shaped shape and wide grooves in the shoulder areas improve traction on snow-covered surfaces.

Delinte winter WD52 Review

Winter tire Delinte WD52 is suitable for most popular passenger cars. The studded model delivers improved performance on snowy and icy surfaces while delivering a quieter, smoother ride.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of cruciform grooves in the shoulder areas. Due to their shape and position, these elements capture and hold the snow, thus enhancing grip on such a surface. The drainage elements located in the central part, having a large size, significantly reduce the risk of hydroplaning and slashplanning. Numerous “three-dimensional” sipes and spikes provide reliable grip and directional stability on slippery surfaces.

Main features of Delinte WD52

  • cruciform grooves in the shoulder areas improve grip on snow-covered surfaces;
  • enlarged drainage grooves effectively fight against aquaplaning and slashplaning;
  • Numerous lamellas and spikes allow you to move confidently on rolled snow and ice;
  • rubber compound based on natural rubber and silicon dioxide increases the efficiency of the tread at low temperatures, prevents premature wear.

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Delinte AW5 Van Review

The Delinte AW5 Van commercial tire is designed for all-weather use on minibuses and light trucks. Provides reliable traction and grip in various weather conditions, as well as extended mileage.

The block structure of the tread pattern provides several characteristics at once. Firstly, the increased edge effect maintains the level of grip, including on slippery surfaces. Secondly, numerous channels and grooves separating the blocks quickly remove moisture and dirt from the area in contact with the roadway. In the central part, the blocks form two wide ribs, which are responsible for maneuverability and stability of road holding.

The rubber compound is distinguished by its wear resistance, and the small entire tire has a positive effect on fuel efficiency.

Main features of Delinte AW5 Van:

  • all-weather use on commercial vehicles;
  • the block protector guarantees the maintenance of coupling properties at any weather;
  • reinforced sidewalls and large “shoulder” blocks prevent deformation and protect against mechanical stress.

Delinte AW5 All-season Tires Review

All-season tire Delinte AW5 is available in several dozen sizes for wheels with a diameter of 13 to 18 inches. It is characterized by good performance for its class on winter surfaces, differing in such conditions by directional stability and precise control.

The tread pattern is distinguished by large block sizes. The rigidity of the elements thus provided improves control accuracy and directional stability. The multi-step arrangement of the blocks and the shape optimized by means of computer modeling significantly reduce the level of noise and vibration during movement. Drainage grooves, having numerous intersections with each other, not only effectively drain water, but also retain snow, which significantly increases traction on a snowy surface.

Main features of Delinte AW5

  • large blocks provide directional stability and accuracy in control;
  • multi-step arrangement of tread elements reduces noise during movement;
  • “network” pattern of drainage grooves enhances grip on snow;
  • Numerous self-locking sipes increase the efficiency of the tread on icy surfaces and packed snow.

Delinte DH7 Review

All-season tire Delinte DH7 is installed in crossovers and SUVs. Belongs to the High Terrain category. Adapted for use on wet and snow-covered asphalt roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates directional stability at high speed, a low tendency to aquaplaning, a high level of control over the trajectory of movement during braking and maneuvering.

The tread pattern is distinguished by an abundance of coupling edges. A significant part of them is formed by lamellae. Narrow sipes enable intense acceleration and shorten the braking distance on slippery surfaces. A continuous rib in the middle improves directional stability at high speeds. In turn, the increased volume of longitudinal drainage grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Enlarged shoulder zones with large blocks give stability and control accuracy when maneuvering, prevent uneven wear, and when braking – stability of grip properties.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with an increased number of gripping edges is effective on slippery surfaces;
  • a continuous rib in the middle gives stability and control accuracy at high speed;
  • enlarged shoulder zones increase stability and prevent uneven wear when maneuvering.

Delinte D7 Tires Review

The summer tire Delinte D7 is one of the novelties of the well-known Asian manufacturer, as evidenced not only by its extremely short period of presence on the market but also by its rather high technical characteristics. They fully comply with the requirements for models of the Ultra High-Performance category, of which it, in fact, is a representative. Among other advantages of this tire, in addition to its low cost, is a high level of acoustic comfort, which has been achieved through a number of modern technologies.

Wet grip and improved wear resistance

The tread of this model is made of an optimized rubber compound. Its distinguishing feature is the high content of silica. This component gives the tread both elasticity and increased resistance to any mechanical impact. As a result, the tire has good grip on wet roads, wear resistance, and softness on the go. In addition, it is impossible not to note the presence of four longitudinal grooves that make grip on wet roads even more reliable.

Excellent acoustic comfort

This model demonstrates a high level of acoustic comfort on the go. To achieve it, the developers used a number of solutions. First of all, this is a multi-step arrangement of tread elements, which prevents the development of resonant noise and vibrations. In addition, the walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves have a toothed profile. With its help, aerodynamic noise that occurs when air passes through the drainage grooves at high speed is reduced.

Main features of Delinte D7

  • high silica tread compound improves grip on wet roads, prevents any kind of wear, and gives softness on the go;
  • low noise level is ensured by the multi-step arrangement of the tread elements and the toothed profile of the walls of the longitudinal drainage grooves, which reduce aerodynamic noise from the air passing through them.

Delinte DH2 Review

Summer tire Delinte DH2 is used in the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by improved traction and handling on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in a directional symmetrical design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. They have an increased size and number, due to which, even at high speed, the risk of hydroplaning is minimal. The tread blocks are arranged in such a way that elongated transverse edges are formed in the contact patch, which allow the tire to intensively accelerate and decelerate on wet surfaces. A continuous longitudinal rib in the center and rigid shoulder areas provide directional stability and precise control.

Main features of Delinte DH2

  • low risk of aquaplaning even at high speed due to the increased number and volume of drainage grooves;
  • a solid rib in the middle and rigid shoulder blocks provide stability and precision in control;
  • transverse edges, elongated due to the location and shape of the blocks, allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces.

Delinte DH3-RFT Review

Delinte DH3-RFT summer tire can be installed in almost any modern passenger car. Favorably differs in balance of the main operational properties. In motion, it is characterized by grip stability on wet surfaces and at high speeds, pronounced fuel-saving properties and acoustic comfort.

The profile of the running part of the tread is optimized, due to which the contact patch has an increased size, and its shape practically does not change even during dynamic driving. This significantly improves traction stability and steering accuracy, complementing the effect of deformation-resistant tread pattern elements on these characteristics. Safety on wet surfaces is achieved through high hydroplaning resistance. This is ensured by the increased volume of the four longitudinal drainage grooves and the location of a significant part of these elements at an angle.

Key Features:

  • increased contact patch, which does not change its size and shape during maneuvering and braking;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves and the inclination of a significant part of the drainage elements prevent hydroplaning;
  • narrow ribs along the edges of the tread increase directional stability and control accuracy, reduce noise and tread wear.

Delinte DH6-RFT Review

Summer tire Delinte DH6-RFT is designed for the most powerful modifications of passenger cars. It is a special version of the model of the same name, differing from it in the use of Run Flat technology in the design, which allows you to continue moving with a decrease in internal pressure.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements. They are distributed along wide longitudinal ribs. This solution increases the contact patch and with it the grip properties. At the same time, directional stability is improved, while rolling resistance and wear are reduced. The efficiency of the tread on a wet surface is ensured by a significant throughput and multidirectional drainage grooves located throughout the tread pattern.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with wide longitudinal ribs is effective at high speed, providing directional stability and precise control;
  • increased width and multidirectional drainage grooves to a minimum reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • enlarged shoulder zones with rigid blocks increase stability during maneuvering and braking and prevent uneven wear.

Delinte DH7 SUV Review

Summer tire Delinte DH7 SUV is installed on SUVs, pickups, and SUVs, which are mainly used on paved roads. The model is characterized by stable grip properties at high speed, stability on wet surfaces, and quiet and smooth running.

The design of the tread pattern is characterized by an increased number of grip edges. They are formed both in blocks and in narrow slots made in them. This decision allowed to significantly enhance the grip on wet surfaces. Hydroplaning resistance is provided by wide longitudinal drainage grooves. Their curved shape prevents the occurrence of resonant noises and vibrations, and reduces uneven wear. The profile of the shoulder areas has been optimized so that the contact patch remains large when maneuvering. Together with the massiveness of the blocks located at the edges, this significantly improves grip and directional stability when maneuvering and braking.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with a large number of blocks and sipes is effective on wet surfaces;
  • wide longitudinal drainage grooves prevent hydroplaning, and their curved shape reduces wear and tire rolling noise;
  • Optimized shoulder profile and larger blocks improve stability when maneuvering and braking.

Delinte DS2 SUV Review

Summer tire for SUVs and crossovers Delinte DS2 SUV is designed for use exclusively on paved roads. Under such conditions, it demonstrates stable grip, effective braking, “light” handling, fuel efficiency and extended service life.

The tread pattern contains a large number of grooves. Multi-directional elements provide intensive water drainage, which allows the tire to avoid hydroplaning at almost any speed. There are spherical protrusions in the longitudinal grooves. With their help, noise from air flows passing through the grooves is reduced. The tread profile has a variable curvature. This shape increases and maintains the size of the contact patch, improving grip and handling.

Main features of Delinte DS2 SUV

  • spherical protrusions at the bottom of the longitudinal grooves reduce noise when driving at high speed;
  • a special profile of the shoulder zones and massive blocks provide excellent cornering stability, increase control accuracy, and prevent uneven wear;
  • Optimized high silica compound for improved grip on wet surfaces.

Delinte DS7 Sport Review

Summer tire Delinte DS7 Sport is used in the most powerful modifications of passenger cars. Belongs to models of the UHP category, distinguished by the ability to maintain efficiency at high speeds. In motion, it is characterized by lightning-fast reactions to the driver’s actions, directional stability when maneuvering and a short deceleration path on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of its constituent elements. In the central part, these are wide longitudinal ribs. They increase directional stability on straight lines, reduce wear and rolling resistance. Shoulder zones are massive blocks deployed across, rigidly connected to each other by bridges. These elements increase the precision of control and the stability of grip properties during maneuvering and braking. The efficiency of the tread on a wet surface is ensured by the significant throughput of the longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with massive rigid elements has a large contact patch, ensures stability of grip properties at high speed;
  • speed and accuracy in control due to the rigidity of the shoulder zones;
  • a small tendency to aquaplaning is provided by a significant capacity of the drainage grooves.

Delinte DS8 Review

Summer tire Delinte DS8 is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by excellent aquaplaning resistance for UHP tires, good stability at high speed, and precise control when maneuvering.

Due to the profile of the running part of the tread, the tire is characterized by a large contact patch, which, under the load of the weight of the car, takes a square shape. This improves traction and stability, especially when maneuvering dynamically. The stiffness of the shoulder blocks and the Z-shaped rib in the central part provide precise control and directional stability. These properties are almost completely preserved even on a wet surface. The tread pattern contains a developed system of multidirectional drainage grooves. Due to its high performance, it reduces the risk of hydroplaning to a minimum, even at high speed.

Key Features:

  • increased contact patch and its optimized shape enhance grip, give them stability when maneuvering and braking;
  • Z-shaped rib and rigid shoulder blocks increase steering precision and directional stability;
  • An extensive system of multidirectional drainage grooves prevents hydroplaning.

Delinte DV2 Review

Summer passenger tire Delinte DV2 is one of the novelties of the Chinese company Sentury. This model is designed for minibuses, combining a high level of comfort, reliable grip on wet roads with a long service life, fuel efficiency and a significant load capacity.

Excellent hydroplaning resistance

The tread pattern has three longitudinal drainage grooves. These elements are characterized by a significant internal volume, due to which the tread is extremely effective at removing water from the contact patch even under the most adverse weather conditions. This allows the tire to demonstrate excellent hydroplaning resistance.

Asymmetrical slats

Two longitudinal ribs located in the central part of the tread contain many asymmetric sipes. These tread elements perform several functions at once. First of all, it is the removal of water from the contact patch into one of the nearby drainage grooves, which further increases the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning. Another function of these lamellas is to increase the stability of grip properties during braking and acceleration. This is achieved not only due to the formation of additional grip edges by the sipes but also due to the optimization of the distribution of the external load over the contact patch.

Reinforced shoulder tread design

The shoulder zones of the tread are distinguished by their massive size and the presence of many transverse blocks. This design significantly increases the stability of the tire in corners, as well as improves a number of other important performance properties. First of all, this is a reduction in the length of the braking distance, and an increase in resistance to uneven wear.

Special S-grooves in the shoulder areas

At the border of the tread with the sidewalls of the tire, there are continuous S-shaped grooves. These tread elements reduce the degree of heat during movement. This in turn reduces rolling resistance and also increases tire life.

Main features of Delinte DV2

  • high resistance to aquaplaning due to the large capacity of the three longitudinal drainage grooves;
  • Asymmetric sipes in the center increase traction during acceleration and deceleration;
  • wide blocks of shoulder zones improve stability in turns, and prevent uneven wear;
  • special S-shaped grooves in the shoulder areas reduce the degree of heating of the tire tread during movement, which reduces rolling resistance, and increases the service life.

Delinte Dh3 Review

Delinte Dh3 summer tire is characterized by a low noise level, vibration suppression property, excellent directional stability, as well as fuel efficiency.

The model’s tread contains five ribs that create a classic symmetrical pattern. In its center is a solid rib, which is responsible for the stability of movement in a straight line and the sensitivity of the steering. The mid-zone fins are segmented and designed to improve traction. Combined with shoulder elements, they create a wide footprint to help maintain vehicle stability during maneuvers.
To drain the contact zone, circumferential channels are provided, as well as grooves between the blocks. Their combined action allows you to maintain a grip on wet roads, eliminating the occurrence of aquaplaning.
An important characteristic of the tire is its low noise level, as well as the ability to absorb vibration. This is realized through the arrangement of the tread blocks in a special order, as well as the use of a soft compound.

Main features of Delinte Dh3

  • a high level of directional stability is provided by the central ribs of the tread;
  • fast water and heat removal is realized due to deep central channels and interblock grooves;
  • high level of vibration and noise reduction;
  • low rolling resistance ensures fuel economy.

Delinte DS2 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Delinte DS2 is suitable for both everyday use in urban areas and long-distance travel on highways. It is characterized by a reliable grip on wet surfaces, improved handling, braking efficiency, and abrasion resistance.

The tread pattern is distinguished by four wide longitudinal grooves. These elements, providing accelerated water drainage, increase the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning. The profile of the tread is specially optimized to increase the contact patch and maintain its shape and dimensions even during dynamic maneuvering. This noticeably improves traction stability and makes driving easier due to faster and more precise tire responses to driver inputs.

Main features of Delinte DS2

  • enlarged longitudinal grooves minimize the risk of hydroplaning, especially at high speed;
  • optimized tread profile improves grip, and provides comfortable driving when maneuvering;
  • a large number of narrow blocks along the edges of the tread increases the intensity of braking on wet surfaces.

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