Doublecoin Tires Review: All Models With Features For 2023

The Double Coin Company was founded in 1990 as a result of the merger of two strong enterprises that were aimed at the domestic market. Since its inception, DoubleCoin has been active in researching and designing quality tires.

We are sharing the DoubleCoin tires review with you today. DoubleCoin Tires are available in a huge range for off-road tires, trucks and agricultural machinery, and construction equipment.

Through hard work, Double Coin is now the world’s leading manufacturer of all-metal radial truck tires. Through research and expansion of industrial capacity, the company produces more than 6 million tires under the Double Coin brand annually, moreover, this figure is growing every year.

Doublecoin Tires Review All Models With Features
Doublecoin Tires Review

Double Coin tires have been awarded quality certificates by many significant and reputable international organizations.

Among other things, in 2008 DoubleCoin was named as the bearer of the most valuable old trademark.

In 1993, Double Coin created its own research and development complex, thanks to which the company constantly has the opportunity to modernize production technology and introduce more and more new developments. So, at this institute, technology was produced to significantly reduce driving noise by designing a special tire tread design. Double Coin is the first company in the world to not only develop low-noise tires but also greatly reduce vibration, and vibration suppression is a very important feature for a tire.

Thanks to the widest dealer network, Double Coin is able to supply its products to all countries of the world.

Do not forget that Double Coin summer and winter tires are produced under a brand that is already over 100 years old, but, however, at the same time, the company does not stand still and continues to evolve with the times.

Doublecoin DASL+ Review

The Doublecoin DASL+ all-season passenger car tire provides a high level of safety throughout the year. Even on slippery winter surfaces, it is distinguished by stable grip, the ability to intensively brake and accelerate, and comfortable handling.

Doublecoin DASL+ Review
Doublecoin DASL+ Review

The tread pattern is made up of many small blocks. The elements are arranged in such a way that they form long V-shaped edges in the contact patch. This allows the tire to show good traction and stability on snow. On an icy surface, these properties are almost completely preserved thanks to the lamellae. A large number of slots with sawtooth edges form hundreds of additional coupling edges.

Key features of Doublecoin DASL+

  • the small size of the blocks made it possible to place them in a larger number in the tread pattern, which improves traction and grip properties on snow;
  • dense cutting, sawtooth shape of the edges of the lamellas provide more reliable grip on wet and icy surfaces;
  • V-shaped tread design improves stability at high speed, reduces wear, and provides comfortable control when maneuvering.

Doublecoin DASP+ Review

All-season tire for passenger cars Doublecoin DASP + is the most “winter” model in the line for year-round use. It is distinguished by improved traction and grip on snow and ice, providing driving comfort and stability at high speed in summer.

Doublecoin DASP+ Review
Doublecoin DASP+ Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by compact blocks, as well as their arrangement, which lengthens the transverse edges. This increases the intensity of acceleration and braking, especially on snow. The slope and curvature of the edges provide good stability in such conditions. Another feature is the profile of the tread, which allows for a larger contact patch, along with a dense arrangement of tread pattern elements. As a result, traction is improved, especially on roads cleared of snow and ice, steering precision and wear resistance are increased.

Main Features of Doublecoin DASP+

  • elongated transverse edges of the blocks provide high traction and intensive braking on snow;
  • sawtooth lamellae retain the reliability of control on wet and icy surfaces;
  • increased wear resistance, driving comfort by optimizing the tire profile and the arrangement of the tread pattern elements.

Doublecoin DC100 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Doublecoin DC100 is designed for use in their most dynamic modifications. At high speed, it features stable grip, increased control precision, and a low risk of aquaplaning.

Doublecoin DC100 Review
Doublecoin DC100 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an S-shaped design, which is rarely seen in Ultra High Performance tires. It is favorably distinguished by an enlarged contact patch, increased wear resistance, stable grip in all driving modes. A significant part of the driving performance is enhanced by a rigid solid rib in the middle. It is also worth noting the fairly dense cutting of the lamellae. They not only increase traction on wet surfaces, but also reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Main features of Doublecoin DC100

  • S-shaped design improves handling, prevents rapid wear of the tread;
  • numerous transverse sipes increase traction and stability on wet surfaces;
  • blocks “petals” reduce noise and wear, increase resistance to hydroplanning.

Doublecoin DC100 TS Review

Summer tire Doublecoin DC100 TS is designed for operation in the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by increased stability at any speed, reliable control on wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Doublecoin DC100 TS Review
Doublecoin DC100 TS Review

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design with a large number of transverse sipes. These elements, with their pointed edges, increase traction and braking power on wet surfaces. The central longitudinal rib, being a rigid element resistant to deformation, increases grip stability at high speed, preventing rapid wear of the tread.

Main features of Doublecoin DC100 TS

  • elongated sipe edges increase traction and braking intensity on wet surfaces;
  • rigid solid rib in the middle improves grip stability at high speed, control accuracy, and wear resistance;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves and numerous drainage elements in the shoulder areas help to avoid hydroplaning even in heavy rain.

Doublecoin DC32 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Doublecoin DC32 is designed for everyday use on urban and regional roads with different road surface quality. Differs in the precision of management at any speed, reliability of coupling on a wet covering, smoothness of the course, and fuel economy.

Doublecoin DC32 Review
Doublecoin DC32 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a double longitudinal rib in the middle. This element reduces rolling resistance, increases wear resistance, and provides stable grip at high speed. Wide blocks at the edges of the tread allow the tire to maintain stability in corners while preventing uneven wear. Numerous lamellas, cut mainly in the shoulder areas, provide effective acceleration and intensive deceleration on wet surfaces, and also reduce the risk of hydroplaning, due to the ability to divert water to nearby grooves with their edges.

Key features of Doublecoin DC32

  • double longitudinal rib in the middle improves control accuracy and grip stability;
  • rigid blocks along the edges of the tread increase stability in turns, preventing uneven wear of the tire;
  • Numerous lamellas allow intensive braking and acceleration on wet surfaces.

Doublecoin DC80+ Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Doublecoin DC80+ is perfect for use on any road, from city roads to highways. It is characterized by improved wet grip, smooth running, low noise level and extended service life.

Doublecoin DC80+ Review
Doublecoin DC80+ Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of narrow solid ribs in the shoulder areas. These elements increase traction stability in corners, and also prevent the spread of noise from the blocks in the central part, which improves acoustic comfort. All elements of the pattern of the running part are distributed along the longitudinal ribs. Combined with the optimization of the tire profile, this improves traction and handling at high speeds, reduces rolling resistance and prevents premature tread wear.

Main features of Doublecoin DC80+

  • narrow solid ribs in the shoulder areas increase stability in turns, and improve acoustic comfort;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves prevent hydroplaning at high speed.

Doublecoin DC88 Review

Summer tire Doublecoin DC88 is designed specifically for compact passenger cars. It demonstrates the greatest efficiency on urban routes, distinguished by reliable control when maneuvering, braking efficiency on wet surfaces, smooth running and acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern is literally dotted with numerous drainage elements. This allows the tire to avoid hydroplaning at almost any speed. In such conditions, a large number of block edges and sipes provide reliable control and stable grip. Efficiency on a dry surface is achieved by several features at once. First of all, this is a combination of a dense arrangement of the elements of the tread pattern and its profile, which significantly increases the contact patch.

Main features of Doublecoin DC88

  • Numerous grooves provide excellent hydroplanning resistance.
  • dense arrangement of tread pattern elements and its optimized profile increase the contact patch, improving grip and handling, increasing wear resistance;
  • Special rubber compound remains flexible at low temperatures, improving grip on wet surfaces.

Doublecoin DC99 Review

The field of application of the Doublecoin DC99 summer tire is compact passenger cars with improved dynamic characteristics. It features improved traction at high speed, refined handling, braking performance on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is dominated by large blocks and ribs. In combination with their tight arrangement, this significantly improves directional stability and control precision, especially when maneuvering and at high speed. Wide, multi-directional grooves keep these properties even on wet surfaces. This tire is helped by a rubber compound, the composition of which is characterized by a high content of “silica”. This component keeps the tread flexible at low temperatures, especially in rainy conditions.

Key features of Doublecoin DC99

  • tread pattern with large ribs and blocks is effective at high speed, providing the tire with increased wear resistance;
  • wide multidirectional grooves intensively drain water at any speed;
  • increased accuracy in control due to the massiveness and rigidity of the shoulder blocks.

Doublecoin DL19 Review

Summer commercial tire Doublecoin DL19 is designed for long-term and intensive operation in minibuses, light trucks and full-size pickups. It is characterized by increased carrying capacity, strength, wear resistance, “light” handling and high mileage.

Closed design tread pattern features massive solid ribs. These elements go a long way in helping the tire handle high weight loads painlessly. With their help, directional stability is increased, rolling resistance and heating are reduced, and uneven wear is prevented. The ribs have zigzag edges and sipes that provide high traction and stability in the wet. The same shape of the tread grooves reduces the risk of hydroplaning and stones getting stuck in the tread.

Main features of Doublecoin DL19

  • reinforced carcass increases the load capacity of the tire, reduces the risk of damage due to impact;
  • tread pattern with continuous massive ribs reduces fuel consumption, prevents rapid tire wear, provides directional stability and driving comfort at high speed;
  • optimized shoulder profile reduces wear unevenness, increasing tire mileage.

Doublecoin DS66 Review

Summer tire Doublecoin DS66, installed on a wide range of SUVs and crossovers. The model can be operated not only on city roads, but also demonstrates the confident passage of light off-road sections. Provides good traction and excellent maneuverability.

The non-directional asymmetric tread pattern contains a large number of notches that form sharp edges. This results in an improved edge effect that helps maintain grip on dry and wet roads. Wide shoulder zones with pronounced segmentation make it easy to pass difficult sections of the road, including those with loose soil. The presence of three central channels connected to the open shoulder area guarantees the rapid removal of water masses and dirt.

A special compound was used as a compound, which resists rapid wear, and also suppresses the bulk of vibrations. In combination with a special layout of the tread elements, which dampens noise effects, this creates a high level of acoustic comfort.

Main features of Doublecoin DS66:

  • installation on SUVs and crossovers used both in the city and off-road;
  • improved indicators of the edge effect due to numerous notches and block structures;
  • fast drainage of the contact zone, due to the system of longitudinal and diagonal channels.

Doublecoin DS66 HP Review

Summer tire Doublecoin DS66 HP for passenger vehicles, which is characterized by a strong carcass, resistance to overheating and the ability to provide responsive control at high speeds.

The asymmetric pattern is made using a large number of lamellas with different directions. This design performs several functions at once. Firstly, it increases traction and grip, including on wet pavement. Secondly, it reduces the braking distance, preventing wheel slip. The same factor has a positive effect on wear, increasing the service life. The “shoulders” zone contains wide blocks that have a diagonal direction and are separated from each other by deep grooves. The latter, connecting with the central channels, ensure the speed of drainage and protect against hydroplaning.

The model is characterized by high acoustic comfort, which is achieved by several factors. Soft rubber compound that suppresses the bulk of micro-vibrations. As well as a special alternate arrangement of grooves in the shoulder area. This helps to suppress the turbulence of air masses.

Key Features of Doublecoin DS66 HP

  • adapted for high-speed driving while maintaining performance;
  • high acoustic comfort;
  • low rolling resistance and optimization of fuel costs;
  • stability and maneuverability at high speed.

Doublecoin DSAT+ Review

All-season tire for SUVs and pickups Doublecoin DSAT + is designed for use on any type of road surface, including unpaved. It is a classic model of the All Terrain category. It is characterized by stable traction properties, strength and resistance to damage, smooth running on bumps and long service life.

The tread pattern is made up of separate blocks. In the central part, they form a continuous longitudinal rib, which reduces rolling resistance, providing good directional stability and control accuracy at high speed. In the shoulder areas, the elements are distributed in U-shaped groups, thereby increasing traction and stability on the ground. In all blocks, several lamellas are cut. With their help, stable grip on the most slippery surfaces is ensured.

Key features of Doublecoin DSAT+

  • universal tread pattern is effective on any road surface, including snow and soil;
  • optimized tread profile improves handling, increases tire wear resistance;
  • Reinforced carcass and durable compound provide the tire with a long service life in the toughest conditions.

Doublecoin DW300 Review

The tire for passenger cars Doublecoin DW300 is designed for use in areas with so-called “warm” winters. It is characterized by improved grip on wet and snowy surfaces, driving comfort, smooth and quiet running, increased wear resistance.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a very dense cutting of lamellae. They form numerous pointed edges, allowing intensive acceleration and braking on wet and icy surfaces. Efficiency on snow is ensured by the high block edges that make up the entire tread pattern. In the shoulder areas, the elements are significantly increased in size and have a trapezoidal profile. This significantly increases stability and control accuracy in corners, prevents the occurrence and development of uneven wear, increasing tire mileage.

Main features of Doublecoin DW300

  • the increased density of the lamellas increases the traction properties on wet and icy surfaces;
  • numerous blocks provide excellent traction and stability on snow;
  • massiveness and trapezoidal profile of the tread elements along the edges of the running part increase stability and control accuracy in turns, reduce wear unevenness.

Doublecoin DW300 SUV Review

The tire for SUVs and crossovers Doublecoin DW300 SUV is developed on the basis of the “passenger” model of the same name. Differs in the increased rigidity of a framework and sidewalls. On the move, it demonstrates properties identical to it, differing in stable grip on winter roads, driving comfort and smoothness.

The tread pattern is formed by separate blocks. Their high lip gives the tire performance on snowy surfaces. On more slippery wet and icy surfaces, traction is ensured by densely spaced sipes with pointed sinusoidal edges. It is worth noting the special shape of the tread profile. Thanks to it, the tire contacts the road surface with a much larger area, which enhances grip and ensures driving comfort, especially at high speeds.

Key Features of Doublecoin DW300 SUV

  • hundreds of sipes with sinusoidal edges provide excellent traction and braking intensity on ice and wet surfaces;
  • numerous blocks increase grip on snow;
  • elastic rubber compound gives the tire tenacity at low temperatures, smooth running on bumps.

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