Farroad tires review: All Best Farroad Tires for 2023

Farroad is a tire brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and many vehicle owners are curious about their performance and quality. In this article, we will be providing a comprehensive Farroad tires review along with exploring their features and overall performance.

Farroad tires review: All Best Farroad Tires
Farroad tires review

Whether you are in the market for new tires or simply curious about Farroad’s offerings, this article will provide you with valuable insights into the brand and its products.

Tires Farroad is an optimum parity of the price and quality. Excellent driving properties, endurance, resistance to aquaplaning, fuel efficiency and durability of products of this brand were appreciated by car owners in many countries of Europe and Asia.

who makes farroad tires?

Under the Farroad brand, the Chinese company Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co.LTD., founded in 2007, produces budget tires. The annual production volume is more than 20 million units, including rubber for cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and special vehicles. Tires can be bought in summer and winter versions, and a large assortment of sizes simplifies the selection.

The management strives to create tires that provide maximum safety and driving comfort, while paying special attention to their environmental friendliness. Therefore, only high-quality raw materials, innovative materials, advanced technologies, high-tech equipment, modern quality control systems are used in production.

summer and winter tires Farroad

When you need to buy summer tires, you should definitely pay attention to Farroad brand products. They are perfectly adapted to the weather conditions of this season. Their rubber is more rigid, and exhibits increased resistance to high temperatures, abrasive and mechanical stress. These properties are ensured due to the fact that it contains highly dispersed silica, innovative polymers, and numerous additives for various purposes. Therefore, Farroad tires are able to maintain a stable level of grip on hot asphalt and on wet road surfaces. 

At the same time, the tread blocks are not deformed under the influence of high temperature, due to which driving capabilities are improved, their uneven wear is prevented and the running resource is significantly increased. Summer tires do an excellent job with hydroplaning, allowing you to move steadily on water-filled roads. Therefore, by deciding to buy Farroad tires, the owner of the car can be sure of his safety.

In the manufacture of brand models, various modern technologies are used to improve driving and technical characteristics. One of them made it possible to optimize the contour of the tire, as a result of which the carcass and tread do not deform under the action of dynamic loads. And this has a positive effect on traction, power and braking speed, softness, and smoothness.

Winter tires Farroad are also made taking into account operating conditions. This allows the driver to correctly select the model for his region. For those who live in mild climates, the company offers a wide range of friction tires. And for harsh winters, of course, it is better to buy Farroad tires with studded treads. Regardless of the type, winter models provide impeccable grip on packed, loose snow, on wet roads, and in ice. Drainage systems and water-repellent, elastic rubber do an excellent job of evacuating water and slush from the contact patch, thereby helping to prevent slush planing. In addition, the models demonstrate high performance, driving, and acoustic comfort.

Farroad tires are high-quality products with performance characteristics that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. And fuel efficiency and the ability to buy a kit at an affordable price make them even more attractive to motorists.

Farroad FRD16 Review

The Farroad FRD16 summer tire is suitable for installation on most popular passenger cars. The performance properties of the model are selected with a bias towards comfort and grip on wet surfaces, which are its strongest points.

Farroad FRD16 Review
Farroad FRD16 Review

The tread pattern has a closed design with enlarged shoulder areas. The blocks that form them are interconnected, which additionally increases their resistance to deformation. The result is high grip stability and precise control when maneuvering. Numerous facets of blocks and sipes increase the intensity of acceleration and braking on wet surfaces. Drainage grooves due to their width do not allow the formation of a continuous film of water in the contact patch.

Main features of Farroad FRD16

  • enlarged shoulder blocks increase stability and control accuracy when cornering, reduce wear unevenness;
  • a rigid double rib in the middle improves directional stability in straight-line traffic, reduces rolling resistance;
  • wide drainage grooves prevent the formation of a continuous film of water between the tire and the road.

Farroad FRD79 review

The Farroad FRD79 tire is designed for use on passenger cars in winter. In the development of the model, high technologies were used, thanks to which it acquired special technical and operational characteristics. The tire is universal, suitable for both cars and SUVs.

Farroad FRD79 review
Farroad FRD79 review

The tread pattern is asymmetric with a sequence of blocks that allows you to increase the stability of driving on snowy and icy roads. Large, powerful blocks with three-dimensional lamellas take the shape of the road surface when braking, due to which the tire does not slip and has a short braking distance.

The contact patch has a large area, which is mainly for movement at high speeds. So the braking and traction characteristics are maintained on any road surface, which is also important for lovers of high-speed driving.

The drainage system has three deep circumferential channels and numerous transverse connecting grooves quickly and efficiently remove wet snow and water from the contact patch area, which significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves traction.

Main features of Farroad FRD79

  • powerful tread blocks with a high level of siping provide a high degree of grip and braking efficiency on snowy and icy roads;
  • good composition of the rubber compound, providing wear resistance;
  • effective removal of moisture and reduction of the risk of aquaplaning.

Farroad FRD86 review

The Farroad FRD86 tire is used in the summer season on passenger vehicles, as well as on off-road vehicles and SUVs. The model is in high demand due to its exceptional performance and technical characteristics. The tire provides good directional stability, driving confidence in a straight line at high speeds, as well as when maneuvering, cornering and braking.

Farroad FRD86 review
Farroad FRD86 review

The tread pattern of the product is symmetrical non-directional. Two deep and wide channels located longitudinally, as well as a developed system of transverse and longitudinal grooves located at an angle, provide instantaneous and effective removal of liquid from the contact patch area. Thus, the risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced. The central rib is quite wide, large blocks provide a large area of ​​the contact patch.

Traction with the road surface is additionally provided by lamellas placed on the blocks. In the shoulder area, the blocks are also large and rigid, which ensures directional stability, simple control and comfort of movement.

Main features of Farroad FRD86

  • -excellent grip, both with wet and dry roads due to large central blocks with numerous sipes;
  • minimization of the risk of aquaplaning and effective removal of moisture from under the contact patch with the help of a developed system of channels and grooves;
  • directional stability and confident movement with a high level of safety.

Farroad FRD78 review

Farroad FRD78 is an economy-class winter tire used mainly on SUVs. Suitable for daily driving around the city and highway, as well as for difficult, dirt roads and off-road. This friction model has a large number of lamellas and drainage elements.

Farroad FRD78 review
Farroad FRD78 review

The tread pattern is asymmetrical and has two active sides. Features of the location of the checkers and their large size provide a reliable grip on the road surface of any complexity, as well as the safety of maneuvers and braking. All checkers have multiple grooves and sipes that provide multiple grip edges they work effectively on snowy and icy roads.

The drainage system implies the presence of four large longitudinal channels (one of which has a wavy shape), as well as many transverse grooves. Such a network allows you to quickly and efficiently remove snow porridge, dirt and moisture from the contact patch area. The tire is not subject to hydroplaning, both lateral and course, and also demonstrates safe behavior when performing active maneuvers.

Main features of Farroad FRD78

  • high level of grip due to large blocks and good siping;
  • developed drainage system provides efficient water and snow removal, and also reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • reliable, durable and elastic rubber compound ensures a long service life.

Farroad Arctic STU99 review

Winter tire for SUVs and pickups Farroad Arctic STU99 is designed for use in regions with very cold climates. On any snowy and icy roads, it demonstrates reliable grip, “light” handling and efficient braking.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a wide arrow-shaped rib that runs exactly along its middle. With its help, high directional stability is achieved at high speed, rolling resistance is reduced. The blocks located next to it are distributed in U-shaped groups with elongated transverse edges. They increase traction and stability on snow. The resulting cruciform grooves further enhance these properties.

Main Features of Farroad Arctic STU99

  • The “Scandinavian” design of the tread pattern provides the tire with efficiency on any winter roads;
  • reinforced breaker increases directional stability and control accuracy, slows down the wear process, reduces the risk of punctures;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” retains elasticity at very low temperatures.

Farroad FRC26 review

Farroad FRC26 is a tire for summer use on SUVs and minivans. It is characterized by stable control properties at various speeds, low rolling resistance and high reliability.

Farroad FRC26 review
Farroad FRC26 review

The central part of the tread is represented by three longitudinal ribs with various grooves and notches. They provide responsive handling at high speeds and excellent grip, also on wet pavement. The presence of large channels reduces hydroplanning to a minimum, guaranteeing driving safety even in heavy rain.
The side zones are of medium size and contain numerous diagonal channels. Thanks to this, a quick drainage is achieved, as well as stabilization of the vehicle when performing maneuvers.

Main features of Farroad FRC26

  • a compound that effectively resists abrasion, guarantees a long service life;
  • high stability during rectilinear movement is achieved due to three longitudinal ribs;
  • excellent grip on dry and wet pavement due to the numerous edges formed by the edges of the block structures;
  • fast drainage thanks to a system of longitudinal and transverse channels opening outward in the shoulder area.

Farroad FRD26 review

Summer tire Farroad FRD26 is installed on a wide range of crossovers and minivans from various manufacturers. It has an asymmetric non-directional tread that provides not only stability in a straight line, but also good maneuverability while maintaining full control over the transport.

The protector in the central part is represented by three transversely directed ribs. The middle of them has a segmented structure, due to which not only the stability of the rectilinear movement is increased, but also the grip is improved. Two side ribs are one-piece, but with notches help maintain the stability of the transport at high speeds. In the shoulder area there are double blocks, between which there are quite deep grooves. The latter contribute to the rapid removal of excess moisture, preventing hydroplaning.
The compound of the model itself is distinguished by its resistance to wear. This ensures a long service life.

Main features of Farroad FRD26

  • applicability on SUVs and minivans from various manufacturers;
  • high course stability due to the central part of the tread with three longitudinal ribs;
  • good maneuverability and increased grip on wet pavement;
  • low noise effect due to the special tread pattern.

Farroad FRD66 review

All-season tire Farroad FRD66 is designed for mid-size passenger cars. It is characterized by increased efficiency on wet roads and surfaces covered with melted snow, quiet and smooth running, fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern has a symmetrical non-directional arrangement of elements. They are reduced in size, due to which the contact patch has numerous and multidirectional faces. This significantly increases the stability of grip properties on a snowy surface. A large number of sipes ensure the tread’s performance on wet surfaces and packed snow. Large longitudinal grooves significantly reduce the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning. The running part of the tread is made of a compound with a high content of silicon dioxide. It is distinguished by the ability to maintain elasticity at low temperatures, resistance to overheating and abrasion.

Main features of Farroad FRD66

  • an increased number of blocks improves grip on snow;
  • wide drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning;
  • rubber compound based on natural rubber and silicon dioxide improves grip on slippery surfaces, prevents wear.

Farroad FRD75 review

Winter commercial tire Farroad FRD75 is designed for trucks and buses of small capacity. It is characterized by high performance on any slippery surface, significant bearing capacity by the standards of its category, good fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern has a symmetrical non-directional design with large blocks. Such dimensions of the elements, combined with an optimized profile of the tread, made it possible to increase the area in constant contact with the road surface, while ensuring uniform distribution of the vehicle’s weight over it. The result is not only improved dry grip and stability, but also increased tread wear resistance, especially uneven wear.

The effectiveness of the tread on slippery winter surfaces is achieved by several features. First of all, it is a rubber compound that is used in the manufacture of tires. It is distinguished by a high content of “silica”. This component gives the tread flexibility at low temperatures, while providing tensile and tear strength at the same time. In addition, the pattern is literally dotted with sinus-shaped lamellae. Narrow slots, forming several thousand sharp edges, allow intensive deceleration and acceleration on packed snow and ice without any loss in grip stability.

Farroad FRD75 Key Features:

  • a double rib in the center reduces rolling resistance, improves directional stability and ease of control;
  • wide shoulder blocks provide high traction on snow;
  • a rubber compound with a high content of “silica” and a tread with several thousand sinus-shaped sipes improve traction on packed snow and ice.

Farroad FRD88 review

Summer tire Farroad FRD88 is designed for passenger cars with improved dynamic characteristics. It is characterized by improved grip and directional stability at high speed, sporty driving precision, increased wear resistance.

Farroad FRD88 review
Farroad FRD88 review

The tread pattern features a hypertrophied rib in the middle. The wide, rigid element improves straight-line directional stability, reduces rolling resistance and slows down tread wear. Large blocks with extended transverse edges allow intensive acceleration and braking, especially on wet surfaces. In such conditions, additional efficiency of the tread is given by an elastic rubber compound with a high content of “silica”.

Main features of Farroad FRD88

  • a wide solid rib in the middle increases directional stability, reduces fuel consumption and prevents rapid wear of the tread;
  • an elastic compound with a high content of “silica” gives the tire additional tenacity on wet surfaces;
  • rigid blocks on the edges of the tread provide stability and precision in handling during dynamic cornering.

Farroad FRD76 review

The Farroad FRD76 winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. Effective in adverse weather conditions, demonstrating stable traction, ease of control and acoustic comfort.

The directional tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of two enlarged longitudinal drainage grooves shifted towards the shoulder areas. These elements allow the tire to effectively deal with aquaplaning and slashplaning. Numerous sinus-shaped sipes increase directional stability and traction on slippery surfaces. Wide shoulder blocks provide ease of control when maneuvering. V-shaped grooves in the central part improve traction on snowy surfaces.

Main features of Farroad FRD76

  • rubber compound with a high content of silica provides reliable grip on any winter surface;
  • intersecting V-grooves improve longitudinal grip and directional stability on snow;
  • Numerous “three-dimensional” sipes ensure efficiency on icy surfaces.

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