Firemax Tires Review: All Best Models with Features For 2023

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive Firemax Tires review, including their features, benefits, and drawbacks. We will also compare them to other popular tire brands to help you make an informed decision about whether Firemax Tires are the right choice for your vehicle.

Firemax Tires Review All Best Models with Features
Firemax Tires Review

who makes firemax tires?

Firemax tires are made by Sunfulcess Tyre Co. Ltd in china. The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of manufacturing tires for SUVs, commercial vehicles, tires belonging to the Ultra High-Performance class, etc. Distinguishes the design of the metal cord underlying it. It is he who retains the shape of the product with a temperature difference and guarantees a uniform distribution of the load, which means the same erasure. Despite the meager history, the brand does not lag behind its eminent associates. Firemax tires provide excellent maneuverability, controllability, preventing hydroplaning, skidding and sliding, and loss of control.

are firemax tires any good?

Tires are manufactured at a factory equipped with the latest technology: the best equipment, the latest technology. The materials used are highly environmentally friendly and safe. To achieve optimal performance and the highest quality, Firemax tires widely use the country’s scientific and technical potential and advanced developments in this field. Products are wear-resistant and ultra-strong, while their cost is quite affordable.

Firemax winter, summer, and all-season tires are suitable for all weather conditions and road surfaces. Optimized tread patterns and special rubber compounds make them competitive with such a huge range on the market. Thanks to the extensive production capacity, more than 12 million tires are produced annually. All of them have impeccable characteristics for comfortable movement and safe driving. The Firemax series for commercial vehicles includes models for trailers, drive axles, and steering tires. This approach allows you to successfully choose the option for driving long distances or delivering a large load.

Firemaz Tires Features and Benefits

The leaders of Firemax in such a short time managed to build an extensive dealer network, which ensures popularity, because the product is sold in more than 100 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, and America. Competent management and advanced technological developments have done their job.

Advantages of firemax tires:

  • Endurance rubber is designed for daily use, so it easily tolerates temperature changes and weather changes.
  • Tire elasticity thanks to a special compound, it remains in frost and heat.
  • Tire resistance to wear is due to the same exceptional cocktail.
  • Stabilization of vehicles at high speeds is carried out by reinforced rubber blocks, which are located as efficiently as possible.
  • Excellent grip, traction and maneuverability are provided by dense sipes.
  • Optimum placement of drainage channels and grooves guarantees noise and vibration reduction.
  • Low rolling resistance of a tire is the key to fuel economy and reduced emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  • Balance of high quality and low price.

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Firemax FM316 Review

Firemax FM316 is a model that is focused on operation in the summer on cars belonging to various classes. It has stable grip on both dry and wet surfaces, and also provides acoustic comfort.

Firemax FM316 Review
Firemax FM316 Review

In the center of the non-directional tread is a double monolithic rib. It allows you to maintain control during high-speed driving and ensures the stability of the course. The adhesion properties are increased by blocks in adjacent ribs, which are separated by numerous grooves. It is the presence of a large number of toe edges that contributes to good traction on wet roads.

The tire is characterized by low rolling resistance (fuel saving), resistance to wear and point impacts of a mechanical type. This is due to the presence in the composition of a component such as silica. The additive makes the rubber more elastic and minimizes abrasion.

Among the positive aspects of the model, the low noise effect also stands out, including when driving at high speed. Therefore, the tire is excellent for long trips on highways.

Main features of Firemax FM316

  • sensitivity and stability of control at any speed due to the central part of the tread;
  • good adhesion due to the edge effect;
  • reduced stopping distance;
  • acoustic comfort, even at high speeds.

Firemax FM318 Review

The Firemax FM318 summer tire is designed for intensive and long-term use, both on city roads and regional highways with almost any surface quality. It is characterized by high wear resistance, fuel efficiency, smooth running and acoustic comfort, combining these qualities with reliable grip and ease of control.

The tread pattern is distinguished by elongated transverse edges of sipes and blocks. This allows efficient acceleration and braking in rainy conditions. At the same time, the risk of a continuous water film between the tire and the surface is minimal due to the increased volume of longitudinal grooves in the central part, which provide intensive removal of excess moisture from under the tread. Its profile has an optimized shape, which not only makes the contact patch larger, but also prevents its shape and size from changing under the constant influence of multidirectional acceleration forces. This noticeably improves traction stability at high speed, makes it easier to control the trajectory of the movement when maneuvering, and also prevents uneven wear.

Main features of Firemax FM318

  • a large number of elongated transverse edges of the sipes and blocks ensures efficient acceleration and braking on wet surfaces;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves prevent hydroplaning at almost any speed;
  • optimized tread profile improves traction at high speed, cornering control, prevents uneven wear.

Firemax FM319 Review

Firemax FM319 is a summer tire for cars of various classes. Among its characteristics are directional stability, increased grip on wet roads and durability.

Firemax FM319 Review
Firemax FM319 Review

A key role in ensuring the main performance properties is played by an asymmetric tread, which is represented by three ribs in the center. Each of them contains deep notches with a diagonal orientation. Such a structure contributes not only to maintaining directional stability, but also increases traction characteristics. In addition, the notches help drain excess moisture into the central channels, making the contact patch drier.

The shoulder zone, divided into numerous rectangular blocks, is responsible for the behavior of vehicles during maneuvering. With greater rigidity than other elements, they contribute to the stabilization of the car during turns.

The durability of the model is ensured by a compound that contains special components that effectively resist abrasion.

Main features of Firemax FM319

  • summer operation on city roads with an excellent level of adhesion;
  • long service life due to the characteristics of the compound;
  • Distinguishing stability when driving in a straight line with sensitive handling.

Firemax FM393 Review

The all-weather model Firemax FM393 is designed for installation on SUVs, as well as crossovers. The tire is designed for urban use, ensuring vehicle stability, both when driving in a straight line and during maneuvers.

The tread model has an asymmetric type, which is represented by three ribs in the center. The large width of each of them allows you to create a strong grip on the roadway. While the diagonal serrations and grooves increase traction, helping to pass through snowy areas.

Firemax FM393 Review
Firemax FM393 Review

The water drainage system is represented by 4 longitudinal channels, which are connected to smaller ones, creating a single network that facilitates the rapid removal of excess moisture and snow.

The “shoulders” zone is characterized by the presence of transverse rectangular blocks, which contribute to an increase in the contact zone, provide maneuverability and good cross-country ability on loose snow.

Main features of Firemax FM393

  • Orientation to use in urban environments;
  • fast drainage due to the drainage system;
  • high exchange rate stability provided by three ribs in the center;
  • good grip due to the presence of numerous engagement edges.

Firemax FM501 Review

Firemax FM501 is a crossover and SUV tire that can be used all year round. The model differs in resistance to aquaplaning, fast self-cleaning, and also high level of reliability.

Firemax FM501 Review
Firemax FM501 Review

The rubber compound is represented by a composition containing silica. It is this component that largely determines the ability of the tire to adapt to the ambient temperature, while maintaining elasticity at the same level. This results in a good grip.

The projector is asymmetric, with a pronounced block structure. The central part is occupied by a longitudinal rib divided by lightning-like transverse grooves. It contributes to maintaining directional stability, and also provides responsive control. On the sides of it are ribs represented by diagonal blocks. They increase traction, increase grip on dry and wet road surfaces, and also contribute to the rapid evacuation of water, mud and snow masses. In addition to lamellas, they used multi-stage elements, which made it possible to significantly improve traction on loose snow and soil.

Lugs in the shoulder area are responsible for stability when maneuvering, as well as increasing traction properties. They are quite massive, so they hold the weight of the transport well, and also protect against various mechanical influences.

Main features of Firemax FM501

  • improved traction and grip due to the pronounced block structure;
  • good level of self-cleaning;
  • possibility of operation, both on asphalt, and soil.

Firemax FM502 Review

Summer tire Firemax FM502 is installed on SUVs. The model is characterized by versatility in use, as it is equally well suited for use on asphalt and country roads. This is due to the design of the tire tread, which fully meets the requirements of the All Terrain category to which it belongs.

Multi-Step Edge Blocks

One of the distinguishing features of the tread pattern used in this tire is the design of its shoulder areas. It is distinguished by the original configuration of the blocks located here. These elements in the lateral projection have a complex multi-stage shape. This solution improves several operational properties at once. On paved roads, such blocks give additional stability when maneuvering. Off-road, more confident behavior is provided by improved longitudinal grip, especially on the ground surface with reduced bearing capacity.

Double blocks in the central part

The tread pattern in the central part is a separate functional area that gives the tire a certain set of performance properties. All of them are due to the longitudinal arrangement of blocks, which are combined into groups of two elements each. As a result, the contact zone has a large number of very long, high and sharp edges. In combination with the significant rigidity of the blocks, this significantly increases the directional stability of the tire.

Main features of Firemax FM502

  • universal in application, providing good grip on asphalt and country roads;
  • shoulder blocks with steps improve tire performance in difficult conditions;
  • double tread elements in the central part provide excellent directional stability at high speed, reduce rolling resistance.

Firemax FM515 Review

The Firemax FM515 summer tire is installed on SUVs and SUVs. The High Terrain model is characterized by improved traction, durability and fuel efficiency on paved roads.

Trapezoidal shoulder blocks

The shoulder areas of the tread contain a large number of blocks, which in the lateral projection have a trapezoidal shape. It gives them additional resistance to the effects of lateral acceleration forces. As a result, the tire exhibits stable traction when maneuvering.

Multifunctional slats

The tread pattern contains a large number of sipes. Narrow slots are multifunctional because they improve several important properties at once. The most obvious of these is wet grip. In addition, the sharp edges formed by the sipes direct water into one of the nearby drainage grooves, providing more intensive drainage of the tire contact area with the road surface. Another important function of slots is to optimize load distribution. This significantly reduces the rate of tread wear, and also has a positive effect on handling, giving it reliability and predictability.

Acoustic comfort

The design in the shoulder areas is characterized by closeness, thanks to the continuous construction of the longitudinal ribs located in them. They do not allow noise from the blocks in the central part to spread outward. This has a positive effect on the overall acoustic comfort.

Main features of Firemax FM515

  • designed for off-road vehicles and crossovers used mainly on asphalt roads;
  • shoulder blocks resistant to lateral accelerations give stability when maneuvering;
  • Numerous sipes prevent hydroplaning, ensure uniform tread wear;
  • continuous longitudinal ribs in the edge zones improve acoustic comfort.

Firemax FM518 Review

Firemax FM518 is a summer tire for a wide range of passenger cars. It is characterized by confident behavior, both on dry and wet road surfaces, fuel efficiency and acoustic comfort.

Firemax FM518 Review
Firemax FM518 Review

In the central part it contains 4 deep channels into which a developed lamellar network opens. Due to this, excess moisture is quickly removed from the contact zone, which helps to maintain traction.

The central longitudinal rib has a minimum number of shallow sipes, so the tire maintains excellent directional stability, providing comfort on long trips. To this should be added the minimum level of noise, including at high speeds.

The presence of a reinforced cord effectively resists deformation, even when the wheel gets into deep pits. This factor has a positive effect on the duration of the operational period.

The lateral zone is represented by transverse blocks separated by deep channels. Thanks to this, the model is distinguished by good maneuverability, including on wet road surfaces.

Key Features:

  • acoustic comfort due to a special tread pattern;
  • confident behavior on wet asphalt due to the rapid removal of excess moisture from the contact zone;
  • maneuverability and directional stability are provided by tread blocks of the side and central zones;
  • the duration of the operational period is ensured by a reinforced cord and a compound with special additives.

Firemax FM523 Review

The Firemax FM523 summer tire is designed for SUVs that often find themselves on country roads. The model belongs to the Mud Terrain category and shows its strongest advantages on earthen and sandy surfaces. It is worth noting the optimized tread design, which maintains a fairly high efficiency on asphalt roads.

Powerful lugs

The tire tread is divided into several functional areas, which ensures a balance between the main performance characteristics. One of them is the shoulder zones, made in a classic open design for such models. Each of them contains massive high blocks located transversely. They play the role of lugs, the high and sharp edges of which provide longitudinal grip, especially on a road surface with a low bearing capacity. A large distance between the blocks allows the tread to avoid “blurring”, quickly clearing not only of small soil particles, but also of large stones.

Reduced rolling resistance

Another functional area is formed in the central part from two longitudinal rows of blocks. These elements are small, arranged in pairs and directed parallel to the movement. Such features improve several important properties at once. First of all, it is the rolling resistance, which decreases, as does the heating of the tire during high-speed traffic. The polygonal shape of the blocks forms an increased number of differently directed faces in the contact zone. This significantly improves grip on slippery surfaces.

Main features of Firemax FM523

  • designed for off-road vehicles used mainly on country roads;
  • high shoulder blocks provide reliable overcoming of difficult off-road sections;
  • design of the central part, reducing rolling resistance and improving directional stability at high speed.

Firemax FM601 Review

The scope of summer tires Firemax FM601 are passenger cars. The model is characterized by a short braking distance, excellent handling and good grip.

One of the key components of the composition of the compound is silicon dioxide. It, as well as a number of other components, provide thermal stability while maintaining elasticity, resisting abrasive wear and minimizing rolling resistance.

The asymmetric tread is equipped with longitudinal ribs in the central zone. They, in turn, carry a large number of lamellae, creating a multitude of engagement edges. This structure results in improved traction on both dry and wet roads. At the same time, the driver does not have to worry about side skids during maneuvering, for which the blocks of the shoulder zone are responsible. They have a denser structure and retain their shape even during sharp turns at high speed.

Thanks to the optimization of the tread and rubber compound, the braking distance was reduced by 7%, and the service life by 14% compared to analogues.

Main features of Firemax FM601

  • the tire demonstrates confident passage, both dry and wet sections of the road;
  • provides good grip due to the numerous sharp edges of the grooves and sipes;
  • contributes to the rapid drainage of the contact zone.

Firemax FM602 Review

Firemax FM602 is a summer tire model for crossovers and SUVs used on city roads. Provides directional stability in conjunction with the rapid removal of moisture from the contact zone.

The tire is represented by a symmetrical directional tread. The central part is occupied by a monolithic rib, which contributes to the stable behavior of the transport while driving in a straight line. Two ribs, located on the sides of the central one, are divided into diagonal blocks. This improves grip and traction. In addition, this structure contributes to the rapid removal of excess moisture.

A strong frame in which a metal cord is used provides protection against deformation even during intensive use (for example, hitting a curb or a pit). Added to this is the durability of rubber, which effectively fights wear. And the distribution of tire pressure throughout the contact patch contributes to the uniformity of erasing all elements. Therefore, the tire retains its properties throughout the entire period of operation.

Main features of Firemax FM602

  • speed of drainage due to the swept system of channels;
  • good directional stability and sensitivity response to the actions of the driver;
  • long service life due to the compound and uniform pressure distribution.

Firemax FM805 Review

The Firemax FM805 winter tire is designed for use in a wide range of passenger cars. It is characterized by improved grip and driving accuracy on winter roads.

The model effectively copes with both snow-covered and icy sections of the road. The asymmetric tread pattern, equipped with numerous 3D lamellas, helps her in this. The latter create a large number of sharp edges that “bite” into the snow masses, increasing the grip properties of the tire.

The block structure of the central part determines the stability of the car during rectilinear movement and maneuvering. At the same time, the perfect clarity of responses to the actions of the driver is maintained.

The tire has a long service life, which is increased due to several factors. Firstly, it is a wide contact patch, which determines the uniformity of pressure distribution. Secondly, it is a special composition of rubber, which, to the extent of maintaining elasticity, effectively resists wear. Thanks to this, the period of operation increased by 14%.

Interblock channels with a developed structure ensure the rapid removal of water and snow masses, leveling slashplanning and aquaplaning.

Main features of Firemax FM805

  • 3D sipes increase grip efficiency;
  • the drainage system, which has a developed network, maintains contact with the roadway in all weather conditions;
  • the duration of operation is ensured by the rubber composition and the uniformity of pressure distribution over a wide contact zone.

Firemax FM805+ Review

The Firemax FM805+ winter tire is designed for use in regions with cold climates. It is distinguished by increased stability on icy and snowy surfaces, comfort in driving, softness on bumps.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the increased density of the sipes. Narrow slots form thousands of sharp sawtooth edges that allow the tire to securely cling to any flat and slippery surface. On snow, it demonstrates high traction and braking power. This is due to the high height and multidirectionality of the edges of the blocks. On cleaned roads, efficiency is ensured by a special tread profile that expands the contact patch, as well as an increased density of its pattern elements. This improves handling and makes it easy to control the trajectory of movement when maneuvering.

Main features of Firemax FM805+

  • the increased density of the lamellas improves traction and grip on ice, packed snow and wet surfaces;
  • multidirectionality and high block edges provide reliable grip on roads not cleared of snow;
  • a compound with a high content of “silica” remains elastic at low temperatures.

Firemax FM806 Review

Winter tire Firemax FM806 for passenger vehicles, which excels in performance, effectively overcoming snowy and icy road sections.

Particular attention during the development was paid to the compound, which included many new components, including silica. Thanks to this, the rubber is able to adapt to different temperature conditions, while remaining elastic all the time. At the same time, the level of wear, which is due to protection against premature abrasion, was noticeably reduced. The result is a 15% increase in service life compared to analogues.

The symmetrical directional tread has a pronounced central rib with numerous sipes. It allows you to maintain control under any conditions. The presence of additional block structures expands the contact patch, improves grip, and also eliminates slashing.

The square blocks of the shoulder area are responsible for maneuverability and braking efficiency. They form multiple sharp edges, which contribute to engagement.

The protector is designed in such a way as to speed up the self-cleaning process as much as possible. Therefore, the model quickly removes not only excess water, but also snow sludge, increasing traction with the roadway.

Main features of Firemax FM806

  • adaptive compound that retains elasticity at any temperature;
  • fast self-cleaning and protection against aquaplaning;
  • high control accuracy due to the direction of the tread pattern;
  • high level of wear resistance;
  • reduced by 11% braking distance compared to analogues.

Firemax FM808 Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Firemax FM808 is designed for everyday use on any snowy and icy roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates stable grip, the ability to intensively brake, reduced fuel consumption and acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a very dense arrangement of lamellas. Their sinusoidal pointed edges provide intense acceleration and braking even on ice. Efficiency on snow is ensured by high block walls located along the edges of the tread. The wide continuous rib in the middle provides excellent stability and steering precision when driving at high speed.

Main features of Firemax FM808

  • an increased number of 3D lamellas, the sinusoidal shape of their edges provide high acceleration intensity, effective braking on ice, wet surfaces;
  • multidirectional walls of the blocks increase traction properties on snow;
  • a wide rib in the middle provides excellent stability at high speed, improves steering precision and reduces rolling resistance.

Firemax FM809 Review

Winter commercial tire Firemax FM809 is designed for intensive and long-term operation in regions with a cold climate. On any snowy and icy roads, it is distinguished by stable traction, driving comfort and braking efficiency.

The tread pattern consists of four wide longitudinal ribs made up of densely spaced blocks. This design provides reduced rolling resistance, directional stability, and driving comfort. At the same time, the elongated multidirectional edges of the blocks and the zigzag groove exactly in the center retain most of these properties on snow. The efficiency of the tread on wet and icy surfaces is ensured by densely cut sipes with sawtooth pointed edges.

Main features of Firemax FM809

  • optimized tread pattern improves fuel efficiency and wear resistance, provides driving comfort at high speed;
  • dense cutting of sipes increases traction and intensity of braking on snow and ice;
  • elongated multidirectional edges of the blocks, a zigzag groove in the center improves traction on snow.

Firemax FM913 Review

Firemax FM913 is a tire for light commercial vehicles. Differs in duration of the operational period, good maneuverability and exchange rate stability.

The model is equipped with two wide cross-type ribs, which have a block structure. This achieves driving stability on straight sections of the road, as well as improved traction due to a wide contact patch.

The side zone is represented by blocks with wavy lamellas. This contributes to good maneuverability, cornering stability and control over the steering. In addition, the blocks increase traction on dirt roads, acting as lugs.

As a compound, a new rubber compound is used, which contains silica and a number of synthetic components. This had a positive effect on the level of wear, reducing it. In addition, increased grip characteristics.

Main features of Firemax FM913

  • focus on commercial application on light trucks;
  • long service life due to special components in the rubber composition;
  • stability during rectilinear movement and perfect control during maneuvers due to the elements of the tread pattern.

Firemax FM916 Review

Commercial tire Firemax FM916 is installed on light trucks, as well as minibuses. The model is adapted to work with increased loads, resists deformation well, and also provides reliable grip on the roadway.

The tire is based on a rubber compound, which is distinguished by its strength, resistance to various temperatures, as well as mechanical factors. Thanks to this, the model is distinguished by its durability and resistance to abrasion.

The symmetrical type tread ensures stability on the track, providing responsive handling. At the same time, it is characterized by minimal rolling resistance, which leads to fuel efficiency.

To protect against hydroplaning, three central channels are provided, located longitudinally. They are complemented by small grooves and lamellas, which contribute to rapid drainage and drying of the contact zone. Thus, a high level of grip is achieved in any weather.

Main features of Firemax FM916

  • focused on commercial use on light trucks;
  • differs in reliability of coupling at any weather;
  • the drainage system quickly copes with various volumes of water masses;
  • low rolling resistance results in reduced fuel consumption.

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