Fullrun Tires Review: All Best models with features in 2023

Fullrun is a Chinese company engaged in the production and design of tires for foreign and domestic trade. So today our article is related to Fullrun tires review with discussing all features and benefits for you. Fullrun is the leading tire manufacturer in China, and the Fullrun brand is now known all over the world. In recent years, the company has formed a single sales network in the foreign and domestic markets. Since 2006, the company’s annual turnover has been over $100 million. It has certified modern production facilities, which use the latest European and Japanese tire manufacturing technologies. Much attention is paid to the quality and dynamics of development these are the main priorities of the work of this company.

Fullrun Tires Review: All Best models with features in 2023
Fullrun Tires Review

fullrun Summer tires

All summer tires are developed as a result of an analysis of operating conditions, and depending on the model, they have a different tread pattern. The main emphasis in the production of tires was on safety and excellent handling when driving at high speeds. This was achieved through the use of a special rubber compound and reinforced cord. In turn, this made it possible to give the tires increased strength and increase grip with the road surface.

Small slots of various lengths located on the sides, allowed for reducing noise when driving. A special rubber compound helped to increase the contact patch and thus improved handling.

The minimal effect of aquaplaning has been achieved through the use of a special system of lamellas and high-quality drainage grooves.

fullrun All-season tires

During the production of all-season tires, a special rubber compound was used, which does not lose its properties at low temperatures. Specially designed tread patterns have improved directional stability. Also, for a set of small slots of various lengths throughout the tread, grip with the road surface has increased, and driving noise has decreased. The use of a reinforced cord increased the strength of the tire, and, consequently, increased safety. Blocks of various shapes have improved the flotation of the Fullrun tire, which is so necessary when weather conditions change. A large number of different slats has reduced the effect of aquaplaning to a minimum.

List of All Fullrun Tires

Complete list of all fullrun tires:

  • Fullrun AT601
  • Fullrun Autogrip Ecowinter
  • Fullrun F1000
  • Fullrun F2000
  • Fullrun Frun-AT
  • Fullrun Frun-Five
  • Fullrun Frun-Four
  • Fullrun Frun HP
  • Fullrun Frun-HT
  • Fullrun Frun-MT
  • Fullrun Frun One
  • Fullrun Frun-PCR
  • Fullrun Frun Two
  • Fullrun Frun-UHP
  • Fullrun Frun-VAN
  • Fullrun Hp107
  • Fullrun Hp199
  • Fullrun Hs288
  • Fullrun Hs299
  • Fullrun HT601
  • Fullrun Lt355
  • Fullrun PC388
  • Fullrun Super c
  • Full run super hp
  • Fullrun Super pcr
  • Fullrun Super wl
  • Fullrun Super2000
  • Fullrun Win88

Fullrun AT601 Review

The Fullrun AT601 summer passenger tire is produced at the enterprises of the Chinese company HIFLY, under whose trademark it has proven itself from the best side. This model is designed for the widest range of modern compact SUVs and crossovers, providing them with good cross-country performance on various types of coverage. The abbreviation AT in its name means All Terrain, which indicates the possibility of using this tire both on asphalt roads and off them.

Fullrun AT601 Review
Fullrun AT601 Review

Original tread pattern

When developing this model, the Chinese tire manufacturers had an extremely difficult task to ensure good grip on a wide variety of coatings. That is why its tread pattern contains so many compromises.
The tread consists of many individual blocks arranged into five longitudinal ribs. At the same time, they have a complex shape, replete with a large number of corners and coupling edges located in different directions. On the one hand, such a structure provides the tire with good directional stability when driving on asphalt roads, and on the other hand, it allows you to confidently move off-road.

Good permeability

One of the distinguishing features of this model is the large distance between the tread elements. It is large enough so that the tread perfectly gets rid of not only water, but also heavy masses of snow, as well as solid soil particles. This allows it not to “blur”, providing the tire with confident behavior off paved roads.

Key features of the Fullrun AT601 bus

  • the tire is specially designed for use on compact SUVs and crossovers throughout the year;
  • five longitudinal ribs provide the tire with good grip when driving on asphalt roads;
  • the block structure of the tread pattern provides the tire with a lot of grip edges, allowing the tire to feel confident on the roads;
  • high resistance to punctures and cuts due to the presence of special components in the rubber compound, as well as a large depth of the tread pattern;
  • excellent indicators of self-cleaning of the tread increase the cross-country ability, especially on sandy and earthen soils;
  • the massive dimensions of the blocks contribute to the optimal distribution of external pressure over the contact patch, which made it possible to significantly increase the tread life.

Fullrun Autogrip Ecowinter Review

The Fullrun Autogrip Ecowinter winter tire is fitted to passenger cars, providing fast contact clearance, confident handling and reliable traction. The tread design of the model is made in the classic symmetrical type, which has a number of distinctive characteristics.

Fullrun Autogrip Ecowinter Review
Fullrun Autogrip Ecowinter Review

Firstly, this is a large number of lamellas located in all blocks. Their number is several tens of thousands. Together, they provide effective grip, including on icy surfaces, and also significantly shorten the braking distance.

Secondly, the monolithic central rib with two middle block structures contributes to maintaining the stability of the rectilinear motion. Management, however, always remains responsive.

Also, the model has a wide contact patch, which contributes to uniform pressure distribution and improved grip. Therefore, even on a snowy road, the tire demonstrates good traction and minimal braking distance.

Key Features:

  • the elastic and durable compound does not lose its characteristics in any weather;
  • symmetrical tread quickly evacuates snow and water from the contact zone;
  • Numerous sipes increase grip and shorten the braking distance.

Fullrun Frun-AT Review

Fullrun Frun-AT is a summer tire designed for passenger cars. It combines excellent performance in safety and control, clutch and brakes, as well as quality and affordability. The product performs well on both dry and wet pavement.

Rubber in its composition contains only high-quality components silicon dioxide, resins and rubber. This composition improves wear resistance, grip level and braking quality.

The tread pattern of the tire is symmetrical, it improves handling. The contact patch interacts with the road surface gently but reliably, so driving will be safe in any weather. The tire profile has a large width, which helps to increase mileage, and strong blocks and a special shape of the carcass are resistant to mechanical damage.

The drainage system is well developed, it quickly removes water and dirt from the tread and protects against hydroplaning. Numerous sipes also wick away moisture and further improve grip and noise absorption.

Main features of Fullrun Frun-AT

  • excellent quality of rubber and wear resistance;
  • the tread pattern contributes to better handling of the car;
  • the developed drainage system effectively takes away liquid and liquid dirt.

Fullrun Frun Five Review

The Fullrun Frun-Five summer tire is designed for heavy-duty light commercial vehicles. The model is adapted for use on paved roads under continuous and prolonged exposure to high loads.

Fullrun Frun Five Review
Fullrun Frun Five Review

Reinforced construction

The tire differs in the indicators of loading capacity increased in comparison with the main competitors. They are provided by several factors. One of them is a reinforced frame structure with an additional belt layer made of steel cord. In addition to increasing the bearing capacity of the tire, this component optimizes the load on the contact patch, thus preventing uneven wear.

Enlarged contact patch

The tire tread profile has very little curvature. Together with the massive dimensions of the blocks, this significantly increases the size of the contact patch, giving it an almost rectangular shape. This solution has significantly improved the grip properties.

Main features of the Fullrun Frun-Five model

  • adapted to use under high load;
  • the strengthened design of a framework causes excellent indicators of loading capacity;
  • Reliable grip, thanks to the rectangular shape and large size of the contact patch.

Fullrun Frun-Four Review

Summer tire Fullrun Frun-Four is designed for SUVs and crossovers. The HT category model is perfectly adapted to use on asphalt roads, demonstrating balance and a high level of safety on them.

Fullrun Frun-Four Review
Fullrun Frun-Four Review

Large contact patch

The tire tread has a larger contact patch. They are provided largely due to the design and location of the blocks almost close to each other. In addition, this feature limits their mobility, which has a positive effect on controllability and control efficiency.


Another characteristic feature of the tread is the increased lamella content compared to most competitors. Narrow slots are located throughout its area. At the same time, they have a wave-like shape, which limits the transverse mobility of the blocks. The combination of these features guarantees improved grip on wet roads while maintaining precise and responsive responses to driver input.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-Four

  • reliable grip on dry roads is ensured by the increased size of the contact patch;
  • numerous lamellas guarantee safety on a wet surface;
  • shortened braking distance due to rigid and wide shoulder blocks.

Fullrun Frun-HP Review

Fullrun Frun-HP is used on middle-class vehicles in the summer. This is Asian rubber, which stands out for its high strength, quality, and durability. It is affordable and is in great demand literally everywhere. The model is suitable for movement even on the road, while minimizing vibration and noise.

The composition of rubber provides for the presence of fillers from natural oils and resins, which increase the environmental characteristics of the model. In addition, the tire contains silicon fillers that increase grip and reduce wear.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-HP

  • the optimal composition of the rubber compound guarantees minimal rolling resistance, uniform distribution of thermal energy, tire stiffness at elevated temperatures, and extremely high wear resistance;
  • long service life;
  • Improved traction and traction characteristics due to improved block design.

Fullrun Frun-HT Review

For use on poor quality roads, unpaved surfaces or paved roads, the Fullrun Frun-HT tire is used. This is an off-road summer tire, the maximum speed index of which reaches 180 km / h. Scope of crossovers and SUVs.

The protector features an impressive size of the contact patch. This is due to the special design and the fact that the blocks are literally right next to each other. In turn, this leads to an increase in controllability and maneuverability.

Due to its unique composition, rubber has minimal wear. It is heat resistant and has low rolling resistance. In addition, the tire is rightfully recognized as environmentally friendly.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-HT

  • excellent controllability due to the limited mobility of the blocks;
  • improved grip with the roadway, which is due to the increased content of lamellae, narrow undulating slots located throughout the area. This purposefully limits the transverse mobility of the respective blocks.

Fullrun Frun-MT Review

Fullrun Frun-MT summer tires for crossovers and SUVs, which are distinguished by an affordable price and high quality, confirmed by international certificates CCC and DOT.

The tire is made using high quality rubber, which determines its traction and improves maneuverability.

Rubber is available in all sizes used in the world today. As a result, any buyer can choose the best option for their vehicles.

Product quality is ensured by systematic and careful electronic control. This model will provide an excellent level of safety and comfort, regardless of weather conditions, as well as the condition of the road surface. It has been designed with SUVs and SUVs in mind.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-MT

  • reliable grip with the road surface, provided with a special tread pattern;
  • smooth running of vehicles, resistance to deformation and mechanical damage, comfort of movement all this is due to soft and elastic rubber, which is enriched with unique chemical components;
  • minimal risk of aquaplaning due to an efficient drainage system that quickly removes excess water.

Fullrun Frun One Review

Tubeless tire Fullrun Frun-One from a Chinese manufacturer combines reliability, abrasion resistance and good acoustic comfort characteristics. All this was achieved through the use of the latest technologies and modern materials in the production.

Fullrun Frun One Review
Fullrun Frun One Review

Optimized tread

The symmetrical tread pattern with three central ribs, the surface of which is covered with a pattern of grooves and sipes, makes handling more precise. This also applies to maneuvers during which the driver does not lose control of the car for a second.

The sipe system also has a positive effect on hydroplaning protection, effectively drying the contact patch.

Compound and frame

The inner carcass of the tire is represented by a multi-layer cord that can withstand significant loads (at speeds up to 190 km/h), preventing ruptures. As for the rubber compound, the manufacturer added special polymers to its composition, which provide a low level of abrasion.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-One

  • focused on summer use;
  • has effective protection against aquaplaning thanks to the developed network of sipes;
  • different clear control;
  • minimizes vibrations and noises transmitted to the body.

Fullrun Frun-PCR Review

For operation on small passenger vehicles in the summer, the Fullrun Frun-PCR tire is used. This rubber is characterized not only by an acceptable cost, but also by optimal technical and operational characteristics.

Fullrun Frun-PCR Review
Fullrun Frun-PCR Review

The tire is adapted for everyday use on city streets, as well as in rural areas. It is unpretentious to the quality of the road surface.

Key Features of Fullrun Frun-PCR

  • high quality grip when moving on gravel, primer, asphalt and other surfaces, provided by a special symmetrical non-directional pattern;
  • improved handling and directional stability of vehicles when moving at high speed due to the presence of a wide central stiffener;
  • reliable braking due to beveled blocks located on the sides of the central axis;
  • effective water drainage thanks to four wide annular channels and a large number of transverse gutters;
  • improved wear resistance the composition of the rubber compound contains silicon-polymer additives that reduce wear and heat generation of the tread, which has a positive effect on the life of the tire.

Fullrun Frun-Two Review

The Fullrun Frun-Two summer tire has been developed with the characteristics of today’s mid-range passenger cars in mind. The model belongs to the HP category, featuring reliable grip and handling at high speed.

Fullrun Frun-Two Review
Fullrun Frun-Two Review

Asymmetrical tread

In many ways, the universal characteristics of the tire are achieved due to the features in the tread design. It is distinguished by an asymmetric arrangement of elements, with the help of which several functional zones are formed. Each of them provides certain properties, or enhances them, interacting with each other.

Increased number of grip edges

Compared to many similar brands from other brands, the tread of this tire has an increased number of gripping edges. Most of them are formed by lamellas. The tread is literally dotted with narrow slots. Moreover, a significant part of these elements forms extended sharp edges, which further improves grip, especially on wet surfaces.

Main features of the Fullrun Frun-Two model

  • asymmetric tread guarantees safety in any driving mode;
  • Numerous sipes form very long edges, providing excellent grip on slippery surfaces;
  • wide shoulder blocks prevent slipping when maneuvering, shorten the braking distance.

Fullrun Frun-UHP Review

Summer tire Fullrun Frun-UHP is designed for the most dynamic versions of compact and mid-size passenger cars. It demonstrates the greatest efficiency in high-speed maneuvering, differing in sporty precise handling and stability.

The running part of the tread is distinguished by an asymmetric arrangement of elements and their enlarged dimensions. In the central part there are two very wide ribs. The monolithic structure of these elements gives the control process precision, as well as improves directional stability and contributes to more transparent feedback on the steering wheel. The shoulder area on the outside contains, in addition to transversely directed blocks, a narrow rib. It enhances the action of these elements, further increasing stability. Efficiency on wet surfaces is provided by four wide and deep longitudinal grooves and numerous transverse channels adjacent to them.

Main features of the Fullrun Frun-UHP model

  • two solid ribs in the central part increase the accuracy of control and directional stability;
  • the slope of the transverse drainage grooves and their orientation against the movement reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • optimized tread profile expands the contact patch, ensures the constancy of its shape and size under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces.

Fullrun Frun-VAN Review

The tire of commercial type Fullrun Frun-VAN is installed on light cargo vehicles and minibuses. It has a pronounced grip on the roadway, providing a high level of directional stability.

At the heart of the model is a solid frame that copes with increased loads while maintaining its shape. Thanks to this, the tire can be used when it is necessary to work with frequent transportation of heavy loads.

The wide contact patch formed by the two central ribs, in combination with the blocks of the shoulder zone, provide reliable traction characteristics. This is largely due to the block structure, which creates numerous engagement edges.

Wavy sipes and deep channels, both transverse and longitudinal, help maintain a dry contact patch. This factor has a positive effect on exchange rate stability.

Prolongs the life of the tire, the composition of the rubber compound, which, to the extent of its rigidity, is not subject to excessive abrasion. This was achieved through the use of special synthetic additives.

Main features of Fullrun Frun-VAN

  • a wide contact patch, due to which traction characteristics are increased;
  • effective drainage system, supplemented by numerous lamellas;
  • long operational life due to a special compound.

Fullrun PC388 Review

The Fullrun PC388 summer passenger tire is one of the novelties of the Chinese tire industry, which, unlike most of its counterparts, belongs to the Ultra High Performance category. Another characteristic feature of this model is its excellent applicability. It is provided by a well-chosen size range, which includes extremely popular sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 13 to 17 inches.

Rigid center rib

This model was created with an eye on global trends, as evidenced by the presence of a wide longitudinal rib in the very center of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. This tread element is characterized by high rigidity, which was achieved due to the absence of components in its design. Thanks to the longitudinal rib resistant to dynamic deformation, the tire demonstrates excellent directional stability when driving at any speed, as well as extremely fast and precise reactions to any steering deviations. In addition, it is impossible not to note the reduction in rolling resistance.

Excellent wet grip

Of the other features characteristic of this tire, it is impossible not to note the excellent grip on wet roads. This aspect of operation was also given special attention during its development. That is why the tread pattern contains an increased number of grip edges, which are formed due to numerous blocks located both in the central part and in the shoulder areas.

Another factor contributing to excellent grip on wet roads is the drainage system of this model. It consists of four longitudinal grooves and many transverse channels, the curved shape of which significantly accelerates the rate of water removal from the contact patch.

Key Features of Fullrun PC388 Bus

  • excellent applicability due to the selected size range, consisting of popular sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 13 to 17 inches;
  • excellent directional stability and sporty honed handling is provided by a wide longitudinal rib in the central part of the tread, which is highly resistant to dynamic deformation;
  • Reinforced shoulder areas allow the tire to demonstrate confidence during sharp maneuvering or cornering;
  • excellent grip on wet roads is achieved due to the content of an increased number of gripping edges and excellent drainage system performance.

Fullrun Super2000 Review

The Fullrun Super2000 is a summer tire for small trucks and vans that combines safety, stability at various speeds, and acoustic comfort.

Fullrun Super2000 Review
Fullrun Super2000 Review

Protector and its features

The central part of the tread is occupied by two ribs, which are represented by a block structure. Such a structure provides not only the stability of the rectilinear movement but also increases the grip properties. Thanks to this, the tire guarantees responsive handling even on wet roads.

In the side zone, there are massive blocks that perform several functions at once. Firstly, they provide a high level of controllability when performing maneuvers. Secondly, they are involved in noise reduction. Thirdly, they protect the tire from mechanical damage, and also contribute to the uniform distribution of pressure in the area of ​​the contact patch. The latter factor not only improves the grip properties, but also increases the operational period.

Main features of Fullrun Super2000

  • directional stability provided by the central blocks of the longitudinal type;
  • noise minimization due to the structure of the tread grooves;
  • massive shoulder blocks protect against damage and optimize handling during maneuvers;
  • Suitable for a wide range of light trucks and vans.

Fullrun Win88 Review

Light winter tire Fullrun Win88 is a vivid example of the optimal combination of excellent performance and affordable price. When developing this model, the company’s specialists used all their latest technologies and the best materials. At the end of production, the tire is subjected to careful visual and electronic quality control, which excludes the defective lot from being sold. The use of the latest environmentally friendly materials and modern equipment made it possible to achieve excellent quality that fully complies with international standards.

New tread pattern

When developing the tread, a computer simulation method was used, which made it possible to select the optimal tread blocks and the grooves between them. Wide center channel Fullrun Win88provides excellent directional stability and fast feedback. The swept-back tread pattern enhances traction on any road surface. A large number of sipes increase traction on wet road surfaces and reduce the sound effect when driving. Massive blocks located in the shoulder area increase stability during maneuvers and perfectly protect the tire from lateral damage. Due to optimally selected blocks in the central part of the tread and special additives to the rubber compound, it was possible to increase the contact patch, which had a positive effect on the driving performance of the tire. The combination of all these qualities will allow you to enjoy confident control of your car at high speeds, regardless of weather conditions.

Reinforced carcass

When driving at high speeds, the tire is subjected to heavy loads, as a result of which damage to the tread occurs. To prevent these negative moments, when creating this model, a high-strength cord and a special multi-layer frame structure were used. As a result, the frame has increased reliability, preventing possible breaks and damage. Therefore, using these tires, even when driving at high speeds, you will have full control of the controls and not be afraid of unexpected tire damage.

Key features of the Fullrun Win88 bus

  • the new composition of the rubber compound does not lose elasticity during temperature changes, increasing grip on any road surface;
  • arrow-shaped tread pattern improves the driving performance of the tire;
  • high-strength carcass reliably protects the tire from possible damage even under increased loads;
  • the best ratio cost/quality.

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