fullway tires review: Best Fullway Tire Models in 2023

Fullway is a Chinese brand that has appeared quite recently. In his work, he is guided by the basic principle of the production of quality products that fully satisfy the consumer. Let’s discuss Fullway tires review for all models with features.

Currently, Fullway has more than 300 different sizes and more than 500 types of tires in its assortment. In the production process, the most modern equipment is used and the most advanced technologies are being introduced. The company produces various tires: for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and minibusses. All tires pass an electronic quality system, so they meet international standards.

fullway tires review

Summer tires

During the development of summer tires, the main conditions of their operation are taken into account, so each model has its own unique tread pattern. In the production of summer tires, the main emphasis is on safety when driving at high speeds. Therefore, in their production process, a reinforced frame is used, consisting of a special cord.

The use of special additives in the composition of the rubber compound made it possible to increase the grip properties and increase the wear resistance of tires.

A well-thought-out drainage system, consisting of specially designed lamellas and wide drainage channels, reduces the effect of aquaplaning to a minimum. Summer tires have minimal noise effects. At the same time, tires have a low cost compared to other manufacturers, which makes them very popular.

All season tires

Since all-season tires must have the properties of winter and summer tires, many factors must be taken into account in their production. Therefore, in the production process, a special tread pattern was used, which has more powerful blocks and a distance between them, which increased self-cleaning and increased cross-country ability. Special additives contained in the rubber compound made it possible to achieve the preservation of rubber elasticity at low temperatures, and also contributed to an increase in the contact patch. A large number of various lamellas and several wide drainage channels perfectly remove water from the contact patch, preventing aquafilling.

Winter tires

During the tread manufacturing process, computer modeling was used, which made it possible to create a tread with excellent performance due to the optimal distribution of tread pressure when interacting with the road surface. The increased tread depth and specially shaped blocks have increased the wear resistance and flotation of the Fullway tire. Specially located blocks in the center of the pattern made it possible to achieve excellent handling in any road surface. The rubber compound used in the production process contains silicon, which allows the rubber not to lose its properties during temperature changes. Therefore, these tires have excellent grip on any road surface (wet snow, mud, water).

List of Fullway Tires

Below is the fullway tires:

  • HS 288TB623 (master)
  • PC 388
  • TB901 (universal)
  • TB611 (master)
  • LT377
  • PC 386
  • TB660
  • TB 762
  • TB668
  • TB956

Fullway HP 108 review

Fullway HP 108 is an economy class summer tire for summer cars from a Chinese manufacturer. This model is valued not only for its high performance but also for its attractive price.

This tire can be used on the following cars: Citroen C2, Audi A2, Daewoo Lanos, Aveo, Honda Jazz, etc. It has a speed index V, indicating that the maximum acceleration speed is 240 km/h.

Fullway HP 108 Review
Fullway HP 108 Review

What are the main features of this tire? First of all, its economy, is made possible by reduced rolling resistance. Fuel economy is about five percent.

The Fullway HP108 tread has a non-directional asymmetrical design. Strong shoulder blocks allow the tire to be stable when cornering at moderate speeds.

Three annular longitudinal channels, as well as numerous transverse arcuate grooves, provide effective drainage, which prevents the occurrence of hydroplaning on wet roads.

The central rib guarantees excellent directional stability and good steering response.

Finally, the design of the pattern itself is optimized to ensure wear resistance and maximum acoustic comfort while driving.

This model will be a good choice for medium-low-class cars and will appeal to fans of fairly fast driving with its comfort and safety.

Benefits of using the Fullway HP 108:

  • Asymmetric non-directional tread pattern provides high traction and dynamic characteristics of the car on dry and wet pavement.
  • The central stiffening rib has an absolutely smooth surface, due to which the acceleration and speed characteristics of the car have been increased.
  • Lateral in relation to the outer shoulder area, the stiffening rib is made of a number of serrated blocks that prevent the occurrence of axial displacements of the vehicle during high-speed maneuvering or sudden braking.
  • The area of ​​the inner shoulder area is increased due to the stiffening rib adjacent to the central one. The blocks of this stiffener are, in fact, a continuation of the macroblocks of the shoulder area. This technology allowed to shorten of the braking distance of the car and make the braking trajectory more predictable on wet pavement.
  • The complex of polymer-silicone additives in the composition of the rubber compound of the Fullway XP 108 tire not only increased its wear resistance but also reduced its rolling resistance coefficient, which made it possible to save up to 5% fuel per kilometer.
  • The outer shoulder area is composed of slightly beveled rectangular macroblocks. They reliably compensate for the peripheral loads that occur during high-speed maneuvering, increase the acoustic comfort during the trip, and increase the accuracy of the vehicle’s high-speed cornering.
  • The drainage system of the Fullway XP 108 tire is formed by three longitudinal channels and a frequent network of wide transverse grooves, which promptly remove water from the contact patch in a large volume, preventing the car from hydroplaning on a wet track.

Fullway HP168 review

The Fullway HP168 is a summer tire for performance sports cars, capable of driving at speeds up to 270 km/h. The model is characterized by a directional tread with numerous engagement edges, which creates conditions for increased grip with the roadway.

As a compound, a multipolymer composition is used, which effectively resists abrasion, retains its density at any speed, and also increases adhesive properties to the roadway.

The pronounced V-shaped tread pattern in the center has a thin solid rib, from which block structures diverge diagonally to the side zone. This results in excellent handling at any speed. And excess moisture is quickly evacuated due to centrifugal force along numerous grooves.

The shoulder area, also represented by block structures, is responsible for improved maneuverability. As a result, the tire allows you to make turns, turns and other elements even at high speed, ensuring the safety of control over the transport.

Benefits of using the Fullway HP168:

  • focused on the operation of sports cars;
  • withstands high-speed driving conditions due to its multi-layer carcass and durable rubber compound;
  • Differs in sensitivity of management at any speed.

Fullway TB 956 review

All-season tires Fullway TB 956 are developed for operation on the main tractors occupied in regional and international cargo transportation. Rubber belongs to the premium segment of tires for cargo transportation. Tires are distinguished by an increased load load index comparable to the load index of tires for trailers and semi-trailers. In addition, its distinctive features are high indicators of reliability and traffic safety, high comfort for the driver and a long service life.

Fullway TB 956 Review
Fullway TB 956 Review

Benefits of using the tire Fullway TB 956:

  • When developing this model, a symmetrical directional tread pattern, rare for trucks, was used, which increases the speed and dynamic characteristics of the car.
  • Five stiffening ribs evenly distribute the load over the entire contact patch, providing high speed stability and truck stability on the road.
  • The smooth surface of the stiffening ribs improves the startling dynamics of the truck and ensures high smoothness of movement.
  • The transverse channels form a wedge directed in the direction of movement. It improves the grip of the tread on the road and shortens the stopping distance of the truck.
  • The annular channels separating the stiffeners from each other form the drainage system of the Fullway TB 956 tire, through which large volumes of water are removed from under the contact patch, providing the driver with high control over the road situation when driving in the rain.
  • The two-layer tread design provides self-healing of its pattern, which increased the service life of the Fullway TB 956 tire.
  • The sidewall of the tread reinforced with metal cord effectively resists deformation under the influence of long-term transportation of the maximum permitted load.

Fullway PC 368 review

Summer tires Fullway PC 368 are designed for operation on compact and medium-sized passenger cars in urban areas, on high-speed country roads and on country roads. Tires are characterized by wide versatility, excellent traction characteristics with various road surfaces, high reliability and long mileage.

Operational features of the tire Fullway PC 368:

  • The asymmetric non-directional tread pattern increases the traction performance of the car when driving on wet asphalt and on a country road.
  • Three stiffening ribs provide high stability of the selected course during high-speed rectilinear movement, as well as increase the starting dynamics of the machine and increase its longitudinal traction with increasing speed.
  • Numerous multidirectional short tubules that line the surface of the stiffening ribs increase the grip of the car on the road surface and reduce the distance to a complete stop during emergency braking.
  • The drainage system of the Fullway PC 368 is formed by four annular channels and numerous shoulder grooves. The capacity of an effective drainage system is sufficient to reliably prevent the car from attempting to break into aquaplaning when driving on a wet track.
  • The classic layout of the shoulder areas of the tread, consisting of elongated rectangular blocks, ensures high safety of high-speed maneuvers of the car and also reduces the noise level when the car is moving on rough road surfaces.
  • The use of a complex of innovative additives based on natural rubber and polymeric derivatives of silicic acid as part of the rubber compound formula increased the wear resistance of the Fullway PC 368 tire, providing a longer service life.

Fullway LT377 review

Summer tires Fullway LT377 are designed for use on minibusses and small city trucks. Despite the fact that this model belongs to the budget cent segment, it is characterized by high traction performance with various road surfaces, reliability and unpretentiousness in operation, long mileage, and high resistance to damage.

Advantages of using the Fullway LT377 tire:

  • The combination of the block and linear principle of constructing a non-directionally symmetrical tread pattern made it possible to increase the speed performance of the minibus when driving along the highway while maintaining high traction characteristics on difficult road surfaces.
  • A pair of wide stiffening ribs increase the directional stability of the minibus, as well as increase the smoothness and comfort of movement, which is especially important for long-haul passenger transportation.
  • The quality of the adhesion of the tread to the road surface is improved by short diagonal tubules, which form triangular blocks connected in pairs on the stiffening ribs. Their edges in the event of emergency braking or when driving on wet asphalt act as additional lugs that increase the level of road safety.
  • An additional factor that increases the safety of the minibus during heavy rain is the powerful drainage system of the Fullway LT377 tire. It consists of three deep and wide channels, through which the largest volumes of water are removed from under the tread, providing a reliable tread grip on wet roads.
  • The shoulder zones of the Fullway LT377 tire have a smooth surface that improves the maneuverability of the minibus.
  • Smooth transition angles from the “shoulder” zone to the sidewall of the tread reduce the noise level when driving on rough road surfaces.

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