Fuzion Tires Review: Features of all Fuzion tires For 2023

Welcome to blog on Fuzion Tires Reviews! If you’re in the market for new tires, you may have come across the Fuzion brand. Fuzion is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas and offers a wide range of tires for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Fuzion Tires Review Features of all Fuzion tires
Fuzion Tires Review

Fuzion winter tires provide high safety and controllability of the vehicle in difficult weather conditions due to the excellent quality of the studded rubber. Fuzion summer tires are suitable for those who prefer a more aggressive driving style, but for higher temperature conditions. By choosing high-quality Fuzion winter and summer car tires, you will give yourself the confidence that driving a car can not only not be extreme, but also become a pleasant, favorite pastime. 

Fuzion tires are excellent quality rubber for a great price!

List of All Fuzion Tiers

Below is a list of all Fuzion Tires:

  • Fuzion HRi
  • Fuzion SUV
  • Fuzion Touring
  • Fuzion UHP
  • Fuzion UHP Sport A/S
  • Fuzion VRi
  • Fuzion XTi
  • Fuzion Z Ri
Modelcar typeseasontread
Fuzion Z Ripassenger carsummerDirected
Fuzion VRIpassenger carsummerOmnidirectional
Fuzion SUV4×4AllOmnidirectional
Fuzion XTi4×4AllOmnidirectional
Fuzion HRipassenger carsummerAsymmetric

Fuzion Touring Review

Fuzion Touring summer tires are designed to fit all types of passenger cars except heavy crossovers, SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks. This model is designed for operation mainly in urban areas and in mild winter conditions with short periods of frost and snowfall.

Fusion Touring tire performance features:

  • The principle of a non-directionally symmetrical tread pattern provides excellent dynamics, traction and grip of the car with the road in any winter conditions.
  • The double central stiffener is made using racing slick technology to increase the speed and acceleration performance of the car.
  • The side stiffeners are, in fact, a continuation of the macroblocks of the shoulder areas. This arrangement increased the directional stability of the car by leveling the axial displacements that occur during high-speed maneuvering and reduced the braking distance of the car on dry and wet roads.
  • The drainage system of the Fuzion Touring tire is formed by a network of four deep longitudinal channels and a large number of slightly curved wide transverse grooves, through which water is removed in the largest volumes from the tread contact area with the road surface. The efficiency of the drainage system is sufficient to reliably block the car’s hydroplaning on a wet track.
  • Rectangular macroblocks that make up the shoulder areas of the tread are spaced apart from each other by wide transverse grooves. They increase the level of maneuverability of the car, effectively compensate for the peripheral loads that occur during high-speed maneuvering, increase the accuracy of the car entering corners and improve acoustic comfort during the trip.
  • The use of silicone additives in the rubber compound improved the wear resistance of the Fusion Touring tire and reduced the rolling resistance coefficient for greater fuel economy.

Fuzion HRi Review

The Fuzion Hri summer tire is designed for a wide range of passenger cars. It is characterized by high efficiency on wet surfaces, demonstrating, in addition to resistance to hydroplaning, comfort in control.

Fuzion HRi Review
Fuzion HRi Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the multidirectional and increased width of the drainage grooves. This minimizes the risk of hydroplaning even at high speed. At the same time, long transverse sipes in the shoulder areas increase longitudinal grip on wet surfaces. Blocks in the central part, forming a continuous longitudinal rib, reduce rolling resistance, and increase directional stability and control accuracy. And their “staggered” arrangement reduces wear and improves grip stability.

Key Features:

– high resistance to hydroplanning even at high speed due to the increased volume and multidirectional drainage grooves;
– long transverse sipes in the shoulder areas reduce the length of the braking distance on wet surfaces;
– “Checkerboard” arrangement of blocks in the central part reduces wear and gives stability to grip properties on dry surfaces.

Fuzion XTi Review

Fuzion XTi is a radial tubeless tire designed for passenger all-terrain vehicles, namely SUVs, SUVs and light trucks. The model provides high grip and traction performance on wet and dry, as well as on snowy and icy road surfaces, so it can be used both in winter and in summer. The product has an aesthetic design, so it will become not only a reliable assistant in extreme weather conditions, but also a real decoration for your car.

Fuzion XTi Review
Fuzion XTi Review

The material of manufacture is a multi-component rubber compound with reinforcing additives that provide resistance to wear, mechanical damage, as well as elasticity and resilience of the tire under temperature extremes. The tread pattern is symmetrical non-directional, three central ribs are equipped with curly blocks that allow you to increase the level of grip on snowy and icy roads.

Key Featuresof Fuzion XTi:

– developed drainage system of four longitudinal and multiple transverse-diagonal grooves provides an effective outflow of moisture and slush from the area of ​​the contact patch;
– special tread manufacturing technology ensures low noise level;
– Reliable compound ensures long service life.

Fuzion Z Ri Review

The Fuzion ZRi summer tire is designed for dynamic versions of mid-size passenger cars. It is characterized by sporty handling and improved grip on dry and wet surfaces, increased mileage.

Fuzion Z Ri Review
Fuzion Z Ri Review

The tread pattern is in a directional V-groove design. The drainage elements have an increased volume and are directed against the movement, which maximizes the intensity of water removal from the contact patch. In the central part, the grooves are located around the massive blocks of “petals”. Aggressive rake and element resistance to deformation improve straight-line directional stability, reduce wear and rolling resistance. Rigid blocks on the edges of the tread provide sporty handling when cornering.

Key features of the Fuzion Z Ri

– wide drainage grooves with a V-shaped arrangement effectively combat aquaplaning;
– petal blocks in the central part increase directional stability, reduce fuel consumption, slow down wear;
– rigid blocks on the edges of the tread provide reliable grip and improve handling in corners.

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