Giti tires Review: All best Giti tires For 2023

Welcome to our article on Giti tires review, where we are discussing the best Giti tires available for 2023. Giti is a well-known tire brand that has been producing high-quality tires for various vehicles for many years. Their commitment to providing tires that are durable, safe, and reliable has made them a popular choice among drivers.

Giti tires Review All best Giti tires
Giti tires Review

We will be taking a closer look at the different types of Giti tires, including their features. We’ve done the research and testing to help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the best Giti tires for your vehicle.

Giti AllSeason AS1 Review

All-season tires for passenger cars Giti AllSeason AS1 is designed for operation in specific climatic conditions of European countries. It features improved traction and grip on wet and snowy surfaces, stability and driving comfort at high speed, and extended service life.

Giti AllSeason AS1 Review
Giti AllSeason AS1 Review

The tread pattern is directional and contains a large number of narrow blocks with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse walls. This improves traction and stability on snow. Increased block stiffness at the edges of the tread enhances cornering traction, providing quick and precise responses to driver input. Another feature of the pattern is the dense cutting of lamellas in the central part. They maintain reliable control on slippery winter surfaces.

Key Features of Giti AllSeason AS1

  • a wide longitudinal groove in the middle and numerous transverse drainage grooves effectively combat aquaplaning;
  • densely cut lamellas in the central part provide reliable control on slippery winter surfaces;
  • increased rigidity of the blocks along the edges of the tread increase the accuracy of control and prevent uneven wear.

Giti GitiSynergy H2 Review

The Giti GitiSynergy H2 passenger car summer tire is designed for everyday use on all paved roads. It is characterized by long service life, fuel efficiency, acoustic comfort and improved grip on wet surfaces.

Giti GitiSynergy H2 Review
Giti GitiSynergy H2 Review

The running part of the tire has a profile that increases the area of ​​the contact patch with the road surface, preventing its deformation. This reduces wear, and in combination with the characteristics of the rubber compound, it contributes to less heating of the tread when driving at high speed, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The tread pattern is characterized by rigid shoulder blocks, which improve traction stability and control accuracy. Wide longitudinal grooves, providing a high intensity of water removal, retain these properties on a wet surface.

Key Features of Giti GitiSynergy H2

  • the tread profile increases the contact patch, providing the tire with greater mileage;
  • rubber compound with high thermal conductivity reduces fuel consumption;
  • massive blocks at the edges of the tread pattern provide stable grip in corners, make it easier to control the car when maneuvering.

Giti GitiWinter Q1 Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Giti GitiWinter Q1 is suitable for use on all snowy and icy roads. In such conditions, it is characterized by improved grip, ease of operation, extended service life, fuel efficiency.

Giti GitiWinter Q1 Review
Giti GitiWinter Q1 Review

The tread pattern is made up of separate blocks. Their multidirectional walls provide the tire with high performance on snowy surfaces. The sipes cut into the blocks form hundreds of sharp edges to increase traction and side slip resistance on wet and icy surfaces. Another feature of the tire is the use of a special rubber compound. Due to the high content of “silica”, this compound remains flexible at temperatures well below “zero” degrees, which maintains reliable grip in difficult winter conditions.

Key Features of Giti GitiWinter Q1

  • tread pattern with numerous blocks and sipes is effective on any winter surface;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” provides the tire with elasticity at very low temperatures;
  • the increased depth of cutting of drawing increases coupling on snow, increases service life of the tire.

Giti GitiWinter W1 Review

Winter tire Giti GitiWinter W1 is designed primarily for compact passenger cars. Favorably differs in improved grip and handling in difficult weather conditions, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

Giti GitiWinter W1 Review
Giti GitiWinter W1 Review

The tread pattern is made in a directional design. It is characterized by small block sizes, due to which it was possible to increase their number and, at the same time, the number of coupling edges in the contact patch. Due to the arrangement of the blocks, they are elongated and have a large slope. This significantly improves traction and grip on snow. On icy surfaces, the performance of the tire is ensured by a plurality of sipes with zigzag edges. A wide arrow-shaped rib is formed from the blocks in the middle. It improves directional stability and control precision, reduces rolling resistance and wear.

Key Features:

  • tread pattern with many small blocks and sipes is effective on snow and icy surfaces;
  • a wide swept rib in the middle increases directional stability and control accuracy reduces wear and rolling resistance;
  • the direction of a significant part of the drainage grooves against the movement reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slash planning.

Giti GitiWinter W2 Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Giti GitiWinter W2 has been developed taking into account the specific climate of European countries. It is characterized by improved wet and snow grip, driving comfort, braking efficiency, acoustic comfort, and a smooth ride.

Giti GitiWinter W2 Review
Giti GitiWinter W2 Review

The tread pattern has an increased cutting depth. This not only increases the mileage of the tire but improves traction on snowy surfaces. Here it is impossible not to notice the design of the tread pattern with numerous small blocks arranged in such a way that a large number of virtually continuous V-shaped edges are formed during movement. In addition to the blocks, the tread contains thousands of sipes with sinusoidal wall edges. This greatly enhances traction and stability on wet and icy surfaces.

Key Features of Giti GitiWinter W2

  • increased depth of tread cutting increases grip on snow and resistance to aquaplaning, increases tire mileage;
  • optimized compound keeps the tread elastic at very low temperatures;
  • tread pattern with a large number of blocks and sinusoidal sipes provides a reliable grip on any winter surface.

Giti Premium H1 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Giti Premium H1 is perfect for everyday use, both on city roads and on highways. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, precise control at high speed, smooth running, and low noise and vibration levels.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the density of the elements and their distribution along the longitudinal ribs. This design enhances traction stability and control accuracy at high speed reduces rolling resistance and prevents rapid tire wear. Along the edges of the tread are massive blocks with a trapezoidal profile. They provide stability and ease of control when maneuvering. Numerous sipes and wide grooves provide a reliable grip on wet surfaces.

Main features of Giti Premium H1

  • tread pattern with rigid longitudinal ribs reduces rolling resistance, prevents rapid abrasion, and improves grip and handling;
  • optimized profile of the shoulder zones increases stability and control accuracy in corners;
  • a special compound with increased resistance to abrasion and punctures increases the mileage of the tire.

Giti Savero Review

The Giti Savero summer tire is characterized by a well-balanced driving performance, which makes it an attractive option for most car owners. Differs in stability at rectilinear movement, simplicity in management, practically absent noises and vibrations on “rough” asphalt.

The pattern of the running part is distinguished by four wide longitudinal grooves. They effectively dry the area under the tire, which prevents the formation of an impervious film of water even at high speeds. Another feature of the pattern is the presence of numerous lamellas and small blocks. The special geometry of the slots and the increased length of the edges of the blocks allows the tire to maintain reliable handling on wet surfaces.

Key Features of Giti Savero

  • four volumetric longitudinal grooves avoid hydroplaning at high speed;
  • the special geometric shape of the lamellas and the multi-directionality of the edges of the blocks allow you to maintain the reliability of control on a wet surface;
  • Increased rigidity and larger shoulder blocks provide precise control and cornering stability.

Giti Sport S1 Review

The Giti Sport S1 summer passenger car tire is an Ultra-High-Performance model with performance to match. It features improved traction and driving comfort on dry surfaces, directional stability at high speed, fuel efficiency, and long service life.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the S-shaped blocks in the central part. It gives the elements additional rigidity, which increases grip stability and control accuracy in straight-line motion. Maneuvering stability is ensured by even more deformation-resistant shoulder blocks, as well as an optimized tread edge profile. The same solution significantly slows down wear by preventing uneven wear.

Key features of the Giti Sport S1

  • increased contact patch due to the density of the elements of the tread pattern and its optimized profile;
  • the original S-shape of the blocks in the central part increases the stability and accuracy of control;
  • Reinforced breaker improves grip and handling, and prevents rapid tread wear during dynamic driving.

Giti ST6000 Kargo Max Review

The Giti ST6000 Kargo Max summer tire is used in heavy-duty “passenger” trailers and motorhomes. It features a design that allows the tire to painlessly endure long-term intensive use under the constant influence of a high-weight load. It is characterized by reliable grip properties and efficiency when braking on wet surfaces.

The profile of the running part is optimized in such a way as to ensure an even distribution of the weight load on the power elements of the tire. This is evidenced by the almost rectangular shape of the contact patch and its increased area, which also leads to increased resistance to abrasion. These properties are further enhanced by the increased thickness of the sidewalls, which increases their resistance to deformation. It is also worth noting the use of a special wear-resistant compound, which significantly increases the mileage of the tire.

Giti ST6000 Kargo Max Key Features

  • optimized tread profile increases the tire’s load capacity and wear resistance;
  • rigid sidewalls increase wear resistance and resistance of the tire to blows;
  • a special compound increases tire mileage even on highly abrasive surfaces.

Giti Synergy E1 Review

The Giti Synergy E1 passenger car summer tire is designed primarily for compact models. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, reduced rolling resistance, comfortable quiet and smooth running, and extended service life.

The tire tread is made from a rubber compound containing polyhydroxy polymers. This noticeably reduces heat build-up when driving at high speeds for long periods of time, thereby reducing rolling resistance and with it fuel consumption. Added to this is the special shape of the sidewalls, which also helps improve fuel efficiency. The tread pattern is characterized by a large number of sipes, which provide increased stability on wet surfaces.

Key Features of Giti Synergy E1

  • rubber compound with polyhydroxy polymers in the composition and a special shape of the sidewalls of the tire to improve fuel efficiency;
  • numerous sipes in the tread pattern increase the reliability of control on wet surfaces;
  • rigid blocks in the shoulder areas of the tread provide stable grip in corners.

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