goodtrip tires reviews: What are Best Goodtrip Tires in 2023

Ready to upgrade your vehicle’s tires? Before taking a step check out Goodtrip tires reviews and features.

goodtrip tires reviews
goodtrip tires reviews

Goodride has established a reputation for producing high-quality tires since the brand’s inception in 1958. With a commitment to utilizing advanced technology and employing experienced specialists across generations, the company consistently meets the highest production standards.

Goodride tires offer numerous benefits to drivers seeking reliable and high-performing tires. These include improved car handling and shorter braking distances, thanks to the application of cutting-edge technology in tire design. Goodride tires also demonstrate stability at high speeds, with some models capable of maintaining control even at speeds exceeding 250 km/h. In addition, the company’s focus on innovation in materials and tread structure has led to reduced noise levels and reinforced elements, such as the bead, traditionally considered a weak point in tire construction. Whether for summer or winter driving, Goodride tires offer superior traction and handling, making them a dependable choice for motorists in any climate.

All Goodride Tires list

Summer tires

  • Goodtrip H188
  • Goodtrip SA37
  • Goodtrip SA57
  • Goodtrip SC328
  • Goodtrip SL309
  • Goodtrip Solmax1
  • Goodtrip SP06
  • Goodtrip SU318
  • Goodtrip ZuperEco Z-107

goodtrip Winter tires

  • Goodtrip SW606
  • Goodtrip SW608
  • Goodtrip SW612
  • Goodtrip SW618
  • Goodtrip SW658
  • Goodtrip Z-506
  • Goodtrip Zuper Snow Z-507

goodtrip All season tires

  • Goodtrip SL366
  • Goodtrip SL369
  • Goodtrip SW613
  • Goodtrip Z-401 All Season Elite

goodtrip Truck and trailer tires

  • Goodtrip AT555 (trailed)
  • Goodtrip CM966 (trailed)
  • Goodtrip CR926 (universal)
  • Goodtrip CR960 (steering)
  • Goodtrip GDR+1 (host)
  • Goodtrip GSR+1 (helmsman)
  • Goodtrip MultiAp T1 (trailed)
  • Goodtrip MultiAp Z1 (helmsman)
  • Goodtrip MultiDrive D1 (master)
  • Goodtrip MultiNavi S1 (helmsman)
  • Goodtrip SupTrac X1

goodtrip Special equipment

  • goodtrip CL403S

Other Goodride Tires

  • Goodtrip MultiDrive D2 (master)
  • Goodtrip MD738 (master)
  • Goodtrip AT556 (trailed)
  • Goodtrip Sport DS II
  • Goodtrip Solmax 1 SUV
  • Goodtrip RideMax G-118
  • Goodtrip EL53
  • Goodtrip CM998 (master)
  • Goodtrip Sport RS
  • Goodtrip GTR1 (trailed)

Goodride H188 review

Goodride is a renowned brand in the tire industry known for producing high quality, durable wheels at an affordable price. The H188 is no exception and offers a wide range of features that make it the best choice for owners of large fleets.

Goodride H188 review
Goodride H188 review

Whether you’re looking for a tire for your daily commute or for more demanding applications, Goodride H 188 tires give you the performance and reliability you need.

The tires of this brand provide excellent handling, comfort, and stability on the road. Here are some of the main features:

  • Rugged construction. The tire is made from a high-strength steel band making it highly resistant to punctures and other road hazards.
  • Excellent grip. The H188 has a special tread pattern that guarantees excellent grip on both wet and dry roads, providing a safe and smooth ride.
  • Comfort and smooth running. H 188 has a special inner layer that reduces road noise and vibrations, giving a comfortable and smooth ride, and gives out no more than 72 dB.
  • Energy efficiency. The model is designed with low rolling resistance, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Received a C rating from the European Commission.

What are the benefits of using Goodride H188 tires?

The presented Chinese light truck model offers a wide range of benefits for drivers, including:

  • Reliability. Thanks to its robust construction and special tire pattern, it is a reliable riding assistant that can work in various driving conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety The Goodride H 188 provides excellent traction and stability on the road, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety on the highway and in the city.
  • Comfort due to the special layer. The low rolling resistance of the Goodride H188 provides a fairly comfortable ride even on long journeys.
  • Profitability. Despite its many benefits, tire is an affordable option, making it an economical choice for drivers looking for high-quality tires at an affordable price.

Goodride SA37 review

A similar model is already in the range of another brand owned by Hangzhou Zhongce tires Westlake SA37. This practice is quite common among large manufacturers when the same tires are produced under different brands for greater market coverage. According to the international sales manager, the company is doing its best to accelerate the pace of development and export tires around the world. Those who wish to pick up and buy inexpensive, but high-quality automotive “tires” may well opt for Goodride SA37 tires.

Goodride SA37 review

The main advantages of the model or why it is worth choosing and buying Goodride SA37 tires:

  • A significant margin of working life due to the unique composition of the rubber compound, an optimized tread design and an internal design thought out to the details.
  • Reliable protection against hydroplaning – organized by a capacious aqua-drainage system capable of removing considerable volumes of water.
  • High driving performance is achieved through the introduction of innovative technologies and non-standard production methods.
  • The stability of the tire to shock and dynamic loads is ensured by a special arrangement of tread elements, increased tire strength, and special reinforcing inserts.

Goodride SA37 Lightweight Tire Construction

Not for nothing for summer passenger tires Goodride CA37 an asymmetric tread was chosen. It is more efficient on dry and wet roads due to the clear separation of functions. In the center of the treadmill, there is a wide monolithic stiffener with a smooth surface (only there is a marking with the model name on it). 

This element is responsible for directional stability, as well as ease of rolling, which guarantees confident movement at high speeds. From the outside, the rib is formed by diamond-shaped blocks with slightly rounded edges. This makes it possible to more accurately and clearly enter turns and maneuver. On the inside, the rib is composed of large rhombus blocks, each of which has a slit in the middle, almost reaching the opposite edge. Sharp edges and multiple corners provide unparalleled grip in all operating conditions.

The shoulder zones are massive, consisting of double rectangular blocks of medium size. They achieve a more even distribution of external pressure for equal tread wear and, accordingly, a long service life. 

The sidewalls of the Goodride SA37 tire are very strong and able to withstand a considerable load without the risk of deformation.

The drainage system of the Goodride CA37 summer passenger car tire includes four circumferential channels with jumpers inside and a whole network of transverse and diagonal grooves, with which water is instantly evacuated from the contact spot, practically eliminating the possibility of a breakdown into aquaplaning. Having picked up and bought Goodride SA37 tires, you will feel confident and completely safe behind the wheel.

The composition of the rubber compound of the Goodride CA37 summer passenger tire is also very non-standard. The compound contains an increased amount of silica to improve wet performance. It also increases the strength and wears resistance of the tire, reducing rolling resistance. In addition, the rubber cocktail is thinned with SBR1739 styrene-butadiene tire, which was specially developed for the high-speed series, because it effectively increases the level of grip, especially during rainy weather.

Goodride SC328 Review

Goodride SC328 tires are designed for use in warm seasons on minibusses and small commercial trucks. Goodride tires meet all the requirements for reliability, safety, and economy that commercial vehicle owners place on modern tires. The use of tire allows you to increase the profitability of cargo transportation and ensure the proper level of reliability.

Goodride SC328 Review
Goodride SC328 Review

Benefits of the Goodride CS328 tire:

  • A high level of reliability of cargo transportation is provided by an increased quality of adhesion to various road surfaces and increased protection against mechanical damage.
  • The high-quality grip is achieved by a non-directional symmetrical tread pattern developed by the method of volumetric computer modeling.
  • Shortened braking distance. The edges of the blocks of the original form, which form two central stiffeners, and numerous shoulder grooves effectively shorten the path of a loaded car, including in rainy weather.
  • Improved water drainage. Increases the safety of cargo transportation in rainy weather and improved water drainage of the Goodride SC328 tire. The evacuation of excess water from under the tread occurs through three wide annular channels. Their efficient operation ensures high traction of the tread with the road even during the heaviest rain.
  • High efficiency of cargo transportation. A pair of stiffening ribs and wide shoulder areas provide contact patch continuity and reduce rolling resistance. This reduces the fuel consumption of the engine and increases the efficiency of cargo transportation, especially over long distances.
  • Improved wear resistance. Goodride CS328 tires are designed for intensive use in commercial transportation without a significant reduction in service life.

Goodride SL309 review

Goodride SL309 tires are designed for summer use on crossovers and SUVs that are equally moving on asphalt and dirt roads and off them. On asphalt and primers, Goodride tires demonstrate a high level of comfort, safety, and durability, and off-road – a high level of patency. Tires are recommended for purchase by outdoor enthusiasts who often go to nature – in the forest or on the banks of the river, as well as employees of agricultural enterprises, whose cars mainly move off-paved roads.

Goodride SL309 review
Goodride SL309 review

Characteristics of the tire Goodride SL309:

  • High level of permeability. The block approach to creating a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern provides a high level of flotation on soil, sand, rocky off-road, and wet ground.
  • High road grip. The edges of the numerous tread blocks provide consistently high traction in all weather conditions and regardless of the quality of the road surface.
  • Improved acceleration and reduced stopping distance. The block edges of the Goodride SL309 tire increase the acceleration coefficient of the car and shorten the braking distance.
  • Effective water drainage and self-cleaning tread. Longitudinal-transverse grooves, which separate the tread blocks from each other, drain water and liquid dirt in a timely manner and in large quantities. Their effective work provides high grip of the Goodride SL309 tire with wet asphalt and wet primer. In addition, the high elasticity of the tread ensures its timely self-cleaning from adhering dirt.

Goodride SU318 H/T review

When it comes to choosing tires for your vehicle, it’s important to choose a make and model that is safe and reliable. The Goodride SU318 H/T tires are popular with drivers and have been praised for their exceptional performance and quality. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes tire special and why it might be your next summer kit.

Features of tire Goodride SU 318 for SUVs

Goodride SU 318 tires are designed with both safety and performance in mind. These tires have a symmetrical tread pattern that provides excellent grip and handling even on wet or slippery roads. They also feature a wide center rib that improves steering stability and responsiveness, making them ideal for high-speed riding. In addition, the SU318 H/T tires have four circumferential grooves that help improve water evacuation, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

Strength and durability:

The tires are made of high-quality materials (rubber, polymers, silica) designed for long service life. Tires have a strong and durable construction that helps resist wear even under heavy loads or in high-speed driving conditions. In addition, Goodride SU 318 has a special rubber compound that provides excellent grip even in extreme temperatures. This means that these tires can be counted on to last for many years without the need for frequent replacements.

Versatility and Compatibility:

H/T-class tires are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and light trucks. They are also compatible with a variety of road conditions, making them the perfect choice for car enthusiasts looking for a summer tire that can handle everything from flat highways to rugged off-road terrain. In addition, the SU318s have an impressive speed rating, which means they are capable of handling high-speed driving.

Benefits of Goodride SU318 H/T tires

There are many benefits to choosing these tires for your vehicle. Goodride SU318 H/T provides excellent handling and stability even on wet or slippery roads, helping to reduce the risk of accidents. They are also strong and durable, which means you won’t need to replace them as often as others. In addition, the SU318 H/T tires are versatile and compatible with a wide range of vehicles and road conditions, making them the perfect choice for drivers looking for a tire that can handle any load.

In conclusion, Goodride SU 318 summer tires are a reliable and economical choice for customers looking for tires with exceptional performance and quality. Thanks to the symmetrical tread pattern, wide central rib, and circumferential grooves, they provide excellent grip and handling even on wet or slippery roads. In addition, the SU318 H/T are strong and durable, making them the perfect choice for riders looking for tires that will last for years. So, if you’re looking for a new set, consider the Goodride SU 318 tires for their exceptional performance, quality, and versatility.

Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 Review

Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 summer tires designed for compact cars are distinguished by their increased fuel-saving properties. The model has a good value for money and was introduced in 2019. Among the main features worth noting are good grip, short braking distances, acoustic comfort, and low rolling resistance.

Is Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 best for summer

Modern technologies are used in production, and these materials have improved performance and made Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 tires balanced.

Tires Goodride ZuperEko Z-107 is available for sale with two tread patterns, in wide versions of tires the central part has three longitudinal ribs, and in narrower models two. The structure of all tread elements increases directional stability at high speeds and reduces rolling resistance.

The rigidity of the located blocks on the tire allows you to increase the accuracy of control and reduces wear during long-term operation. The elongated edges formed by the shoulder blocks shorten the braking distance on wet roads.

features of the Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 tread

The pattern is asymmetric, it provides, as mentioned above, 2 or 3 ribs in the center, as well as massive side blocks. Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 Tire has optimal wet and dry grip. The central stiffening ribs increase the traction characteristics of the car, this makes the movement comfortable while driving on unpaved surfaces. When driving, the wheels instantly react to the movement of the steering wheel, so it will be quite easy to enter turns.

The company’s engineers included a large percentage of silica during production, which allowed:

  • improve grip characteristics;
  • reduce rolling resistance and thereby save fuel;
  • improve braking efficiency.

The central channels are quite deep and wide, which allows you to quickly remove water from the tires, so the likelihood of hydroplaning is minimized.

Selection of summer tires ZuperEco Z-107

Most owners note a very acceptable noise level from Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 tires, as well as car stability at high speeds, even in bad weather.

The main advantages of Goodride brand tires:

  • Improved handling of the machine with a shorter braking distance, during emergency braking, is achieved through the use of quality materials and the unique design of tires;
  • Stable tire performance even at high speeds, which has been confirmed by many tests;
  • The low noise level of the tire is ensured through the use of innovative materials and a unique tread structure;
  • Summer tires Goodride ZuperEko Z-107 have a long service life and handle well even in bad weather.

Goodride has earned a certain reputation in the market due to the fact that the brand always strives to offer customers the best and quality products. Tire Goodride ZuperEco Z-107 has an adequate cost and at the same time of sufficient quality.

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