Grenlander Tires Review: All Best Models with Features for 2023

In this Grenlander Tires review, we’ll take a closer look at what sets these tires apart from the competition and why they might be a good choice for your vehicle. From their excellent performance in various weather conditions to their durability and affordability, there are many reasons to consider Grenlander tires for your next set of wheels.

Grenlander Tires Review All Best Models with Features
Grenlander Tires Review

Who makes Grenlander Tires?

Grenlander is a budget brand from the Chinese company Zodo Group, supplying decent products for various vehicles. Founded in the early 2010s, the Greenlander brand is paving the way for an amazing performance on the trails and in the countryside. Since its inception, the company has always provided outstanding driving performance for the buyers of its winter and summer products.

Grenlander winter tires

Greenlander tires are carefully designed to meet the needs of driving on snowy and icy road surfaces. Whether your vehicle is used for the daily commute, the toughest trails, or thrilling off-road, Grenlander’s large selection of high-quality tires is sure to be an outstanding safety benefit. Being a fairly well-known company, Grindländer guarantees the exact solution for every driver. Their tires place a lot of emphasis on creating the perfect balance between durability and a smooth ride. The tires are designed by the well-known Chinese company Zodo Group, which has been supplying decent-quality rubber for the past decade.

In addition to the usual non-studded rubber, the manufacturer has studded tires in its wide range. Of course, it cannot be compared with the premium Nokian or Michelin, but the very fact that the brand has a budget-studded tire is a great achievement. This shows the ambition of the manufacturer and the availability of a full-cycle production base. This fact shows the seriousness of both the brand and the company. Studded Grenlanders behave quite confidently, both on ice and on packed and loose snow. The driver can feel safe under any weather conditions, even in the northern latitudes of the planet.

Grenlander summer tires

A well-known tire manufacturer gives the customer the advantage of an affordable price and also offers high quality summer products suitable for any driving occasion. Anyone looking for a bargain can count on Grenlander to supply tires with the design, construction and performance to deliver comfort and ride at the optimum level. A range of Grenlander summer tires is based on shared values ​​to meet the demands of any owner.

Separately, it should be noted the presence in the assortment of Greenlander rubber UHP-class. This type of tire is the best “indicator” of the level of the plant itself. These tires are installed on high-performance cars with powerful engines.

Greenlander is a fairly young Chinese-made tire brand originally from Qingdao. He started as a manufacturer of budget tires but is already approaching, in terms of quality, the middle price segment. In 2010, the brand expanded its sales to worldwide sales from limited distribution. From passenger car tires to performance and all-season tires, the brand has everything car enthusiasts and professionals around the world need.

With several advanced manufacturing facilities located throughout China, the company supplies its outstanding winter tires to more than 20 countries. Combining cutting-edge technology and an advanced manufacturing process, tires deliver safe and comfortable vehicles, even in the toughest conditions, giving drivers the confidence they need to reach their goals. What’s more, Grenlander is rigorously tested to meet stringent international standards, including DOT, TUV, and E-Mark.

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What are best Grenlander Tires For 2023?

The top Grenlander Tires for 2023 are:

  • L-Zeal56
  • IceHawke II
  • Maho79
  • IceHawke I
  • Colo H01
  • Predator M/T
  • Enri U08
  • Green Tour A/S
  • GL868 Winter

Grenlander Colo H01 Review

The Grenlander Colo H01 summer tire meets the needs of most modern car owners. The model is distinguished by a balanced driving performance, among which it is worth noting the reliability of grip on wet surfaces, stability and precision in driving at high speed, fuel efficiency, and durability.

Greenland Colo H01
Greenland Colo H01

The tread pattern is distinguished by the original design of drainage grooves in the central part, reminiscent of a shark fin. This shape further enhances hydroplaning resistance, reduces noise levels and prevents wear. It is worth noting the presence of transverse grooves in the shoulder areas. They also improve acoustic comfort, increase tire life and provide a smoother ride.

Main features of Greenlander Colo H01

Shark fin grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning, improve acoustic comfort and reduce wear
a rigid solid rib in the middle increases grip stability and steering precision when maneuvering and at high speed;
Longitudinal drainage grooves of increased volume reduce the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum even in heavy rain.

Grenlander Enri U08 Review

Summer tire Grenlander Enri U08 is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. The tire, belonging to the models of the Ultra High Performance category, demonstrates all the properties inherent in them, namely grip and sporty refinement in handling at high speed.

Grenlander Enri U08 Review
Grenlander Enri U08 Review

The tread pattern is made in an aggressive asymmetrical design with a directional arrangement of elements. All of them are enlarged in size, due to which the contact patch is large. The optimization of the tread profile and the reinforced carcass of the tire allow it not to change under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces, which has a positive effect on the controllability and accuracy of the car’s reactions to the driver’s actions.

Main features of the Grenlander Enri U08

rubber compound with a high content of “silica” improves grip on wet surfaces;
tread pattern with an enlarged contact patch provides reliable control at high speed;
the location of the tread elements with an offset relative to each other, their optimized shape reduces noise and vibration during movement.

Grenlander L-Zeal 56 Review

The Grenlander L-Zeal56 summer tire is designed for mid-size passenger cars. Adapted for use in their most dynamic versions. Characterized by stability on wet surfaces and when maneuvering, reduced braking path in all conditions.

Grenlander L-Zeal 56 Review
Grenlander L-Zeal 56 Review

The tread pattern is made in a spectacular design with a wide rib in the middle. This element, along with rigid wide blocks at the edges, improves steering precision and directional stability at high speed, reduces rolling resistance and wear. Large elements in the central part have a diagonal orientation. This significantly increases the intensity of braking. The rear-facing arrangement of the drainage grooves reduces the risk of hydroplaning to a minimum. Rigidity and transverse arrangement of blocks along the edges of the tread increases grip when maneuvering.

Grenlander L-Zeal 56 of Key Features:

  • a massive rib in the middle increases the accuracy of control and exchange rate stability;
  • large diagonal elements reduce the length of the braking distance;
  • rigid elements along the edges of the tread increase grip when maneuvering.

Grenlander Maga A/T Two Review

The Grenlander Maga A/T Two summer tire is designed for pickups, light trucks and full-size SUVs. It belongs to the models of the All Terrain category, having their inherent versatility in use. The tire is effective on any road surfaces, including the most difficult unpaved surfaces.

Grenlander Maga A/T Two Review
Grenlander Maga A/T Two Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of a large number of large blocks. The increased dimensions of the elements and the optimized profile of the running part of the tire provide good grip on paved roads. Numerous and high block edges allow the tire to demonstrate confident off-road behavior, effectively transferring traction and braking power even on sandy and earthy soils.

Main features of Grenlander Maga A/T Two

  • tread pattern with large blocks is effective on asphalt roads and various unpaved surfaces;
  • drainage grooves with ledges prevent stones from getting stuck in the tread;
  • rubber compound with increased resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts.

Grenlander Maho 77 Review

Summer tire Grenlander Maho77 is designed for SUVs and pickups. It belongs to the High Terrain category, distinguished by its efficiency, especially on asphalt roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates stability of traction properties and precision in high-speed control, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

Grenlander Maho77 Review
Grenlander Maho77 Review

The tread pattern has a lot in common with the design of commercial vehicle tires. In particular, these are enlarged and closed shoulder areas with a trapezoidal profile. This significantly increases stability and control accuracy when maneuvering, and also reduces wear unevenness, especially with a significant weight load. All these properties are preserved even on a wet surface. The tread has a large number of wavy sipes that allow the tire to better cling to a water-covered road.

Main features of Grenlander Maho77

  • tread pattern with increased usable area provides stable grip and handling in difficult conditions;
  • optimized tread profile and hard shoulder zones reduce wear unevenness;
  • 5-pitch tread pattern and flexible rubber compound ensure a quiet, smooth ride even on rough roads.

Grenlander Maho 79 Review

The Grenlander Maho79 summer tire is installed in pickup trucks and SUVs. The model is addressed to motorists who, despite the presence of all-wheel drive in their cars, rarely leave the asphalt. The tire belongs to the High Terrain category and features improved traction on highways, a soft quiet ride and fuel efficiency.

Grenlander Maho 79 Review
Grenlander Maho 79 Review

The tread pattern has a high density of elements, which, coupled with an optimized profile of the running part of the tire, increases the contact patch. This improves traction and stability when maneuvering. An important feature of the pattern is the increased number of lamellae. Numerous sipes allow the tire to remain efficient on wet surfaces. The large volume of drainage grooves minimizes the risk of aquaplaning.

Main features of the Grenlander Maho79

  • Increased contact patch and optimized tread profile improve grip and handling.
  • a large number of sipes and the volume of drainage grooves provide efficiency on wet surfaces;
  • “multi-step” arrangement of tread elements improves acoustic comfort.

Grenlander Predator M/T Review

The Grenlander Predator M/T summer tire is used in pickups and SUVs. It belongs to the Mud Terrain category, but at the same time it has good performance not only on unpaved surfaces, but also on asphalt roads. In such conditions, it is characterized by stability of coupling properties excellent for its category, precise control and a quiet, soft ride.

Grenlander Predator M/T Review
Grenlander Predator M/T Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the shape of the blocks, reminiscent of a shark fin. This made it possible to reduce rolling resistance, increase directional stability and control accuracy without compromising off-road traction. The design of the shoulder zones, where numerous blocks play the role of lugs in such conditions, allowing you to effectively implement traction even on heavy sand and earth surfaces.

Key features of the Grenlander Predator M/T

  • “bionic” design of blocks in the central part provides the tire with efficiency in any conditions;
  • the optimized shape of the shoulder blocks allows you to move confidently on heavy sandy and earthen soils;
  • multi-step arrangement of tread elements increases the contact patch, improves acoustic comfort.

Grenlander GL868 Winter Review

Winter tire Grenlander GL868 Winter is designed for SUVs and SUVs. Recommended by the manufacturer for use on cleared asphalt roads. It is characterized by improved gripping properties on wet, snowy and icy surfaces. Differs in convenience in management, a silent and soft course.

Grenlander GL868 Winter Review
Grenlander GL868 Winter Review

The tread pattern is made directional asymmetrical with large blocks. Together with the optimized tread profile, this increases the contact patch, thereby improving traction on cleared roads, especially at high speeds. It is worth noting the presence of wide “bridges” between the shoulder blocks. By limiting the mobility of the elements, they increase the accuracy in control and the stability of the clutch properties.

The protector is literally dotted with wavy narrow slots. Such elements, deployed across, made it possible to reduce the length of the braking distance, primarily on slippery wet and icy surfaces.

Main features of Grenlander GL868 Winter

  • increased contact patch and uniform weight distribution on it increases the stability of grip properties, provides ease of use, reduces wear;
  • numerous wavy sipes reduce the length of the braking distance on slippery surfaces;
  • Rigid shoulder blocks connected to each other by special “bridges” increase control accuracy during maneuvering and prevent wear unevenness.

Grenlander GL989 Winter Review

Commercial tire Grenlander GL989 Winter is installed on light trucks, as well as minibuses, which are operated on roads of various qualities. The model is highly resistant to mechanical damage and deformation, has a low weight and low rolling resistance.

The tread pattern is represented by a double rib in the central part, which is divided into separate segments of irregular shape. In combination with an abundant network of sipes, they provide improved traction and grip on winter roads, as well as significantly reduce the braking distance.
The presence of three longitudinal channels implements the removal of water and sludge from the contact zone. This minimizes the risk of aquaplaning and slashing.

Main features of Grenlander GL989 Winter

  • reinforced frame prevents deformation under load and minimizes the occurrence of mechanical damage;
  • reliability of traction and coupling characteristics and reduction of the braking distance is ensured by numerous hooks and a lamellar network;
  • protection against hydroplaning and slashing;
  • stability during maneuvering due to the reinforced sidewall and developed shoulder area.

Grenlander IceHawke I Review

Summer tire Grenlander IceHawke I is suitable for most mass-produced passenger cars. Differs in reliability in management and efficiency when braking on a snowy and icy surface, fuel efficiency and acoustic comfort.

Grenlander IceHawke I Review
Grenlander IceHawke I Review

The tread pattern features a directional V-groove design. This makes it possible to use the rotation of the wheel to remove from the contact patch of water and snow, which further increases the intensity of this process. As a result, under adverse weather conditions, stable grip properties are ensured. Another feature of the pattern is the presence of a large number of elongated edges of blocks and lamellas. This allows efficient implementation of traction and braking force, especially on ice and snow.

Grenlander IceHawke I main features

  • a special shape of the profile and a dense arrangement of blocks in the central part of the tread increases the contact patch;
  • V-shaped arrangement and increased groove width improves grip in adverse weather conditions;
  • elongated edges of the blocks and sipes allow intensive acceleration and braking on snow and ice.

Grenlander IceHawke II Review

Winter tire Grenlander IceHawke II is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. Even at high speed, this model demonstrates stable traction and precise handling, maintaining most of these characteristics on slippery surfaces.

The directional tread pattern is divided into functional areas. One of them is the central part, which is a continuous longitudinal rib, composed of arrow-shaped blocks. This design reduces rolling resistance and wear, improving traction stability at high speed. Shoulder blocks provide stability and precision in control when maneuvering. The high and long edges of the elements, along with the sipes, increase traction and braking power on surfaces slippery from snow and ice.

Grenlander IceHawke II Key Features

  • wide swept blocks in the central part increase grip stability at high speed, reduce rolling resistance and wear;
  • rigid blocks at the edges provide stability and control accuracy when maneuvering, longitudinal grip on snow;
  • wide drainage grooves to a minimum reduce the risk of slashplanning.

Grenlander L-Snow 96 Review

Winter tire Grenlander L-Snow96 is designed for passenger cars. Refers to the so-called “friction” tires, characterized by an extremely high number of gripping edges, which provides it with excellent grip on packed snow and ice.

Grenlander L-Snow 96 Review
Grenlander L-Snow 96 Review

The tread pattern has a “classic” design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage elements. This significantly increases resistance to hydroplaning and slashplanning. At the same time, the long edges formed by the blocks make it possible to intensively implement traction and braking forces, especially on snow. On icy and wet surfaces, the efficiency of the tread is ensured by sipes. Narrow slots form hundreds of sharp edges with which the tire literally bites into the road surface.

Key features of the Grenlander L-Snow 96

  • triangular blocks in the central part reduce rolling resistance, increase steering precision without sacrificing grip on winter surfaces;
  • V-shaped arrangement of the coupling edges allows for effective implementation of traction and braking force, increases directional stability at high speed;
  • high density of lamellas provides the tire with efficiency on an icy surface.

Grenlander Colo H02 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Grenlander Colo H02 is designed for use in their most dynamic modifications. It is distinguished by increased grip stability at any speed, precise control and cornering stability, low tendency to aquaplaning.

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of its constituent elements. Large blocks on its edges provide excellent stability and sporty sharpness of control in corners. Rigid ribs in the central part increase stability when driving in a straight line at high speed. Very wide longitudinal grooves allow you to maintain reliable control even in heavy rain.

Main features of Greenlander Colo H02

  • asymmetrical tread pattern with massive blocks and ribs provides excellent handling and reliable grip at any speed;
  • hard breaker improves control accuracy, prevents rapid wear of the tread;
  • Silica-based rubber compound and larger grooves provide reliable grip on wet surfaces.

Greenlander Dias Zero Review

The Grenlander Dias Zero summer tire is installed in the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. Differs in ease in management and course stability at high speed, resistance to hydroplaning and to cross demolitions.

Greenlander Dias Zero Review
Greenlander Dias Zero Review

The tread pattern is made in a “classic” design for tires of this category with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. Their inclination, rearward facing and increased dimensions to a minimum reduce the risk of aquaplaning even at high speed. The shoulder blocks have a U-shape, due to which high precision in control is achieved during maneuvering. At the same time, they interact with a continuous swept rib in the middle, which further increases directional stability, reduces rolling resistance and wear.

Key features of the Grenlander Dias Zero

  • aggressive V-shaped tread pattern with large blocks and a rigid rib in the middle provides sporty, refined handling and course stability;
  • rigid blocks in the shoulder areas increase the accuracy in control and stability when maneuvering;
  • enlarged drainage grooves and the slope of most of them reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Grenlander Greentour A/S Review

The Grenlander Greentour A/S commercial tire is used in small-capacity trucks and special vehicles based on them. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, increased bearing capacity, precise handling and good acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the wavy shape of the drainage grooves. This not only reduces the risk of aquaplaning, but also increases acoustic comfort and abrasion resistance. The presence of a large number of lamellas, which further enhance all these properties. The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound, the composition of which was selected based on the characteristics of the operation of commercial vehicles. The compound significantly added tenacity to the tire on wet surfaces, provided resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts.

Main features of Grenlander Greentour A/S

  • the wavy shape of the drainage grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning, prevents wear;
  • Numerous sipes increase the tire’s slip resistance on wet surfaces;
  • rubber compound improves grip on slippery surfaces, prevents abrasion, punctures and cuts.

Grenlander Greenwing A/S Review

All-season tire for passenger cars Grenlander Greenwing A/S is designed for year-round operation. It is distinguished by increased traction and grip on wet surfaces and snow, smooth running, acoustic comfort and long service life.

The tread pattern is made in a classic design for modern all-season tires with a large number of V-shaped edges. This improves traction and stability on snow, providing excellent resistance to hydroplaning and slashplaning. Large blocks deployed across the edges of the tread provide good directional stability and control accuracy, preventing uneven wear of the tread. In its manufacture, a special compound is used, which, in addition to a large amount of “silica”, contains polymers, due to which the tire is distinguished by elasticity at low temperatures, high resistance to abrasion, punctures and cracking.

Main features of Grenlander Greenwing A/S

  • a large number of V-shaped edges provides excellent traction and stability on wet and snowy surfaces;
  • a longitudinal groove in the middle of the tread significantly increases the resistance to aquaplaning;
  • optimized tread profile improves handling and grip, prevents uneven wear.

Grenlander L-Comfort 68 Review

Summer tire Grenlander L-Comfort 68 is designed primarily for compact passenger cars, for their most dynamic versions. It is characterized by increased efficiency at high speeds. In such conditions, it demonstrates sporty honed handling, stability, and stability on a wet surface.

Grenlander L-Comfort 68 Review
Grenlander L-Comfort 68 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the large dimensions of the elements, due to which they have significant rigidity. This significantly increases the accuracy in control and directional stability, especially at high speeds. These properties are fully preserved on a wet surface due to the significant volume of longitudinal and transverse drainage grooves. These features reduce the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum.

Main features of Grenlander L-Comfort 68

  • tread pattern with large elements is effective at high speed;
  • enlarged drainage grooves and sloped drainage elements effectively combat hydroplaning;
  • Numerous transverse sipes improve longitudinal traction on wet surfaces.

Grenlander L-Finder 78 Review

Summer tire Grenlander L-Finder78 is designed for off-road vehicles, pickups, used mainly on paved roads. It is characterized by increased load capacity, shock resistance, stable grip on dry and wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the elements and their dense arrangement. Combined with the special tread profile, this significantly increases the contact patch, which improves traction and handling, especially when maneuvering. Rigid massive blocks along the edges of the tread add to these properties the absence of uneven wear even at significant runs. Another important feature of the tread pattern is the abundance and large volume of drainage grooves. They effectively prevent the formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch, while maintaining reliable control on wet surfaces.

Main features of the Grenlander L-Finder78

  • excellent grip and handling at high speed due to the optimization of the tread profile, massiveness and dense arrangement of elements of its pattern;
  • optimized sidewall profile provides high ride smoothness on uneven surfaces and resistance to impacts;
  • large volume and numerous drainage elements increase the reliability of control on wet surfaces.

Grenlander L-Grip 16 Review

Summer tire Grenlander L-Grip16 with asymmetric tread is installed on a wide range of passenger cars. The model provides a high level of comfort, responsive handling and reduced fuel consumption. All this was achieved thanks to the use of modern modeling technologies in conjunction with the original composition of the compound.

The non-directional tread provides good maneuverability, even at high speeds. This was achieved due to the solid rib in the middle, the action of which is complemented by two adjacent ribs with deep notches. The latter form small hooks that increase the acceleration and braking characteristics. To reduce roll during cornering, a reinforced sidewall was used in the tire.
The presence of deep longitudinal channels and a combination of small grooves provides rapid drainage and protection against aquaplaning.
An important point in the suppression of sound effects is the location of the tread elements. Together with an elastic compound that is able to absorb micro-vibrations, this creates a high level of ride comfort.

Main features of the Grenlander L-Grip 16

  • summer operation in urban conditions;
  • acoustic comfort and effective protection against microvibrations;
  • fuel efficiency, which is due to reduced weight;
  • ease of control at high speed due to the optimized central tread area.

Grenlander L-Max 9 Review

Grenlander L-Max9 is a summer tire for light commercial vehicles used on city roads and regional highways. The model is characterized by the presence of a large number of hooks, providing improved traction and braking characteristics.

A distinctive feature of the tread is four ribs with a zigzag shape, densely covered with multidirectional sipes. Such a structure on a summer road guarantees reliable grip, including on wet roads. In turn, this ensures that control sensitivity is maintained under all conditions. Also, the sharp edges of the ribs are able to quickly cut through the water film, eliminating hydroplaning. And wide channels quickly remove excess moisture from the contact zone.

In addition to improved driving performance, the model boasts resistance to deformation and the ability to work with increased loads. This was achieved thanks to the multilayer frame with reinforcement.

Main features of the Grenlander L-Max 9

  • operation on compact commercial vehicles in the summer;
  • high level of grip and traction on dry as well as wet roads due to numerous hook edges;
  • efficient drainage system.

Grenlander L-Power 28 Review

Grenlander L-Power28 is a tire for commercial vehicles (vans, light trucks) that can be used all-season, subject to the European winter. The tire provides good grip, effective hydroplaning protection, and low fuel consumption.

The non-directional asymmetric tread is represented by a developed block structure. In its center there are two ribs with pronounced segmentation. This factor provides an improved edge effect that reliably protects against aquaplaning, as well as reducing the braking distance.

The presence of deep channels between the block structures contributes to the rapid cleansing of the contact area from water and dirt, maintaining grip sensitivity in any weather.

The tire is made of durable, but at the same time lightweight materials. It was the light weight that made it possible to optimize fuel consumption, making it lower. At the same time, the model differs in the duration of mileage, which makes it cost-effective for commercial operation.

Main features of the Grenlander L-Power 28

  • installation on compact trucks and minibuses;
  • low fuel consumption due to reduced weight;
  • developed edge effect helps to reduce the braking distance, and also protects against aquaplaning;
  • fast evacuation of dirt and water from the contact area through a developed system of channels.

Grenlander L-Strong 36 Review

Grenlander L-Strong36 commercial tire for vans and light trucks. It is characterized by low noise, protection against mechanical damage, fast drainage and efficient traction properties.

The protector is represented by block structures of irregular shape with sharp edges. This structure allows you to solve several problems at once. First, to improve the quality of adhesion and braking, making the behavior of vehicles more predictable. Secondly, to prevent the occurrence of hydroplanning by dissecting the water film. The result is a significant increase in safety.

The model is designed in such a way as to effectively withstand the deformation forces that arise when maneuvering and working with heavy loads. This factor increases the operational resource.

Main features of Grenlander L-Strong36

  • commercial tire for light trucks and minibuses;
  • developed block structure increases adhesion and makes the braking path shorter;
  • numerous drainage channels effectively cope with different volumes of water, diverting it from the contact area.

Grenlander Maga A/T One Review

Grenlander Maga A/T One is an all-weather model for crossovers and SUVs. Adapted for driving on paved roads, as well as light off-road. Differs in efficiency of self-cleaning, keeping the coupling properties under any weather conditions.

Grenlander Maga A/T One review
Grenlander Maga A/T One review

The central part of the tread is occupied by three ribs, consisting of large multidirectional blocks. On the one hand, such a structure provides increased grip, and on the other hand, it provides quick cleaning of the tread from snow, mud and water. Additionally, each block is equipped with lamellas, which increase the grip properties.

As a compound in the tire, a special composition is used with the addition of components that increase the preservation of elasticity in conditions of negative temperatures. In addition, rubber effectively resists abrasive wear, which has a positive effect on the service life of the product.

Grenlander Maga A/T One Key Features:

  • all-weather operation on a wide range of crossovers and SUVs on asphalt, gravel surfaces, as well as light off-road;
  • fast self-cleaning due to diagonally directed channels;
  • the presence of lamellas on large block elements increases grip;
  • A rubber compound that is resistant to wear and retains softness at low temperatures.

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