Hifly Tires Review: All Top Best Hifly Tires For 2023

In this article, we’ll provide an honest and unbiased Hifly Tires review, examining the strengths and weaknesses of their products to help you make an informed decision about whether they’re the right choice for your vehicle.

Hifly Tires Review All Top Best Hifly Tires
Hifly Tires Review

who makes hifly tyres?

Hifly tires have been manufactured in China by Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd since 1995. Hifly tires have gained wide popularity due to their low cost and excellent quality. All brand capacities are located in China, from where exports to more than twenty countries of the world take place. The name of the founder of the brand, unfortunately, has not been preserved, since the brand itself traces its history back to ancient times, when one of the Chinese dynasties was engaged in a generic business, which gradually grew into a company with a worldwide reputation. 1995 is the year of the official registration of the company and the year of production of the first line of car tires.

Today Hifly is the tire specialist for passenger cars. They break new ground by launching pilot tire lines for pickups, SUVs, trucks, and agricultural vehicles.

At the turn of the millennium in 2000, Hifly entered the international level by launching its product on the world market. Prior to this, Hifly tires were considered one of the leaders in China. It is worth noting that this brand conquered the domestic market quite quickly, which cannot be said about the global one. But thanks to hard work, bonus programs, and product quality, all paths have become open for Hifly.

Hifly Winter tires

Hifly Winter tires are, first of all, stability on the road in all weather conditions. To date, more than sixty variants and models of winter tires from Hifly have been developed. The asymmetric pattern provides excellent grip, and the silicon, which is part of the rubber, shortens the braking distance by several times.

Hifly Summer tires

Hifly Summer tires also have a special composition. Especially for high summer temperatures, a special formula has been developed that harmoniously combines synthetic and natural rubber, which allows summer tires to maintain elasticity and smooth out all the bumps in the road surface in any situation.

Hifly all-season tires

Hifly all-season tires are a real work of art, because the company’s specialists did their best. They managed to combine the properties of both summer and winter tires in one. All-season tires Hifly keep softness in the winter, thanks to active agents in the formula of this rubber, and in the summer remain elastic. All-season Hifly tires are equipped with special channels that remove excess moisture, snow or dirt. The tires have an asymmetric deep pattern, which allows for excellent traction in both winter and summer, and also prevents the rapid wear of tires. On our website, you can check all tyre reviews by brand.

What are Top Best Hifly Tires For 2023?

The top best Hifly Tires are:

  • HF805
  • Vigorous HP801
  • Vigorous HT601
  • Vigorous AT601
  • Win Turi 215
  • HF201
  • Super2000
  • Win Turi 212
  • Ice Transit
  • Vigorous MT601

Hifly HF201 Review

Manufactured by one of the world’s most respected manufacturers, the Hifly HF201 summer car tires, due to the excellent set of consumer characteristics, and also due to the excellent price-quality ratio, are not much inferior to tires from more famous world brands.

Hifly HF201 Review
Hifly HF201 Review

Available in many different sizes, including the most popular ones, this tire can be used on a wide variety of compact car models.

The design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern of the tire is characterized by detailed elaboration. The tread pattern contains all the features that allow you to confidently classify this tire as a new generation. This is evidenced by the presence of a longitudinal rib in the very center of the tread, which has a rigid and integral structure. Largely due to the rigidity of the central rib, the tire in motion demonstrates outstanding directional stability and steering response for this price category, as well as a significantly reduced rolling resistance.

Two adjacent longitudinal ribs also have a number of design features. First of all, these ribs seem to consist of two parts, the inner of which has a rigid structure, like a central rib. The outer part consists of many individual blocks of the original form, separated from each other at a minimum distance. Such, without exaggeration, the original solution in many respects made it possible to provide the Hilfy HF201 tire with a phenomenal balance of grip with the efficiency of acceleration and braking.

It should also be noted that the reinforced shoulder areas of the tread with a rounded profile allow you to confidently take turns even at high speeds without the risk of uneven wear.

Key features of the Hilfy HF201 tire

  • excellent grip, both on dry and wet roads, due to the high efficiency of the tread pattern;
  • excellent directional stability combined with responsive control adds stability and reliability when driving at high speed;
  • excellent safety and reliability cornering is provided by the reinforced design of the shoulder zones.

Hifly HF805 Review

The Hifly HF805 summer passenger tire can rightly be considered the pride of one of the leaders in the Chinese tire industry, which has created a tire that combines excellent performance with a very affordable price. This model is designed for powerful and high-speed passenger cars of the middle class and is designed for movement at speeds up to 270 km / h. This tire is available in 19 of the most popular sizes ranging from 205/50R16 to 255/35R20.

Hifly HF805 Review
Hifly HF805 Review

One of the key features of this tire is the asymmetric design of the directional tread pattern, which consists of five longitudinally located ribs, including two shoulder areas. The main advantage of the asymmetric tread pattern is excellent traction in all road conditions. Due to the asymmetry, the tread pattern consists of two different parts, one of which is aimed at ensuring reliable and safe cornering behavior. At the same time, the second half of the tread of the Hifly HF805 is responsible for stability when driving in straight sections.

Another distinguishing feature of this model is the impressive design of the tread drainage system, consisting of four longitudinal grooves, two of which are very large. As a result, the Chinese tire manufacturers managed to provide the tire with phenomenal hydroplaning resistance during high-speed travel. At the same time, the shoulder zones of the tread are equipped with drainage channels, which further increases the efficiency of water removal from the contact patch, especially when cornering.

Main features of the Chinese tire Hifly HF805

  • exceptional resistance to aquaplaning even at very high speeds is ensured by the highly efficient design of the drainage system;
  • excellent handling and grip in all road conditions, thanks to the asymmetric directional tread design;
  • double central rib provides phenomenal directional stability when driving at any speed.
  • refined sports handling, thanks to the reinforced design of the shoulder zones.

Hifly HH101 Review

Hifly HH101 commercial tire is designed for large capacity trucks. Mounted on the steering axle. Recommended by the manufacturer for use on asphalt roads with any quality of road surface. It is distinguished by trajectory stability and control accuracy, pronounced fuel-saving properties and high mileage.

Hifly HH101 Review
Hifly HH101 Review

The tread pattern is composed of five continuous longitudinal ribs. This design significantly reduces rolling resistance, improves steering precision and resistance to abrasion. Special notches are made along the edges of the ribs. These elements contribute to a more even distribution of pressure over the surface, which reduces the level of abrasive impact on the tread. When maneuvering and carrying a large load, wear resistance is also ensured by enlarged shoulder ribs, which are highly resistant to deformation.

Main Features of Hifly HH101

  • Numerous Z-shaped lamellas provide high braking force on wet surfaces;
  • small notches along the edges of the ribs increase the wear resistance of the tread;
  • special protrusions in the drainage grooves prevent stones from clogging the tread.

Hifly Super2000 Review

Produced by a well-known and respected manufacturer, the Hifly Super2000 summer truck tire compares favorably with products from world-famous brands with an excellent price-performance ratio. This tire is perfect for a huge number of light trucks, including minibuses.

Hifly Super2000 Review
Hifly Super2000 Review

The design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern gives confidence in the versatility of the Hifly Super2000 , which is perfectly adapted to poor quality roads.

A number of technically interesting design solutions were used in the tread pattern. In particular, two longitudinal ribs located in the central part of the tread, in their network, represent two rows of separate trapezoidal blocks with rounded corners. On the surface of each of these blocks, engineers placed Z-shaped self-locking sipes, designed to increase the rigidity of these tread elements. This made it possible to significantly improve the traction and grip characteristics of the tire. It should also be noted that the uneven block spacing provided the tire with low noise while driving without compromising its other performance characteristics.

Another distinguishing feature of this tire is the wide shoulder areas with a profile that ensures uniform distribution of the external load over the entire area of ​​the contact patch. This greatly increased the strength of the entire tire as a whole. The large width of the shoulder zones is designed to further improve grip.

Key features of the Hifly Super2000 tire

  • excellent grip performance in all conditions, thanks to the optimized design of the non-directional tread pattern;
  • excellent fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance provided by the rigid design of the shoulder areas;
  • confident overcoming of light off-road sections is provided by two rows of blocks located in the central part of the tread.

Hifly Vigorous AT601 Review

When developing the Hifly Vigorous AT601 SUV tire, the specialists of the Chinese company widely used the experience of their colleagues from the world’s leading brands, primarily Japanese ones. This is due to the desire to provide a good balance between the main performance properties. The use in the development of modern technologies of three-dimensional modeling made it possible to provide this model with both excellent performance on any type of coating and a high level of comfort.

Hifly Vigorous AT601 Review
Hifly Vigorous AT601 Review

Universal tread pattern

Since this model belongs to the All Terrain category, it is not surprising that when developing the tread, they sought to give it universal characteristics. This was done due to the longitudinal arrangement, complex polygonal shape and composite design of the tread blocks. In the process of movement, they form five longitudinal ribs. At the same time, their numerous edges provide a contact patch with a huge number of gripping edges, thanks to the Hifly Vigorous AT601 tire shows a very confident behavior in all conditions.

In addition, it is impossible not to note the rigid design of the tread blocks. Combined with their longitudinal arrangement, this improves directional stability and responsive handling on the highway, while at the same time reducing rolling resistance and noise levels.

Confident behavior on slippery surfaces

This model is positioned by the manufacturer as an all-season, which is based on some features in the tread design and the composition of the rubber compound. The tread pattern has numerous sipes, which on winter surfaces improve grip due to the formation of additional gripping edges, and on wet surfaces they increase resistance to hydroplaning, diverting water from the contact patch into one of the nearby grooves. In turn, these tread elements are distinguished by a significant internal volume. This allows the tire to demonstrate confident behavior on any slippery surfaces.

Main features of the Hifly Vigorous AT601 tire

  • universal tread pattern provides reliable behavior on any type of coating;
  • reduced rolling resistance and a high level of acoustic comfort due to the longitudinal arrangement of tread blocks in the central part of the tread;
  • Numerous sipes and high silica compound improve traction on snow and ice.

Hifly Vigorous HP801 Review

Hifly Vigorous HP801 is a tubeless radial tire that is installed on passenger cars, mainly SUVs. Due to the optimal load distribution due to the radial design, the contact patch retains its area when moving, both on smooth asphalt and on poor quality surfaces, dirt roads and off-road. The model is designed for use in the summer season.

Hifly Vigorous HP801 Review
Hifly Vigorous HP801 Review

The tread pattern is symmetrical non-directional. The central rib is resilient and rigid, providing course stability and stability of movement. The tread blocks are numerous, differ in size and shape, form grip edges that improve tire contact with the road surface. The drainage system is advanced, ideal for different road conditions. Includes four wide longitudinal channels and many transverse diagonal grooves. Conductive elements quickly and effectively remove moisture from the contact patch area, and the speed of movement does not matter.

Hifly Vigorous HP801 Key Features:

  • high-strength rubber compound provides mechanical strength, wear resistance and the ability to withstand increased loads;
  • improved tread pattern provides reliable grip;
  • developed drainage system reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Hifly Vigorous HT601 Review

All-season tire Hifly Vigorous HT601 is installed in SUVs and pickups. It works best on paved roads. It is characterized by improved traction on surfaces slippery from water and snow, quiet and smooth running, long service life.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence in the middle of a composite longitudinal rib made of trapezoidal blocks. This solution improves directional stability at high speed, provides additional smoothness and resistance to wear. All blocks have narrow slots lamellae. They form a set of gripping edges, which, due to their location, allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on slippery surfaces.

Key Features of Hifly Vigorous HT601:

  • a longitudinal rib in the middle of trapezoidal blocks increases directional stability, reduces rolling resistance and wear;
  • elongated transverse edges of blocks and sipes improve longitudinal grip on slippery surfaces;
  • enlarged drainage grooves effectively fight both aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Hifly Ice Transit Review

Winter tire Hifly Ice-Transit is installed on light commercial vehicles and minivans. The model is adapted to the climatic conditions of northern European countries and Russia. It features improved traction on slippery surfaces, long service life and reliability.

Hifly Ice Transit Review
Hifly Ice Transit Review

Directional tread pattern

To a large extent, the efficiency of a tire on winter surfaces is ensured by the tread pattern. It is characterized by a V-shaped structure, formed due to the oblique arrangement of transverse grooves. This design improves longitudinal traction and directional stability on slippery surfaces.

Increased number of lamellas

The tire tread is distinguished by a large number of sipes. These narrow slots are located a few millimeters apart. When in contact with the road, they form a large number of long and sharp edges, with which the tire effectively clings to rolled snow and ice.

Three zigzag longitudinal grooves

The tread pattern contains three wide longitudinal drainage grooves. These elements are multifunctional, thanks to their zigzag shape. It provides the contact patch with additional gripping edges. Due to their transverse arrangement, they improve longitudinal traction on slippery surfaces.

Winter rubber compound

The tire tread is made of a special rubber compound, the physical and chemical properties of which are adapted to operation in conditions of negative temperatures. To a large extent, this is ensured by the increased content of silica. This component, along with special polymers, allows the tread to remain flexible and resistant to wear at low temperatures.

Main Features of Hifly Ice-Transit

  • designed for light commercial vehicles and minivans;
  • directional tread pattern ensures reliability on any winter roads;
  • drainage grooves of a zigzag shape improve directional stability, grip on wet surfaces, reduce the length of the braking distance;
  • special compound resistant to low temperatures and wear

Hifly Vigorous W601 Review

Commercial tire Hifly Vigorous W601 is one of the novelties from the Chinese manufacturer, known more abroad than at home. The main difference of this model from its numerous predecessors is higher performance on any winter surfaces. This is largely due to the involvement of foreign specialists in the development. In addition, this can explain the very “European” appearance of this model.

Arrow-shaped longitudinal rib in the center

The central part of the tread contains a very wide longitudinal rib of an unbreakable design. It contains many angles and edges, giving it an arrow-like shape. The combination of these features in the design gives this tread element versatility. It is expressed in the form of improved traction characteristics, fuel efficiency and directional stability.

Reliable grip on ice and packed snow

The entire tread of this tire is literally dotted with numerous wavy sipes cut into all blocks. It is they who form a significant part of the several thousand clutch edges. This technical solution is most effective on hard and smooth slippery surfaces (rolled snow and ice), providing reliable grip. It can be further improved by installing hundreds of spikes, for which special seats are provided on the tread.

Main Features of Hifly Vigorous W601

  • the original V-shaped tread pattern with an arrow-shaped non-breaking rib in the center provides excellent performance on any winter roads;
  • numerous wavy lamellas and spikes (if installed) improve grip on ice and packed snow;
  • Drainage grooves located at an acute angle relative to the direction of travel provide reliable and confident behavior in adverse weather conditions.

Hifly Vigorous WP801 Review

Winter tire Hifly Vigorous WP801 for SUVs and crossovers is designed for long-term use mainly on paved roads. It is characterized by improved traction and grip on icy surfaces and packed snow, fuel efficiency, acoustic comfort and high mileage.

The tread profile has an optimized profile that widens the contact patch and gives it a rectangular shape. This improves handling, reduces wear and fuel consumption. The dense arrangement of the elements of the tread pattern enhances this effect. Another feature is the increased density of cutting lamellae. This increases the number of sawtooth edges they form, which makes it possible to accelerate and brake intensively on snow and ice.

Main features of Hifly Vigorous WP801

  • optimized tread profile, increased density of its pattern elements improve handling, wear resistance and fuel efficiency;
  • an increased number of lamellas, the sawtooth shape of their faces improve the intensity of acceleration and braking on ice;
  • Low-temperature flexible rubber compound improves traction on all winter surfaces.

Hifly Win Transit Review

The scope of the Hifly Win-Transit winter tire is minibuses and minivans. The model is characterized in addition to reliable grip on slippery surfaces, softness on the go, acoustic comfort and durability.

Hifly Win Transit Review
Hifly Win Transit Review

Bridges between blocks

The tread pattern of the tire is made in an open design, consisting of many separate blocks. In the longitudinal direction, they are connected to each other by means of special “bridges” of jumpers that limit their mutual mobility. The result is four very wide ribs, the rigidity of which is sufficient to ensure good directional stability and responsive handling without compromising traction.

Several types of lamellas

Confident behavior on slippery surfaces is provided by numerous lamellas. Several types of such slots are used here. Straight sipes prevent side slips and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Their sawtooth counterparts enhance longitudinal grip and improve handling.

Key features of the Hifly Win-Transit bus

  • longitudinal “bridges” between the blocks provide high directional stability and control efficiency;
  • massive blocks increase the contact patch, prevent uneven wear, improve grip on slippery surfaces;
  • straight and sawtooth sipes increase the efficiency of the tread on wet and icy roads.

Hifly Win-Turi 212 Review

One of the main features of the Hifly Win-turi 212 winter tire is its very attractive price-performance ratio. With its low cost, especially against the background of eminent competitors, this model has high technical characteristics.

Hifly Win-Turi 212 Review
Hifly Win-Turi 212 Review

Open shoulder design

A significant part of the advantages of this model is provided by the open design of the shoulder zones. They contain massive and high blocks located transversely. In addition, in the lateral projection, these elements have a trapezoidal shape. On the one hand, this design gives the tire increased stability when maneuvering, and on the other hand, it improves the longitudinal grip, especially on snow.

Guaranteed grip on winter roads

Despite the lack of studs and the possibility of installing them, this model is characterized by improved grip on slippery roads. It is provided due to the increased content of silica in the rubber compound and the presence of a large number of tread sipes.

Main features of Hifly Win-turi 212

  • Open shoulder design with high trapezoidal blocks improves traction in corners, as well as during acceleration and braking.
  • the increased content of silica and lamellas provides confident behavior on ice.

Hifly Win-Turi 215 Review

Being one of the novelties from a well-known Chinese manufacturer, the Hifly Win-turi 215 winter car tire contains a significant number of advanced technical solutions in its design. This is the reason for the high performance of this model.

Non-breaking arrow-shaped rib in the center

Right in the center of the V-shaped tread of this tire lies a wide swept rib. Due to its non-breakable design, this element improves steering precision and traction stability when driving at high speed, as well as reduces rolling resistance and wear. In turn, its swept shape improves longitudinal traction and grip on snow.

Productive drainage system in winter conditions

Drainage grooves located between numerous blocks are directed along the tread or at a large angle relative to the direction of movement. In addition, they differ in significant width and internal volume. The combination of these factors makes it possible to clean the contact patch not only from water, but also from heavy snow masses.

Main features of Hifly Win-turi 215

  • excellent performance on snow and ice thanks to the open tread design with sipes and studs;
  • high resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Hifly Win-Turi 216 Review

Hifly Win-Turi 216 is a winter tire for passenger cars. Oriented for use in European winters, it is characterized by stability on winter roads, smooth running and ease of control on wet and slippery roads.

The asymmetric tread is divided into many block structures, some of which have sharp edges. They contribute to traction on snowy and icy sections of the road. They are complemented by numerous wavy lamellas, abundantly covering all elements. Such a network contributes to rapid acceleration without slipping, and also reduces the braking distance, making the ride safer.
In addition to the use of computer technology to develop a tread pattern, the manufacturer paid special attention to the rubber composition. The compound contains a large number of additives, including silicon dioxide. The latter ensures the maintenance of elasticity at low temperatures, and also minimizes abrasion. Thus, the tire is able to withstand more than one season, even with intensive use.

Main features of Hifly Win-Turi 216

  • asymmetric tread provides stability and controllability on winter roads;
  • large longitudinal channels quickly remove snow and water from the contact zone;
  • silicon dioxide in the composition of the compound prolongs the service life and maintains elasticity at the same level at low temperatures.

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