iLINK tires Review: All Best models with Features For 2023

In this comprehensive iLINK tires review, we’ll take a closer look at the brand’s history, manufacturing process, and product lineup, as well as analyze the performance and customer feedback of iLINK tires to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your vehicle.”

The iLINK brand is a manufacturer in the tire market from China. For the first time in the European sectors, the company presented its products in 2016. Immediately having received positive reviews from numerous consumers, its products have become quite in demand.

iLINK tires Review All models with Features
iLINK tires Review

The main directions of the brand are the production of truck tires, as well as tires for buses. In addition, the company also develops the passenger sector, regularly replenishing the range.

The main task of the organization is to satisfy most of the needs of drivers, including ensuring safety, reliability, and a high level of comfort on the road. To this end, the company is actively developing its own technologies in conjunction with the experience of global manufacturers.

Advantages of iLINK tires:

  • the primary advantage of tires is their low price, due to which the maintenance of trucks is much cheaper;
  • low level of wear is ensured by the use of a special compound, uniform pressure distribution in the contact zone, as well as the structure of the tread pattern;
  • the safety of the main performance indicators throughout the entire period of use.

Among the manufactured products, a prominent place is occupied by the Ecosmart tire line, which is characterized by a high level of environmental friendliness. All models included in it are manufactured using safe components, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates of the European level. Do you want to check all Tyres Reviews for different brands?

Here is the list of top 10 best ilink tires:

  • L-Zeal 56
  • Thunder U09
  • Multimatch A/S
  • L-Max 9
  • Powercity 79
  • L-Grip 55
  • SpeedKing 07
  • L-Comfort 68
  • Terramax LSR2 A/T
  • L-Grip 66

The iLink L-Comfort 68 summer tire is installed in compact and mid-size passenger cars. An excellent choice for those who appreciate acoustic comfort, smooth running and long service life in such products, in addition to precise control and grip stability.

The profile of the running part of the tread is optimized in such a way that under load the contact patch expands, taking on an almost square shape. This enhances traction, giving the tire stability and predictability in difficult situations. At the same time, uneven wear is reduced. Numerous drainage grooves allow you to maintain these properties even on wet surfaces.

iLINK L-Comfort 68
iLINK L-Comfort 68 review

Main features of iLink L-Comfort 68

  • optimized tread profile improves handling and wear resistance;
  • enlarged drainage grooves effectively fight aquaplaning;
  • Silicon-based rubber compound improves performance on wet surfaces.

The iLINK L-Grip 55 summer tire is used in dynamic versions of compact passenger cars. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, precise handling, quiet and smooth running on bumps.

iLINK L-Grip 55
iLINK L-Grip 55 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by increased volume and multidirectional grooves. Drainage elements minimize the risk of an impermeable film of water between the tire and the road surface, which ensures reliable handling on wet surfaces. It is worth highlighting the presence in the figure of elongated high edges of blocks and lamellas, which allow under such conditions to demonstrate intensive acceleration and braking.

iLINK L-Grip 55 Key Features

  • enlarged multidirectional drainage grooves allow the tread to effectively deal with aquaplaning;
  • elongated edges of blocks and lamellas provide reliable control on wet surfaces;
  • powerful tread elements along the edges of the tread give the tire stability in turns, prevent uneven wear.

Summer tire iLink L-Grip 66 is installed mainly in compact passenger cars. Differs in balance of the main operational properties, demonstrating acoustic comfort and smoothness on the move along with control accuracy and stability of coupling.

iLINK L-Grip 66
iLINK L-Grip 66 review

The tire’s tread design features a non-directional pattern, which includes “bridges” between the large blocks in the central area. These bridges restrict the movement of the blocks and, along with a solid rib at the center, improve the tire’s directional stability and control precision. Furthermore, these bridges create transverse edges that enhance the tire’s grip on wet surfaces. Additionally, the tire includes numerous drainage grooves that decrease the risk of hydroplaning. It is worth mentioning that these grooves have a substantial volume, which further enhances the tire’s wet weather performance.

Main features of iLink L-Grip 66

  • rigid “bridges” between the blocks in the central part increase directional stability and control accuracy;
  • wide blocks along the edges improve stability when maneuvering, reduce wear;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning

The iLink L-Max 9 summer tire is installed in small commercial vehicles. It is characterized by fuel efficiency, quiet and smooth running even on uneven pavement, high stability on wet surfaces.

iLINK L-Max 9
iLINK L-Max 9 review

The running part of the tread contains more than 700 Z-shaped sipes. Such slots significantly increase traction and deceleration intensity on wet surfaces, and due to their shape they reduce the noise level when driving. Zigzag longitudinal ribs in the central part reduce rolling resistance and increase directional stability. The enlarged shoulder zones allow the tire to maintain stability when maneuvering and prevent uneven wear.

Main features of iLink L-Max 9

  • a large number of sipes and their Z-shape provides high traction and deceleration intensity on wet surfaces;
  • the wavy shape of the longitudinal drainage grooves reduces noise when driving;
  • enlarged shoulder zones increase control accuracy and stability when maneuvering, reduce wear.

The iLink L-Strong 36 summer tire is installed in light commercial vehicles. It is characterized by a low tendency to aquaplaning, stability of grip properties in any road conditions, fuel efficiency and long mileage before replacement.

iLINK L-Strong 36
iLINK L-Strong 36 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of the elements. Together with an optimized tire profile, this increases the contact patch and allows the pressure to be evenly distributed over the road surface. As a result, in addition to increased grip and stability, handling is improved and wear is reduced. Numerous transverse edges, formed by both grooves and sipes, allow the tire to accelerate and decelerate intensively on wet surfaces.

Main features of iLink L-Strong 36

  • increased tread elements and optimized tire profile improves grip, handling and wear resistance;
  • transverse grooves and sipes increase traction and deceleration on wet surfaces.

The iLink L-Zeal 56 summer tire fits most of today’s popular compact and mid-size passenger cars. Differs in the high level of comfort and reliability of coupling in the most difficult road conditions.

iLINK L-Zeal 56
iLINK L-Zeal 56

The balance of operational properties is largely due to the asymmetric structure of the tread pattern. Its outer side with a larger footprint improves dry traction. In turn, the increased content of drainage grooves and sipes on the inside ensures efficiency on wet surfaces.

Main features of iLink L-Zeal 56

the massive dimensions of the elements on the outer side of the tread increase stability on a dry surface;
a large number and variety of drainage grooves and slots on the inside of the tread provide grip on wet surfaces;
Elastic rubber compound and multi-step tread design provide a quiet and smooth ride.

The all-season tire for passenger cars iLINK Multimatch A/S is developed taking into account the specific features of the so-called “European” winters. It features improved traction and grip on wet and snowy surfaces, ease of operation, fuel efficiency, and smooth running.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a V-shaped arrangement of grooves. Due to the direction against the movement and the curved shape, such drainage elements intensively remove not only water from under the tire but also its mixture with snow and road dirt. The long transverse walls of the blocks provide excellent traction and intensive braking on wet and snowy surfaces. The massiveness of the elements along the edges of the tread and the compound rib in the middle increase grip stability in straight-line driving and cornering stability.

Key features of iLINK Multimatch A/S

  • V-shaped grooves intensively remove water and its mixture with snow and road dirt;
  • elongated curved edges of the blocks provide excellent traction and directional stability on snow;
  • Rigid shoulder zones improve handling precision and traction stability in corners.

The all-season tire for commercial vehicles iLINK Multimile A/S is designed for long and intensive use on roads with any surface quality. It is characterized by a stable grip on wet and snowy surfaces, increased load capacity and long service life.

The tread pattern is dotted with densely cut sipes. The hundreds of sharp edges they form allow the tire to maintain a stable grip on the most slippery winter surfaces. Another feature of the pattern is the closed design of the shoulder zones. Their increased width and pronounced trapezoidal profile reduce the risk of uneven wear and tear, provide ease of control and reliable cornering grip. The central part, on the contrary, contains a large number of elements. The multidirectional curved edges of the blocks allow intensive acceleration and braking even on snow.

Key Features of iLINK Multimile A/S

high density of cutting of sipes provides efficiency on slippery winter roads;
optimized design of the shoulder zones prevents uneven wear of the tread, increases stability and control accuracy at high speed;
Numerous blocks in the central part increase traction on snow.

The iLink Powercity 77 summer tire is designed for compact passenger cars. The set of operational properties is selected taking into account specific urban conditions. Differs in the increased stability and intensity of deceleration on a wet surface, quiet and smooth running.

The tread pattern has a non-directional design, typical for tires in this category. Rigid elements in the central part increase directional stability at high speed, reduce rolling resistance and uneven wear. In turn, large edge blocks prevent slipping during maneuvering, while giving control at the same time.

Main features of iLink Powercity 77

  • rigid ribs in the central part reduce rolling resistance, increase directional stability, and prevent uneven wear;
  • enlarged edge blocks improve stability and control accuracy when maneuvering;
  • A special compound enhances grip on wet surfaces.

This mid-size passenger car summer tire is specifically designed with a focus on comfort. Its operational features are carefully chosen to deliver dependable handling on both dry and wet surfaces, as well as enhanced smoothness over bumps and reduced noise levels.

The tread pattern is replete with sipes, which not only improve grip on wet surfaces, but also, by providing blocks and ribs with some mobility, increase smoothness and slow down wear. Another feature of the tread design is the increased width of the longitudinal drainage grooves, which ensures high resistance to hydroplaning even at high speeds. Efficiency on dry surfaces is largely achieved by the rigidity of the shoulder blocks. Such elements give the tire a significant margin of stability when cornering, providing the driver with transparent feedback on the steering wheel.

Main features of iLINK Powercity 79

  • Numerous lamellas improve traction on wet surfaces, give additional softness, and prevent rapid wear of the tread;
  • enlarged drainage grooves minimize the risk of hydroplaning;
  • Optimized profile and larger blocks at the edges of the tread provide stability and precise control of the car in the corner.

Summer tire iLink SpeedKing 07 is designed for the most dynamic modifications of passenger cars. It features a design adapted to the extreme loads that occur when driving at high speed.

The tread pattern is made in a spectacular design with V-shaped drainage grooves. Together with their increased volume, this reduces the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum. A solid rib in the center, due to its rigidity, increases directional stability, reducing rolling resistance. The shoulder blocks arranged in pairs form elongated transverse edges, which give the tire high traction and braking intensity, especially on wet surfaces.

Key Features of iLink SpeedKing 07

  • a wide solid rib in the center ensures control accuracy and directional stability;
  • enlarged drainage grooves prevent hydroplaning;
  • massive U-shaped blocks along the edges of the tread provide stability when maneuvering.

The iLink Terramax LSR1 A/T summer tire is installed in pickup trucks and SUVs. It is characterized by stability of coupling properties, both on the highway and rough terrain.

The tread pattern is made in an open design. It is distinguished by the complex shape of the blocks, especially in the central part. It increases the number of coupling edges, providing their multidirectional arrangement. As a result, grip properties are not only enhanced, but also become more stable, especially on unpaved surfaces. Each block has several lamellas narrow slots. They improve traction on wet pavement.

Main features of iLink Terramax LSR1 A/T

  • polygonal blocks in the central part enhance grip, giving it greater stability;
  • trapezoidal profile of the shoulder blocks increases stability when maneuvering;
  • the optimized shape of the running part of the tread increases the contact patch, ensures uniform pressure distribution over the road surface.

Designed for pickups and SUVs, the iLink Terramax LSR2 A/T summer tire offers versatility as it performs equally well on paved roads and various dirt surfaces.

The running part of the tread is made in a rather aggressive design. Open shoulder zones with high trapezoidal profile blocks improve grip when maneuvering, increase traction on off-road. A centrally located row of longitudinal blocks improves steering precision and reduces rolling resistance. Multi-directional sipes enhance traction, give them high stability on wet surfaces.

Main features of iLink Terramax LSR2 A/T

  • open shoulder zones with trapezoidal profile blocks increase stability when maneuvering and traction off-road;
  • a longitudinal rib of blocks in the center provides precise control, and reduces rolling resistance;
  • Multi-directional sipes improve tread performance on wet surfaces.

The iLINK Thunder U09 Summer Tire is an Ultra High-Performance Tire with performance to match. It is distinguished by stable grip and sporty handling at any speed, the ability to slow down intensively on wet surfaces, low noise, and high mileage.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetric design with a predominance of large densely spaced elements. This significantly increases the contact patch, and in combination with the optimization of the profile of the entire tread as a whole, it ensures uniform tire pressure on the road surface. The result is improved grip stability, especially when manoeuvring, and the driver feels lighter in steering thanks to more transparent feedback on the steering wheel. A feature is the presence of numerous long transverse edges. They maintain high traction and braking forces on wet surfaces.

Key Features of iLINK Thunder U09

  • dense arrangement of tread elements, a special shape of the profile of the running part of the tire improve grip and handling;
  • increased rigidity of the carcass and sidewalls provide grip stability at high speed;
  • a large number of transverse edges allows intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces.

Winter tire iLink IL868 Winter is designed for installation on cars of various classes. The model replaced its predecessor and appeared on the market in 2019. It harmoniously combines improved performance with ease of execution.

The tire tread has four ribs and an asymmetric structure, which is often used in more expensive models. In this regard, performance characteristics have been significantly improved, including grip, cornering stability, wear, etc.

The outer tread zone is formed by two ribs that differ from each other in size. One edge is represented by V-shaped blocks, the second by rectangular ones. As for the inner zone, it consists of diamond-shaped elements. Thanks to this variety of shapes, a tighter fit of the contact patch to the road surface is achieved, adhesion and removal of moisture and snow are improved.

The drainage system of the tire is represented by three circumferential channels into which the diagonal and transverse grooves open. Together, they provide instant removal of excess moisture, increasing the stability of the car, both on snowy and wet roads.

Main features of iLINK IL868 Winter

  • a special compound that always remains elastic;
  • a noise reduction system that provides acoustic comfort when driving on any road;
  • Numerous blocks and lamellas increase traction, making the ride safe;
  • improved wear resistance due to additives in the compound increased the service life of the model by 18% compared to the previous one.

Another model from a well-known Chinese brand, which has already managed to establish itself in Russia and the CIS countries. The iLink IL989 Winter is a light truck tire for winter applications with improved flotation, fuel economy and excellent handling.

A number of technologies were used in the model, which made it possible to significantly improve performance. Among these, NanoBalans is a compound mixing method performed at the molecular level. This increases the strength of ionic bonds and increases the overall strength by 40%. As a result, the tire has become characterized by minimal rolling resistance, which increased its fuel efficiency.

Note that advanced computer simulation technologies were used to develop the model. This made it possible to create a tread with a special structure a symmetrical structure with four ribs. Two of them contain polygonal blocks that help improve directional stability, increase edge effect, maneuverability and reduce braking distances. Due to the large shoulder area, the contact patch has increased significantly. This had a positive effect on stability under various weather conditions.

In addition, all elements are equipped with three-dimensional sipes that increase grip and minimize block movement.

Main features of iLINK IL989 Winter

  • the use of numerous technologies that increase performance;
  • LowSound noise reduction system;
  • increased strength of the sidewalls due to the Strong Sidewalls technology;
  • 3D sipes for improved grip and braking.

Introducing the iLink L-Snow96, a high quality winter tire for passenger cars. The model provides confident behavior of transport on a snowy, wet and slippery road. This is largely due to the special composition of the compound containing a number of special additives. In addition, during its creation, NanoBalans technology was used, which ensures thorough mixing of all components at the molecular level. This factor had a positive effect on the elasticity of rubber, and also significantly reduced abrasive wear, increasing the life of the model.

The tire tread has an asymmetric arrangement of elements with little directionality. In the center there is a stiffening rib, which has wavy lamellas. Thanks to this structure, directional stability and stability of the behavior of vehicles during turns are achieved. Ribs in the mid-zone help improve agility and maintain control on various road surfaces. They contain Z-shaped blocks. The latter are responsible for increasing contact with the roadway.

Key Features of iLINK L-Snow96

  • good controllability due to the block structure and stiffeners;
  • improved road contact due to the developed system of sipes and a wide contact patch;
  • the braking distance is reduced by 4% compared to previous models;
  • increased resource due to special additives in the compound and uniform distribution of tire pressure.

Winter tire iLINK SnowGripper II with directional tread pattern and advanced lamella system. It is installed on a wide range of cars, including SUVs. It is characterized by increased traction on loose snow, a high level of driving comfort and an extended mileage.

In the central zone, the tread is represented by a wide rib with a V-shaped pattern direction. Complemented by a large number of lamellas, this element contributes to maintaining the stability of vehicles on a winter road, ensuring transparency of management. Wide side blocks with a network of notches guarantee confident maneuvering and minimize the risk of skidding.
The network of lamellas, combined with deep, diagonal channels, prevents hydroplaning and slashing. With their help, water and sludge are removed from the contact zone.
In addition to good handling on winter roads, the model is distinguished by low noise levels and vibration absorption properties.

Key Features of iLINK SnowGripper II

  • increased traction on a snowy road due to numerous hooks;
  • improved drainage eliminates aquaplaning;
  • The directional tread pattern helps maintain control at various speeds.

The asymmetric winter tire iLink GL868 Winter is designed for installation on SUVs and crossovers. The model is characterized by a developed network of sipes that increase grip on wet and slippery surfaces, maintaining a high level of control.

The central part of the tread is represented by two longitudinal ribs having a block structure. The blocks themselves are located at an angle and are separated by grooves. This structure provides a quick removal of excess moisture, snow and dirt, improving traction characteristics. Three wide longitudinal channels are also provided for cleaning the contact zone.

The side zone is equipped with block structures separated by wide grooves. In addition to drying the contact zone, they increase traction. And the denser compound used here minimizes the risk of tire deformation during maneuvers.

Special attention should be paid to zigzag-type lamellas, densely covering all elements. They have a diagonal and transverse arrangement, which significantly increases grip and minimizes the risk of slashing and aquaplaning.

Main features of iLINK GL868 Winter

  • a developed network of lamellas, contributing to the improvement of coupling characteristics;
  • fast water and snow disposal thanks to diagonal and transverse channels;
  • stability in turns due to the use of a denser compound in the sidewalls;
  • long service life thanks to minimization of abrasive wear.

Summer tire iLink L-Finder 78 is installed in crossovers. Structurally, it is a classic model of the High Terrain category, demonstrating maximum efficiency on expressways.

The running part of a protector differs in massiveness of humeral zones. The blocks that form them, in addition to their large dimensions, are distinguished by a very high resistance to transverse deformation, which increases stability and control accuracy when maneuvering. The rib in the center of the tread is made solid, due to which directional stability at high speed is improved, rolling resistance is reduced.

Key Features of iLink L-Finder 78

  • increased contact patch due to optimized tread profile;
  • rigid wide shoulder blocks improve stability and control accuracy when maneuvering;
  • a continuous rib in the center reduces rolling resistance, increases directional stability at high speeds.

The iLink L-Grip 16 summer tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars today. It features improved performance on asphalt pavement with reduced traction from water.

The running part of the tread is distinguished by increased sizes of longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part. Being volumetric drives, such elements fight hydroplaning with very high efficiency. Centrally located solid rib provides directional stability and control precision, reduces rolling resistance. Enlarged blocks at the edges allow you to safely perform even sharp maneuvers.

Main features of iLink L-Grip 16

  • enlarged drainage grooves minimize hydroplaning;
  • a solid rib in the center improves control accuracy and directional stability;
  • wide blocks on the edges prevent side drift and uneven wear.

The iLINK L-Grip 56 summer tire is designed for use in the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. Even at the highest speed, it is distinguished by stable traction, braking performance on wet and dry surfaces, sporty refinement in handling.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design with a predominance of massive elements in it. The resulting high rigidity improves traction and improves steering precision at high speeds and prevents uneven wear. The optimized tread profile and the use of a breaker with an increased number of layers in the cord enhance these properties. It is also worth noting the use of a compound with a high content of “silica” and a package of polymers in the composition. Such a rubber compound is not only wear-resistant, but also has a low tendency to overheat, tear and crack.

Main features of iLINK L-Grip 56

  • sports refinement in handling due to the optimized profile of the sidewalls and the running part, the increased rigidity of the breaker;
  • a large volume and number of drainage grooves allows you to effectively deal with aquaplaning;
  • special compound resistant to wear, tearing and overheating.

The iLink L-Power 28 summer tire is designed for small commercial vehicles and minivans. Differs in the increased stability on a wet covering, a silent and smooth course.

The running part of the tread has an optimized profile. It expands the contact patch and ensures uniform pressure on the road surface. As a result, dry grip is enhanced and more stable. These properties are additionally enhanced by the massiveness of the blocks of the shoulder zones. Elements in the central part, forming two longitudinal rows, improve traction properties.

Main features of iLink L-Power 28

  • optimized tread profile improves grip and handling, reduces wear unevenness;
  • open design of the central part increases traction;
  • enlarged shoulder blocks improve stability when maneuvering.

The iLink L-Sport 26 summer tire is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars, their most dynamic versions. The operational properties are selected to ensure maximum efficiency under extreme loads that occur at high speeds.

The asymmetric running part of the tread is characterized by massive elements. This increases the contact patch and with it the grip strength and stability. Large blocks along the edges of the tread increase stability and control accuracy in turns, preventing uneven wear. Narrow solid rib on the outside reduces driving noise. A similar element in the center of the tread improves directional stability and reduces rolling resistance.

Main features of iLink L-Sport 26

  • large blocks along the edges of the tread increase stability in turns, prevent wear;
  • a solid rib in the center reduces “yaw” on a straight line and rolling resistance;
  • Enlarged drainage grooves prevent hydroplaning.

The commercial tire iLINK L-Strong 99+ is designed for long and intensive use in minibuses and light trucks. It is characterized by fuel efficiency, increased load capacity and shock resistance, reliable handling on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in a closed design, classic for commercial tires. Continuous longitudinal ribs are resistant to deformation, which reduces wear, reduces fuel consumption, and provides directional stability and control accuracy at high speed. Zigzag longitudinal grooves, due to their shape and increased volume, effectively combat hydroplaning and prevent stones from getting stuck in the tread.

Key Features of iLINK L-Strong 99+

  • closed design of the tread pattern with continuous longitudinal ribs reduces wear and fuel consumption, improves directional stability at high speed, provides driving comfort;
  • wide grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning;
  • a special shape of the tread profile improves grip and handling, slows down the wear process.

The iLink L-Travel summer tire is used in crossovers. It features improved grip on wet surfaces, smooth and quiet running, fuel efficiency.

The running part of the tread is made in a non-directional design with an increased number of blocks. They have an original S-shape, which ensures the formation of a large number of differently directed edges in the contact patch. This gives the coupling properties high stability. Efficiency on wet surfaces is ensured by numerous wicking grooves and sipes cut into blocks.

Main features of iLink L-Travel 18

  • a continuous longitudinal rib in the center provides directional stability and reduces rolling resistance;
  • S-shaped blocks enhance grip, prevent uneven wear;
  • Wide drainage grooves and sipes improve performance on wet surfaces.

iLINK Topforce M/T is a mud tire for off-road vehicles that operate in difficult conditions. It is characterized by confident passage of areas with loose and rocky soil, reliable protection against damage and its versatility.

The model was developed specifically for off-road use, where it demonstrates good grip and traction. This was achieved through the use of a block structure of the tread pattern. In the central part these are wavy elements with sharp edges, in the shoulder part they are elongated, rectangular with a diagonal orientation. Together, they form a large network of grips that effectively cope even with difficult off-road conditions. An important addition is their remoteness from each other. 

Due to the channels formed in this way, self-cleaning and rapid removal of excess moisture from the contact zone is realized.

During development, the manufacturer paid special attention to the composition of the compound. Along with silica, it contains special polymers that increase grip intensity and also reduce tread wear. All this was reflected in the operational resource, making it longer.

Key Features of iLINK Topforce M/T

  • mud tire for powerful off-road vehicles operated in mixed conditions (asphalt off-road);
  • wavy and rectangular blocks provide increased traction on the ground;
  • fast self-cleaning due to wide channels maintains the performance of the tread elements under any conditions.

Summer tire iLINK Tourways 52 for commercial vehicles (vans, light trucks) used in urban areas. The model is distinguished by confident directional stability, increased strength and low resistance to air masses.

The rubber compound of the tire is represented by a composition with a set of polymer compounds that not only maintain grip on wet roads, but also minimize abrasive wear. This was reflected in the duration of the period of operation, making it longer.
As for the tread, it is designed specifically for urban and regional roads. In the central part there are two ribs consisting of block structures. On the one hand, this contributes to maintaining the stability of transport on straight sections of the road and preserves the sensitivity of control. And on the other hand, it optimizes grip with the roadway due to numerous hooking edges.

Main Features of iLINK Tourways 52

  • installation on light cargo transport in the summer;
  • durable frame and protection against mechanical damage increases the service life;
  • directional stability due to the rib structure of the central tread zone.

The iLink Wildwolf M/T summer tire is installed in pickups and SUVs. Shows the greatest efficiency on ground coverings with the reduced and average bearing capacity. In such conditions, it compares favorably with consistently high traction, directional stability and smoothness on the go.

The tread pattern has an open design typical of Mud Terrain tires. A distinctive feature is the location of the blocks, in which transverse S-shaped edges are formed in the contact patch, stretching across the entire tread. Together with the high block height, this provides the tire with excellent off-road traction. In the central part, the elements are arranged in pairs. This allows the vehicle’s weight to be evenly distributed over the road surface and reduces rolling resistance.

Key Features of iLink Wildwolf M/T

  • tread pattern with elongated S-shaped transverse edges provides high traction on off-road;
  • the pair arrangement of blocks in the central part reduces rolling resistance, allows you to distribute pressure evenly over the surface.

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