Interco Tires Review: All models with Features for 2023

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of Interco Tires, including their features, performance, and overall value for money. We will also discuss the different types of Interco Tires available in the market and which one would be best suited for your specific needs.

Interco Tires Review All models with Features
Interco Tires Review

who makes interco tires?

This North American company first made a name for itself in 1968, when the 78-series tire was introduced to the market, designed for light trucks and pickups. It was this tire that became the founder of this category of tire products. Today, Interco is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance tires for 4x4s and pickups.

All tires in this 15-model range are designed for most modern 4×4 SUVs, pickups and light trucks. This diversity allows for a personalized approach to the customer, who gets a rare opportunity today to choose an off-road tire for a well-defined purpose. Despite their different uses, all tires share one characteristic high comfort and grip on paved roads without sacrificing unsurpassed flotation performance.

The range of racing tires is represented by 7 tires designed for a wide range of sports disciplines, from circuit racing tires to cross-country racing.

Interco Ground Hawg RV Review

The Interco Ground Hawg RV tire excels in stony ground, swamp, gravel, sand and snow. This tire is specially made at the request of American farmers for their “trucks”. It allows you to work freely in their fields. After lengthy tests, this model showed quite high performance, so they began to boldly use it in motorsport. The Interco Ground Hawg RV tire feels great on high-speed dirt tracks, regardless of weather conditions.

Interco Ground Hawg RV Review
Interco Ground Hawg RV Review

When developing the tread, the company’s specialists focused on cross-country ability and reliability, and they managed to achieve this. The specially designed tread pattern has large massive blocks, which gave the tire increased self-cleaning, resulting in increased handling and flotation. The massive central row of twin blocks provides a confident straight-line movement on various road surfaces.

The reinforced shoulder area, which has massive blocks, provides not only excellent lateral protection against external damage, but also gives the tire increased handling during maneuvers. To increase the strength, a special reinforced cord was used in the production of the carcass, which helps the tire to cope with increased loads. The blocks located on the tread have rather sharp edges that tightly “bite” into any road surface. The tire, due to its excellent characteristics, has gained great popularity among consumers.

Key features of the Interco Ground Hawg RV tire

  • excellent cross-country ability and controllability are obtained due to optimally selected tread blocks and distances between them;
  • increased reliability is obtained as a result of the use of a special reinforced cord and reinforced side tread zones;
  • Excellent directional stability is provided by the central row of dual blocks.

Interco Irok Review

The Interco Irok tire is specially designed for real SUVs. During its development, it took all the many years of experience accumulated by specialists to create a model that has such excellent traction. In snow, mud and rock, this tire performs wonders in handling and flotation. This effect is achieved due to the unique tread pattern, which has special elements for working with various types of soils and a directional block pitch.

Interco Irok Review
Interco Irok Review

Excellent cross-country ability is obtained by increasing self-cleaning, which is achieved by optimally selected tread blocks and the distances between them, through the use of computer simulations. Also, during the production of the tread, a special rubber compound was used, which increased the wear resistance of the tread and retained the elasticity of the rubber, regardless of temperature. Massive blocks located in the shoulder area protect the Interco Irok tire from possible damage and cuts, which makes driving safe and confident.

By purchasing this tire, SUV owners will always be confident in its behavior, regardless of the road surface or off-road. At the end of production, the tire undergoes a thorough quality control, electronic and visual, so it meets all international standards.

Main features of the Interco Irok tire

  • increased wear resistance is obtained as a result of a combination of increased tread depth and a special rubber compound;
  • -excellent cross-country ability achieved as a result of the development of a special tread with optimally matched blocks, using computer simulation;
  • increased reliability and safety are obtained as a result of a reinforced side zone and the manufacture of a frame of increased strength.

Interco Irok ND Review

The Interco Irok ND tire is used on SUVs. This tire is also called climber. When it was created, the company’s specialists focused on cross-country ability, so they had to use all their experience to achieve maximum results. In this regard, this model has excellent performance characteristics, regardless of the road surface on which it is used. Over the years, this tire has established itself as the most versatile off-road tire. Peat bogs, sandy soils, stones, snow all this is the element of this tire. Despite its universal qualities, the tire is increasingly found on “charged” off-road vehicles specially designed for the Jeep Trial.

Specially designed tread with massive blocks has excellent handling and flotation. The company’s specialists did not bypass the reliability of the tire. During the production process, a special reinforced cord and a unique rubber compound were used, which, in combination, gave the Interco Irok ND tire increased strength and made it possible to perfectly withstand the increased loads that occur in off-road conditions.

By choosing this tire, you will always be in control of the situation on the road, regardless of the condition of the road surface and not worry about your safety. The tire meets all international quality standards.

Main features of the Interco Irok ND tire

  • the use of a special tread pattern made it possible to achieve maximum performance in off-road conditions;
  • -special rubber compound and reinforced carcass provide increased tire resistance to overloads and protect it from possible damage;
  • a large number of slots on the tread increase grip on various road surfaces.

Interco Narrow SS Review

All season tire Interco Narrow SS is designed for SUVs and pickups. Despite the aggressive design, the model demonstrates good performance not only on unpaved surfaces, but also on asphalt roads, differing in such conditions in driving reliability and acoustic comfort.

Interco Narrow SS Review
Interco Narrow SS Review

To a large extent, the versatility of this tire is due to the tread pattern, in which large blocks in the central part are located longitudinally. This reduces rolling resistance and heat during long-term driving at high speed, provides good directional stability and controllability. The shoulder zones are maximally open and contain massive high blocks, one protruding beyond the tread. This allows you to effectively implement the traction force even on loose, unstable soil surfaces. Under such conditions, a special rubber compound with increased resistance to any mechanical damage provides the tire with a long service life.

Main features of Interco Narrow SS

  • wide longitudinal blocks in the central part reduce rolling resistance and heating, increase directional stability;
  • high blocks along the edges of the tread increase traction and stability on unpaved surfaces;
  • A special compound that is resistant to abrasion, punctures and cuts, provides reliability and long service life in difficult off-road conditions.

Interco Original TSL Review

The Interco Original TSL tire compares favorably with numerous analogues by its excellent adaptation to operation on roads of satisfactory quality, which are the majority in our country. At the same time, it exhibits excellent grip, which remains very reliable despite the influence of environmental factors. This is entirely the merit of advanced technological solutions, many of which have demonstrated their effectiveness on previous models from Interco.

Interco SS-M16 Review

Tire Interco SS-M16 is used on SUVs and is a universal model. Certain design features have been specially developed for mixed use, in this regard, the tire has proven itself well on off-road and on paved roads. The tire while driving on the highway has a small noise level and holds the road perfectly.

Interco SS-M16 Review
Interco SS-M16 Review

This is a great model that fills the gap between road tires and aggressive all-terrain tires. The tire has a rather original design and will make your car stand out.

Tire Interco SS-M16 is produced on the latest equipment using the latest technical advances. A specially designed unique tread pattern, consisting of optimally matched blocks, made it possible to achieve excellent performance. The use of an optimized rubber compound has improved wear resistance and increased grip on the road surface.

Since these tires must perfectly cope with increased loads and have increased strength, a special reinforced cord was used in their production, and the shoulder areas received more massive blocks. It is also worth paying attention to the central row of blocks, which provides excellent directional stability. The tire is very popular among off-road enthusiasts.

Main features of the Interco SS-M16 tire

  • excellent grip with any road surface is achieved as a result of the use of a unique rubber compound and a special tread pattern;
  • -increased resistance to damage and increased loads was achieved as a result of improved frame design and strengthening of the shoulder areas.
  • blocks located in the center and in the shoulder area provide excellent control, both in straight-line traffic and when cornering.

Interco SSR Review

The Interco SSR tire is an all-season model for SUVs. It has excellent off-road qualities, while it is quite versatile, it feels great both on asphalt and off-road. On wet pavement, it behaves like a regular road tire, it is quite soft, does not make noise, handles well and holds the road. In addition, it has excellent damping properties. It is the best choice for serious expeditions, various off-road trips, as well as outdoor activities.

Interco SSR Review
Interco SSR Review

A specially designed deep tread with notches on the checkers is famous for its flotation and handling. The special radial cord, 2-ply sidewall and 6-ply tread made the Interco SSR tire very reliable, both in terms of resistance to increased loads and protection from various external damage. Two zigzag rows of blocks in the center of the tread provide excellent directional stability and handling.

Additional elements in the shoulder areas increase its reliability from lateral damage and cuts. A special rubber compound not only increased grip, but also increased the service life. All these qualities, combined with low cost, have made the tire quite popular among those who love real off-road driving. At the same time, the tire meets many quality standards, which allows you not to worry about its reliability and your safety.

Main features of the Interco SSR bus

  • excellent all-weather performance characteristics are obtained as a result of a combination of optimally located tread elements and special additives in the rubber compound;
  • increased reliability is achieved as a result of a specially designed carcass consisting of a reinforced cord and several layers;
  • a low noise level is obtained as a result of a combination of a special rubber compound and slots on the tread blocks.

Interco Super Swamper LTB Review

Tire Interco Super Swamper LTB non-directional diagonal, used on SUVs. In this tire, the company’s specialists tried to embody all the necessary performance characteristics for use in difficult off-road conditions. The tire is produced on the latest equipment and modern materials are used in the production process. All this made it possible to create a model of very high quality and meeting all international standards. Particular attention was paid to cross-country ability and handling, therefore, by purchasing this tire, you will always control the situation on the road and not be afraid of suddenly changing weather conditions.

Interco Super Swamper LTB Review
Interco Super Swamper LTB Review

The specially designed tread consists of massive blocks optimally matched using computer simulations. This made it possible to increase self-cleaning, controllability and patency. It is also worth noting the slots located on the blocks, having different depths. They improve the grip of the tire. Reinforced sidewall and carcass made of durable cord provide excellent resistance to the increased loads that occur during operation and protect the Interco Super Swamper LTB tire from external damage and cuts. 

Unique additives to the rubber compound made it possible to maintain the elasticity of the rubber under temperature extremes and increased its wear resistance.

The tire has gained increased popularity among owners of powerful SUVs who love off-road driving.

Main features of the Interco Super Swamper LTB tire

  • excellent handling and cross-country ability are obtained as a result of optimally selected tread blocks and the distances between them;
  • increased wear resistance and excellent grip on various road surfaces are achieved as a result of the use of a special rubber compound;
  • increased reliability and resistance to overloads are obtained due to the reinforced frame and shoulder areas.

Interco Super Swamper TSL Review

The Interco Super Swamper TSL is an all-season off-road tire with a directional tread pattern. Interco positions this tire as the result of a lot of experience that has resulted in a model that performs “as well as possible” in snow, mud and rocks. And when this tire began to win championships, it became quite popular and in demand. According to user reviews, this tire is well suited for use on asphalt.

This tire has 8 ply cords and performs well on rocks and rocks. Reinforced sidewalls with additional spikes allow you to move confidently on hard ground, on stones, logs, snags, rocks in a rut. Two central rows of blocks provide excellent directional stability. A special rubber compound has increased traction and reduced driving noise. The specially designed tread pattern of the Interco Super Swamper TSL provides the excellent performance required for off-road driving. 

The blocks have sharp edges that provide increased traction on various road surfaces. This is a highly elastic tire, resulting in a larger contact patch and a corresponding increase in stability and handling.

This tire has proven itself well both in off-road conditions and on ordinary roads.

Key features of the Interco Super Swamper tire

  • increased wear resistance is obtained as a result of a reinforced carcass and a new rubber compound;
  • excellent handling and stability achieved through the use of a non-directional tread pattern and rubber elasticity independent of temperature differences;
  • confidently rectilinear movement is achieved due to two rows of blocks located in the center of the tread.

Interco Super Swamper TSL/SX Review

The Interco Super Swamper TSL/SX tire is specially designed for real SUVs. In the process of its production, the company’s specialists tried to take into account all possible operating conditions in difficult off-road conditions. Therefore, this tire is characterized by increased cross-country ability and excellent handling regardless of weather conditions. By purchasing this tire, you will be in full control of the situation on the road and feel safe at any time of the year.

To achieve this, a tread pattern was specially developed, by computer simulation, with optimally located blocks. This arrangement of blocks provided increased cross-country ability and controllability. Also of great importance for improving handling and grip was a special rubber compound, which gave the rubber unique properties to maintain elasticity during temperature changes. In addition, this rubber compound, together with the increased tread depth, ensured a longer life of the Interco Super Swamper TSL/SX . The special carcass design made it possible to increase the tire’s resistance to damage and increased loads.

The tire meets all international standards, so there is no doubt about its quality.

Main features of the Interco Super Swamper TSL/SX tire

  • increased service life is obtained as a result of increased tread depth and unique additives in the rubber compound;
  • excellent cross-country ability and handling are achieved due to the optimal arrangement of the tread elements;
  • excellent stability when cornering is obtained as a result of reinforced sidewalls.

Interco TrXus AT Review

The Interco TrXus AT is an all-weather tire designed for asphalt and light off-road use. The original tread pattern immediately distinguishes this tire from all steel ones. It was specially designed for SUV owners who like to drive mostly on city roads and rarely on country roads. Off-road, the tire performed well in sandy, rocky and snowy terrain. This tire has a radial cord placement. This solution made it possible to achieve excellent indicators for tire wear (this is quite important for tires of this family) and uniformity of the tire contact patch at low pressures (this is important when driving on snow and sand).

From the operating experience, the first thing worth noting is the original (flashy) design. At high speeds, the Interco TrXus AT tire showed excellent directional stability, good braking performance on various road surfaces, with little noise effect. Due to the special rubber compound and a large number of sipes, the tire has excellent grip. A specially reinforced carcass and massive blocks located in the side zones reliably protect the tire from damage and cuts.

Main features of the Interco TrXus AT tire

  • a unique tread pattern not only distinguishes the tire from the whole variety, but also provides improved performance;
  • a large number of sipes and a unique rubber compound increase grip on various road surfaces;
  • Optimally located blocks provide excellent self-cleaning, increased throughput and controllability.

Interco TrXus MT Review

Interco TrXus MT is a high-performance tire that offers excellent directional stability. This feature is made possible by the two rows of blocks located in the center of the tread. These blocks help to maintain the tire’s stability even at high speeds, making it ideal for both on and off-road driving.

Interco TrXus MT Review
Interco TrXus MT Review

In addition to its impressive stability, the Interco TrXus MT also boasts excellent passability and self-cleaning capabilities. This is thanks to the massive blocks on the tire and the optimally selected distances between them. The large blocks help the tire to grip onto rough terrain, while the spacing between them ensures that mud and other debris are easily ejected from the tire.

The Interco TrXus MT also has an extended service life, which is achieved through a special rubber compound and increased tread depth. This means that the tire can withstand heavy use and rough terrain without needing to be replaced as frequently as other tires.

Finally, the Interco TrXus MT provides confident control when cornering. This is because of its more rigid shoulder zones, which help to prevent the tire from slipping or sliding during sharp turns. Overall, the Interco TrXus MT is a high-quality tire that is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and driving conditions.

Interco TrXus STS Review

The Interco TrXus STS all-season tire is used in pickup trucks and SUVs, a significant part of which is used off-road. Nevertheless, this is a fairly versatile model, effective, including on public roads with asphalt pavement.

The tread pattern consists of two rows of wide triangular blocks. The long and high transverse edges they form provide high traction on the ground. The significant area of ​​the elements and their location provide a large contact patch, which has a positive effect on grip and handling on paved roads. The tread profile has an optimized shape, which further improves driving performance and also reduces the level of abrasion on the tire, increasing its mileage.

Main features of Interco TrXus STS

  • long curved edges of triangular blocks increase traction on off-road;
  • the increased area of ​​the blocks, coupled with their location, improves grip and handling on asphalt roads;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch, prevents uneven wear.

Interco TSL Bias Review

Tire Interco TSL Bias is designed for cars that can really be called SUVs, have excellent off-road capability. This model belongs to the Mud Terrain category, i.е. it demonstrates all its strengths on earthen soils with a high moisture content.

Aggressive “mud” tread pattern

The development of the design of the running part of the tread was carried out for nine years. Moreover, the drawing from the previous model, which was extremely popular among off-road lovers, was taken as the basis. On earthen ground coverings, the novelty turned out to be more effective than it.

The key difference from the design of its predecessor is the design of the shoulder zones. They still contain lugs, but their width has been significantly increased. At the same time, it should be noted that the block sizes are different. Wide elements alternate with narrower ones. This solution provides an easier exit from the track, and also prevents falling into it. In addition, the area of ​​these blocks that extend onto the sidewalls of the tire has a lower height. This allows the tire not to dig into the ground when the inflation pressure has been released.

Reduced rolling resistance

This tire rolls much easier than its predecessor. This was achieved without compromising cross-country ability due to competent changes in the central part of the tread. It still contains massive blocks, but their shape and arrangement form two wide zigzag longitudinal ribs. At the same time, they are separated by a large distance, which has a positive effect on the distribution of the load over the contact patch, providing an equal value of the specific pressure on the soil over its entire area.

Exceptionally strong frame

Some of the technical solutions were “borrowed” from the previous model. Moreover, the choice was made in favor of the most effective of them. In particular, the tire received a carcass containing four steel cords. These strength elements have exceptional load-bearing capacity, ensuring integrity even under significant impact forces.

Off-road specific rubber compound

A distinctive feature of the tread compound is high rigidity. This is due to the desire of developers to give the tire maximum reliability due to resistance to mechanical stress. And they succeeded, judging by the previously released models, in which the tread is made from the same rubber compound. Throughout the entire service life declared by the manufacturer, as practice shows, the risk of punctures and cuts is minimal. At the same time, the tire demonstrates a fairly soft ride on public roads and hard ground surfaces. 

The high height of the tread blocks affects, which noticeably deviate from the vertical position, thereby providing effective damping of shocks from road bumps.

Main Features of Interco TSL Bias

  • the aggressive design of the shoulder zones with powerful lugs provides the tire with exceptional cross-country ability on viscous soil coverings from moisture;
  • two wide zigzag ribs in the center of massive blocks reduce rolling resistance, improve directional stability and acoustic comfort;
  • excellent strength and impact resistance thanks to the 4-layer all-metal frame

Interco TSL Bogger Review

The Interco TSL Bogger tire is a bogger. At the moment, this is an off-road tire unsurpassed in its quality indicators! The main element of these tires is: peat, carpet swamps, black earth and clay soils, mountainous terrain. But, best of all, the tire has proven itself in swamps. It is impossible to confuse the track from this tire with other tires! It has a unique tread pattern. For most jeepers, the tread of this tire has become a symbol associated with serious off-road.

Interco TSL Bogger Review
Interco TSL Bogger Review

A distinctive feature of the Interco TSL Bogger tire is that every third tooth of the tread is directed to the side, this allows the car to easily get out of the rut and overcome obstacles that have a vertical slope. For its outstanding earthmoving qualities, the tire has become the most common among professional athletes. Jeep Trial and Trophy Raid championships, heavy expeditions through difficult terrain where about 80 percent of cars have these tires.

Main features of the Interco TSL Bogger tire

  • The first feature is that the tire tread blocks are directed towards the edges of the tire (horizontally). This configuration of the pattern affected such a characteristic as side slip. When driving on wet clay slopes, it is necessary to take into account this specificity of the tire and, if possible, drive in the downhill or uphill direction at a right angle, or always be ready to turn the steering wheel in the uphill direction, squeeze the gas, thereby aligning the vehicle’s trajectory.
  • The second feature is that when you see the tread live, you will immediately understand that this tire was not created for asphalt pavement. The tire is almost impossible to balance (the mass of balancing weights can be several kilograms), this tire was created only for off-road use.

Interco TSL Radial Review

Interco TSL Radial light all-terrain tires from a well-known North American manufacturer are designed for all-wheel drive off-road vehicles, including specially prepared off-road vehicles, as well as pickups and light trucks.

The design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern of the tire is characterized by a combination of aggressiveness and simplicity. In the center of the tread, there are two rows of long, curved blocks, which provide the tire with excellent grip when driving on various types of surfaces. In addition, these blocks are placed with variable pitch, which significantly reduced the noise level when driving on rocky soils and public roads. 

Also, lugs located in the shoulder areas of the tread are also placed with a variable pitch. Wide and high curved lugs provide the tire with excellent flotation on loose soils. In addition, in order to protect the sidewall of the tire from punctures and cuts, the side profile of the lugs has a two-stage structure.

The Interco TSL Radial’s tread compound has been developed with off-road performance in mind, providing a combination of flexibility, abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance.

According to the manufacturer, this tire has the most aggressive design among tires designed for SUVs and light trucks, as well as softness, smooth running and low noise levels.

Main features of Interco TSL Radial

  • the aggressive design of the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern of the tire provides excellent grip on various types of surfaces;
  • low noise level, softness and smoothness when moving on hard surfaces;
  • powerful high lugs provide excellent performance on unstable soils;
  • excellent self-cleaning performance of the tread due to the depth of the pattern and the optimized distance between its elements.

Interco TSL SSR Review

All season tire Interco TSL SSR is designed for SUVs and pickups. It features improved traction on wet roads and rocky surfaces, damage-resistant sidewalls and acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern features an open design dominated by large blocks. In the central part, they are located longitudinally, due to which rolling resistance and heating are reduced when driving at high speed, and directional stability is increased. The 3-step shape of the transverse edges further enhances these properties. The blocks in the shoulder areas have curved edges, which allows better implementation of traction on off-road. A significant distance between the elements provides a high intensity of self-cleaning of the tread from soil particles.

Main features of Interco TSL SSR

  • longitudinally located blocks in the central part reduce rolling resistance and heating, improve directional stability at high speed;
  • high shoulder blocks with curved edges allow you to effectively implement traction on off-road;
  • reinforced sidewalls protect the tire from damage, ensuring reliability and long service life in the most difficult conditions.

Interco TSL Thornbird Review

Produced by a well-known North American manufacturer, the Interco TSL Thornbird is an all-terrain passenger car tire designed for SUVs, pickups and light trucks.

Interco TSL Thornbird Review
Interco TSL Thornbird Review

The non-directional symmetrical tread pattern of the tire has a very original structure. In the center of the tread there are two rows of separate blocks. A distinctive feature of each row is the alternation of blocks of various lengths and configurations, which significantly increased the area of ​​the tire’s contact patch, thereby improving grip on a hard surface. In addition, the staggered arrangement of the blocks significantly reduced the noise level, as well as reduced rolling resistance, which made driving on ordinary roads more comfortable and softer.

A distinctive feature of the Interco TSL Thornbird tire is a unique two-level design of the shoulder zones, which consist of many lugs, some of which form an additional two rows of separate blocks in the central part of the tread. When driving on the highway, only the central part of the tread pattern works, and the lugs located in the shoulder zones begin to work in both directions of movement only when they get into mud or deep snow. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the innovative tread design, one tire combines the advantages of on-road and off-road tires.

Main features of the Interco TSL Thornbird tire

  • a unique design of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern that combines the advantages of road and off-road tires in one tire;
  • excellent grip on hard surfaces due to the large area of ​​the tire contact patch;
  • low noise level is ensured by the arrangement of blocks in a checkerboard pattern;
  • softness and smoothness when driving, thanks to the use of fiberglass in the tire breaker.

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