Joyroad Tires Review: What are Best Joyroad Tires For 2023

Welcome to this Joyroad Tires review, where we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of these tires to help you make an informed decision. Joyroad is a well-known brand in the tire industry that offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable tires. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Joyroad Tires, so you can decide if they are the right choice for your vehicle. So, let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know about Joyroad Tires!

Joyroad Tires Review What are Best Joyroad Tires
Joyroad Tires Review

who makes joyroad tires?

The Joyroad brand is owned by the Chinese company Dongying Zhongyi Rubber Co. It starts in 2004. Literally, after 4 years, tires of this brand began to be supplied to many countries of the world, including Russia. This became possible due to their high quality, confirmed by numerous tests.

Now the company’s staff is represented by 1380 employees, and production is based on 15 high-tech lines with multi-level quality control. In its activities, the company actively uses the research base, represented by laboratories and institutes located in many cities in China.

To date, Joyroad tires meet many international standards and also have the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

are joyroad tires any good?

Such unique abilities of tires Joyroad have received thanks to the most powerful technological and research base. Much attention in the development of each model is paid to the tread pattern and compound, because wear resistance, thermal stability, and resistance to mechanical and abrasive effects depend on the rubber mixture. Plants for the production of winter, summer, and all-season tires Joyroad are equipped with the latest equipment, high-tech control devices. 

The entire production process is computerized as much as possible, even the protectors are created using computer simulation. Each development is a long search for the right solutions, sometimes completely non-standard. This approach sets Joyroad tires apart from existing analogs. Testing of finished products eliminates any inconsistencies with the declared parameters.

Summer tires are produced using the latest technologies, our own and borrowed ideas, in order to achieve the most effective road safety indicators. By buying Joyroad tires for the warm season, you guarantee a reduction in energy losses, which means saving money spent on fuel. Most models are designed for use on highways with occasional light off-road trips. Rubber Grand Tourer H / T, RX3 and 6, SUV RX702, Tour RX1 demonstrate excellent maneuverability, directional stability, and handling. Optimized tread patterns guarantee excellent traction and braking performance.

Key features of Joyroad tires:

  • a wide range of winter, summer, and all-season tires in numerous sizes (from R13 to R20);
  • the duration of the operating period, which is provided by the characteristics of the compound, the structure of the inner frame, and the tread pattern;
  • excellent balance, providing the comfort of movement on various road surfaces;
  • highly efficient clutch and predictable handling;
  • low price in comparison with competitors.

Tires review with all features and brand details.

Joyroad Adventure A/T Review

The Joyroad Adventure A/T summer tire is used in mid-size SUVs. The AT-class model is versatile in use, with good driving performance on the highway and on any unpaved surface. In addition, the tire compares favorably with reliability, acoustic comfort and excellent fuel efficiency for its category.

Joyroad Adventure A/T Review
Joyroad Adventure A/T Review

The tread pattern is made in a symmetrical non-directional design with a large number of large and high blocks. This structure guarantees the same efficiency in the implementation of traction when driving, both forward and backward. At the same time, the large height and length, the multidirectional edges formed by the blocks provide reliable traction off-road with a hard surface.

In addition to large sizes, the blocks differ in their arrangement in pairs. This solution not only increases the size of the tread area in contact with the road surface, but optimizes the load distribution over it. Off-road, this increases cross-country ability, and on the highway it gives additional grip stability, especially when maneuvering.

The breaker is located directly under the running part of the tread and has a reinforced structure. An additional steel cord improves several operational properties at once. Off-road, high reliability is ensured due to resistance to mechanical impact. On the highway, such a rigid “substrate” gives traction additional stability and reduces wear.

Key features of Joyroad Adventure A/T

  • tread pattern is equally effective on the highway and off-road;
  • the breaker reinforced with an additional steel cord increases reliability, improves handling and wear resistance;
  • the pair arrangement of blocks optimizes the load distribution over the contact patch.

Joyroad Grand Tourer H/T Review

Summer tire Joyroad Grand Tourer H/T is installed in pickup trucks and SUVs. It is most effective on paved roads, being a model of the High Terrain category. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, low noise and long service life.

Joyroad Grand Tourer H/T Review
Joyroad Grand Tourer H/T Review

The tread pattern is characterized by an increased number of hook edges. A significant part of them is formed by sipes, which increase efficiency on wet surfaces. The blocks in which they are cut are distinguished by their massive size and arrangement relative to each other with a variable step. This increases the contact patch, ensuring uniform pressure on the road surface. As a result, traction properties are enhanced and acquire stability, and the intensity of tread wear is significantly reduced.

Main Features of Joyroad Grand Tourer H/T

  • grip stability and comfortable handling due to the optimized arrangement of tread blocks;
  • a large number of lamellae increases stability on wet surfaces;
  • high acoustic comfort due to the location of the tread elements with variable pitch.

Joyroad HP RX3 Review

Summer tire Joyroad HP RX3 is designed for small cars. It is characterized by an attractive price-quality ratio. The model has excellent characteristics corresponding to the High Performance category. Strengths include wet grip and low noise levels.

Joyroad HP RX3 Review
Joyroad HP RX3 Review

Reliability in difficult conditions

A distinctive feature of the tread pattern is the increased number of gripping edges. Most of them are formed by lamellas, which, when in contact with the road surface, open up to form high and sharp edges that easily penetrate the water film. Some of these elements have an original V-shape. It further improves traction reliability, especially when accelerating and braking on wet surfaces.

Stability at high speed

The tread pattern is divided into five longitudinal ribs. These elements are characterized by a rigid structure and the absence of gaps along their entire length. These features provide resistance to deformation, so that the tire exhibits reliable behavior during high-speed driving and maneuvering. It is worth noting the rigidity of the frame. The multilayer cord that forms it is made using advanced winding methods. This ensures a tight arrangement of threads and the absence of any seams and joints. This solution allows the frame to maintain the original shape of the profile under the influence of even significant lateral and longitudinal accelerations. As a result, stable grip properties and reliable predictable handling are achieved.

Main features of Joyroad HP RX3

  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • reliability on wet surfaces;
  • stability at high speed

Joyroad MT200 Review

The Joyroad MT200 summer tire is designed for SUVs that are used on unpaved surfaces with low bearing capacity. The model, although it belongs to the Mud Terrain category, has good performance on paved roads.

Joyroad MT200 Review
Joyroad MT200 Review

Wide shoulder blocks

A characteristic feature of the tire tread pattern is the design of the shoulder zones. They are formed by transverse blocks. The massive dimensions of these elements increase the contact patch, ensuring a uniform distribution of the load over it. The long and curved edges formed by the blocks effectively cling to soft ground, allowing almost all of the engine’s tractive effort to be realized. This ability is additionally enhanced by a large distance between the elements, due to which the tread effectively self-cleans itself from soil particles.

Checkerboard arrangement of blocks in the center

The central part of the tread is formed by two rows of trapezoidal blocks. They are located longitudinally, thereby reducing rolling resistance, increasing directional stability. Relative to each other, these elements are located with a significant offset. On the one hand, such a design allows to optimize the distribution of the external load over the contact patch, and on the other hand, to further increase its size, increasing the grip properties on a hard surface.

Special rubber compound

The compound used in the manufacture is characterized by balanced properties. The use of modern polymers and silica has significantly increased its tensile and tensile strength. As a result, the tire can be used with reduced air pressure inside, thereby ensuring reliable overcoming of the most difficult off-road areas.

Main features of Joyroad MT200

  • it is developed especially for soil coverings with a lowered bearing capacity;
  • transverse shoulder blocks improve cross-country ability, and provide stability when maneuvering;
  • staggered central blocks optimize load distribution across the contact patch;
  • a special rubber compound allows the tire to be used with reduced air pressure inside.

Joyroad Sport RX6 Review

Summer tire Joyroad Sport RX6 is aimed at owners of dynamic passenger cars. The model is designed for long-term movement at high speed and meets all the requirements of the UHP category. It is offered in several dozen sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 16 to 22 inches.

Joyroad Sport RX6 Review
Joyroad Sport RX6 Review

Asymmetrical tread

The high performance of the tire is due to the use of a tread with an asymmetric design. It contains several functional sections operating under certain driving modes. This provides the tire with balanced performance and a high level of performance.

Spiral drainage grooves

A characteristic feature of the tire is improved hydroplaning resistance. The occurrence of this effect is prevented not only by wide longitudinal grooves, but also by special spiral slots in the central part of the tread. These elements, due to their shape, provide rapid water drainage, intensively drying the contact patch.

Composite shoulder blocks

The advantage of the tire is the grip properties when maneuvering. They are achieved by large sizes and transverse arrangement of blocks of shoulder zones. They are divided into two parts by long slits. Their zigzag shape additionally enhances the resistance of the elements to deformation during lateral accelerations, and their considerable length reduces the braking distance on slippery surfaces.

Main features of Joyroad Sport RX6

  • Asymmetrical tread design provides excellent performance in all conditions.
  • Spiral sipes improve hydroplaning resistance and wet traction
  • double blocks in the shoulder areas with zigzag grooves prevent slipping when maneuvering, reduce the length of the braking distance.

Joyroad SUV RX702 Review

Summer tire Joyroad SUV RX702 is designed for crossovers and SUVs used by their owners mainly on paved roads. The model is characterized by balanced performance properties, among which it is worth noting a long service life, acoustic comfort and predictable behavior in difficult conditions.

Joyroad SUV RX702 Review
Joyroad SUV RX702 Review

Y-shaped slats

Part of the tread blocks contains narrow slots of the original Y-shape. It expands the functionality of these elements, improving operational properties. Such lamellae increase the size of the area in contact with the road surface, increasing grip with it. The distribution of the load on it becomes more uniform, which reduces the rate of tread wear. Y-shaped sipes form numerous multidirectional sharp edges, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Stability at high speed and control efficiency

The central part of the tread contains a massive rib. It is divided into two parts by a wide drainage groove. This feature, combined with the solid structure of the longitudinal rib, provides the tire with directional stability at high speed, speed and precision in reactions to driver inputs.

Reliability on wet surfaces

One of the characteristic features of the tread is the presence of a large number of elements that improve grip on wet surfaces, as well as their diversity. It contains not only drainage grooves, but also several types of lamellae. There are drop-shaped slots in the central part. They additionally dry the surface, collecting and retaining moisture from the road surface.

Key Features of Joyroad SUV RX702

  • Y-shaped sipes improve grip on wet surfaces, reduce wear and noise levels;
  • drop-shaped slot-pumps collect and retain moisture from the road surface, preventing hydroplaning;
  • a wide double longitudinal rib in the center improves directional stability and ensures high control efficiency.

Joyroad Tour RX1 Review

Summer tire Joyroad Tour RX1 is designed for compact passenger cars. The model is offered in several dozen sizes with a bore diameter of 12 to 14 inches. The target audience of this tire are those motorists who appreciate the combination of comfort and reliable handling.

Joyroad Tour RX1 Review
Joyroad Tour RX1 Review

Optimized tread

The tire has a tread with a symmetrical non-directional design traditional for such products. The use of high-tech solutions has significantly improved its properties. One of them is the use of original crescent-shaped blocks in the central part. They form numerous gripping edges that provide the tire with maximum efficiency when starting off and picking up speed. Longitudinal rectangular blocks in the shoulder areas optimize the load distribution over the contact patch, which gives the tire additional softness on the move and prevents uneven wear.

Excellent grip on wet roads

The model is equipped with drop-shaped slots. These elements further reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning by collecting and retaining moisture from the pavement surface. The main components of the drainage system are numerous grooves. Most of them are curved. It prevents the occurrence of turbulence in the water flow, which, in combination with the direction against the movement, significantly intensifies the process of drying the contact patch.

Main Features of Joyroad Tour RX1

  • designed for compact passenger cars;
  • symmetrical tread pattern provides a high level of safety in all conditions;
  • drop-shaped sipes reduce the risk of aquaplaning;
  • double solid rib in the center reduces rolling resistance, improves stability and responsive handling at high speed.

Joyroad Van RX5 Review

The Joyroad Van RX5 summer tire is used on light commercial vehicles. The model is characterized by balanced performance properties, combining long service life, fuel efficiency, stable grip in difficult road conditions.

Special compound

The tread is made of a rubber compound, the performance properties of which were selected based on the characteristics of the use of light commercial vehicles. The compound is characterized by high tensile and tensile strength, which ensures resistance to abrasive and uneven wear, as well as long service life under heavy load of the weight of the transported cargo.

Versatility in application

The tire is adapted for use on unpaved surfaces. Its tread contains a large number of high and long gripping edges. They are formed in numerous blocks. The distance between them is large enough so that the tread does not “blur” on the ground. The grooves are curved to prevent foreign solid objects from getting stuck.

Long service life

In addition to a special rubber compound, a long service life is ensured by the design of the tread pattern. The blocks that form it are distinguished by their massive size and symmetrical arrangement. This optimizes the load distribution across the contact patch, making it uniform. It is worth noting the tread profile, which in the lateral projection is curved in such a way as to maximize the surface area in contact with the road surface.

Main features of Joyroad Van RX5

  • designed for light commercial vehicles;
  • universal protector, well adapted, including for ground coverings;
  • long service life is ensured by a special compound and an optimized tread pattern.

Joyroad Winter RX808 Review

The Joyroad RX808 winter tire is offered in dozens of sizes with a bore diameter of 13 to 18 inches. Those. the model is aimed at the widest range of car owners. In the absence of spikes, it is characterized by good grip on any winter surface, reduced noise level.

Joyroad Winter RX808 Review
Joyroad Winter RX808 Review

Aggressive V-pattern

The tire is equipped with a tread with a fairly aggressive V-shaped design. It is formed by numerous drainage grooves separating the blocks from each other. This arrangement and the number of high edges allows the tire to effectively cling to the snowy surface, especially during longitudinal accelerations. At the same time, their inclination relative to the direction of travel ensures high directional stability and low rolling resistance.

Lamellas of several types

The tread pattern contains a large number of narrow slots. Several types of such elements are used here. Wave-shaped sipes provide a contact patch with thousands of extra grip edges. At the same time, they are located in different directions, which reduces the risk of side slips, especially on packed snow and ice. It is also worth noting the wavy shape of the slots, which limits the mobility of the blocks in the transverse direction. This noticeably improves handling, providing the driver with quick and precise tire reactions to his actions. On the sides of the shoulder blocks there are lamellas that prevent side slips when maneuvering.

Main features of Joyroad RX808:

  • wide applicability, thanks to the choice from several tens standard sizes;
  • directional tread pattern improves directional stability on slippery surfaces, reduces fuel consumption and noise level;
  • several types of sipes provide reliable grip in all road conditions.

Joyroad Winter RX818 Review

Winter tire Joyroad Winter RX818 is designed not only for crossovers and SUVs, but also for light commercial vehicles. Some of the proposed standard sizes are designed for operation with a load increased to 1450 kg. In addition to strength and reliability, the model is characterized by the ability to install spikes, which can significantly improve its grip on ice if necessary.

To a large extent, grip on slippery surfaces is provided not by blocks, but by narrow slots made in them. When in contact with the road surface, they open up to form sharp edges that easily penetrate the water film. As a result, the contact patch has hundreds of such edges, providing the tire with reliable behavior in difficult winter conditions. The wavy shape of the slots limits the mobility of the blocks. This improves handling, simplifies the process of driving.

Traction in deep snow

The protector contains a large number of blocks. They are located at a great distance from each other. Combined with their considerable height, this gives the tire excellent performance on snow. The property is enhanced by the location of the faces of the blocks in the shoulder areas, which account for most of the engine traction force during longitudinal accelerations.

Main features of Joyroad Winter RX818:

  • suitable not only for SUVs and crossovers, but also for light commercial vehicles;
  • excellent performance in deep snow;
  • the possibility of installing spikes;
  • Numerous sipes improve traction on ice and packed snow.

Joyroad Winter RX826 Review

The Joyroad Winter RX826 winter tire is offered in 9 sizes with a bore diameter from 15 to 19 inches. In the absence of spikes, it provides a high level of safety on slippery winter surfaces.

Wide rib in the center

A characteristic feature of the tread pattern is a massive solid rib running exactly along its center. This element, having a high resistance to deformation, when driving at high speed, provides directional stability, speed and accuracy in the reactions of the tire to the actions of the driver.

High lamella density

The next important feature of the tread is a very dense arrangement of sipes. These narrow slits form high and very sharp edges when in contact with the road surface. It is with them that the tire clings even to a surface that is smooth from rolled snow and ice. This effect is greatly enhanced by the numerous lamellas. Their number is calculated in four digits.

Optimized tread profile

During the development of the tire, computer simulation technologies were widely used. One of the places of their use was the tread profile. Its curvature is chosen in such a way as to ensure the maximum area of ​​the contact patch, the invariance of its shape and size under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces. As a result, the tire demonstrates not only good, but also stable grip, as well as reliable and predictable behavior in difficult road conditions.

Main features of Joyroad Winter RX826:

  • a solid wide rib in the center improves directional stability, control efficiency, reduces rolling resistance;
  • several thousand three-dimensional lamellas provide confident behavior on slippery winter surfaces;
  • optimized tread profile enhances traction, gives tire response predictability.

Joyroad Winter RX858 Review

The Joyroad Winter RX858 winter tire is designed for SUVs and crossovers operating in harsh conditions. The presence of studding provides not only excellent stability on slippery roads, but also a short braking distance.

The model is equipped with a directional symmetrical tread pattern, which is distinguished by its aggressiveness. A wide central rib with a large number of transverse sipes guarantees stable control at various speeds. The “shoulders” zone contains large blocks, which are distinguished by their strength. This improves maneuverability.
Spikes, which have a special anchor-like thickening at the base, contribute to increased traction and protection against slashing. Thanks to him, a tighter fit in the “nest” is achieved and rotation and loss are excluded under increased loads.
Drainage channels are characterized by increased permeability, which contributes to the rapid evacuation of water and snow masses from the contact area. This guarantees reliable grip and increased traction on any winter road.

Main Features of Joyroad Winter RX858

  • installation on crossovers and SUVs, the operation of which takes place in severe winter conditions;
  • efficient drainage system;
  • three-dimensional sipes increase the number of gripping edges;
  • studs with an anchor-like base guarantee increased flotation on icy road surfaces.

Joyroad AT RX728 Review

All-season tire Joyroad AT RX728 is designed for SUVs. Differs in universality, relating to the All Terrain category. Available in several sizes with 75% profile for 15″ wheels. The widest versions have a tread height increased to 13.1 mm.

Joyroad AT RX728 Review
Joyroad AT RX728 Review

Universal tread pattern

In many ways, the ability of a tire to cling to almost any surface is provided by the design of its tread pattern. On the one hand, it is replete with large blocks that form high and long gripping edges, and on the other hand, they are located in such a way that low rolling resistance and large contact patch sizes are ensured.

Reliable behavior on slippery surfaces

Most of the clutch edges are formed not by blocks, but by lamellas cut into them. These elements have an S-shape and are located in different directions, which expands their functionality. In addition to traction on slippery surfaces, these slots divert water into one of the nearby drainage grooves, thereby increasing hydroplaning resistance.

Off-road capability

The shoulder zones of the tread are distinguished by a double arrangement of blocks. This solution increases the contact patch, optimizing the distribution of the load on it. At the same time, the high and long edges formed by the blocks provide the tire with maximum transmission of traction to the ground.

Key Features of Joyroad AT RX728

  • good grip on any surface, including ground;
  • a continuous longitudinal rib in the center improves stability at high speed;
  • double blocks in the shoulder areas provide grip during maneuvering, increase traction on the ground;
  • Numerous lamellas provide reliable behavior on slippery roads.

Joyroad RX501 Review

The Joyroad RX501 summer tire is designed for light commercial vehicles based on passenger cars. The model is offered in 8 versions, differing from each other, both in size and in the maximum load. All options are characterized by a long service life, good load capacity and reliability.

Confident behavior at high speed

The tire was developed taking into account the peculiarities of operation of modern commercial vehicles on asphalt roads. This is the reason for the high speed indices for this category. Compliance with these requirements is achieved through the design of the tread pattern. In its central part there is a wide continuous longitudinal rib, which is highly resistant to deformation. This provides excellent directional stability at high speed, speed and accuracy of the tire’s reactions to the driver’s actions. This solution reduces rolling resistance and with it fuel consumption.

S-shaped slats

In the central part there are also narrow S-shaped slots. It gives the tread elements multifunctionality. They improve wet grip and hydroplaning resistance. The slots optimize the distribution of the external load across the contact patch. On the one hand, this gives reliability and predictability to controllability, and on the other hand, it increases the wear resistance of the tread.

Key features of Joyroad RX501

  • designed for commercial vehicles based on passenger cars;
  • a wide choice on standard sizes and loading capacity;
  • confident behavior at high speed thanks to a solid rib in the center;
  • S-shaped sipes improve wet traction and reduce wear

Joyroad RX566 Review

The Joyroad RX566 commercial tire is designed for medium duty trucks. Designed for long-term and intensive use, primarily on city roads and regional highways. It is characterized by high mileage, increased load capacity, wear resistance, reliable grip on dry and wet surfaces. Can be installed on any axis.

Joyroad RX566 Review
Joyroad RX566 Review

The running part of the tire has an almost flat profile, which significantly reduces wear unevenness, increasing the stability of traction at high speed. The tread pattern is distinguished by the closed design and the presence of four solid ribs. These elements reduce rolling resistance, increasing wear resistance, directional stability and steering precision. The presence of numerous zigzag slots determines the tire’s ability to effectively brake on wet surfaces.

Key features of Joyroad RX566

  • flat tread profile prevents uneven wear, improves grip stability at high speed;
  • reinforced carcass increases the load capacity and impact resistance of the tire;
  • Numerous sipes provide effective braking on wet surfaces.

Joyroad SUV RX706 Review

A distinctive feature of the Joyroad SUV RX706 summer tire is its versatility in use. The model is great for SUVs, crossovers and light commercial vehicles. It is characterized by excellent load capacity for its category, a special tread rubber compound with increased resistance to punctures and cuts.

Joyroad SUV RX706 Review
Joyroad SUV RX706 Review

Solid rib in the center

A significant part of the central part of the tread is formed by a massive longitudinal rib. The absence of gaps and the large width of this element prevent its deformation under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces. With high-speed movement, this feature makes itself felt in the form of directional stability, quick and accurate reactions to steering wheel turns.

Petal blocks

The part of the tread adjacent to the shoulder zones is formed by massive blocks of an original shape resembling leaves. On the one hand, such elements increase the longitudinal traction properties, and on the other hand, they prevent uneven wear and improve acoustic comfort. This solution ensures the formation of drainage grooves, the curved shape of which and the direction against the movement significantly accelerates the removal of water from the contact patch.

Increased number of shoulder blocks

The shoulder areas of the tread are formed by transverse blocks. They have a small width, which made it possible to significantly increase the number of elements. The number of sharp edges formed by them has changed accordingly. They improve the performance of the tire when decelerating, reducing the braking distance, and on the ground, providing reliable longitudinal grip.

Key Features of Joyroad SUV RX706

  • suitable for light commercial vehicles;
  • a wide longitudinal rib in the center improves traction at high speed, makes reactions to the driver’s actions more accurate and faster;
  • petal blocks enhance longitudinal traction and coupling properties, reduce noise, and prevent uneven wear.

Joyroad Winter RX828 Review

The Joyroad Winter RX828 winter tire is designed for small commercial vehicles. On any slippery surface, it is characterized by stable grip and handling. Reduces operating costs by fuel efficiency and high mileage before replacement.

The running part of the tread has an open design with a large number of blocks. The elements are enlarged in size, which, coupled with their “chessboard” arrangement, increases the area of ​​the contact patch and optimizes the pressure on the road surface. As a result, the grip becomes more stable, and the tread is less abrasive. Efficiency on a slippery surface is provided by the edges of both blocks and lamellas cut into them.

Key features of Joyroad Winter RX828

  • the tread pattern is optimized for the operating conditions of small commercial vehicles;
  • an increased number of transverse edges improves the longitudinal traction properties;
  • Optimized tread profile improves traction and wear resistance.

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