Kapsen Tires Review: All Best Models with features For 2023

Kapsen Tires, a relatively new player in the tire industry, has gained attention for its range of affordable and reliable tires. In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Kapsen tires review and the best models available for 2023, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for all-season tires, winter tires, or performance tires, this article will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

Kapsen Tires Review All Best Models with features
Kapsen Tires Review

who makes kapsen tires?

Kapsen tires are manufactured at the factories of the Chinese company Shandong Huasheng Rubber Co., located in Shandong province. It was established in 1994. Modern equipment from leading companies in Italy, the USA, Germany, and Japan has been installed at production facilities with an area of ​​more than 900,000 square meters. The annual production of tires is about 19 million items, of which about? These are car tires.

Kapsen Tires for passenger cars

The range of Kapsen tires for passenger cars includes 11 models. All times are divided into several lines, according to the types of equipment and operating conditions. The flagship is Sportmax, which includes tires in the Ultra High-Performance category. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of quite specific models. First of all, it is DurableMax Taxi RS01, which is designed for taxi fleets. Outwardly different tread pattern from the minibus and light truck tires, which, in combination with a wear-resistant compound, provides a very long service life.

Kapsen Truck tires

Despite the fact that only every fourth tire of this brand is designed for trucks, the number of models for commercial vehicles is several dozen. The range of such tires is divided into several categories depending on the operating conditions:

  • for long-distance transportation;
  • for regional transportation;
  • for any roads;
  • for off-road.

Accordingly, in each category, there are several tire lines. Each model is designed for use in certain conditions in which they demonstrate maximum functionality and efficiency.

Do you want to check your favourite tires review with features and benefits.

Top Best Kapsen Tires For 2023

Here is the list of Top best Kapsen Tires:

  • RS26 PracticalMax H/P
  • H202 ComfortMax A/S
  • K737 Rassurer
  • S801 ComfortMax
  • RS21 PracticalMax H/T
  • K3000 Rassurer
  • H2000
  • S2000 SportMax
  • RS01 DurableMax

All Kapsen Tires

Here is the list of all kapsen tires in tabulated formate.

Kapsen Summer tiresKapsen Winter tiresKapsen All season tiresKapsen Truck tiresother Kapsen tires
ComfortMax AS H202IceMax RW 501ComfortMax 4SHS102 (master)DurableMax RS03
ComfortMax S801IceMax RW 506PracticalMax A/T RS23HS106 (trailed)PracticalMax H/P HP7
DurableMax RS01Snowshoes AW11PracticalMax H/T RS27HS166 (trailed)HS801Q
HD918Snowshoes AW33HS201 (steering)HS203
K3000HS202 (master)Eleve AT5
PracticalMax H/T RS21HS203 (master)HS208 (master)
PracticalMax HP RS26HS205 (steering)HS928 (master)
PracticalMax M/T RS25HS268 (universal)Rassurer 4S A4
Rassurer K737S02 (steering)IceMax RW 505
SportMax S2000SportMax XAS H2000
SportMax S3000

Kapsen H2000 Review

The target audience of the summer tire Kapsen H2000 are passenger cars of the most powerful and high-speed modifications. The UHP-class model is not only characterized by sporty handling and high-speed grip, but also by year-round use. The Chinese manufacturer allows the use of this tire in some regions and in winter.

Kapsen H2000 Review
Kapsen H2000 Review

Protector with functional areas

The tire has an asymmetric tread design. It contains several functional areas that improve certain properties. The inner side, in particular, with the exception of the shoulder area, provides grip in straight-line movement, and the outer side when maneuvering.

Low noise

The tread elements form five longitudinal ribs. In each of them they are located with different steps relative to each other. This feature minimizes the risk of resonant noise and vibration, which, in turn, has a positive effect on acoustic comfort.

Main features of Kapsen H2000

  • The tread design has been divided into various functional sections, featuring an asymmetric pattern.
  • To enhance acoustic comfort, the tread elements have been arranged in multiple steps.
  • The combination of SSBR and silica compound ensures dependable grip in all weather conditions.

Kapsen H202 ComfortMax A/S Review

The Kapsen H202 summer tire was developed by specialists from Shandong Huasheng Rubber, which owns this brand. Like all its products, this model is aimed primarily at European motorists who have very strict requirements for tires. In order to comply with them, modern technological solutions were applied, not only in the design of the tire, but also in the materials used in its manufacture.

Kapsen H202 ComfortMax A/S Review
Kapsen H202 ComfortMax A/S Review

In particular, the compound consists mostly of silica. It provides the tread with increased grip on roads that are cold from the rain. In turn, special polymers help it maintain its integrity when driving at high speed.

One of the partners of the developer company is the Bridgestone concern. Some of his technology has found application in tread design. The shape of its profile is chosen in such a way that the contact patch remains unchanged in any mode of motion. This makes the tire balanced in most performance properties, from grip to acoustic comfort.

The next feature of this model is the shape of the blocks in the center of the tread, which is why they are very similar to the blades. This design improves hydroplaning resistance.

Main features of Kapsen H202:

  • A tire compound that has a significant amount of silica content can enhance its grip on wet roads and extend its lifespan.
  • The implementation of petal-shaped blocks at the center of the tire tread minimizes the risk of hydroplaning and enhances the tire’s performance during longitudinal acceleration.
  • By adopting an optimized profile shape, the tire’s behavior can be more reliable and predictable, providing better safety and stability on the road.

Kapsen K3000 Rassurer Review

Summer tire Kapsen K3000 is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by sporty precision in handling, stability and good traction at high speed, stability on wet surfaces.

Kapsen K3000 Rassurer Review
Kapsen K3000 Rassurer Review

The tread pattern has a directional asymmetrical design. Massive rigid elements prevail in it, due to which the grip properties remain stable even during dynamic maneuvering and movement at high speed. The drainage grooves between the longitudinal ribs have an increased volume, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum. Numerous transverse edges allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces.

Main features of Kapsen K3000

  • By improving grip during dynamic maneuvering, the optimized tread profile and reinforced breaker add a touch of sporty refinement to the handling.
  • Directional stability is enhanced while reducing uneven wear thanks to the rigid longitudinal ribs and massive shoulder blocks.
  • The enlarged drainage grooves facilitate high-speed driving on wet roads. A driver can confidently navigate such conditions with ease.

Kapsen K737 Rassurer Review

Summer tire Kapsen K737 Rassurer is designed for powerful versions of compact and mid-size passenger cars. It belongs to the Ultra High Performance category, demonstrating all their inherent driving properties, from excellent grip on wet surfaces to stability and precise handling in corners.

The tire is offered with two non-symmetrical tread patterns. In the sizes with the largest width, it contains a wide continuous longitudinal rib in the middle. It further improves grip stability, making it easier to drive at high speeds. In both versions, the shoulder zones have hypertrophied dimensions, occupying more than half of the tread area. The blocks located here provide stability and precision in steering when cornering.

Main features of Kapsen K737 Rassurer

  • a wide longitudinal rib in the middle facilitates the process of control at high speed;
  • massive blocks along the edges of the tread provide stability and sporty refinement in handling with dynamic maneuvering;
  • elongated transverse edges of the blocks and sipes allow intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces.

Kapsen RS01 DurableMax Review

The Kapsen RS01 commercial tire is designed for light trucks and minibuses. As a very recent model on the market, it is characterized by high performance including long life and reliability.

Kapsen RS01 DurableMax Review
Kapsen RS01 DurableMax Review

The key tread feature of this tire is the center section design. It consists of two rows of large blocks. Their close proximity improves directional stability and fuel efficiency, while their massive dimensions increase resistance to uneven wear and grip on dry surfaces.

The blocks located in the shoulder areas of the tread are also large. Thanks to this, the tire demonstrates excellent stability when maneuvering, and due to the numerous transverse sipes high performance when braking.

Since this model was originally developed taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of commercial vehicles, its frame was significantly strengthened. In addition to the increased layering, it is distinguished by the presence of a breaker made entirely of metal cord. In addition to increasing the carrying capacity, the presence of such a rigid “substrate” additionally improves directional stability and stability of behavior at high speed, and increases protection against uneven wear.

Main features of the Kapsen RS01 tire

  • massive blocks in the center of the tread increase the contact patch, prevent uneven wear;
  • increased rigidity and significant dimensions of the tread elements in the shoulder areas improve grip when maneuvering;
  • an increased number of transverse gripping edges increase the performance of the tire during longitudinal accelerations;
  • Reinforced carcass with a metal cord breaker provides high load capacity and excellent reliability.

Kapsen RS21 PracticalMax H/T Review

Summer tire Kapsen RS21 is designed for those SUVs and crossovers that move exclusively on paved roads. In such conditions, this model demonstrates its strongest features, namely good grip on wet roads, a high level of acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

Kapsen RS21 PracticalMax H/T Review
Kapsen RS21 PracticalMax H/T Review

Most of the advantages of this model are due to the properties of the compound. Its composition is characterized by a high content of silicon dioxide. Thanks to this component, the tire tread remains grippy on roads cold from rain and wear resistant. In addition, the rubber compound contains special polymer compounds. They increase the tensile strength of the tread, which ensures its integrity during prolonged movement at high speed.

Another characteristic feature of this tire is an increased level of acoustic comfort. To a large extent, it is provided by a variable pitch of the tread elements in the longitudinal ribs. Another reason for low noise is the elasticity of the rubber compound, due to which vibrations from microroughnesses on the road surface are practically not transmitted to the car body.

Main features of the Kapsen RS21 tire

  • The center’s wide longitudinal rib ensures outstanding stability at high speeds.
  • The tire tread has an elastic and heat-resistant quality due to a rubber compound infused with polymers and silica.
  • Traction on wet roads is improved by the wide drainage grooves with angled walls.
  • The multi-step arrangement of blocks and elastic tread design provides a high level of acoustic comfort.
  • The tread element’s small size and optimized location contribute to good fuel efficiency.

Kapsen RS26 PracticalMax H/P Review

The Kapsen RS26 tire is designed for the most powerful versions of passenger cars. The UHP model is characterized by excellent grip on wet surfaces, stability and stable behavior at any speed and during sharp maneuvers, more than a good level of acoustic comfort compared to most competitors.

Double shoulder blocks on the outside

The tire shows excellent cornering stability. This is ensured by the design of the shoulder blocks on the outside of the tread. They are united by hard jumpers into groups of two elements each. At the same time, they have massive dimensions and are located transversely. This gives the tire not only reliable grip when maneuvering, but also ensures that lateral acceleration forces are transferred quickly and accurately to the steering wheel, thus improving driving comfort.

Wet grip

The tire tread is equipped with a productive drainage system. It is based on four longitudinal grooves in the central part. Their volume is more than enough to minimize the risk of aquaplaning at almost any speed. Their action is enhanced by the work of numerous lamellas, which, in addition to creating additional gripping edges, ensure that water is drained into one of the nearby drainage grooves.

Main features of Kapsen RS26

  • The asymmetric pattern of the tire tread ensures dependable traction in any situation.
  • The addition of dual shoulder blocks on the outer edges enhances the stability of cornering maneuvers.
  • Moreover, a continuous longitudinal rib situated in the center of the tire ensures consistent stability while driving at high speeds.

Kapsen S2000 SportMax Review

The Kapsen S2000 passenger car tire is designed for the most powerful modifications of small and medium class passenger cars. Distinctive features of this model are increased traction at high-speed traffic, reliable and stable behavior on wet roads.

Kapsen S2000 SportMax Review
Kapsen S2000 SportMax Review

To a large extent, the excellent performance properties of this tire are due to the asymmetric design of the tread pattern, divided into several functional areas. In particular, the shoulder area on its outer side, containing many massive blocks, provides stability when maneuvering. At the same time, rigid bridges connecting them prevent the spread of noise from the center of the tread, which has a positive effect on acoustic comfort.

Both shoulder areas of the tread contain transverse sipes. These tiny elements significantly increase the performance of the tire when braking, especially on wet roads. In this regard, it is worth noting the large internal volume of the longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part of the tread. They prevent the occurrence of aquaplaning even with a significant increase in speed.

Main features of the Kapsen S2000 tire

  • The tire’s asymmetric tread design performs exceptionally well on both dry and wet roads.
  • It achieves excellent directional stability, thanks to the center’s rigid longitudinal ribs.
  • Additionally, the massive blocks located in the shoulder area on the tire’s outer side help prevent slips during maneuvering, increasing reaction speed and accuracy.
  • Moreover, an increased number of blocks positioned in the center and inner side of the tread enhances the tire’s acceleration efficiency.
  • Lastly, the outer side of the tread features rigid bridges between the blocks, improving the tire’s acoustic comfort. The tire’s unique features provide it with optimal performance and comfort on any road surface.

Kapsen S801 ComfortMax Review

The summer tire Kapsen S801, belonging to the High-Performance category, will suit those car owners who, in addition to grip and braking properties, value acoustic comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliable predictable behavior in all conditions in tires.

Kapsen S801 ComfortMax Review
Kapsen S801 ComfortMax Review

Balance between comfort and handling

The tire has an asymmetric tread design. Its distinguishing feature is that all elements are located in such a way that continuous Z-shaped transverse ribs are formed upon contact with the road surface. This improves several performance properties at once. First of all, the level of acoustic comfort, which is noticeably increased due to the fact that all tread elements have a multi-step arrangement, which eliminates the occurrence of resonant noise. The same solution provides an increase in the size of the contact patch, which improves grip and handling.

Silica Compound

More than half of the compound from which the tire tread is made consists of silicone-containing components. They increase its elasticity to such a level that it becomes possible to very tightly fit all the bumps on the asphalt surface. This noticeably improves traction in rainy conditions and also reduces rolling resistance.

Handling and durability

The design of the breaker of this model contains an additional synthetic cord. Being located directly under the tread, it significantly increases its resistance to deformation, which, in turn, has a positive effect on controllability and service life.

Main features of Kapsen S801

versatile asymmetric tread provides excellent performance and comfort in all conditions;
compound with a high content of silica improves grip on wet roads, reduces fuel consumption;
reinforced breaker provides improved handling, increases tire life.

Kapsen AW33 SnowShoes Review

Winter tire Kapsen AW33 is installed in SUVs, crossovers and pickups. A good option for snowy, cleared dry and wet roads. It is a so-called “friction” tire, effective in any winter conditions.

Kapsen AW33 SnowShoes Review
Kapsen AW33 SnowShoes Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an extremely dense arrangement of sipes. Several types of such elements are used here. Wavy slots with a 3D profile of the vertical walls are interconnected by special slots that limit the mobility of the blocks. Due to this, the grip properties on slippery surfaces are not only enhanced, but also become more stable. This has a positive effect on the handling and control of the car when the wheels slip into slip. It is also worth noting the presence of drop-shaped holes. They dry the surface, allowing the tire to cling to it better.

Main features of Kapsen AW33

  • increased contact patch provides reliable grip on dry surfaces;
  • high density of sipes, the use of several types of such elements allows the tire to maintain efficiency on any winter road;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” provides elasticity and tenacity at extremely low temperatures.

Kapsen RW501 IceMax Review

The Kapsen RW501 winter tire is designed to meet the harsh climatic conditions of countries located north of the Arctic Circle. Even at extremely low temperatures, the tire is characterized by reliable grip and directional stability.

Kapsen RW501 IceMax Review
Kapsen RW501 IceMax Review

The tread pattern features an open, non-directional design with lots of blocks. In the central part they have a triangular shape and are assembled into a continuous longitudinal rib. This reduces rolling resistance, improves directional stability and high-speed steering precision. The rest of the blocks are arranged in such a way that when the wheel rotates, elongated transverse edges are formed, which make it possible to implement traction and braking force on snow with high efficiency. This property remains virtually unchanged even on icy surfaces, since the entire tread is literally dotted with 3D sipes with different angles of inclination.

Main features of Kapsen RW501

  • a rib of triangular blocks in the middle reduces rolling resistance and wear, improves directional stability and steering accuracy;
  • elongated transverse edges at an angle increase traction on snow;
  • the increased density of the sipes provides a more reliable grip on icy surfaces.

Kapsen H201 TouringMax A/S Review

Summer tire Kapsen H201 was developed taking into account the requirements of the so-called “average” car owner. Most of us value tires for more than sporty handling and uncompromising grip. Sooner or later there is a need for comfort, which is most often associated with smooth running, low noise levels and reliable predictable reactions to one’s own actions. This model has these features.

Symmetric tread

The tread pattern of the tire was created according to the “classic canons”. It is distinguished by a symmetrical arrangement of elements, the number of which, in accordance with modern trends, has been significantly increased. Most of them are lamellas and drainage grooves. In the process of movement, they form numerous coupling edges in the contact patch. They are located in parallel, or at a significant angle relative to the direction of movement. On the one hand, this reduces the rolling resistance, and on the other hand, the noise level. In addition, the sipes and drainage grooves provide increased hydroplaning resistance.

Trapezoidal shoulder blocks

Another feature of the tread design is the design of the blocks that form the shoulder areas. In the lateral projection, each of them has a trapezoidal shape, the most massive part of which is located closer to the central part of the picture. This significantly increases the resistance of the blocks to the effects of lateral accelerations and, as a result, improves grip and control efficiency when maneuvering. In turn, the transverse edges of these elements reduce the braking distance, especially on a road surface slippery from water.

Main features of Kapsen H201

  • A tire tread that is symmetrical and composed of a greater number of elements ensures a secure grip under all circumstances.
  • Trapezoidal blocks located in the shoulder areas of the tire enhance grip and handling when making turns, while also reducing the distance required to come to a stop.
  • Thanks to its sipes and grooves, this tire has exceptional resistance to hydroplaning.

Kapsen HP5 Eleve Review

Summer tire Kapsen HP5 is installed in SUV class cars. Designed exclusively for paved roads, where it demonstrates a good balance between driving performance, comfort and fuel efficiency.

Kapsen HP5 Eleve Review
Kapsen HP5 Eleve Review

The tread pattern has a closed design, typical of tires oriented to long-term movement at high speed. The asymmetric arrangement of elements provides this model with a good balance between all operational properties. The central part with continuous longitudinal ribs and the shoulder blocks on the outside improve directional stability, stability when maneuvering and make the tire’s reactions quick and precise. The inner side contains a large number of transverse edges and drainage grooves. This improves traction and hydroplaning resistance in the wet.

Kapsen HP5 Eleve Key Features:

  • tread pattern with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements provides balanced driving performance;
  • optimized rubber compound improves grip on wet surfaces, increases wear resistance;
  • Variable radius tread profile for stability and easy vehicle control.

Kapsen HP7 PracticalMax H/P Review

The Kapsen HP7 summer tire has a driving performance that will appeal to most car enthusiasts. The model is distinguished by stability and predictable behavior in the most difficult situations, as well as a comfortable ride even on rough roads.

The tread pattern is symmetrical non-directional with a continuous longitudinal rib in the middle. It reduces rolling resistance and prevents yaw at high speeds. When maneuvering, stability and precision in control is ensured by the rigid structure and massiveness of the shoulder blocks, which very quickly transfer lateral acceleration forces to the suspension and steering elements. At the same time, their elongated transverse edges allow intensive acceleration and deceleration even on wet surfaces.

Main features of Kapsen HP7

  • a rigid rib in the middle and massive shoulder blocks provide grip stability and precision in steering at high speed and when maneuvering;
  • original Z-shaped drainage grooves further enhance resistance to aquaplaning;
  • a large number of elongated transverse edges allows you to effectively transfer traction and braking force even on wet surfaces.

Kapsen K717 Review

Summer tire Kapsen K717 is installed on compact and medium passenger cars. It is characterized by smooth running, good handling at speed and vehicle stability during maneuvering.

The non-directional asymmetric tread pattern is characterized by a significant number of notches and grooves that create toe edges. The action of the latter affects the effectiveness of adhesion to the roadway, including in rainy weather. The presence of a central rib increases controllability at speed, and multi-block “shoulders” make the maneuvering process as safe as possible.

The tire is made using computer simulation. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve an optimal ratio of grip properties and acoustic comfort. In addition, the tire is made of a soft compound that effectively absorbs microvibrations transmitted to the vehicle body.

Main features of Kapsen K717

  • breadth of application on various cars in the summer;
  • high level of comfort due to a soft compound and an optimized tread pattern that prevents the occurrence of noise effects;
  • sensitive control at speed due to the structure of the central part of the tread.

Kapsen RS23 PracticalMax A/T Review

The Kapsen RS23 tire is designed for SUVs and pickup trucks, which are used on paved roads as much as off-road. The model belongs to the All Terrain category and is characterized by good performance on any surface, reliability under the most adverse operating conditions.

Universal tread pattern

In many ways, versatility in application is provided by the design of the tread pattern. It is symmetrical and non-directional, contains a large number of blocks. However, their shape, size and location are chosen in such a way that the grip is good and stable, both on asphalt and unpaved surfaces. It is provided by the large size of the contact patch and the presence of many sharp multidirectional edges in it.

exchange rate stability

One of the distinguishing features of the tread is the presence of a very wide longitudinal rib running exactly in the center. It has a composite structure containing many blocks. They are tilted relative to the direction of travel, which significantly limits their mobility under the influence of lateral acceleration forces and thus improves directional stability at high speed without compromising off-road performance.

Acoustic comfort

Being equipped with a tread with a large number of blocks, the tire, nevertheless, demonstrates a high level of acoustic comfort. It is provided by the multi-step arrangement of the blocks and the large inclination of the edges formed by them, which largely minimizes resonant noise and vibration.

Main features of Kapsen RS23

  • universal tread pattern provides high efficiency both on asphalt and off-road;
  • excellent directional stability and high control efficiency due to the inclination of the blocks in the central longitudinal rib;
  • a high level of acoustic comfort is ensured by the multi-step arrangement of the blocks.

Kapsen RS25 PracticalMax M/T Review

The full name of the model with the RS25 index of the Chinese brand Kapsen is PracticalMax M/T. The “off-road” name of the tire is due to the fact that it is designed for off-road use. Moreover, we are talking about its most complex varieties earthen and sandy coatings with a high moisture content. This is where the model is most effective.

Open tread design

The tire has an open tread design. It contains a large number of massive blocks. Their complex polygonal shape, high height, and location at a considerable distance from each other provide the tire with excellent grip in the mud.

Reinforced carcass and breaker

The tire has a high load capacity up to 1700 kg. They are due to a reinforced frame and a breaker located above it. Both bearing elements are made of 3-ply cord. At the same time, both traditional and modern synthetic materials are used, which made it possible to keep the weight of the tire at an acceptable level.

Main features of Kapsen RS25

  • designed for earthen and sandy coatings with high moisture content;
  • open tread design with widely spaced blocks;
  • 3-layer carcass and breaker made of steel and synthetic materials.

Kapsen RS27 PracticalMax H/T Review

The Kapsen RS27 summer tire is used in pickup trucks, light trucks and full-size SUVs. The driving characteristics of the model are selected based on the operating conditions of such vehicles, primarily on asphalt roads. The tire is characterized by reliable traction and precise control at high speed, fuel efficiency and long service life.

The symmetrical non-directional tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of many small blocks in the central part. They form a large number of multidirectional grip edges in the contact patch, due to which the tire remains effective on wet surfaces. Wide drainage grooves minimize the risk of hydroplaning. The shoulder areas of the tread, on the contrary, are enlarged and have a closed design. This improves stability and precision in steering when maneuvering, reduces wear unevenness, prolonging tire life, especially with a significant weight load.

Main features of Kapsen RS27

  • a solid rib in the center and hard shoulder zones increase grip stability and control accuracy at high speed, reduce wear;
  • numerous blocks in the central part, enlarged drainage grooves ensure efficient tread operation on wet surfaces;
  • rubber compound based on “silica” increases the tenacity of the tire in rain conditions, prevents abrasion.

Kapsen S3000 HeadKing Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Kapsen S3000 HeadKing is designed for use in their most dynamic modifications. Even at the highest speed, it provides reliable grip, also featuring sports precision in handling, stability on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is distinguished by an aggressive design, consisting of massive ribs and blocks. The large size of the elements, combined with the optimization of the tread profile, increase the contact patch, which has a positive effect on traction and handling. These properties are almost fully preserved even on a wet surface. Wide grooves, some of which are directed against the movement, prevent the formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch at almost any speed.

Main features of Kapsen S3000 HeadKing

  • aggressive tread pattern is effective at any speed, both on dry and wet surfaces;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch, improving grip and handling, preventing rapid tire wear during dynamic driving style;
  • Rubber compound with extra high content of “silica” enhances traction on wet surfaces.

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