Kelly Tires Review: All Best Models With Features in 2023

In this article, we will review Kelly Tires, examining their various tire models, the technology behind their production, their performance on the road, and their overall value for money. We will provide an in-depth analysis of the brand, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and help you make an informed decision when choosing tires for your vehicle.

Kelly Tires Review: All Best Models With Features
Kelly Tires Review

Whether you are looking for tires for your SUV, truck, or passenger car, this Kelly Tires Review will provide you with all the information you need to know and whether they are the right choice for you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Kelly Tires.

Kelly UHP Review

Tires Kelly UHP a well-known tire, over the production of which the skillful tire developers of the excellent manufacturer Kelly pored over. In the construction of rubber, only the latest technologies have been introduced everywhere, and because of this, the quality of the product should not be doubted. The model is used on passenger vehicles, mainly in the summer. Due to the extensive assortment and the general price acceptability of the wheel in the car markets of various regions, this tire model is available to any car enthusiast. The products impress with their excellent traction, durability, performance and reliability while riding.

Kelly UHP Review
Kelly UHP Review

Kelly UHP Tires are made in two tread patterns

Kelly UHP Tire Rubber Compound

In order for the tires to give a high degree of performance, the tire manufacturer supplied the tire composition with all the necessary components from which the original tire cocktail is made. The cocktail gives the wheels a good grip, guarantees an even wear rate and provides the potential to use the tires in the course of a long period of time. A tire cocktail was made from branded excellent styrene butadiene rubber, with the addition of silicone inclusions, as well as natural rubber in the side zones, which gives the tires the elasticity required. Also, it should be noted that the mixture has a positive effect on heat resistance, preventing the tires from heating up at high temperatures.

Kelly UHP tread pattern

The tread component of the tire includes a directional view, while it qualifies as a lack of proportionality between the outer and inner parts. Such an image favorably affects the traction characteristics of transport, improves the quality of tire contact on a wet or dry surface, and provides a minimal way to stop a car. Thanks to the improved shape of the contact area of ​​the Kelly UHP rubber with the surface, the tires ride on straight or winding sections reliably and do not cause inconvenience to the driver, namely, slow response to the driver’s steering orders. Reinforced outer and outer rubber parts provide the tire with the main features under high load.

The instantaneous runoff of the water mass is seen due to the innovative drainage substructure of the rubber, which was tested on new equipment. The drainage system consists of four wide-shaped grooves with an optimized bottom. Designed on special sites, and then tested on the autodromes of independent advisory commissions (for example, TUV SUD), the product showed a gripping contact on the waterbed and resistance to the occurrence of aquaplaning.

Kelly Safari AWR Review

The Kelly Safari AWR all season tire is designed for SUVs and pickups. Universal model in application, effective both on asphalt roads and unpaved surfaces. It is characterized by reliable driving, acoustic comfort, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

The tread pattern distinguishes the shape and arrangement of the elements, thereby increasing the contact patch, improving grip, handling and wear resistance. Numerous multidirectional block edges provide increased traction and directional stability, especially on wet surfaces and off-road. A special rubber compound with increased resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts increases tire life under difficult operating conditions.

Main features of Kelly Safari AWR

  • the optimized tread pattern is effective on highways and off-road;
  • multidirectional drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning, prevent the tread from “washing” off-road;
  • a special rubber compound increases the reliability and mileage of the tire due to its high resistance to abrasion, punctures, and cuts.

Kelly PA868 Review

Kelly PA868 was first released in 2014 for use in the summer season on passenger vehicles. The manufacturer called the main advantages of the model the excellent properties of adhesion and braking during rainfall, ease of control and significant fuel savings. North American Kelly Tires manufactures a wide range of tire products that are popular with race car drivers and the general public. Numerous patented innovations enable continuous improvement in tire performance.

Kelly PA868 Review
Kelly PA868 Review

The asymmetric tread design of the Kelly PA 868 tire allows the driver to confidently drive a vehicle without fear of side slip on wet roads, while enjoying a comfortable and quiet ride. Lightweight and reinforced tire design increased performance at high speed driving, resistance to deformation and external factors. Poor-quality roads are absolutely safe for tires, since the breaker made of metal cord provides shock protection, and the steel frame and hard sealing layers exclude the possibility of damage.

Advantages of Kelly PA 868 summer tire:

  • enhanced grip on wet surfaces;
  • reduced stopping distance;
  • comfort of movement;
  • wear-resistant rubber;
  • effective drainage;
  • increased mileage.

The three-dimensional structure of the blocks increased the grip of the tire with the road surface during braking, which led to a reduction in the braking distance in dry conditions by 7% and during rainy conditions by 5%. And this is much higher than similar models of other brands. 

Kelly PA 868 tires consists of high-quality raw materials and numerous additives that improve its properties. Some of them provide an ideal balance of driving performance, others reduce rolling resistance, increase wear resistance, strength and rigidity. 

Ultimately, the tires not only ensured lower fuel consumption, but also affected the durability of the model. The service life of the tire has become longer than that of competitors’ products by 14%. The drainage system includes three volumetric channels and a large number of grooves located in the shoulder areas and between the blocks of the central ribs of the tread, through which water flows are instantly removed from the contact patch. And rubber at the same time ensures the elimination of aquaplaning.

Kelly HP Review

Kelly HP is an economy class summer tire that performs well in everyday driving, both in typical urban conditions and during long trips. Kelly HP is a great solution for drivers who expect balanced performance on all types of surfaces, short stopping distances and driving pleasure from everyday tire riding.

Kelly HP Review
Kelly HP Review

Tire tread Kelly HP

The tire has a directional V-groove tread. They quickly and effectively evacuate water from under the tread, resulting in a quick dry construction and reduced risk of aquaplaning. Wet grip is improved by 10% due to wide longitudinal grooves that provide stability when driving. The rubber also provided a uniform distribution of pressures acting on the surface. This prolongs the life of the model, and the tread wears evenly on all sides. As a result, the full range of options can be used throughout the life of the model without the risk of compromising safety and driving comfort over time.

Kelly HP Tire construction features :

  • The tread band of Kelly HP summer tires has a V-shaped directional tread that is responsible for harmonious behavior on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Wide circumferential grooves are 10% more efficient at evacuating water, reducing the risk of skidding and improving vehicle stability.
  • The central rib of the summer Kelly Ash Pi has a positive effect on steering.
  • Uniform pressure on the road surface causes slow and proportional wear of the tread, maintaining its parameters throughout the entire service life.
  • The rubber compound used remains flexible at high and low temperatures.
  • Thanks to the optimized block interleaving, the tire does not create excessive noise while driving.

Kelly HP summer tire compound

The Kelly HP tire is based on the Kelly Silica rubber compound, which provides sufficient flexibility at both low and high temperatures. As a result, the contact surface of the tire with the road increases, and, consequently, the grip on the road. The creators of the tire took care of the acoustic comfort inside the car. Its achievement was facilitated by the alternating arrangement of blocks of different sizes, which helped to quickly reduce the noise emitted by the tire during rolling. A 20% stiffer center rib compound is responsible for handling on dry pavement for excellent driving stability and very good handling.

Kelly is an American brand that has been supplying its products to the market for over a hundred years. The company produces economy-class tires, which are distinguished by optimal parameters regardless of the weather, favorable prices and long-term operation. The company’s offer includes wheels designed for various types of vehicles.

Buy Kelly car tires

Considering the price range of the brand’s product line, Kelly tires don’t come with a full range of performance-enhancing features, but they provide competent handling. This is a fact stated in many reviews by the manufacturer.

With thoughtful design, the brand produces simple yet effective tread patterns. Durable wide contact patches with the ground provide stability and consistent traction both in straight lines and in turns. In the products of the Kelly brand, absolutely everything is set up for everyday driving, the manufacturer’s summer tires do not stand out for their high performance, but they provide everything you need for middle-class passenger vehicles excellent grip and wear resistance.

Kelly ST Review

The high quality of the Kelly tire brand products is ensured by its belonging to the world-famous Goodyear company. The engineers of this subsidiary became the authors of Kelly ST automotive Tire.

Kelly ST summer passenger car tires are distinguished by a high level of safety, comfort, and a fairly low level of acoustic activity. The special composition 

of the Kelly rubber compound provides excellent grip quality, and reliable directional stability even on wet roads. Special structural components of the protective drainage system carry out the rapid removal of water. his system minimizes the chance of the machine hydroplaning on wet and wet pavement. 

Tires Kelly STallow you to safely move at speeds up to 190 km / h, which meets the needs of most motorists. Due to the specific composition of its rubber compound, 

Kelly ST tires are able to provide reliable grip on both wet and dry asphalt surfaces, along with a long service life. In addition, it helps to improve heat transfer and prevent cracking of its structure during prolonged exposure to high temperatures that occur during active high-speed driving.

The main features of tires Kelly ST:

  • The minimum risk of car aquaplaning on wet roads is guaranteed by a highly efficient drainage system and a special rubber compound;
  • Rounded sidewalls stabilize the behavior of the car when cornering and making sharp maneuvers;
  • Rigid shoulder tread pattern design helps prevent unexpected skids
  • Side blocks placed on the working surface of the tire reduce noise and vibration from the wheels of a moving vehicle.

Kelly Winter Ice Review

Kelly Winter ST car tires are produced in Poland. For more than a year, car owners have preferred this particular brand, due to its high quality, reliability and affordable cost. Winter car tires have a special directional pattern that provides good grip on the road.

Kelly Winter Ice Review

The Kelly car brand has a long history. The company is owned by the world famous Goodyear brand. Car tires Kelly Winter ST have a special deep pattern, which is designed for difficult climatic conditions of winter in Europe and the CIS countries.

American tire special components

In order to meet world standards, Kelly uses special technologies and elements. So a specially designed tread pattern provides stability on the road, good vehicle response to control on any road surface wet, slippery. Deep grooves allow you to effectively remove water, dirt from the contact patch. They provide minimal risk of aquaplaning while increasing vehicle traction.

The unique chemical composition of the rubber compound provides stability on the road even on the most difficult icy road section. On the sides are tread blocks. They guarantee a minimum level of noise, high comfort of movement.

Features of winter tire Kelly Winter ST

Kelly Winter ST car tires are designed for the winter season. They are installed on cars. They have a radial design. The average load index is 91, and the speed index is T. The tire sealing method is tubeless TL. Country of manufacture Poland. The directional tread pattern is specially designed for European roads. The tire provides balance on snow and on wet roads. The number of sipes has been increased compared to previous models to provide excellent grip in winter conditions.

Performance indicators

The maximum load that one tire can withstand is 615 kg, i.e. a car on 4 tires of this type is able to withstand up to 2.5 tons. The maximum allowable speed for which the car is designed is 190 km / h. To provide greater stability and minimal drift when cornering, the stiffness of the pattern has been increased in the shoulder area. This allows you to drive quickly and confidently. The composition of the rubber compound has also been changed, and special elements have been added to the tread to ensure maximum reliability and performance of the tire. All technical characteristics of the tire comply with international standards. Product quality is confirmed by the Goodyear brand.

Benefits of the Kelly Winter ST tire

Distinctive features of the Kelly Winter ST winter tire :

  • Maximum noiselessness and ride comfort are guaranteed by special side tread blocks;
  • Many sipes provide reliable grip and efficient braking on icy asphalt;
  • High-performance tread drainage system helps minimize vehicle hydroplaning when hitting wet surfaces;
  • A special rigid pattern applied to the shoulder areas prevents unexpected skidding of the machine.

Kelly UHP-2 Review

Summer tire Kelly UHP-2 is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is distinguished by increased precision in control, reliable grip at high speed, braking efficiency on wet surfaces, and long service life.

The asymmetric tread pattern is dominated by large deformation-resistant elements. This significantly improves directional stability at high speeds, provides reliable grip and precise control in corners. Wide tread grooves and long lateral block edges on the edges of the tread allow intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces. The rubber compound used in the manufacture of the tire is characterized by increased elasticity, which increases grip in rainy conditions.

Main features of Kelly UHP-2

  • asymmetric tread pattern with large elements is effective at high speed;
  • enlarged drainage grooves provide reliable handling on wet surfaces;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” improves grip in rainy conditions.

Kelly Winter ST Review

The Winter ST tire is manufactured at the Kelly plant. This is a well-known company for the production of car tires, which has more than a century of history. The company has many factories spread across Europe and the United States of America, where the company is from. Tire developers for this company are constantly monitoring consumer demand, as well as improving production technologies.

Naturally, representatives of Kelly factories located in America can hardly imagine what winters are like in Eastern Europe, so the Polish branch of this company is developing winter tires.

Kelly Winter ST is just one of those tires that are supplied to our country from Poland. It fully complies with the high requirements that the harsh realities of winter put forward for tires.

This tire has a directional deep tread pattern that guarantees high-quality grip on the surface. Even better grip is provided by a system of sipes located on the tread. The tire is stable on the road, obediently responds to the driver’s commands on any surface.

Numerous deep grooves effectively remove mud and water from the contact area, providing maximum comfort when driving on wet roads.
The unique composition of the rubber compound that makes up the tread is specially designed for the winter season, so the tire will feel confident in icy conditions. And the blocks located on the sides contribute to maximum acoustic comfort when driving. When cornering, you can also be calm for your safety: a rigid pattern in the shoulder area of ​​the tread stabilizes movement and prevents skidding.

Kelly Winter ST guarantees its owner European quality at affordable prices and will serve you well for several seasons, ensuring safe and comfortable driving on heavy winter roads.

Distinctive features of the winter tire Kelly Winter ST

  • Blocks located on the sides of the tire contribute to the maximum noiselessness of movement.
  • The system of sipes guarantees high-quality grip on the road.
  • Efficient drainage system and, as a result, minimal risk of aquaplaning on a wet track.
  • Rigid tread pattern in the shoulder area eliminates the risk of skidding when cornering and provides stability of movement.
  • On the sidewall there is a “Snowflake” icon, which is typical for tires of this model.

Kelly Charger Review

Summer tire Kelly Charger refers to the so-called “rain” tires. This passenger model is distinguished by excellent grip on wet surfaces. In addition, its strengths are driving comfort, fuel efficiency and a good level of acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern is literally dotted with numerous grooves. Multidirectional drainage elements do not allow the formation of a continuous film of water in the contact patch, ensuring a consistently high intensity of its removal outside the tread. A large number of high edges of the blocks in such conditions allow you to maintain stability even at high speed and accelerate and brake intensively.

Kelly Charger Key Features

  • increased resistance to aquaplaning due to the increased number and multidirectional drainage grooves.
  • elongated and numerous edges of the blocks allow intensive acceleration and braking, maintain directional stability on wet surfaces;
  • Optimized tread profile improves dry handling and slows down wear.

Kelly Charger GT Review

The Kelly Charger GT summer tire is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. Differs in sports perfection in management, reliability of coupling at high speed, efficiency of braking on a wet covering.

The tread pattern is dominated by large deformation-resistant elements. This increases the contact patch, improves handling and control accuracy, and prevents wear. Three solid ribs in the central part, enhance these properties, significantly reducing rolling resistance. Large blocks along the edges of the tread with their long transverse edges allow intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces, and when maneuvering, they give the tire a solid margin of stability.

Kelly Charger GT Key Features

  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning, thanks to the increased volume and optimized arrangement of the drainage grooves;
  • rigid longitudinal ribs in the central part increase stability during straight-line movement, and reduce wear and fuel consumption;
  • large blocks on the edges of the tread provide reliable grip in turns, allowing you to better control the car.

Kelly Safari ATR Review

The Kelly Safari ATR all-season tire is designed for SUVs, pickups, and crossovers. A universal model in use, effective both on asphalt and dirt roads, including in winter. On any surface, it is distinguished by its reliable grip, comfortable handling, and acoustic comfort.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a fairly dense arrangement of blocks. This increases the contact patch, which, combined with the optimized tread profile, improves grip and handling, especially when maneuvering. This design minimizes wear and reduces rolling resistance. Among other features, it is worth noting the numerous sipes that enhance grip on slippery surfaces, including winter ones.

Main features of Kelly Safari ATR

  • tight tread pattern and optimized profile improves road handling, reduces wear and rolling resistance;
  • Numerous sipes enhance grip on any slippery surfaces;
  • Multi-directional wide drainage grooves provide reliable control on wet and snowy surfaces.

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