Landsail tires Review: What are best Landsail tires For 2023

Are you in the market for new tires for your vehicle and considering Landsail Tires as an option? If so, you’re in luck because, in this article, we will be providing you with a comprehensive Landsail Tires review.

Landsail tires Review: What are best Landsail tires
Landsail tires Review

who makes landsail tires?

Chinese Landsail tires are manufactured by Cenchelyn Tire Co. Ltd., located in the province of Qingdao, and owned by one of the largest Chinese companies Sentaida Group. The plant is equipped with modern equipment from Europe, the USA, and Japan. At present, the plant is one of the largest tire enterprises in China, producing more than 6 million tires per year and providing jobs for more than 1,000 people. On the market, Landsail tires are represented by models of summer, winter, and all-season tires of various sizes, mainly in the category from 17 to 30 inches.

Landsail Summer tires

Landsail summer tires are represented by light summer tires LS288, LS988 for SUVs and crossovers, as well as LSV88 for small trucks and minivans. The special design of the tread and drainage system of Landsail summer tires provides excellent handling on wet pavement, and comfortable cornering at high speeds. Also, these tires are characterized by low noise effects and reduced fuel consumption due to the high level of resistance to the rolling effect.

Landsail Winter tires

Winter tires of this brand are represented by the brand Winter Lander and Winter Star for passenger cars and Snow Star for small trucks and minibusses. As expected, Landsail winter tires provide good handling on snowy and icy roads, high-quality drainage to eliminate the effect of aquaplaning, short braking distances, and reliable traction. At the same time, the high wear resistance of these tires is also an important plus.

Landsail All season tires

A relative novelty is the Landsail CLV6 all-season tire designed for crossover vehicles. They are equipped with a unique zigzag 3D siping system that provides reliable grip on any road surface and increased traction on snowy and icy roads. New for 2013, the Landsail LS588 features an innovative silicon rubber compound that reduces the rolling effect and a specially designed asymmetric tread pattern. It provides high stability and controllability of the car on dry and wet pavement, and snowy and icy surfaces.

Best Landsail Tires for 2023

Following models of landsail tires are best for 2023:

  • LS388
  • LS588
  • LS588 SUV
  • LSV88
  • Ice Star IS37
  • CL V2
  • Ice Star IS33
  • LS288
  • Winter Lander

Landsail CL V1 Review

The Landsail CL V1 model is positioned by the Chinese manufacturer as a tire for SUVs and crossovers used in the summer. It combines advanced technologies from leading manufacturers, which affects its performance.

Landsail CL V1 Review
Landsail CL V1 Review

Durability and reliability

The manufacturer managed to achieve increased strength through the use of a reinforced frame that is able to withstand significant loads. Therefore, the tire can be used not only in the city, but also off-road. In addition, even distribution of pressure in the contact zone contributes to better grip and also minimizes tread wear.

Tread pattern

The model used an asymmetric type of pattern, which provides ease and sensitivity to control the vehicle in various conditions. To stabilize the rectilinear movement in the central part, there are three longitudinal ribs. In addition, they are equipped with a mesh of sipes, which, together with notches and channels, provide effective protection against aquaplaning.

Landsail CL V1 main features

  • summer tire for SUVs and crossovers;
  • provides confident passage of straight sections of the road, as well as the performance of maneuvers due to the tread pattern;
  • Differs in the increased durability at the expense of the strengthened internal framework.

Landsail CL V2 Review

The Landsail CL V2 summer tire is very popular with owners of various off-road vehicles. This model is an excellent example of the optimal combination of quality and excellent performance. To achieve this, advanced technologies and materials used in the manufacture helped to achieve this. Particular attention was paid to the creation of a tread pattern and carcass with increased strength.

Landsail CL V2 Review
Landsail CL V2 Review

Asymmetrical tread pattern

The asymmetric type tread pattern has been specially chosen, as it has all the necessary qualities for use in all conditions. Three rows of blocks in the center of the tread provide enhanced straight-line stability while providing faster feedback. Elongated blocks in the shoulder area increase stability during maneuvers, reliably protecting the tire from side damage. Four deep longitudinal channels quickly remove water from the contact patch, preventing potential hydroplaning. A large number of small channels and notches reduce driving noise and increase grip on any road surface. Reinforced sidewall reduces rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption while driving.

High strength frame

To increase resistance to maximum loads, a reinforced frame was used. It is made using a new technology using a special steel tape and high-strength cord. Due to this, the frame can withstand prolonged increased loads. The new structure provided an even distribution of pressure inside the tire, as a result, it was possible to prevent uneven wear and increase the contact area in any position of the tire. Even when driving off-road, the tire is characterized by minimal damage and excellent stability.

Landsail CL V2 Key Features

  • increased resistance to maximum loads and reliable protection against damage is achieved through the use of a reinforced frame;
  • increased directional stability and excellent feedback is provided by the optimal shape of the blocks located in the central part of the tread;
  • excellent grip on wet surfaces was obtained through the use of wide drainage channels.

Landsail LS288 Review

Summer Chinese tire Landsail LS288 is designed for passenger cars. It has excellent driving characteristics. When creating this model, modern materials and the best technical achievements of the tire industry were used. Careful quality control has minimized the possibility of getting a defective batch to the consumer.

Landsail LS288 Review
Landsail LS288 Review

High quality rubber compound

When creating the tire, a special rubber compound was used, which includes many new components. Due to this, it was possible to increase the speed characteristics and reduce the braking distance. Also, new components have increased the wear-resistant characteristics of the tread, which has a positive effect on tire mileage. The increased elasticity of the rubber provided excellent recovery properties and excellent grip on wet road surfaces. The new rubber compound, together with optimally placed blocks, increased the contact patch, which provided excellent stability and control.

Universal tread design

The universal tread pattern used provided excellent running parameters. Three rows of center blocks speed up feedback and improve straight-line stability. Extended blocks in the shoulder area increase stability during maneuvers and prevent side punctures and damage. The four deep channels do an excellent job of quickly removing water from the tread, preventing the possibility of hydroplaning. The new sipe system not only improves traction on any road surface, but also reduces ride noise for maximum ride comfort over long distances. Reduced rolling resistance significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Landsail LS288 main features

  • increased tire mileage was achieved through the use of high-quality rubber compound;
  • increased grip on wet road surfaces is provided by a carefully thought-out drainage system;
  • the minimum noise during the movement is reached as a result of use of new system of lamels;
  • reduced fuel consumption is obtained by reducing the rolling resistance and reducing the load on the suspension elements;
  • a wide range of sizes will allow you to use the tire on various models of cars.

Landsail LS388 Review

The Landsail LS388 summer model is designed for a wide range of passenger cars that are operated in urban areas. The tire provides good handling combined with stability in wet conditions. This was achieved through the use of modern technologies by the Chinese company, borrowed from leading manufacturers.

Landsail LS388 Review
Landsail LS388 Review

Tread pattern

The tire has three wide ribs, the central of which does not have any divisions. This contributes to an increase in controllability, including when performing maneuvers.

To divert water masses, 4 deep channels are provided here, as well as many small notches and lamellae. In addition to drainage, they also contribute to an increase in traction, having many sharp edges.

Improved handling characteristics when cornering are provided by the structure of the shoulder blocks. They also help to reduce wear, which is reflected in the increase in the resource of the tire, that is, its service life increases.

Compound composition

The model is based on a compound that contains a large percentage of high-quality rubber. Its modern technological processing has made it possible to increase not only the grip properties of the tire, but also to minimize its wear. Added to this is a multi-level quality control, which guarantees the end consumer the absence of defects.

Landsail LS388 main features

  • for summer use on a wide range of vehicles;
  • optimized tread pattern reduces noise and vibration levels, provides efficient water disposal;
  • improved vehicle control due to the presence of three rigid ribs in the central area of ​​the tread;
  • low price in combination with a long period of operation.

Landsail LS588 Review

The Landsail LS588 tire belongs to the summer models, which are used on a wide range of vehicles due to the abundance of standard sizes. New developments of the company were applied in it, which positively affected the safety properties and management. To this it should be added that the Chinese manufacturer very carefully monitors the quality of its products. Therefore, the tire meets many international standards.

Landsail LS588 Review
Landsail LS588 Review

Protector and its design

To ensure driving performance, a branched tread was used in the tire. Its extensive duct system provides noise-reducing characteristics that are reflected in ride comfort. At the same time, they are directly part of the drainage system, the basis of which is represented by 4 deep channels located in the center of the tire. Such a developed system effectively copes with any amount of moisture, quickly drying the contact area.

To improve maneuverability, the manufacturer used massive blocks in the shoulder area, which stabilize the position of the vehicle when performing, for example, turns, including at high speed.

In turn, the stability of rectilinear movement is guaranteed by the central rib, which is distinguished by its rigidity.

Rubber compound

A Chinese manufacturer used a compound, a significant percentage of which is silica. This component provides a high level of rubber elasticity, maintaining its grip even in wet road conditions. Silica also had a positive effect on the level of driving comfort, which was significantly increased. Even when driving over bumps, the tire absorbs vibration without transferring it to the suspension and bodywork.

To improve wear resistance, silicon was used, which significantly increased the operational period of the tire.

An important feature of the model is the possibility of its use, both on urban and country roads, without the risk of reducing performance.

Main features of Landsail LS588

  • efficient water disposal system;
  • the ability to operate on various road surfaces;
  • an updated tread pattern that provides better traction and coupling characteristics (including on country roads);
  • compliance with numerous international standards;
  • excellent indicators of maneuverability, stability and safety.

Landsail LS588 SUV Review

Landsail LS588 SUV is a model from a Chinese manufacturer that is designed for summer use. The tire is installed on a wide range of passenger cars of various world manufacturers. This is ensured by the richness of the choice of standard sizes.

Landsail LS588 SUV Review
Landsail LS588 SUV Review

Energy saving technology

The Chinese manufacturer approaches the development of its products very carefully, as evidenced by the use of not only modern high-tech equipment at the factories, but also high-quality consumables. To this it is worth adding the use of the latest technological developments, including an energy-saving system. Thanks to its action, cars on which such tires are installed are distinguished by their fuel efficiency, as well as reduced emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

Rubber compound

Conducting constant developments and using the best practices of leading manufacturers, the company uses only the best rubber compounds in its work. In this case, we are talking about a compound in which polymer and silicon-containing components are presented. This provides not only strength characteristics, but also high wear resistance.

Tread characteristic

In this case, we are talking about a linear drawing, which is represented by several rows of blocks. Thanks to this configuration, a high level of directional stability is achieved in combination with the continuity of the contact patch. There are 4 main channels interconnected by a network of lamellas. This structure is a reliable hydroplaning tread, providing improved maneuverability, also on wet road surfaces.

In the tread, it is also possible to note the presence of several types of checkers, one of which has rounded edges, and the other is sharp. Such a constructive solution provides an increase in traction properties and a decrease in the braking distance.

To ensure maneuverability, the tire has massive blocks in the shoulder area. They stabilize the grip in the transverse direction, ensuring the stability of the vehicle, for example in corners.

Quality control

In addition to modern technologies used in production processes, the company carefully takes care of the quality of its products, performing its multi-stage control. This factor ensures that the final consumer gets tires in which the rejects are minimized.

Main features of Landsail LS588 SUV

  • model for summer use on a wide range of vehicles;
  • improved maneuverability due to the presence of special blocks in the shoulder area;
  • energy efficiency characterized by reduced fuel consumption;
  • protection against aquaplaning due to the presence of a developed system of drainage channels and lamellas;
  • excellent grip and traction on various types of road surface.

Landsail LSV88 Review

The Landsail LSV88 summer tire is very popular among owners of light trucks. It was developed using advanced technologies and materials, therefore it fully complies with all quality and environmental standards. To prevent defective products from reaching the consumer, the tire is subjected to thorough electronic control.

Landsail LSV88 Review
Landsail LSV88 Review

New structure of drainage channels

When creating the tread, a new structure of drainage channels was used. Three deep longitudinal channels quickly remove water, dirt and tread, preventing the risk of aquaplaning and improving wet stability and handling. Small channels increase grip on any road surface and reduce driving noise. Special recesses and sharp edges in the shoulder area provide excellent stability during various maneuvers.

The reinforced shoulder area of ​​the Landsail LSV88 reliably protects the tire from damage and punctures. The optimal tread structure made it possible to achieve an enlarged contact patch, which increased stability and controllability.

Dual layer rubber compound

When creating the tire, a two-layer rubber compound was used. The top layer is softer and the bottom layer is harder. Due to the top layer, the regenerative properties of the tread have increased, and grip on wet surfaces has increased. The bottom layer made it possible to achieve an even distribution of pressure inside the tread, which prevented uneven wear, increasing tire mileage. Silicon helped to increase the wear-resistant qualities of the tire, providing an increased tread life.

This tire has excellent traction characteristics in all weather conditions. At the same time, it has a minimum percentage of damage and ruptures due to the use of a shock-resistant frame.

Landsail LSV88 main features

  • longitudinal channels quickly remove water and dirt from the tread, preventing possible aquaplaning;
  • a new system of sipes improves ride comfort, reducing the sound effect when driving;
  • new rubber compound improves the regenerative qualities of the tread and increases its service life;
  • Reinforced blocks in the side area increase cornering stability and increase protection against side damage and punctures.
  • a large range of sizes allows the use of tires on almost all light trucks.

Landsail Ice Star IS33 Review

The passenger tire Landsail Ice Star IS33 is one of the debut winter models of the well-known Chinese manufacturer. It is characterized by confident behavior on any slippery surface. The tire uses modern technological solutions that provide excellent performance for this price category.

Landsail Ice Star IS33 Review
Landsail Ice Star IS33 Review

Porous rubber compound

The tire tread is made from a high-tech compound that has several unique properties. They are provided by the porous structure of the rubber compound containing numerous microscopic voids. When in contact with the road surface, they capture and retain moisture from its surface, which dries the contact patch. This noticeably improves traction in rainy conditions and on ice. In addition, the porous structure of the compound significantly increases the elasticity of the tread at low temperatures, so that the tire retains all its characteristics even in severe frosts.

Confident behavior in difficult road conditions

The tire is characterized by confident behavior in difficult road conditions. To a large extent, this is ensured by the high productivity of the drainage system. Most of its elements are located transversely, at an angle. This design allows you to use the rotation of the wheel to divert water and slush from the contact patch. The result is high resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Multidirectional slats

The tire tread contains a large number of sipes. Narrow slots are located in a matter of millimeters from each other, so that the contact patch has many sharp and high edges. Their efficiency is greatly increased due to their multi-directional arrangement. The most noticeable effect of this decision is on handling and grip when driving on wet and icy roads. If necessary, these properties can be enhanced with spikes. The manufacturer has provided special places on the tread for their installation.

Main features of Landsail Ice Star IS33

  • porous rubber compound enhances grip on wet and icy surfaces, improves elasticity at low temperatures;
  • resistance to aquaplaning and slashplanning is provided by the V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves;
  • Numerous sipes are located in different directions, which achieves better handling and grip on ice;
  • the possibility of installing spikes.

Landsail Ice Star IS37 Review

One of the most significant advantages of the Landsail Ice Star IS37 winter tire is that it was originally developed for SUVs and crossovers, i. from scratch, and not based on a tire for passenger cars. This made it possible to better adapt its design to vehicles with a high center of gravity and a large weight due to the all-wheel drive transmission and dimensions. The result of this approach was excellent grip, handling and acoustic comfort for its price range.

porous compound

The tire tread is made from a rubber compound containing a large number of microscopic voids. They are used as pumps to capture and retain moisture from icy or wet surfaces. This significantly improves traction under adverse road conditions. At the same time, they do not weaken as the tread wears, due to the uniform distribution of such voids throughout the compound. Another important advantage of this solution is improved elasticity at low temperatures. Along with exposing the rubber compound to silica, this also noticeably improves traction in winter conditions.

3D slats and the ability to install spikes

The next progressive technological solution implemented in this model is 3D slats. The side walls of the slots have numerous protrusions, which, clinging to each other, fix the lamellas in the open position upon contact with the road surface and at the same time limit the mobility of the blocks. As a result, grip on ice is not only enhanced, but also becomes very stable. They can be significantly improved with spikes. The manufacturer has provided more than a hundred places for their installation. Each of them is equipped with 6-corner ledges for crushing and faster removal of ice chips. The studs are located in such a way that 14 so-called “anti-skid chains” are formed during movement.

Main features of Landsail Ice Star IS37

  • porous compound dries the contact patch and improves elasticity at negative temperatures;
  • 3D sipes provide reliable grip on ice;
  • when installing spikes, 14 “anti-skid chains” are formed;
  • the places where the spikes are installed are equipped with hexagonal protrusions for crushing and faster removal of ice chips;
  • zigzag side walls of the blocks increase stability when maneuvering on snow;
  • inclined position, curved shape of the drainage grooves increases resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Landsail Snow Star Review

The Landsail Snow Star winter tire is designed for a variety of light trucks. When developing this tire, experts tried to take into account all the possible nuances of operation and made the main emphasis on maximum stability and safety. To improve these figures, I had to use a new rubber compound and optimize the tread. Upon completion of production, the tire undergoes a thorough quality control, so it fully complies with all the declared parameters and has no defects.

Landsail Snow Star Review
Landsail Snow Star Review

New components in the rubber compound

When operating in winter conditions, the Landsail Snow Star tire must retain its elasticity in order to provide increased traction. To do this, the rubber compound contains an increased content of silica, as a result of which not only the grip properties have increased, but the tread recovery has also accelerated. Therefore, the tire is characterized by confident handling on any road surface and increased ride comfort. To increase the mileage, silicon was used, which increased the wear-resistant characteristics of rubber. This tire will allow you to fully control the management on any road.

Optimized tread pattern

A new computer modeling method made it possible to select the optimal arrangement of blocks over the entire tread surface. All of them have sharp edges that “bite” into any surface, providing excellent grip and preventing possible wheel slip. Reinforced shoulder area increases stability during various maneuvers, and also reduces the risk of damage and punctures. Special deep channels provide fast self-cleaning. Fine notches help to reduce the sound effect when moving.

Key features of the Landsail Snow Star

  • the updated rubber compound had a positive effect on grip on any road surface, and also increased tread life;
  • New tread design improves ride quality and provides confident handling on any road surface;
  • unusually shaped sipes improve grip on ice and reduce noise when driving;
  • Reinforced lateral zone reliably protects the tread from damage and increases stability during maneuvers.

Landsail Winter Lander Review

The Landsail Winter Lander winter tire enjoys well-deserved popularity among car owners, as it is characterized by increased running parameters and has an affordable price. The latest technologies that were used in the production of the tire helped to achieve this combination. The use of modern materials made it possible to obtain a tire that fully complies with all international standards and norms.

Landsail Winter Lander Review
Landsail Winter Lander Review

Arrow-shaped tread pattern

The Landsail Winter Lander has an arrow-shaped directional tread pattern that provides excellent driving performance. Due to the convergence of the channels in the central part of the tread, the fastest removal of water and snow from the contact zone was achieved, completely preventing possible hydroplaning. Massive blocks in the center of the tire provide excellent directional stability and quick response to steering turns. Deep channels in the shoulder area increase self-cleaning, preventing skidding during maneuvers. Specially shaped sipes improve traction in icy conditions, reducing ride noise. The optimal arrangement of the blocks made it possible to increase the contact patch, increasing stability and controllability.

Reinforced carcass

Any winter tire often faces maximum loads, as a result, permanent damage and ruptures appear. To prevent these negative consequences, a special reinforced frame was used in this model. It is made of modern durable materials. At the same time, a new cord winding technology was used, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the tire. Due to this, the frame can easily withstand increased loads, minimizing possible damage and punctures. The reduced tire weight had a positive effect on speed and braking performance.

Main features of Landsail Winter Lander

  • excellent handling and stability obtained through the use of a new tread pattern;
  • increased grip with any road surface was obtained as a result of the use of a special drainage system and sharp edges of the tread blocks;
  • reliable protection against possible damage and overload is provided by a new reinforced frame;
  • the minimum noise during movement was obtained by introducing new lamellas with different depths;
  • increased speed and braking parameters are provided by a reduced tire weight.

Landsail Winter Star Review

The Landsail Winter Star winter tire is designed for various passenger cars. The use of advanced technologies has made it possible to achieve excellent performance parameters. This model meets all standards in the field of environmental friendliness and quality, therefore it enjoys well-deserved popularity among consumers.

Landsail Winter Star Review
Landsail Winter Star Review

Optimized drainage system

In this model, an optimized drainage system was used, consisting of channels of various depths and lengths. Two continuous channels in the center of the tire quickly move mud, water and snow out of the tread for improved ride stability. An increased number of smaller channels and notches increase stability in icy conditions and reduce the noise effect when driving. Small lamellae create a “sticking” effect, further increasing stability on slippery surfaces. In various weather conditions, the tire shows excellent grip.

More durable frame

To minimize possible damage and punctures, this model used a reinforced frame that can withstand maximum loads without problems. When it was created, a reinforced cord and special steel rings were used to prevent tread tearing. Also, the Landsail Winter Star’s durable carcass allowed for a more even distribution of tire pressure, minimizing uneven wear and increasing the contact patch. Therefore, the tire is characterized by increased mileage and increased stability. Due to the use of steel rings in the central part of the tire, rigidity has increased, which has a positive effect on straight-line stability.

The special elastic rubber compound allowed to obtain excellent speed and braking characteristics on any road surface.

Main features of Landsail Winter Star

  • Advanced sipe system improves grip on ice and reduces driving noise, making the ride as comfortable as possible;
  • reinforced carcass withstands increased overloads without any problems and perfectly protects the tread from various damages and punctures;
  • the optimized drainage system perfectly copes with its functions, reliably protecting the tire from possible aquaplaning;
  • Stiffer central part of the tread increases stability when driving in a straight line;
  • the best value for money in its segment.

Landsail 4Seasons Van Review

The all-season tire Landsail 4Seasons Van is designed to meet all the specifics of the operation of commercial vehicles and minivans, including in winter. It is distinguished by increased strength and resistance to damage, ease of control and reliable grip on any slippery surfaces, fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

The running part of the tire has a 2-layer structure. The lower base layer is made of a rigid compound with increased thermal conductivity. This improves handling and directional stability at high speed, reduces rolling resistance and slows down the process of tread wear. Its rubber compound outer side enhances traction on cold, wet and snowy surfaces, providing reliable handling in such conditions.

Landsail 4Seasons Van Key Features

  • a large number of sipes with elongated transverse edges provides intensive acceleration and braking on any slippery surfaces;
  • two-layer structure of a protector improves all basic road performance of the tire;
  • Reinforced carcass with steel cord provides the tire strength and impact resistance.

Landsail CL V6 Review

Summer tire Landsail CL V6 has a rather narrow scope. This model was developed specifically for SUVs and crossovers operated on paved roads. It is under these conditions that it demonstrates the most significant advantages. First of all, it is a stable and confident behavior at high speed, which, thanks to modern technology, is combined with a high level of comfort.

Asymmetrical tread

A significant part of the advantages of this tire is provided by the use of a wide range of asymmetric tread patterns. Each of its functional areas improves certain technical characteristics. Often they are the same, which allows you to further increase the efficiency of the tire.

Excellent directional stability at any speed

Two of the three central longitudinal ribs have a continuous structure devoid of any gaps. In combination with their very large dimensions, this gives them increased resistance to deformation changes, which in turn improves grip stability and directional stability at any speed.

Increased hydroplaning resistance

The tread rib, located closer to the outer side of the tread, is characterized by the presence of a plurality of diagonal curved grooves. In combination with transverse drainage grooves in the shoulder areas and similar elements located between the central ribs, this improves the resistance of the tread to hydroplaning.

Landsail CL V6 Key Features

  • three wide longitudinal ribs in the center increase traction and directional stability at high speed, improve control efficiency;
  • rectangular blocks in the shoulder areas provide reliable and confident behavior in turns, reduce the braking distance;
  • numerous diagonal grooves in the central part prevent hydroplaning;
  • Reinforced breaker design provides improved handling and longer tread life.

Landsail CT6 Review

The Landsail CT6 summer tire is designed for long-term and intensive use in small-capacity trailers. It is characterized by increased load capacity and impact resistance, excellent directional stability during towing, wear resistance and reduced rolling resistance.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a closed design with four wide solid ribs. The increased rigidity of these elements provides the tire with excellent directional stability when towing, no uneven wear, and low rolling resistance. The presence of numerous and multidirectional lamellas in the ribs retains grip on wet surfaces. At the same time, wide drainage grooves between them almost completely eliminate the risk of aquaplaning even in heavy rain.

Main features of Landsail CT6

  • rigid longitudinal ribs increase directional stability, reduce fuel consumption, prevent uneven wear;
  • Numerous multi-directional sipes retain grip on wet surfaces
  • Reinforced carcass increases the load capacity of the tire and its resistance to damage.

Landsail 4Seasons Review

The Landsail 4Seasons all-season tire is designed for intensive use throughout the year in regions with so-called “warm” winters. It is characterized by reliable grip on wet and snowy surfaces, ease of control, quiet and smooth running, and extended service life.

Landsail 4Seasons Review
Landsail 4Seasons Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an asymmetrical design, which made it possible to choose the optimal location for the drainage grooves. This significantly enhances the tire’s ability to evacuate water and its heavy mixture with snow from the contact patch, while maintaining reliable control in difficult weather conditions. The narrow sawtooth slots in each block provide intensive braking and acceleration on wet surfaces, packed snow and ice. High block edges improve traction on snowy roads.

Key features of Landsail 4Seasons

  • “winter” tread pattern provides reliable control on snowy and icy roads;
  • optimized tread profile, uniform and dense arrangement of elements of its pattern improve handling, prevent rapid abrasion of the tire;
  • special rubber compound, elastic and resistant to wear and punctures.

Landsail D7 Review

The Landsail D7 summer tire is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars, due to the vast size range it fits almost any of them. It features excellent grip at high speed, good fuel efficiency for its class, comfortable, quiet and smooth running.

The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound with a high content of silicon dioxide and special polymers. Such a compound, due to its elasticity, increases the “tenacity” of the tire on a wet surface, and due to its tensile strength and tensile strength, it ensures its integrity during long-term movement at high speed. The tread pattern is made in a directional design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. This solution improves longitudinal grip and directional stability while reducing rolling resistance and wear.

Landsail D7 Key Features:

  • increased “tenacity” on wet surfaces, resistance to extreme loads during high-speed traffic due to the rubber compound with silicon dioxide and special polymers;
  • V-shaped tread design provides directional stability and control accuracy at high speed, reduces noise and wear;
  • the increased volume of the longitudinal and the direction against the movement of the transverse drainage grooves to a minimum reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Landsail D8 Review

The Landsail D8 summer tire is a radial tire. It is installed on SUVs and crossovers operated both in the city and on the ground. It is characterized by increased cross-country ability on loose substrates, fast self-cleaning and low rolling resistance.

The model has a directional symmetrical pattern, the central place in which is occupied by a monolithic rib with uneven edges. It determines the stability of control and the speed of response to the actions of the steering wheel. Numerous block structures located on both sides of it help to maintain the same level of grip, both on dry and wet road surfaces. Shoulder blocks have a strictly horizontal orientation. Thanks to them, increased traction on loose soils is achieved, which ensures good cross-country ability of heavy vehicles.

As a compound, a composition is used, represented by numerous synthetic and natural components. It contributes to the preservation of characteristics not only at different speeds, but throughout the entire period of use.

Landsail D8 Key Features:

  • adaptation to driving, both in urban conditions and off-road in the summer;
  • increased strength of the carcass and compound prevents mechanical damage, including ruptures;
  • maintaining controllability at any speed due to the structure of the central zone;
  • quick cleaning of the tread from water and dirt due to numerous channels and grooves.

Landsail Ice Star IS36 Review

Winter tire for passenger cars Landsail Ice Star IS36 is designed for use in regions with severe climatic conditions. It features improved grip on any slippery surface, comfortable handling in difficult situations, low noise level and fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern contains a large number of massive blocks. Their high lip provides reliable traction on snow. The large dimensions of the elements determine their resistance to deformation, which has a positive effect on handling and makes it easier to control the car. The entire tread is dotted with narrow wavy cuts. When in contact with the road surface, they open up to form sharp edges that increase traction and braking power, especially on wet surfaces and ice.

Main features of Landsail Ice Star IS36

  • large blocks with long edges provide reliable grip on snow;
  • numerous “three-dimensional” sipes increase traction and braking intensity on wet and icy surfaces;
  • a solid rib in the middle improves handling and directional stability in straight-line traffic.

Landsail LS988 Review

The Landsail LS988 summer tire is designed for off-road vehicles operating in various conditions. Creating this model, the experts tried to take into account all the nuances of operation, and the main emphasis was placed on increased safety and controllability. To achieve this, new tire industry technologies and the best materials were used.

The tire meets all international standards in the field of quality and environmental friendliness, therefore it enjoys well-deserved popularity among SUV owners.

Advanced rubber compound

To increase elasticity, an increased content of silica was used, due to this, grip characteristics with a wet road surface increased and the recovery properties of the tread were accelerated. Even when driving on poor-quality road surfaces, the tire “smoothes out” all surface irregularities. Silicon was used to improve the wear-resistant qualities of the tire, which significantly increased the mileage. Also, the new rubber compound contributed to an increase in the contact patch, which increased stability and controllability.

Branched tread pattern

The tread pattern has an extensive system of blocks and drainage channels, due to which excellent driving performance is obtained. Continuous center rib improves straight-line stability. Four deep channels quickly remove mud and water from the tread, preventing possible hydroplaning. A large number of small channels reduce driving noise and increase stability on any road surface. The massive shoulder area increases cornering stability and reliably protects the tire from side damage and punctures.

The tire proved to be excellent when driving, both in urban conditions and on country roads. It provides confident control and is characterized by a minimum amount of damage.

Landsail LS988 main features

  • the updated rubber compound increases grip on wet road surfaces, accelerates the recovery and wear-resistant properties of the tread;
  • new tread design improves traction on any road surface;
  • An extensive system of lamellas quickly removes water from the contact zone and reduces noise when driving.

Landsail Qirin 990 Review

Summer tire Landsail Qirin 990 is designed for long-term operation with frequent exposure to high loads that usually occur when driving at high speed and dynamic driving style. It is characterized by sporty handling, reliable grip and effective braking on wet surfaces, excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

The tread pattern is notable for four wide longitudinal grooves interconnected by a network of narrow drainage elements. This is more than enough to allow the tire to avoid hydroplaning at almost any speed. Drainage elements are located around massive ribs and blocks. The large dimensions of the elements make them resistant to deformation, which, in combination with the optimized profile of the entire tread of the tire, guarantees stable grip and easy handling in a dynamic driving style.

Main features of Landsail Qirin 990

  • increased resistance to hydroplaning due to the increased volume of longitudinal grooves and their interconnection with a network of transverse drainage elements;
  • massive blocks and ribs provide stability at high speed and sporty refinement in handling;
  • Optimized tread profile and reinforced carcass improve handling and directional stability.

Landsail Seasons Dragon Review

The Landsail Seasons Dragon all-season tire is designed for use in the most dynamic versions of passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs. It features improved grip on wet and snowy surfaces, precise control, good ride for UHP category models and extended service life.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a V-shaped arrangement and numerous grooves. This allows the tire to effectively cope with the removal of not only water, but also its mixture with snow and road dirt. Another feature of the tread pattern is the prevalence of small blocks in it, which made it possible to significantly increase their number and, at the same time, the number of edges formed by them. As a result, the tire demonstrates high traction and braking force on wet and snowy surfaces, as well as directional stability.

Main features of Landsail Seasons Dragon

  • V-shaped arrangement and numerous grooves maintains reliable control in difficult weather conditions;
  • an increased number of blocks increases traction and grip properties and directional stability on snow;
  • a special rubber compound with a high content of “silica” remains elastic at low temperatures.

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