Lassa Competus Tires Review: Best Models With Features 2023

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive Lassa Competus Tires review, examining their features, performance, and value for money. We will also consider the experiences of drivers who have used Lassa tires and provide insights into their overall satisfaction with the product.

The Lassa Competus Tires are a popular choice for drivers seeking high-quality, reliable tires for their vehicles. These tires are designed to provide excellent performance in a variety of conditions, from dry roads to wet and slippery surfaces.

Lassa Competus Tires Review Best Models With Features
Lassa Competus Tires

Lassa Competus H/L Review

The Lassa Competus H/L all-season tire is a novelty designed for off-road use. Thanks to its improved characteristics, it significantly improves the performance of the car. Created through computer simulation combined with innovative technologies, the Lassa Competus H/L tire increases the potential of any off-road vehicle.

Lassa Competus H/L Review
Lassa Competus H/L Review

Features of the Lassa Competus H/L tire

Particular attention is drawn to the tread pattern, which has a very original structure. The presence of four central channels in combination with numerous drainage channels create the most efficient water drainage from the point of contact. Thanks to this structure, the Lassa Competus H/L performs well on any wet surface.

The shoulder zone is distinguished by the massiveness of its blocks. Thanks to this, the car feels confident when cornering in any weather. In addition, this tread structure provides the best noise reduction. Therefore, driving becomes more comfortable.

The robust carcass of the Lassa Competus H/L tire allows it to be used both on the road and off-road. At the same time, it is able to withstand significant loads. Therefore, such a tire perfectly withstands long journeys.

Equally important is the composition of the rubber, which gives the tire an additional level of wear resistance, as well as resistance to abrasive wear.

Lassa Competus 4×4 Review

Lassa Competus 4×4 is an all-season tire designed for use on vehicles with all-wheel drive. Whether it’s summer or winter, dry pavement or muddy country roads, the Lassa Competus 4×4 always performs well.

The tire tread has a large number of lamellae, which improve grip. This fact guarantees higher cross-country ability in all weather conditions. The shoulder area of ​​the tread is represented by a rectangular shape, which guarantees an increase in traction.

Lassa Competus 4x4 Review
Lassa Competus 4×4 Review

Features of the Lassa Competus 4×4 tire

  • With the Lassa Competus 4×4 tire , you can feel how much more comfortable you can ride on any road surface. This is guaranteed by a special two-component rubber compound, as well as reinforced side blocks that guarantee excellent stability when cornering and turning.
  • In addition, the tread has an aggressive design that contributes to giving the car a more attractive appearance. With its aggressiveness, the tread improves not only the visual perception of the car, but also creates an excellent basis for improving performance.
  • Choosing tires Lassa Competus 4×4 you guarantee yourself quality, reliability and durability.

Lassa Competus A/T Review

Lassa Competus A/T is an all-season SUV and light truck tire from Brisa (Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tire Manufacturing & Trading Inc.), a joint venture between The Sabanci Group of Turkey and Bridgestone Corporation of Japan. This model is developed using advanced computer simulation technology to the highest quality standards, followed by electronic product quality control.

Lassa Competus A/T Review
Lassa Competus A/T Review

The tire is designed for operation in difficult road conditions. This is also evidenced by its name with the prefix A / T, meaning “All-terrain”, that is, “Any surface”. It was with the goal of maximum cross-country ability that during the development of this tire, engineers made decisions that allow it to perfectly cope with all the difficulties of moving over rough terrain. 

This is, first of all, a reinforced sidewall, which allows the tire to withstand various external mechanical influences. It has high impact resistance and cut resistance. Secondly, wide lugs located in the shoulder area of ​​the tread allow the tire not to get stuck in the mud and easily get out of the rut. At the same time, the tire is able to self-clean, getting rid of snow and dirt in the contact patch. The strong sidewall makes it feel great on gravel roads.

This tire has a functional symmetrical tread pattern that allows the vehicle to confidently hold the road. This is achieved due to the shape of the tread blocks, as well as the system of sipes that cut each block, which guarantees good grip and safety of movement in the autumn-winter season. Also, in winter, the shoulder area with its square edges and powerful blocks actively “turns on” to work, due to which the tire “bites” into any surface.

The bead area has been significantly upgraded, making it possible to securely fit the tire on the disc. The chemical composition of the rubber compound, which is part of the tread, was also significantly worked out thanks to its original composition, excellent grip on a wet track is achieved, and rolling resistance is also reduced. The latter parameter contributes to better driving performance of the tire, as well as fuel economy, so the Lassa Competus A/T tire is considered economical and environmentally friendly.

This model behaves well both on public roads and off-road. This is demonstrated by the 50/50 ratio assigned to her.

With all its high off-road performance, this model can compete with road tires. This allows her to do, first of all, the central rib, which provides high directional stability on the track and allows the car to clearly respond to the driver’s commands. The central rib has a discontinuous structure and consists of a number of checkers with lamellas to increase grip, as well as for the purpose of drainage. The five-step tread pattern sequence guarantees a high level of acoustic comfort when traveling at high speed.

Fast and efficient removal of water, mud and snow from the contact patch with the road surface is carried out using two annular longitudinal channels. Numerous grooves in the shoulder area help them significantly. Thanks to this drainage system, the vehicle runs confidently on wet roads, minimizes the risk of aquaplaning and, as a result, increases driving safety.

Summing up, it is worth saying that this tire is perfect for off-road driving enthusiasts for example, for hunters and fishermen who, in addition to moving around the city, often get out of the city, where their SUV can face serious problems on the road. With the Lassa Competus A/T tire, this is virtually impossible.

Distinctive features of the Lassa Competus A/T tire

  • Lassa Competus A/T is an all-season tire for SUVs and light trucks.
  • The tire is marked “50/50”, which means that this model can be used equally successfully both for movement on public roads and over rough terrain. This is reflected in the name of the tire A / T, that is, “All terrain”, translates as “Any surface”.
  • Functional symmetrical tread pattern allows the tire to confidently hold any road.
  • Thanks to the reinforced sidewall, this tire is resistant to various mechanical influences impacts and cuts. It also allows the car to successfully move on gravel roads.
  • Wide lugs located in the shoulder area of ​​the tread allow the tire not to get stuck in the mud and easily get out of the rut.
  • The shoulder area has powerful blocks and square edges that allow the tire to literally bite into the road surface.
  • The system of sipes that are present on each block of the tread provides high-quality grip on the track.
  • The upgraded bead area contributes to a reliable “seat” of the tire on the disc.
  • The central rib, which has a discontinuous structure, provides high directional stability in rectilinear motion.
  • The five-pitch tread pattern guarantees low noise generation when driving at high speeds.
  • The original tread compound provides high impact and wear resistance, good grip on wet roads, and reduces rolling resistance, resulting in a five percent reduction in fuel consumption when driving.
  • Two annular longitudinal channels in the central one contribute to the high-quality removal of water from the contact patch with the road surface, so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced to zero. Numerous grooves with which the tread is dotted help to remove moisture, dirt and sleet from the contact zone even more efficiently.

Lassa Competus A/T 2 Review

The Lassa Competus A/T 2 tire is used on SUVs. The model belongs to the All Terrain category and therefore is versatile, demonstrating good performance on unpaved and paved roads. It is worth noting a wide size range, taking into account the purpose of the tire the 15 most popular sizes for wheels with a diameter of 15 to 18 inches. All options are distinguished by a large profile height from 60 to 80%.

Optimized tread profile

Much of the tire’s improved performance on paved roads is due to the optimized tread profile. It significantly increases the width of the contact zone with the coating and at the same time ensures uniform distribution of the load over it. As a result, not only gripping properties are enhanced, but also their high stability is ensured, and the likelihood of uneven wear is reduced.

Wide edge blocks

All performance properties improved by optimizing the tread profile are further enhanced by the design of the shoulder zones. This part of the tread contains wide blocks having a trapezoidal shape in the lateral projection with an acute angle at the transition point to the tire sidewall. This solution gives the shoulder areas high resistance to deformation, which also prevents uneven wear, improves handling and grip, especially when maneuvering.

Zigzag blocks in the center

The central part of the tread contains long blocks of the original zigzag shape. They form very extended edges with variable directionality. This significantly improves traction stability and directional stability without compromising other tire characteristics.

Main features of Lassa Competus A/T 2

  • suitable for any roads in the summer;
  • optimized tread profile and shoulder design improves handling, reduces wear;
  • original zigzag blocks provide longitudinal grip and excellent directional stability.

Lassa Competus H/P Review

All-season car tires Lassa Competus H/P are positioned as an indicator of a completely different level of car performance. Designed for SUVs and 4x4s, both on the road and in the city, these tires allow you to enjoy a new level of comfort and safety.

Lassa Competus H/P Review
Lassa Competus H/P Review

Lassa Competus H/P Advantages

Comparative tests conducted by TUV SUD with 5 of the most outstanding off-road tires showed that this tire model took the lead in braking on wet and dry roads, cornering, including wet road conditions, as well as in aquaplaning.

An important factor in the use of tires of this model is the maximum level of silence and comfort that these tires provide to the car. According to the developers, the tires are designed for those who seek to combine power and comfort in order to get a unique driving pleasure.

Lassa Competus H/P Tread

The tread chosen for this model of Lassa Competus H/P tires consists of a specific set of patterns that allow them to easily adapt to any type and shape of the surface. At the same time, the inner surface is designed in such a way as to best adhere to the wet road surface, while the quality of grip on dry roads is guaranteed by the characteristics of the outer surface. The fact is that it allows you to dump the largest amount of water through a large number of lamellas. This avoids skidding and slipping even in corners, and the quality of holding the road is noticeably improved.

Lassa Competus H/P Rubber compound

Some silicon components were used in the composition of the rubber compound used in the manufacture of this tire model. As a result, manufacturers managed to avoid the possible action of puddles on the surface of the tires, which made it possible to improve grip and significantly reduce the braking distance even on wet and unpaved roads. At the same time, the composition of the rubber is thought out in such a way as to maximize the service life. After all, more and more often SUVs are used for driving in the urban cycle, where asphalt accelerates the process of their abrasion.

Main features of Lassa Competus H/P

  • tires Lassa Competus H/P can be used on all-wheel drive vehicles and SUVs;
  • silicon components reduce the degree of interaction of the tire with water;
  • unique tread pattern with ample grooves improves traction even on wet roads;
  • have the best characteristics when conquering turns and aquaplaning.

Lassa Competus H/P 2 Review

Summer tire Lassa Competus H/P 2 aimed at SUV owners. It is characterized by improved grip on wet roads, quick response to steering action, as well as protection against aquaplaning.

Compared to the previous model, this tire received a segmented middle zone, which is based on three longitudinal ribs. Due to the increased number of blocks, acceleration and braking performance has improved. In addition, the presence of a large number of slots that open into the central channels, drainage is realized. The result is the prevention of hydroplanning even in heavy rain.
The side zone has elongated blocks, which are distinguished by their rigidity. This contributes to the stability of the behavior of vehicles during turns.
The rubber compound with a certain percentage of silica guarantees reliable grip, both on dry and wet asphalt. It is important to note that the presence of special additives significantly reduces wear.

Main features of Lassa Competus H/P 2

  • an increased number of blocks with sharper edges ensure the minimization of the braking distance;
  • the drainage system excludes hydroplanning;
  • soft rubber compound, resistant to abrasion, provides acoustic comfort.

Lassa Competus Winter Review

The light winter tire Lassa Competus Winter, produced by a Turkish-Japanese joint venture, is designed for installation on off-road vehicles, as well as on SUV class vehicles.

The design of the tire tread pattern is typical for tires designed for winter use. The directional tread pattern of the tire contains many individual blocks of various shapes, which provide good grip on slippery surfaces, as well as increased flotation on snow-covered surfaces.

Lassa Competus Winter Review
Lassa Competus Winter Review

The entire tread of the tire is covered with zigzag sipes, which help the vehicle maintain grip on icy crusted roads without compromising the rigidity of the tread structure. Independent tests have shown that the Lassa Competus Winter tire has short braking distances on dry and snowy surfaces. This was achieved due to the porous structure of the rubber compound with the addition of silicon, as well as zigzag grooves located along the tread.

To improve grip on wet roads, the tire’s tread pattern is equipped with diagonal grooves, which, in combination with the longitudinal grooves, effectively remove water from the tire’s contact patch. At low temperatures, the tire remains flexible enough for effective grip on snowy roads, thanks to the porous structure of the rubber compound.

In addition, the tire optimally distributes pressure across the contact patch, which also contributes to improved traction. Thanks to the braided pattern of the tread pattern, the optimally selected distance between the blocks, the tire is characterized by comfort and low noise level when driving.

Main features of Lassa Competus Winter

  • Short braking distance, which is provided by the porosity of the rubber compound;
  • Good grip on snow and wet roads;
  • Comfort and low level of noise and vibrations.

Lassa Competus Winter 2 Review

Winter tire Lassa Competus Winter 2 is designed for crossovers and SUVs. It belongs to the HT category, which is why it demonstrates its most significant advantages on asphalt roads. These include traction on icy surfaces, despite the absence of spikes.

Efficient drainage system in any conditions

A distinctive feature of the tire is its high resistance to both hydroplaning and slashplaning. It is provided by an efficient operation of the drainage system. It consists of many elements, each of which performs certain functions. Peripheral and cruciform grooves speed up the process of water drainage, and the Z-shaped grooves of their walls provide snow retention, thereby improving traction. During the thaw, the snow-mud mixture is effectively removed through wide drainage grooves in the shoulder areas.

Reliable behavior on icy surfaces

In the absence of studs, the tire demonstrates good traction on ice. They are provided with several thousand sharp edges formed by lamellae narrow slots located a few millimeters apart. At the same time, their wave-like shape limits the transverse mobility of the blocks, which improves the efficiency of control and stability at high speed.

Main features of the Lassa Competus Winter 2 model

  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning and slashplanning is provided by a functional drainage system;
  • increased density of sipes improves grip on ice;
  • excellent acoustic comfort due to the location of the blocks with an offset relative to each other and rounded corners;
  • a short braking distance is provided by the transverse arrangement and the large width of the shoulder blocks.

Lassa Competus Winter 2+ Review

Winter tire Lassa Competus Winter 2+ is a friction type. Installed on SUVs, pickups, and minibuses. It is characterized by confident handling on winter roads, fast self-cleaning of the tread and good driving performance on dry pavement.

The tire is equipped with a directional symmetrical tread. In its central part there is a wide rib, consisting of numerous blocks. On each of them there are wavy lamellas having a different direction. Due to this, confident traction is realized on a snowy or icy road. Wide drainage channels encircling each of the blocks and opening outward in the shoulder area guarantee prompt cleaning of the contact spot from water, snow and dirt.
The rubber compound contains silicic acid components, which are able to maintain the elasticity of the tread elements even at low temperatures. This factor guarantees good grip and minimization of the braking distance in all weather conditions.

Main features of Lassa Competus Winter 2+

  • confident overcoming of snow-covered and icy sections of the road due to numerous engagement edges;
  • quick cleaning of the contact zone from moisture, snow and dirt;
  • the rubber composition is not affected by negative temperatures due to silica additives.

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