Lassa Snoways Tires Review: Best Models with Features (2023)

Lassa Snowyas is a series of Lassa Tires, Here we will share expert and consumer Lassa Snoways Tires reviews with features and characteristics.

Lassa Snoways Tires offer an excellent balance of performance, comfort, and value for money. They are a reliable and popular choice for drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s winter driving capabilities. However, it is worth noting that while these tires perform well in snow and wet conditions, they may not be suitable for use in extreme ice and freezing conditions. As with any tire purchase, it is important to consider your individual driving needs and conditions before making a decision.

Lassa Snoways Tires Review Best Models with Features
Lassa Snoways Tires Review

Lassa Snoways 2 Review

The Lassa Snoways 2 winter passenger tire, produced by one of the well-known Turkish manufacturers, is designed for middle-class passenger cars, as well as for minibuses and light trucks.

Lassa Snoways 2 Review
Lassa Snoways 2 Review

In this tire, the manufacturer has applied its most advanced technologies. The design of the tire features a directional tread pattern that resembles the letter “V” in its structure. The tread pattern consists of many separate blocks of a quadrangular shape, placed in a V-shaped pattern. This structure of the tread elements allows for excellent grip and high braking performance on snowy or icy roads. It should also be noted the high efficiency of water, snow and sludge removal due to the presence in the tread pattern of many gaps between the above blocks, which can significantly improve the grip of the Lassa Snoways 2 tire.

surface even under the most adverse road conditions. In addition, it is impossible not to note the presence on each of the blocks of several wavy-shaped lamellas, which, with their sharp edges, further improve grip even with very slippery surfaces.

Another distinctive feature of this tire is the depth of the tread pattern, which, combined with a large number of blocks, allows the tire to provide excellent flotation even in deep snow. In addition, the high cross-country ability of this tire is facilitated to a large extent by the special design of the shoulder zones, which are distinguished by their original design and profile.

Main features of the Lassa Snoways 2 tire

  • The original directional tread pattern provides excellent grip and high acceleration and braking efficiency when driving on snow and ice;
  • Excellent adhesion even with a wet surface, thanks to the presence of a large number of individual blocks placed at a sufficiently large distance from each other;
  • Remarkable elasticity even at temperatures below zero is ensured by the use of unique components in the composition of the rubber compound;

Lassa Snoways 2 Plus Review

The Lassa Snoways 2 Plus excels on ice and snow, as its name suggests, guaranteeing a high level of grip, excellent maneuverability and handling on slippery winter roads.

Lassa Snoways 2 Plus Review

Traction is provided by a directional tread design that literally bites into the road surface and allows you to move forward. In many ways, this is also facilitated by the tread blocks, which have zigzag sipes. They increase the length of the cutting edge, clinging to every bump in the road surface, thereby increasing grip on the track, and also contribute to confident cornering. In the shoulder areas of the tire there are stepped blocks that are actively included in the “work” when the vehicle moves through deep snow cover. This is a very important characteristic, given the harsh nature of Russian winters.

Also an important characteristic for operation in Russian conditions is the unique composition of the rubber compound included in the tread. The original calculated mixture, which includes polymers with silicon particles, allows the tire not to freeze even at low temperatures down to minus forty degrees Celsius and even lower. At the same time, the tire retains its elasticity and, as a result, all its performance.

Another positive feature of the Lassa Snoways 2 Plus is its excellent handling on wet roads. The drainage system includes a central zigzag channel, to which arcuate grooves are directed from the shoulder zones. All this provides a quick and high-quality removal of moisture from the contact patch with the road surface and minimizes the risk of aquaplaning, guaranteeing a high level of safety. It is worth noting that this tire is also ideal for European winters with their wet roads.

All in all, this model is a good winter tire choice. A vehicle fitted with these tires will perform confidently on any winter road, providing excellent grip, a high level of comfort, short braking and accelerating distances, maneuverability and safety.

Distinctive features of the Lassa Snoways 2 Plus tire

  • Snoways 2 Plus is a winter tire for passenger cars.
  • The design of the tread pattern is directional, providing high-quality traction.
  • The tread blocks have zigzag sipes that improve traction, providing short braking and accelerating distances, as well as stability when cornering.
  • Stepped blocks in the shoulder areas help the tire not get stuck when moving through deep snow cover.
  • The original composition of the rubber compound, which is part of the tire, includes polymers with silicon particles this allows the tire not to freeze even at the lowest temperatures and maintain its elasticity.
  • The central zigzag channel and arcuate grooves leading to it from the shoulder areas of the tread quickly and effectively remove moisture from the contact patch with the road surface, minimizing the risk of hydroplaning on wet roads.

Lassa Snoways 2C Review

Winter tire Lassa Snoways 2C has a tread pattern with a directional pattern and is designed for use on cars and minibuses. It is not only a winter tire that has excellent technical properties, but also provides the driver with high comfort and safety. The Snoways 2C tire is the best option in all respects for improving driving performance on winter roads.

Lassa Snoways 2C Review
Lassa Snoways 2C Review

Features of the Lassa Snoways 2C tire

Due to the innovative developments of Bridgestone scientists, the tire has maximum technical characteristics, giving the car excellent stability in ice and snowy conditions. The Lassa Snoways 2C tire has an original tread pattern consisting of a larger number of directional blocks. They are responsible for the formation of powerful coupling and traction properties of the car on the road, as well as increase its maneuverability when driving at high speeds.

A large number of sipes provide excellent cornering stability and shorten the braking distance. Well-designed drainage grooves, which are responsible for removing moisture and snow slush from the contact patch, help protect the car from hydroplaning on wet asphalt and ice.

During the production of this tire, a special rubber compound was used, which makes it possible to significantly increase its service life. Such rubber makes the tire more elastic at low temperatures and increases resistance to various mechanical stresses. Due to the properties of the rubber compound, the load is evenly distributed over the entire tread, which increases the wear resistance of the tire and reduces the rolling level, while reducing fuel consumption.

Technology at Lassa Snoways 2C

The use of the latest state-of-the-art Bridgestone technologies has made it possible to achieve:

  • excellent adhesion to the road surface;
  • safe braking on icy and snowy roads;
  • high-quality grip on wet surfaces;
  • reducing the risk of aquaplaning when driving at high speeds;
  • elasticity at negative temperatures;
  • strengthening of coupling with any paving;
  • great exchange rate stability;
  • reduction of fuel consumption.

Lassa Snoways 3 Review

The Lassa Snoways 3 winter tire is a balanced performance tire designed to fit almost any modern passenger car. The Japanese-Turkish joint venture offers this model in more than fifty sizes with a diameter of 13 to 18 inches.

Lassa Snoways 3 Review
Lassa Snoways 3 Review

Improved grip on slippery surfaces

The tire is not studded, but nevertheless provides good grip on slippery surfaces. It is provided by a whole range of solutions in the design of the V-shaped tread pattern. One of them is the drainage grooves in the central part. They are located at an angle, and their walls have an original curved shape. It enhances traction on snow-covered surfaces not only due to the formation of long edges, but also due to the ability to compact the snow captured by the tread.

Another positive factor is the numerous lamellas. They compensate for the lack of studs, forming a total of several thousand grip edges. At the same time, the S-shape of their walls limits the mobility of the blocks, which further reduces the risk of side slips.

Confident behavior in difficult conditions

The drainage grooves mentioned above have another feature. We are talking about a variable width, increasing as you approach the shoulder blocks. In combination with the curved shape and the direction of these elements against the movement, this significantly increases the throughput. And not only when draining water, but also its mixture with snow and mud.

Main features of Lassa Snoways 3

  • improved grip on slippery surfaces due to the V-shaped tread pattern;
  • the curved shape of the transverse drainage grooves provides reliable traction on snow;
  • wavy sipes improve performance on ice, prevent side slips.

Lassa Snoways 4 Review

The Lassa Snoways 4 winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. Focused on the widest range of car owners, thanks to the balance of driving performance. In motion, it simultaneously demonstrates stability and ease of handling on slippery surfaces, fuel efficiency, long service life and reduced noise levels.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with a large number of blocks. They are combined into groups of several elements each, forming very extended V-shaped faces. This improves traction on snow. The “chessboard” arrangement of groups of blocks increases the contact patch and prevents premature wear of the tread. The combination of numerous longitudinal and wide inclined drainage grooves allows the tire to effectively deal with both hydroplaning and slashplaning. Multi-directionality and multiple sinus-shaped sipes increase traction, braking intensity and steering precision on icy surfaces.

Lassa Snoways 4 Key Features:

  • tread pattern with elongated V-shaped edges provides performance on snow;
  • increased width and slope of the transverse drainage grooves minimizes the risk of hydroplaning and slashplanning;
  • sinus-shaped slots increase traction and intensity of deceleration on ice.

Lassa Snoways Era Review

The Lassa Snoways Era tire is an excellent winter tire that will drive confidently and safely on the road of any complexity.

This tire copes well with winter weather due to the tread pattern, which has an original improved design. The tread has a pattern consisting of a large number of optimally selected elements, which increase the stability and maneuverability of the car on the track at various speeds.

A large number of grooves help to remove moisture from contact patches, increasing the vehicle’s stability when driving on slippery road surfaces and increasing its protection against aquaplaning. Due to the lamellas, a powerful coefficient of adhesion to the snowy road is provided and an excellent balance appears when cornering and bending. Due to the well-thought-out elements of the pattern, the car moves silently along the road, which adds additional comfort to the driver when driving.

The rubber compound of the Lassa Snoways Era winter tire has unique properties. Thanks to these properties, the tire can be effectively operated even at very low temperatures, by maintaining much-needed elasticity. At the same time, the rubber compound provides the tire with durability and extended service life up to several seasons.

All these features of the tire significantly reduce rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption while driving.

Tire Lassa Snoways Era is manufactured using the latest technology from Bridgestone.

Features of the Lassa Snoways Era tire

The use of modeling type programming and modern components that are used in the manufacture of the rubber compound, the developers were able to reproduce in the tire the optimal performance characteristics required in difficult winter conditions, such as:

  • low noise generation and increased resistance to wear;
  • optimal performance of grip with road ice;
  • Optimum wet grip performance
  • TUV certified.

The optimized round shape of the Lassa Snowways tire helped

  • increase resistance to hydroplaning;
  • provide deep penetration into the snow layer;
  • Improve grip quality in slush.

Optimum tire tread pattern

  • increase the number of adhesion edges and the quality of adhesion;
  • reduce the risk of hydroplaning;
  • improve the behavior of the tire on icy and snow.

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