Laufenn tires Review: What are Best Laufenn Tires in 2023

Our today’s tire review is about the south Korean company tires Laufenn. We will share Laufenn tires review with all features and benefits for car owners.

Laufenn tires Review What are Best Laufenn Tires
Laufenn tires Review

who makes laufenn tires?

The Laufenn brand is owned by the South Korean company Hankook Tires. In 2013, it invested US$1.1 billion to build a car tire factory in Java, taking advantage of Indonesia’s low labor and land costs. Currently, about a third of the products produced are sold in the Indonesian market, and the rest goes to North America, the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

laufenn Brand positioning

The manufacturer advertises Laufenn tires as reliable tires without any frills at a great price, developed by the world-famous South Korean brand. In other words, for the buyer, such products are a reasonable choice. The simpler construction of Laufenn tires can be judged by directly comparing models from the flagship lines of both brands S Fit-AS and Ventus. Indonesian tires have a less complex tread pattern, which also indicates the appropriate composition of the rubber compound. This generally accepted world practice is used to exclude internal competition.

Benefits of Laufenn tires

Tires of this brand have been on the markets of different countries since 2014, enough time for their buyers to form an objective opinion. Most of them were pleasantly surprised by the driving comfort, low noise level, and reliable grip. And this applies to both summer and winter tires. Such high driving properties are due to the fact that Hankook, using its brand to promote Laufenn, has to take care of its reputation and offer quality tires.

What are Best Laufenn Tires for 2023

Best Laufenn Tires for 2023 are:

  • S-Fit EQ LK01
  • i-Fit Ice LW71
  • i-Fit LW31
  • G-Fit AS LH41
  • X-Fit HT LD01
  • G-Fit EQ LK41
  • X-Fit Van LV01
  • i-Fit Van LY31

Laufenn G-Fit AS LH41 Review

The car tire Laufenn G-Fit AS LH41 is positioned by the manufacturer as an all-weather model, however, taking into account the climatic conditions of our country, it can only be used in the summer. This is due to the fact that this model was developed for the countries of North America, where such products are subject to slightly different requirements than in the Old World.

Laufenn G-Fit AS LH41 Review
Laufenn G-Fit AS LH41 Review

This tire is equipped with a fairly simple-looking tread with a symmetrical non-directional design. However, a number of subtle technical solutions ensure its excellent performance in all conditions. One of them is the design of the central longitudinal rib. In transverse projection, it has a trapezoidal shape. It gives additional resistance to deformation, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the stability and reliability of the tire’s behavior when accelerating.

Another interesting feature of this model is the design of the shoulder zones. They contain many transverse blocks. Each of them is connected to each other by special jumpers approximately half the height of the tread element. They additionally increase the structural rigidity of the shoulder areas, which increases directional stability and grip when maneuvering and braking.

Main features of the Laufenn G-Fit AS LH41 tire

  • trapezoidal central longitudinal rib with numerous sipes improves directional stability, control efficiency, fuel efficiency, resistance to aquaplaning;
  • rigid bridges between the blocks of the shoulder zones increase grip during maneuvering, reduce the length of the braking distance, and prevent premature wear;
  • wide longitudinal drainage grooves interconnected by diagonal channels effectively cope with the removal of water from the contact patch.

Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41 Review

The target audience of the summer tire Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41 are owners of cars, who often use them for long-distance travel. The model is adapted to long-term movement at high speed, demonstrating reliable grip regardless of weather conditions, reduced rolling resistance and long service life.

Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41 Review
Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41 Review

Confident handling on wet surfaces

The tire tread contains many elements that provide reliable grip on wet surfaces. First of all, these are drainage grooves, which, in addition to their impressive volume, contain lamellas that additionally increase their throughput. Similar slots in the blocks perform the same functions and also form a plurality of coupling edges.

“Bridges” between the shoulder blocks

The blocks in the shoulder areas are interconnected by special “bridges” with jumpers that limit their mutual mobility. This noticeably improves maneuvering stability and also reduces wear.

Main features of Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41

  • lamellas on the walls of the drainage grooves further enhance the resistance to aquaplaning;
  • “bridges” between the shoulder blocks improve grip in corners, reduce wear;
  • Optimized shoulder design reduces noise levels and improves stability at high speeds.

Laufenn S-Fit AS LH01 Review

Summer tire Laufenn S-Fit AS LH01 is designed for the most powerful versions of passenger cars. The model belonging to the UHP category was developed for the markets of European countries, which is reflected in the performance properties it demonstrates. It is characterized by reliable grip on both dry and wet surfaces, cornering stability, fuel efficiency and durability.

Laufenn S-Fit AS LH01 Review
Laufenn S-Fit AS LH01 Review

Digitally designed drainage system

When creating a tire tread pattern, computer modeling was widely used. One of the results was the original design of a number of elements of the drainage system. In particular, the walls of the grooves between the shoulder blocks have a three-dimensional shape, which significantly increases the resistance to hydroplaning.

Increased precision in control

This model provides high precision in driving. In many ways, this is the merit of special jumpers between the shoulder blocks. They limit their mobility, which improves the efficiency of management.

Main features of Laufenn S-Fit AS LH01

  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning;
  • high precision in management;
  • good handling and grip on dry and wet surfaces.

Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01 Review

Summer tire Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01 is positioned by the Chinese manufacturer as a premium model belonging to the UHP category. High performance is provided by modern technologies and materials that are widely used in the construction of this tire.

Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01 Review
Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01 Review

Positive Aqua Hydro Block technology

One of the innovations is Positive Aqua Hydro Block technology. Its essence lies in the optimized design of the drainage system, developed using computer simulation tools. They made it possible to choose such a combination of shapes, sizes and arrangement of the grooves, in which the water removed from the contact patch is removed as quickly as possible outside the tread. In this case, original solutions are used. In particular, the longitudinal grooves have additional edges, which provide a more intensive collection of water.

“Multi-radius” tread profile

Another place where computer modeling tools were used was the tread profile. Its shape is chosen in such a way that the size and shape of the contact patch does not change under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces on the tire. This property is further enhanced by the carcass design, which has been significantly reinforced with a two-layer breaker.

“Bridges” between the shoulder blocks

Between the blocks in the shoulder areas on the inside of the tread there are special “bridges”. These are jumpers that limit the longitudinal mobility of these elements. This decision made it possible to strengthen the coupling properties in corners, as well as to improve the efficiency of control.

Main features of Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01

  • optimized drainage system provides resistance to aquaplaning at any speed;
  • interconnected by special “bridges” blocks of the shoulder area from the outside improve stability when maneuvering;
  • “multi-radius” tread profile prevents changes in the shape and size of the contact patch.

Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01+ Review

Summer tire Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01+ is designed for the most dynamic versions of modern passenger cars. It is characterized by improved traction and sporty refinement in handling at high speed, efficiency when braking on wet surfaces.

Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01+ Review
Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01+ Review

The tread pattern has an asymmetrical arrangement of elements that are distributed over several functional areas. The outer shoulder area is one of them. Two rigid longitudinal ribs that form it increase directional stability and control accuracy at high speed and when maneuvering. In turn, the inner part of the tread, containing many transverse edges, allows efficient acceleration and deceleration, especially on wet surfaces. Directly under the tread there is a multilayer synthetic breaker with special reinforcing inserts along the edges. Such a rigid lightweight “substrate” improves handling, stability at high speed, and prevents uneven wear.

Main features of Laufenn S-Fit EQ LK01+

  • asymmetric tread pattern with functional areas ensures efficiency in any road conditions;
  • solid ribs on the outside increase directional stability at high speed and give handling a sporty refinement;
  • multi-layer structure and low weight of the breaker improve handling, increase the stability of grip properties and prevent uneven wear.

Laufenn X-Fit AT LC01 Review

One of the main advantages of the Laufenn X-Fit AT LC01 tire is its versatility in use. The model belongs to the All Terrain category and is designed for SUVs and pickups with all-wheel drive. It is characterized by good efficiency on asphalt and soil surfaces, mechanical strength.

Laufenn X-Fit AT LC01 Review
Laufenn X-Fit AT LC01 Review

Increased tread depth

A distinctive feature of the tire is the increased tread depth. This solution improves several operational properties at once. The most obvious of these is an increase in tread life. In addition, the increase in depth improves the tire’s hydroplaning resistance, traction and reliability on unpaved surfaces.

Increased tread width

In addition to depth, the tire tread has an increased width. It also improves several performance properties. The most significant of them is the improvement of grip and wear resistance, both on asphalt and off-road. In both cases, this is due to an increase in the size of the contact patch, which, in particular, off-road reduces the pressure on the ground, which increases the permeability.

High off-road performance

Much of the tire’s off-road performance comes from the design of the shoulder blocks. It is composite and contains several parts. Some of them are located on the side surface. We are talking about miniature lugs that form additional gripping edges that improve flotation in mud.

Main features of Laufenn X-Fit AT LC01

  • increased depth protector increases reliability and increases service life;
  • wide contact patch improves grip and wear resistance;
  • special lugs on the sides of the shoulder blocks increase patency;
  • the stepped shape of the longitudinal drainage grooves prevents stones from getting stuck in them;
  • an additional cord in the rim area provides protection against damage by the rim.

Laufenn X-Fit HT LD01 Review

The Laufenn X-Fit HT LD01 summer tire is specially designed for light commercial vehicles. The model is characterized by “passenger” handling, mechanical strength, long service life and excellent performance on wet surfaces.

Course stability and maneuverability

One of the “business cards” of the tire is its stability at high speed. This property is provided by the design of the tread center. It is located here in three wide rows of blocks that form continuous longitudinal ribs. The narrowness and S-shape of the tread grooves between them limits the mobility of these tread elements, so that the tire exhibits not only stability at high speed, but also a faster transfer of acceleration forces to the steering column. As a result, the driver has a feeling of absolute control over the car, especially when making maneuvers.

Double shoulder blocks

These properties are also provided by the design of the shoulder zones. The blocks located here are combined into groups of two elements each, which greatly expands their functionality. Part of it is accounted for by optimizing the distribution of the external load, which increases the wear resistance of the tread and the load capacity of the tire. In addition, this grouping increases the area of ​​the contact patch in corners, thereby improving grip.

Main features of Laufenn X-Fit HT LD01

  • it is developed especially for small-tonnage commercial transport;
  • excellent directional stability and maneuverability, thanks to continuous longitudinal ribs in the center;
  • double shoulder blocks prevent slipping in cornering and wear, improve acoustic comfort, reduce the length of the braking distance.

Laufenn X-Fit Van LV01 Review

Summer tire Laufenn X-Fit Van LV01 is designed for light commercial vehicles. It differs from most analogues in an increased service life, stable and reliable behavior at any speed, high efficiency on both dry and wet roads.

One of the characteristic features of this model is increased resistance to aquaplaning. The main merit in this is three drainage grooves in the central part of the tread. Each of them has a significant internal volume, which allows you to effectively dry the contact patch even in heavy rain. Additionally, this property is enhanced by special grooves in the side walls of the tread blocks.

They also have slotted sipes that provide a contact patch with multiple gripping edges. Located at a large angle relative to the direction of travel, these tread elements improve directional stability and traction on wet roads.

Another feature of the tread of this tire is the beveled corners and edges of the tread blocks. Finished edges significantly reduce noise and vibration levels without compromising other performance properties.

Main features of Laufenn X-Fit Van LV01

  • reliable behavior in rain conditions is ensured by the excellent efficiency of three drainage grooves in the center of the tread;
  • lamellas in blocks multiply the number of gripping edges, which improves traction properties on slippery roads;
  • massive block sizes and a low-radius tread profile increase the contact patch, while preventing uneven wear;
  • specially processed edges of the tread blocks reduce noise and vibrations when driving.

Laufenn Z-Fit EQ LK03 Review

Summer tire Laufenn Z-Fit EQ LK03 is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars. Belongs to the Ultra High Performance category, featuring improved traction and precision in driving at high speeds, stability on wet roads.

Laufenn Z-Fit EQ LK03 Review
Laufenn Z-Fit EQ LK03 Review

The tread pattern is characterized by an increased volume and an arrangement of drainage grooves, in which the rotation of the wheel is used to drain water. This significantly reduces the likelihood of hydroplaning even at high speeds. Here it is worth noting the presence of numerous lamellae, which not only form additional cutting edges, but also direct water from under the contact patch into nearby grooves.

The running part of the tread has an optimized profile with variable curvature. This increases the contact patch and contributes to a more even distribution of the weight load over it. As a result, grip is not only enhanced, but also becomes more stable, especially when maneuvering, making driving easier.

Main features of Laufenn Z-Fit EQ LK03

  • low risk of aquaplaning due to the increased volume and direction of the drainage grooves against the movement;
  • Numerous sipes form an additional set of cutting edges, increasing traction and braking intensity on wet surfaces;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch, provides a more even distribution of the weight load on it.

Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 Review

The difficult road conditions were taken into account when creating the Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 winter tire. Due to this, this model is characterized by excellent performance on any snowy and icy surfaces. In addition, the use of modern technologies has significantly increased the durability and reliability of the tire.

Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 Review
Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 Review

To a large extent, the high performance of this model on packed snow and ice is ensured by the sipes. They are three-dimensional, i.e. their walls contain numerous protrusions. Due to this, the lamellas remain open when in contact with the road surface. At the same time, the rigidity of the blocks is maintained at a high level. As a result, when driving on packed snow or ice, not only grip is provided, but also good handling.

Another characteristic feature of the tread of this tire is the design of the central longitudinal rib. It contains numerous fang-shaped edges. This solution allowed to significantly improve the grip properties during longitudinal accelerations.

If necessary, the protector of this model can be equipped with spikes. At the same time, the manufacturer not only provided places for installation, but also provided conditions for the most efficient operation of these steel elements. The area around the spikes has numerous protrusions that crush and remove the ice chips formed upon contact with the road.

Main features of tires Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71

  • three-dimensional lamellas form numerous undulating edges that increase grip on surfaces slippery from snow and ice;
  • central longitudinal rib with fangs improves tire performance during acceleration and braking;
  • places for installing spikes with zones that crush and remove ice chips.

Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 (Studed) Review

The Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71 winter tire has been developed taking into account the climatic features of the Nordic countries. It features improved traction on snow and ice, and predictable behavior in difficult road conditions.

The running part of the tread is literally dotted with sipes. Their vertical walls are made “three-dimensional”, due to which the blocks in which they are cut are limited in mobility. This solution makes it possible to increase traction and grip properties on icy surfaces, while maintaining control accuracy and directional stability, especially at high speed.

Exactly in the center of the tread is a continuous rib. Its rigid solid construction provides directional stability and precise handling, reducing fuel consumption and wear. Fang-shaped grooves in the rib further increase traction on snow and ice.

Main features of Laufenn i-Fit Ice LW71

  • Snow Slit tread pattern provides reliable grip on any winter roads;
  • several thousand “three-dimensional” sipes increase the efficiency of the tread on ice and rolled snow;
  • a continuous rib in the center reduces rolling resistance and wear, improves directional stability and steering precision.

Laufenn I-Fit iZ LW51 Review

Winter tire Laufenn I-Fit iZ LW51 is designed for compact and medium-sized passenger cars. It belongs to the so-called “friction” models, distinguished by reliable grip and effective braking on wet surfaces and packed snow.

The tread pattern is characterized by an exceptional density of sipes. This was achieved due to the “three-dimensional” profile of the vertical walls of the slots. It locks them in the open position upon contact with the road surface. This creates thousands of sharp edges, which provide intense acceleration and deceleration on any slippery surface. Efficiency on snow-cleared roads is achieved by a special tread profile and its pattern with a large usable area, which increases the contact patch.

Main features of Laufenn I-Fit iZ LW51

  • exceptional tread sipe density provides reliable grip on any slippery surface;
  • increased contact patch due to optimized profile and tread pattern;
  • “multi-step” arrangement of tread elements improves acoustic comfort.

Laufenn i-Fit LW31 Review

Scope of the winter tire Laufenn i-Fit LW31 on snowy and wet surfaces. When developing this model, the road conditions of the countries of Central and Western Europe were taken into account. Among other important advantages of this tire, it is worth noting the low cost and long service life.

A significant part of the tread area is occupied by drainage grooves. All of them are located at a large angle and against the movement. This design provides a very intensive water drainage from the contact patch, and the large size of the drainage grooves allows them to perfectly cope with snow masses, thereby increasing the resistance to slashplanning.

Another characteristic feature of the tread of this tire is the increased length of the gripping edges, as well as their large number. Thanks to this solution, this model demonstrates high efficiency in longitudinal accelerations, especially on snowy surfaces.

The composition of the compound was selected taking into account the peculiarities of operation at low temperatures. It is for this reason that it contains an increased amount of silicon dioxide, which allows the tire to remain flexible on snow and ice.

Main features of tires Laufenn i-Fit LW31

  • designed for winter road conditions in Western and Central Europe;
  • high resistance to aquaplaning and slashplanning, thanks to numerous V-shaped drainage grooves;
  • many very long transverse gripping edges give the tire excellent performance during acceleration and braking, especially on snow;
  • wavy sipes improve grip on icy surfaces;
  • a compound that provides the tread with elasticity at low ambient temperatures.

Laufenn i-Fit Van LY31 Review

Winter tire Laufenn i-Fit Van LY31 is used in commercial vehicles. Differs in balanced operational properties, at the same time demonstrating a high level of comfort, increased mileage and confident behavior in difficult conditions.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of numerous zigzag slots. When in contact with the road, they provide the contact patch with a large number of multidirectional sharp edges. This gives the tire excellent grip and stability, especially on slippery surfaces. In deep snow, the efficiency of the tread is ensured by the large height of the blocks and the different orientation of their edges. On the outside of the shoulder blocks there are special recesses. They further enhance flotation in deep snow.

Main features of Laufenn i-Fit Van LY31

  • enlarged blocks optimize the distribution of the external load over the contact patch;
  • Z-shaped sipes enhance grip on slippery surfaces;
  • Improved snow handling due to the height of the blocks and special elements on the outside of the shoulder areas.

Laufenn G Fit AS Review

The all-season tire Laufenn G Fit AS is designed for use in regions with a mild climate without the formation of a stable snow cover. It features improved traction and grip on wet and snowy surfaces, ease of control, low noise level and smooth running.

The tread pattern is characterized by a high density of blocks and ribs, the presence of a large number of narrow slots. They increase traction and grip on wet surfaces and snow. It is also worth noting the presence of special ties between the blocks, which limit the mobility of the tread elements in the shoulder areas. This improves handling and stability when maneuvering, minimizing the likelihood of uneven wear occurring and developing.

Main features of Laufenn G Fit AS

  • increased longitudinal grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning;
  • a large number of narrow slots increase traction on wet surfaces and snow;
  • special ties between the shoulder blocks improve handling and stability when maneuvering, preventing uneven wear of the tread.

Laufenn G-Fit 4S LH71 Review

All-season tire Laufenn G-Fit 4S LH71 is positioned by the manufacturer as a “compromise option” between summer and winter tires. The model is intended for the markets of European countries and is designed taking into account the specific road conditions during the period of “warm winters”.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a V-shaped arrangement of elements. The tread grooves are aggressively angled and widened as they approach the tread edges. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning and slash planning. The dense arrangement of the blocks in the central part, as well as the limitation of their mobility by means of special “bases”, increases directional stability and accuracy in steering on cleared dry roads. On slippery surfaces, traction is provided by numerous cutting edges formed by 3D and 2D sipes. The narrow sipes are positioned at different angles, which gives the tire a confident demeanor regardless of the steering angle.

Main features of Laufenn G-Fit 4S LH71

  • two types of sipes improve grip on wet and snowy roads;
  • V-shaped flared grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning and slash planning;
  • dense arrangement of blocks in the central part increases directional stability and precision in high-speed control, and reduces rolling resistance and wear.

Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41+ Review

Summer tire Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41+ is installed in compact passenger cars. Favorably differs in the improved coupling properties and efficiency of braking on a wet covering. It is also characterized by increased acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern contains three enlarged longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part. This allows water to be diverted from the contact patch with high intensity, providing resistance to hydroplaning even at high speed. Efficiency on wet surfaces is provided by elongated transverse sipes in the shoulder areas, which allow intensive acceleration and deceleration with insufficient traction. The running part of the tread is made of an optimized rubber compound with a high content of “silica”. It gives the tire extra grip on wet surfaces. Between the shoulder blocks, there are special “bridges” that limit the mobility of the elements. This improves traction when maneuvering and reduces uneven wear.

Main features of Laufenn G-Fit EQ LK41+

  • increased volume of three longitudinal grooves reduces the risk of hydroplaning;
  • the multiplicity and variety of transverse slots and sipes improve the performance of the tire on wet surfaces;
  • a rubber compound based on finely dispersed “silica” provides the tire with tenacity on slippery surfaces and increases its resistance to abrasion.

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