Lexani Tires Review: What are Best Lexani Tires for 2023

Today, the Lexani line includes tires for various operating conditions, made from high-quality raw materials using modern high-tech equipment. We will review Lexani tires review with all features.

The Lexani brand was previously well known to lovers of expensive car tuning, as premium rims are supplied under it. Taking into account the popularity of the brand, the manufacturer decided to produce wheel tires under it, rightly believing that this would expand the presence of the brand on the market not only due to tires but also due to the supply of complete wheels. 

Lexani Tires Review What are Best Lexani Tires
Lexani Tires Review

Lexani tires are manufactured at the production sites of the South Korean company Nexen, which is one of the world leaders in the tire market and supplies a wide range of rubber under its own brand. As for the Lexani brand, this company produces these tires by order of an American partner.

The production sites are located in China, as this country is characterized by low labor costs. This reduces the cost of production, which allows us to produce high-quality, durable, and reliable tires at an affordable price.

The production process is built on the principle of a full cycle. This means that all stages (design, computer simulation, selection of raw materials, production, quality control, and final testing) are carried out without the involvement of third-party assistance in the form of equipment, test equipment, or specialists. 

The advantages of Lexani tires are:

  • structural strength due to the improved design of the breaker and frame;
  • resistance to all types of hydroplaning (longitudinal, lateral);
  • high adhesion coefficient;
  • low acoustic comfort;
  • wear- and heat-resistant compound, which has a positive effect on the operational resource of tires.

The Lexani line offers tires for different driving styles and operating conditions. This allows you to choose a model for off-road driving or aggressively sporty style, as well as for calm movement in the rhythm of the modern city. The range is certified, all Lexani tires come with an official warranty.

List of Lexani tires range

Here of complete list of Lexani Tires:

  • LX-Seven
  • LX-Six
  • LX-Six II
  • LX-Thirty
  • LX-Twenty
  • LXCT-104
  • LXHP-102
  • LXHT-106
  • LXHT-206
  • LXM-101
  • LXST-105
  • LXTR-103
  • LXTR-203
  • LXUHP-107
  • LXUHP-207
  • Mud beast
  • Roadian HP
  • Slayer A/T
  • Terrain Beast AT

Lexani LX-Twenty Review

cars. Designed for North American markets. It is for this reason that, in addition to its sporty handling and performance on wet surfaces, it has a high level of acoustic comfort and a smooth ride for its category.

Lexani LX-Twenty Review
Lexani LX-Twenty Review

The tread pattern is made in an “asymmetrical” design. It is distinguished by the large size of the elements and their rigidity. This increases the contact patch and the stability of grip properties when maneuvering and driving at high speed. Numerous transverse sipes increase the intensity of acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces. The blocks in the outer shoulder zone are connected by rigid bridges. This significantly improves cornering stability and steering precision.

Key Features:

  • optimized profile and tread pattern increases the contact patch and its stability during maneuvering and longitudinal accelerations;
  • Numerous transverse sipes increase efficiency during acceleration and braking on wet surfaces;
  • Rigid bridges between the outer shoulder blocks improve stability when maneuvering and control accuracy.

Lexani LX-Thirty Review

Summer tire Lexani LX-Thirty is a symmetrical type, which is installed on a wide range of passenger cars. It is characterized by reliability, durability, and good cornering stability.

Lexani LX-Thirty Review
Lexani LX-Thirty Review

The model is equipped with two V-shaped ribs with diagonal notches. Thanks to this structure, the speed of drying the contact zone is achieved, and the stability of the vehicle is maintained when driving on a wet roadway.

In the central zone, there is a double solid rib, which contributes to maintaining directional stability, as well as improving the response to the steering wheel.

For body stability during maneuvers, numerous diagonal blocks are provided. With their help, the roll is leveled, and controllability is maintained even during sharp turns.

A rubber compound was used as the basis for the compound, which is distinguished by its resistance to wear. Due to this, a long operating period is achieved.

Main features of Lexani LX-Thirty

  • summer operation on a wide range of cars;
  • stability of control when performing maneuvers due to strong sidewalls;
  • fast drainage, excluding aquaplaning.

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