Linglong CrossWind Tires Review: Best Models with Features 2023

We have also shared reviews about Linglong other series. Here I am discussing Linglong crosswind tires review with features.

Linglong CrossWind Tires Review: All Models with Features
Linglong CrossWind Tires Review

LingLong CrossWind HP010 Review

Summer passenger tire LingLong CrossWind HP010 was specially designed for Geely SUVs and crossovers. At the same time, it became the first model of this Chinese manufacturer supplied to the car assembly line.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 Review
LingLong CrossWind HP010 Review

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern

Since the tire was originally intended for an urban crossover, it has a rather narrow scope, limited exclusively to highways and country roads. However, on hard surfaces, this model has excellent performance. In many ways, they are the result of the use of a tread pattern with an asymmetric arrangement of elements. It consists of two main functional zones, occupying the outer and inner parts of the tread, respectively.

The outer part of the tread pattern contains more rigid tread elements grouped into two longitudinal ribs. At the same time, the shoulder area of ​​the tread, located on the outer side, consists of double blocks. This structure made it possible to ensure reliable and stable behavior when cornering.

The inside of the tread provides excellent straight-line stability. It contains a number of very massive blocks of complex configuration with very long clutch edges located at a significant angle relative to the direction of travel. This made it possible to make this part of the tread very rigid, while reducing rolling resistance.

Excellent Grip On Wet Roads

When developing this model, Chinese tire manufacturers paid much attention to safety issues when driving on wet roads. To do this, they equipped the LingLong CrossWind HP010 tire with a high-performance drainage system, the main elements of which are four longitudinal grooves. They have a very large capacity, which allows them to divert a huge amount of water from the contact patch. Thanks to this, the tire demonstrates excellent grip on wet roads.

Key Features Of LingLong CrossWind HP010

  • asymmetric tread pattern provides excellent performance, especially on asphalt roads;
  • excellent course stability, thanks to five longitudinal ribs;
  • low noise level due to the multi-step layout of the tread elements;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning is ensured by the very high performance of the drainage system.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 4×4 HP Review

Summer tire LingLong CrossWind HP010 4×4 HP, although designed for SUVs and crossovers, is designed for operation on asphalt roads, and the quality of their coverage should be good. In such conditions, this model demonstrates reliable traction, ease of control, fuel efficiency and long service life.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 4×4 HP Review
LingLong CrossWind HP010 4×4 HP Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the density of the arrangement and the large size of the elements. This significantly enhances traction and gives the tire the ability to react with lightning speed to the actions of the driver, which greatly facilitates the process of control. In addition, this pattern design, combined with the special shape of the tread profile, increases the wear resistance of the tread, increasing the mileage of the tire.

Key Features Of LingLong CrossWind HP010 4×4 HP

  • tread pattern with large and densely spaced elements provides reliable grip and perfect handling at high speed;
  • optimized tread profile increases tire mileage and reduces fuel consumption;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning due to the multiplicity and multidirectional drainage grooves.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 A/T100 Review

Summer tire LingLong CrossWind HP010 A/T100 is a universal tire of the All Terrain category, effective on any surface, including unpaved. It is characterized by good acoustic comfort, smooth running, stable grip, and effective braking on wet surfaces.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 A/T100 Review
LingLong CrossWind HP010 A/T100 Review

The tire uses a so-called “hybrid” carcass. It is a multilayer cord using both classic steel threads and polyester fibers. This design has an enviable elasticity with high mechanical strength. As a result, the tire demonstrates a good ride for its category. The increased thickness of the sidewalls is due to the presence of a double cord, which, combined with their small curvature, reduces the risk of mechanical damage on the road, and also reduces heating during long-term movement at high speed.

Main Features Of LingLong CrossWind HP010 A/T100

  • Universal tread pattern, effective on any road surface;
  • “hybrid” frame, elastic and durable;
  • the optimized shape of the sidewalls, two-layer polyester cord provides softness and reduces the risk of sidewall damage on the roads.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 H/T Review

Summer tire LingLong Crosswind hp010 h/t is designed for crossovers. As a model of the High Terrain category, it is designed for operation exclusively on paved roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates the stability of the trajectory at high speed, precise control when maneuvering, and reliable grip on wet surfaces.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 H/T Review
LingLong CrossWind HP010 H/T Review

The choice of tread pattern design is driven by the need to provide the tire with maximum performance on the highway. It is distinguished by massiveness and resistance to deformation of elements, due to which the stability of the trajectory is ensured at high speed, and when maneuvering accuracy in control. These properties are almost completely preserved even on a wet surface. Numerous grooves and sipes minimize the risk of forming a solid film of water in the contact patch, due to which the tire provides reliable grip on wet surfaces.

Key Features Of LingLong Crosswind Hp010 H/T

  • dense arrangement of the tread elements, their high resistance to deformation provide clarity in control and stability of the trajectory;
  • numerous grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning;
  • Steel cord breaker and optimized tread profile provide sporty handling and increased wear resistance.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 M/T Review

Summer tire LingLong CrossWind HP010 M/T is a model of the Mud Terrain category, being designed for long-term intensive operation on soft and medium hard ground surfaces. Under such conditions, it is characterized by resistance to impact, high traction, the ability to intensively self-clean from soil particles, including their mixtures with water.

LingLong CrossWind HP010 M/T Review
LingLong CrossWind HP010 M/T Review

The tread pattern is directional and contains a large number of separate blocks. The elements are distributed in groups, due to which elongated V-shaped transverse edges are formed in the contact patch. This significantly increases traction and stability on soft to medium hard ground. A significant distance between the blocks allows the tread in such conditions not to be “blurred”, maintaining good cross-country ability even on the most difficult off-road sections.

Key Features Of LingLong CrossWind HP010 M/T

  • reinforced carcass gives the tire strength and resistance to damage;
  • directional pattern with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges provides high traction on the ground surface;
  • small bend and increased strength of the sidewalls reduce the risk of damage.

LingLong CrossWind Storm01 Review

All-season tire LingLong CrossWind Storm01 is installed on commercial vehicles. The model is characterized by good grip on wet and dry roads, responsive handling, resistance to shock loads, and long service life.

LingLong CrossWind Storm01 Review
LingLong CrossWind Storm01 Review

The symmetrical tread is represented by medium-sized blocks, which form three longitudinal ribs in the central part. Complemented by a network of sipes, they provide reliable grip in any weather. Due to the presence of deep channels, effective removal of dirt, water and snow from the area in contact with the roadway is achieved. All this affects the responsiveness of the control, including during maneuvering.
The tire is equipped with a strong carcass that eliminates deformation and tearing that can occur when working with increased loads.

Main Features Of LingLong CrossWind Storm01

  • installation on light cargo vehicles of various manufacturers;
  • year-round operation with the preservation of performance in any season;
  • a developed network of channels minimizes hydroplaning;
  • blocks and lamellas ensure the effectiveness of the hooking effect, excluding slippage;
  • a wide shoulder zone stabilizes the transport during maneuvering and contributes to the uniform distribution of pressure in the contact zone.

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