Linglong Greenmax Tires Review: Best Green Max Tires For 2023

Linglong tires line greenmax is also the most famous tire in the country. Let’s discuss Linglong greenmax tires review and features.

More recently, Chinese-made tires were noticeably inferior in their consumer qualities to European and American production. However, time does not stand still and Chinese tire manufacturers are constantly working to improve their products. The light summer tire LingLong GreenMax, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers, certainly belongs to the new generation of Chinese tires.

linglong greenmax tires review: best green max tires for 2023
linglong greenmax tires review

This tire is designed for passenger cars of classes C and D according to the international classification and is available in three dozen different sizes. This indicates the possibility of its application on many models of modern passenger cars. In addition, excellent performance can be judged by the high V and W speed ratings assigned to this tire.

The design of the non-directional symmetrical tread pattern features an amazing combination of style and aggressiveness for Chinese tires. The pattern is fully consistent with the latest trends in the tire industry and consists of five main elements: three central ribs and two shoulder zones.

Located in the very center of the LingLong GreenMax pattern, the longitudinal rib is characterized by increased rigidity, which is ensured by the presence of diagonal self-locking lamellas on its surface. With this solution, it was possible to achieve an improvement in the efficiency of acceleration and braking, as well as directional stability. Thanks to the clever design of the central tread, this tire offers optimal grip on the road surface, while demonstrating high braking performance in all road conditions.

Key Features Of The LingLong GreenMax Tire

  • excellent grip on dry and wet roads, thanks to the stylish and aggressive design of the symmetrical tread pattern;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning is provided by four longitudinal drainage grooves;
  • excellent efficiency when cornering due to the reinforced design of the shoulder zones;
  • the presence of protection of the rim of the disc is provided by a special design of the sidewall of the tire.

LingLong GreenMax 4×4 review

The LingLong GreenMax 4×4 summer tire is designed for intensive and long-term use on asphalt roads, being representative of the High Terrain category. It is characterized by improved handling, stable grip on wet surfaces, directional stability at high speed, and acoustic comfort.

LingLong GreenMax 4×4 review
LingLong GreenMax 4×4 review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the density of elements and their distribution along five wide longitudinal ribs. This design increases the contact patch, improving grip and handling while reducing rolling resistance and wear. The presence of a large number of multidirectional edges guarantees reliable control on wet surfaces. Under such conditions, wide longitudinal and transverse grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning even in heavy rain.

Main Features Of LingLong GreenMax 4×4

  • tread pattern with densely spaced elements is effective on any asphalt roads;
  • the breaker reinforced with an additional cord increases the stability and accuracy of control at high speed, and prevents uneven wear;
  • elastic and wear-resistant rubber compound gives the tire a soft ride and increases its mileage.

LingLong GreenMax 4×4 HP review

Summer tire LingLong GreenMax 4×4 HP is suitable for the most popular SUVs, pickups, and SUVs. Size range dozens of options with a diameter from 15 to 19 inches a tread width from 205 to 275 mm and a profile height from 55 to 70%. Classified as High Terrain, it delivers maximum performance on the road, where it exhibits wet stability, long life, and acoustic comfort.

LingLong GreenMax 4x4 HP review
LingLong GreenMax 4×4 HP review

The design of tread pattern is adapted for cars used primarily on the highway. It is characterized by a large size and dense arrangement of elements. Basically, these are blocks that form numerous and multidirectional coupling edges. At the same time, the density of the elements and their rigidity gives the tire stability at high speed, and simplifies control over the trajectory of movement in corners and during sharp maneuvers. These properties are maintained on wet surfaces due to the large volume of drainage grooves and the numerous sipes. The edges of all elements are either parallel to the direction of movement or at an angle. This significantly reduces rolling resistance as well as noise levels.

Key Features of LingLong GreenMax 4×4 HP

  • symmetrical non-directional tread adapted for highways;
  • wide shoulder blocks increase stability when maneuvering;
  • a continuous longitudinal rib in the middle reduces rolling resistance, increases control efficiency, and prevents uneven wear.

LingLong GreenMax Acro review

Summer tire for passenger cars LingLong GreenMax Acro belongs to the line of so-called “energy efficient” models. What distinguishes it from its other representatives is improved traction and control accuracy at high speed with good fuel economy and long service life.

LingLong GreenMax Acro review
LingLong GreenMax Acro review

The balance of performance properties is largely due to the optimized frame design. It is made entirely of lightweight polymer materials, which reduces tire weight and rolling resistance. The use of progressive cord winding methods has reduced fuel consumption even further, while improving grip and handling. The tread pattern contains a significant amount of massive and rigid elements. Blocks along the edges increase stability and control accuracy when maneuvering, and narrow longitudinal ribs in the central part are “responsible” for directional stability during straight-line movement.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Acro

  • optimized carcass made of lightweight polymer materials reduces fuel consumption and wear, improves grip and handling;
  • asymmetric tread pattern with rigid blocks and ribs provides precise control and stability at any speed;
  • a special compound with increased thermal conductivity and wear resistance improves fuel efficiency and increases tire mileage.

LingLong GreenMax All Season review

All-season tire LingLong GreenMax All Season from a Chinese manufacturer is focused on installation in medium and small cars. The model provides stability of management, both on dry, and wet asphalt. With a low rolling resistance, it is distinguished by its economy.

LingLong GreenMax All Season review
LingLong GreenMax All Season review

The tread is based on a symmetrical V-shaped directional pattern. Long and narrow blocks with a diagonal direction in combination with numerous sipes create a large number of toe edges. This solution improves grip and traction in various weather conditions (snow, rain). Additionally, this factor reduces the braking distance, providing a high level of safety.
Designed for year-round operation, the tire copes well with both excess moisture and snow “porridge”. To do this, it is equipped with an extensive network of channels that quickly remove contaminants from the contact zone. Thus the contact patch remains always dry.

Key Features of LingLong GreenMax All Season

  • a wide range of applications medium and small passenger cars from various manufacturers;
  • directional tread provides confident grip on wet and dry pavement;
  • Efficient drainage prevents slashplaning and aquaplaning while maintaining a high level of handling.

LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring review

LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring tires are proud of the company because they are one of the most environmentally friendly tire options for cars. The environmental friendliness of these tires is ensured by a decrease in rolling resistance, which in turn has significantly reduced the level of emissions of gases into the atmosphere when driving. According to the manufacturers, it is planned to release these tires in 18 sizes, which will provide an opportunity for owners of cars with a wheel rim diameter of 13-15 inches to try this type of tire.

LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring review
LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring review

Tread pattern

In this tire model, manufacturers decided to use a very non-standard tread pattern. Four wide channels located in the central part of the LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring tire are separated by crossed narrow grooves. This made it possible not only to achieve an ideal removal of heated air and water from the contact patch, but also to significantly improve the handling of the car, as well as reduce the reaction time. For the same purpose, it was decided to separate the side lamellas with thinner grooves. As a result, the tires show excellent rolling resistance. They provide excellent handling and durability.

Rubber compound

Constant testing and analysis of the results obtained by the company’s specialists made it possible to create a rubber composition that is unique in its characteristics for the production of this type of tire. Recent studies have shown that the wear resistance of LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring tires has been increased by 1/3 compared to tires made from conventional rubber compounds.

Key features of the LingLong GreenMax Eco Touring tire

  • unique tread pattern provides softness and stability of the course, its noiselessness and excellent car handling;
  • increased wear resistance of tires due to the presence of innovative components that make up the used rubber compound;
  • the presence of reinforced sides that increase the safety and reliability of the movement.

LingLong GreenMax HP010 review

As a rule, domestic car owners strongly associate passenger tires from Chinese manufacturers with products of inadequate quality. This stereotype fully applies not only to car tires, but also to other goods from the Middle Kingdom. However, recently this statement has not been true enough. The LingLong GreenMax HP010 summer car tire belongs to a new generation of Chinese tires, the performance of which has reached a new level. This tire is designed for use on passenger cars of a compact class and is available in 21 standard sizes, diameter from 14 to 16 inches. As you can see, this tire is perfect for most city cars. It should also be noted that the relatively high speed indices assigned to this bus H and V, which indicates a high level of safety,

The design of the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern fully complies with all modern tire development trends. The tread pattern of the LingLong GreenMax HP010 is cut according to today’s fashionable five-rib design. As usual, there are three longitudinal ribs in the center of the tread, and shoulder zones on the sides of the tread.

The longitudinal rib, located in the very center of the tread, has been additionally reinforced in order to provide excellent directional stability and reduce rolling resistance. Other distinguishing features of this tire include a well-thought-out system for draining water from the contact patch, consisting of four longitudinal grooves and many transverse curved channels.

Key features of the LingLong GreenMax HP010 tire

  • excellent traction and grip performance, independent of the type of coating, provided by an optimized symmetrical tread pattern;
  • low risk of aquaplaning due to efficient organization of water drainage from the contact patch;
  • Low noise level is ensured by the placement of blocks of central ribs with uneven pitch.

LingLong Greenmax Van review

The LingLong Greenmax Van summer tire is designed for small commercial vehicles. In addition to increased carrying capacity, it features reliable handling on wet surfaces, pronounced fuel-saving properties, and extended service life.

The tread pattern has a closed design with enlarged shoulder areas. Each of them is a continuous longitudinal rib resistant to deformation. This increases stability during maneuvering and prevents premature wear of the tread. The blocks located in the central part form numerous transverse edges, which allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces. The curvature of the edges not only increases their length, but also limits the mobility of closely spaced elements, which has a positive effect on handling and abrasion resistance.

Key Features of LingLong Greenmax Van

  • rigid shoulder zones increase stability during maneuvering, prevent wear, reduce fuel consumption;
  • the curvature of the edges of the blocks improves traction and grip on wet surfaces, provides reliable handling;
  • enlarged drainage grooves prevent the formation of a water film in the contact patch.

LingLong GreenMax Van HP review

The LingLong GreenMax Van HP commercial tire is designed for long and intensive use in vans and light trucks during the summer. It is characterized by fuel efficiency, increased mileage, improved traction properties and directional stability at high speed.

The tread pattern is made in a closed design with a minimum number of free-standing elements. Four continuous longitudinal ribs reduce rolling resistance and slow down the process of abrasion due to a more even distribution of the load on the road surface. Massive shoulder ribs enhance these properties, as well as provide more stable grip and more precise control when maneuvering.

Key Features of LingLong GreenMax Van HP

  • reinforced carcass and breaker increase the load capacity of the tire and increase its mileage;
  • tread pattern with massive longitudinal ribs and numerous sipes provides reliable grip and ease of control on dry and wet surfaces;
  • a special compound with increased resistance to abrasion and cracking.

LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip review

The main target audience of the LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip winter tire is the owners of inexpensive cars that are used not only in the city, but also on country roads. Thanks to modern technologies and materials, this model demonstrates reliable and stable handling even under the most adverse road conditions, while ensuring the maximum level of safety.

Increased cornering stability

The shoulder areas of the tread of the LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip are characterized by an open design containing a large number of individual elements. However, this feature does not prevent it from showing good stability when cornering and maneuvering. This was achieved due to the large dimensions of the blocks, which, due to their massiveness, are characterized by a high degree of rigidity. At the same time, the numerous transverse edges they form provide the tire with excellent acceleration and braking performance, especially on snow.

High efficiency drainage system

The drainage grooves of the tread of this tire perfectly cope with the removal of both water and snow masses from the contact patch. At the same time, their efficiency was greatly increased due to their large internal volume, as well as their location at an acute angle against the direction of movement.

Key Features of LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip

  • directional tread pattern with aggressive V-shaped design provides excellent stability on slippery roads;
  • rigid, thanks to the blocks of increased width, the shoulder zones improve handling, prevent slipping during sharp maneuvers;
  • high longitudinal traction characteristics due to many very long transverse edges.

LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip SUV review

Winter tire LingLong GreenMax Grip SUV was created on the basis of the model of the same name, designed for compact passenger cars. In the process of modernization, its design has been significantly strengthened, which allows it to painlessly endure the increased load of heavier mid-size crossovers and small SUVs.

Reinforced sidewall and belt construction

Designing this tire based on the model for conventional passenger cars, the developers focused on increasing its load-bearing capacity. To do this, they significantly strengthened the design of the sidewalls and breaker. At the same time, the latter is distinguished by a very strong steel cord, which occupies the entire space under the tread. In addition to increasing the bearing capacity, and with it the carrying capacity, this solution improved a number of other operational properties of the tire. First of all, this is an increased resistance to uneven wear, as well as a decrease in rolling resistance. In addition, the increase in resistance to dynamic deformation has a positive effect on handling, which has become more stable and reliable.

Increased resistance to slashplanning

Another feature of this model is the tread design, which combines an aggressive look with efficiency in an amazing way, especially in adverse road conditions. This is largely due to the drainage grooves. They have a significant internal volume, while located against the direction of movement. This allows them to easily cope with the removal of almost any amount of not only water, but also slush from the contact patch.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip SUV

  • aggressive directional tread pattern effectively prevents slipping on winter roads;
  • many drainage grooves located at an acute angle against the direction of travel improve resistance to aquaplaning and slash planning;
  • a large number of individual blocks provide good traction on snow;
  • the ability to install spikes allows you to improve grip on ice.

LingLong GreenMax HP100 review

Summer tire for passenger cars LingLong GreenMax HP100 belongs to the so-called “energy efficient” models. Like other tires in the range, it features improved fuel efficiency, extended life, along with consistent grip on dry and wet surfaces.

The tread pattern contains a fairly small number of elements, which significantly reduces rolling resistance, increases stability at high speed and prevents rapid tire wear. The optimized tread profile further enhances these properties. Another difference of the tire is the use of a carcass made entirely of lightweight polymeric materials. Combined with progressive winding methods, this reduces rolling resistance.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax HP100

  • massive longitudinal ribs and rigid blocks at the edges reduce rolling resistance and wear, increasing steering precision and stability at high speed;
  • optimized tread profile and carcass made of polymeric materials increase tire mileage and fuel efficiency;
  • a special rubber compound prevents the tire from overheating during long-term movement at high speed, and provides it with high resistance to abrasion.

LingLong GreenMax Van 4S review

Commercial tire LingLong GreenMax Van 4S is designed for operation in regions with cold climates. They are distinguished by improved traction and coupling properties on snow and wet surfaces, increased load capacity and extended service life.

The tread pattern is made in a “winter” design with a large number of blocks and lamellas cut into them. This significantly improves traction and braking properties on snow and icy surfaces. They are additionally reinforced by a rubber compound that remains elastic at temperatures well below zero degrees, as well as an increased width of longitudinal grooves that intensively remove not only water from the contact patch, but also its mixture with melted snow and road dirt.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Van 4S

  • numerous blocks and sipes with sawtooth edges provide excellent traction and intensive braking on any slippery surface;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves effectively remove water and its heavy mixture with snow and road dirt from the contact patch;
  • a special tread profile, the distribution of blocks along the longitudinal ribs reduce rolling resistance and prevent rapid tire wear.

LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip Van 2 review

The LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip Van 2 winter tire is designed for small commercial vehicles. The studded model is characterized by improved grip on snowy and icy surfaces, retaining all the characteristics inherent in commercial tires, primarily durability, mileage and fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern is dominated by large blocks, which, coupled with their offset arrangement, increases the contact patch and increases resistance to abrasion. The most numerous element are wavy lamellas. Narrow slots form a large number of sharp edges that allow you to intensively accelerate and slow down on any slippery surface, effectively complementing the work of the studs.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Winter Grip Van 2

  • optimized tread pattern and profile increase the contact patch, improving handling and wear resistance;
  • Numerous lamellas make it possible to effectively implement traction and braking force on slippery surfaces;
  • special “bridges” between the shoulder blocks and their trapezoidal profile increase stability and control accuracy when maneuvering.

LingLong GreenMax Winter HP review

LingLong’s GreenMax Winter HP occupies an intermediate position in the rankings for low-cost compact passenger cars. However, “budget” positioning does not affect its performance in any way, which are at a very decent level, especially given its low cost. This was achieved through the use of inexpensive, but at the same time extremely effective technical solutions that provided this non-studded model with good grip even on ice.

3D slats

In the absence of studs, the LingLong GreenMax Winter HP demonstrates reliable and stable behavior on icy surfaces. Grip on them is provided by several thousand gripping edges, which are formed by numerous sipes cut into each of the tread blocks. At the same time, the three-dimensional profile of their walls does not allow them to close when in contact with the road, and due to the tight fixation between them, it significantly limits the mobility of the blocks in all directions. The latter feature has a positive effect on controllability, in the nature of which, thanks to this, stability and predictability appear.

Two wide drainage grooves in the shoulder areas

The central part of the tread is separated from the shoulder zones by longitudinal drainage grooves. These elements are distinguished by a significant width, which allows them to perfectly cope with the removal of not only water, but also heavier snow masses from the contact patch.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Winter HP

  • Numerous sipes improve traction on ice, as well as handling due to increased rigidity of the blocks;
  • two wide longitudinal grooves between the center and shoulder areas of the tread provide increased resistance to aquaplaning and slash planning;
  • directional V-shaped tread design gives the tire stability and resistance to side slips, and due to the block structure good traction on snow.

LingLong Greenmax Winter Ice I-15 SUV review

Winter tire for SUVs and crossovers LingLong Greenmax Winter Ice I-15 SUV is designed for operation in the specific conditions of European countries with their so-called “warm” winters. It is characterized by improved traction on snow and dirt, ease of control at high speed, reduced fuel consumption and long service life.

The tread pattern has a directional design with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges characteristic of winter tires. Their long length and aggressive rake angle provide excellent traction and stability on snow and dirt. Tightly cut sipes retain these properties on wet and icy surfaces. Among other features of the pattern, it is worth noting the presence of a continuous longitudinal rib in the middle, which gives the tire stability when driving at high speed, reducing rolling resistance.

Main features of LingLong Greenmax Winter Ice I-15 SUV

  • directional tread pattern with a large number of blocks is effective on snow, ice and dirt;
  • “winter” rubber compound with a high content of “silica” gives the tire elasticity at low temperatures, resistance to abrasion and tearing.
  • the special shape of the running part of the tire increases the contact patch, improving grip and handling.

LingLong GreenMax Winter UHP review

When developing the GreenMax Winter UHP winter tire, the specialists of the Chinese company LingLong took into account the requirements made primarily by European motorists, and at the same time the experience of their foreign colleagues. This made it possible to create a model whose performance properties are comparable to those demonstrated by analogues from the so-called “B-brands”.

Steel breaker

One of the key design features of this tire is the breaker located directly under the tread. It is entirely made of steel cord, characterized by the absence of seams and joints, as well as high winding density, resulting in a very light weight with high load-bearing capacity. The end result of this solution is increased directional stability, reduced rolling resistance, stable and reliable handling with transparent feedback, high resistance to uneven wear.

Reliable grip on ice without spikes

The elimination of studs did not deprive the tire of its ability to demonstrate a high level of safety when driving on packed snow and ice. Coupling properties on such coatings are provided through the use of two types of lamellae.

The undulating sipes, cut into all blocks, form many very long transverse grip edges upon contact with the road. The three-dimensional profile of their walls does not allow them to close, which, in combination with their location, provides the tire with good longitudinal traction properties. Next to many of them are lamellas of a different type small holes in the teardrop-shaped tread. They “work” like pumps, sucking water from the road surface, thereby draining the contact patch. This significantly improves traction on ice.

Main features of LingLong GreenMax Winter UHP

  • steel breaker improves directional stability, prevents the development of uneven wear, provides reliable and predictable controllability at high speed;
  • two types of sipes increase traction on ice and rolled snow;
  • Asymmetric tread design provides a high level of safety even under the most adverse road conditions.

LingLong WinterMax Van review

Being one of the new products from a well-known Chinese manufacturer, the LingLong WinterMax Van commercial winter tire is noticeably superior in all technical characteristics to its predecessors. They are provided through the use of advanced solutions that are characterized by increased efficiency.

Improved grip and handling

One of the key features of this model is a breaker made entirely of steel cord. This structural component, due to its high rigidity and location directly under the tread, provides an improvement in several operational properties at once, in addition to load capacity and resistance to punctures and cuts. We are talking about grip and handling, which, thanks to the presence of such a “substrate”, are distinguished by stability and reliability. In addition, the steel belt significantly reduces rolling resistance and also improves resistance to uneven wear.

Three longitudinal drainage grooves

Three drainage grooves located along the entire tread have a significant internal volume. In addition, they are interconnected by numerous transverse channels. The combination of these design features allows the tire to exhibit increased hydroplaning resistance.

Main features of LingLong WinterMax Van

  • metal breaker improves grip and handling, increases load capacity, reduces rolling resistance, prevents uneven wear;
  • three longitudinal drainage grooves, interconnected by numerous transverse channels, minimize the risk of aquaplaning effect;
  • the compound design of blocks in the center of the tread improves traction on snow, and numerous sipes and micropumps on ice.

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