Mastercraft Tires Review: All Best Models With Features 2023

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at Mastercraft Tires reviews and providing in-depth features of their tires. We’ll be covering everything from the different types of tires they offer to their performance on the road, as well as any potential drawbacks or limitations you should be aware of.

Mastercraft Tires Review All Best Models With Features
Mastercraft Tires Review

who makes Mastercraft tires?

Today, the company is part of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company manufacturing complex. The Mastercraft tire company was founded in the early 20th century. On the market, the Mastercraft brand positions its tires under the slogan “master of the roads.” The range of manufactured products is quite wide. These are tires for sedan-type passenger cars from a wide variety of manufacturers. But the main part of the production is car tires for 4×4 cars and SUVs. 

The manufacturer is proud of its long history. Stability in the market indicates that the organization’s products are of high quality, reliable and durable. The Mastercraft brand has won the trust of the consumer, thanks to its excellent technical characteristics. The main assortment of the company is summer, winter, and all-season tires of the following models: Mastercraft Avenger HP, Avenger G/T, Courser C/T, Avenger Touring LSR, Courser A/T, Courser A/T 2, Courser HTR, Courser HTR Plus, Courser MT, Courser MSR, Glacier-Grip II.

Mastercraft offers its customers excellent quality service. Official representative offices of the company offer a full line of models, and reliable post-warranty service. All tires are radial.

Mastercraft winter tires

MasterCraft winter tires provide reliable traction. Thanks to the original tread design and a specially designed pattern, the car moves confidently on a snowy road. A large number of sipes and slots provide a reliable grip when cornering. When braking, the car quickly responds to the driver’s control. The clarity of movement is also ensured on icy road surfaces.

Mastercraft Summer tires

Summer tires Mastercraft have a symmetrical directional tread pattern. Deep grooves along the entire length of the tires provide reliable drainage from the contact patch. A large number of lamellas provide a reliable grip on wet road surfaces. Depending on the model, you can choose tires for cars, trucks, and 4×4 cars. Depending on the type of pattern and design of the tire, they are designed for different speeds, load capacity, and cross-country ability. But any Mastercraft summer tire will be your reliable assistant on the road. The original rubber compound allows them to work confidently in a wide temperature range.

Mastercraft All season tires

Mastercraft all-season tires have an asymmetric directional tread pattern. They are made for SUVs and cars. The tires are not studded, but in winter they provide confidence and stability on the road. In summer, thanks to deep grooves and lamellas, fast and reliable drainage from the contact patch is made. The original composition of the rubber mixture provides excellent elasticity and elasticity at any time of the year. The sidewalls of the tires are reinforced to ensure maximum durability of the structure. We have also tires reviews of other brands on our website.

Mastercraft Courser C/T Review

This tire is designed for use on SUVs, SUVs and pickups, as well as light trucks. The Mastercraft Courser C/T tire has performed well on vehicles equipped with powerful engines. The tread has an aggressive look pattern, replete with a large number of massive blocks. Thanks to the sharp edges of the specially shaped blocks, the Mastercraft Courser C/T tire has excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.

Mastercraft Courser C/T Review
Mastercraft Courser C/T Review

A car equipped with these tires can easily cope with mud, muddy ground, and snow slush, it will also easily move on gravel, sand, and grassy soils. In addition, the presence of a system of special grooves in the tread ensures quick and effective removal of dirt, melted snow and water from the tire contact patch. For confident behavior on slippery roads, the tread is equipped with zigzag-shaped sipes and mounting holes designed for installing studs.

The well-thought-out design of the Mastercraft Courser C/T tire, combined with an optimally selected rubber compound and a tread that is well adapted to various types of surfaces, makes this model suitable for use on all types of roads and in all weather conditions. However, the main feature of all tires produced under the Mastercraft brand is a long service life, calculated for about 100 thousand kilometers at a low cost compared to similar products from other manufacturers.

Mastercraft Courser HSX Review

The Mastercraft Courser HSX tire is aimed at those owners of SUVs and crossovers who value not only sporty handling but also a high level of comfort. In addition, it should be noted the possibility of using this model, both in summer and in winter.

Mastercraft Courser HSX Review
Mastercraft Courser HSX Review

Multifunctional slats

The tread pattern of this tire contains an increased number of sipes for the summer model. They perform several functions at once. First of all, this is an increase in traction and grip properties on slippery surfaces. At the same time, due to their three-dimensional design, these tread elements improve handling and prevent the development of uneven wear.

Optimized drainage grooves

This model is characterized by improved hydroplaning resistance. It is provided not so much due to the numerous drainage grooves, but due to their optimized location and shape, which made it possible to increase the rate of water removal from under the contact patch.

Main features of Mastercraft Courser

  • three-dimensional sipes improve grip on how many roads and handling, prevent uneven wear;
  • increased resistance to aquaplaning is provided by the abundance and optimization of the location of the drainage grooves.

Mastercraft Courser HTR Review

Unlike most tire products, positioned by their manufacturers as all-weather tires, the Mastercraft Coaster HTR off-road tire can be used not only in summer but also in winter. Another important advantage of this model is a very long service life at least 75 thousand kilometers.

Mastercraft Courser HTR Review
Mastercraft Courser HTR Review

Increased lamella density

The possibility of using this tire both in summer and winter is provided largely due to the increased density of the lamellas, which are located a few millimeters apart from each other. Their straight shape and direction perpendicular to the movement allow these tread elements to improve several performance properties at once. In addition to the longitudinal traction characteristics, these are resistance to aquaplaning and uneven wear.

Improved control precision and acoustic comfort
Equally broad functionality has a central longitudinal rib. Its non-breakable design gives increased control precision, and its zigzag shape prevents the appearance of resonant noise and vibration, which has a positive effect on acoustic comfort.

Courser HTR Key Features:

  • increased density of sipes improves grip on snow and ice;
  • the zigzag shape of the non-breaking rib in the center improves control precision and acoustic comfort.

Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus Review

Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus all-season tires designed for installation on jeeps, and SUVs (4×4). It features good handling on wet road surfaces, wear resistance, and low noise level.

Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus tire features

Thanks to the unique tread design, the rubber layer in the areas most subject to wear has become thicker than in the less “loaded” parts of the tire. The essence of this design decision lies in the location of the deepest radio protector in the center, and the least deep in the shoulder area. In this way, the weight of the Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus has been reduced and handling on wet roads has been improved.

The reduced level of hum was achieved due to the large number of different parts of the shoulder zone.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Review

The Mastercraft Courser MSR tire features a number of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Review
Mastercraft Courser MSR Review

Distinctive features of Mastercraft Courser MSR

Firstly, this is the use of a special D2 technology, which is represented by a tread intensively saturated with sipes. With it, the car feels confident, both on snowy and wet roads.

Secondly, this is the use of technology such as Snow-Groove, which is a lamella with sharp edges. They allow you to improve the traction of the car and make it more efficient on snow-covered sections of the road. It is important to note that this technology does not affect the stiffness characteristics of the tread itself.

Thirdly, the central part of the road has a tread, which is distinguished by its complex structure. This fact guarantees an increase in directional stability when driving on any road surface.

Special characteristics of Mastercraft

  • The special characteristics of the tread also have a positive effect on tread wear. 
  • Note that the life of the Mastercraft Courser MSR tire is increased by 20% due to the use of a special rubber compound.
  • In addition to all this, this model has an excellent design that significantly improves the appearance of any car.

Mastercraft Courser MT Review

The Mastercraft Courser MT tire is installed in SUVs and pickups. Recommended by the manufacturer for use on loose and loose soil surfaces. In such conditions, it is distinguished by excellent traction, resistance to aggressive mechanical stress and abrasion.

The tread pattern has an open design typical of Mud Terrain tires. The large height of the shoulder blocks and the length of their transverse edges make it possible to effectively implement engine thrust on loose and loose surfaces. A large distance between the elements allows the tread to be intensively cleaned from stones and small soil particles. The sidewalls of the tire are made of a special rubber compound that is resistant to both abrasion and punctures and tears.

Mastercraft Courser MT Key Features:

  • the open design of the shoulder zones and the curvature of the edges located in them increases the traction on loose and loose surfaces;
  • the increased distance between the protectors provides patency on viscous earthen and sandy soils;
  • Reinforced sidewalls provide reliability and greater mileage under difficult conditions of use.

Mastercraft Courser R/D Review

The Mastercraft Courser R/D commercial tire is designed for light trucks and vans operating on paved roads. Differs in high economic efficiency due to a possibility of year-round use. It is provided by a universal tread that provides the tire with good performance, including on winter surfaces.

Solid shoulder areas

A distinctive feature of the tire tread is the closed design of its shoulder areas. Each of them contains many massive blocks rigidly interconnected. This significantly increases the resistance of the tread to abrasion, improves handling, giving predictability and reliability to the behavior of the tire in difficult situations.

Increased number of gripping edges

The tire tread contains a large number of narrow slots. Along with the blocks in which they are located, these elements create many sharp edges with which the tire clings even to very slippery road surfaces. In this case, the slots have a polygonal shape and are noticeably inclined relative to the direction of movement. Such features limit the movement of the blocks, giving the clutch better stability.


The composition of the rubber compound is selected taking into account the intensive use of commercial tires. It contains components that increase its tensile strength and tensile strength, which on the one hand increases resistance to abrasion, and on the other hand prevents punctures and cuts.

Key Features of the Mastercraft Courser R/D Bus

  • closed shoulder design improves handling and prevents uneven wear;
  • zigzag sipes provide better grip on slippery surfaces;
  • compound with increased resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts.

Mastercraft Courser STR Review

All-season tire Mastercraft Courser STR is designed for SUVs, crossovers and pickups. A key feature of the model is that, although it belongs to the High Terrain category, it has much better off-road traction than most analogues.

Universal tread pattern

The effectiveness of the tread on different types of coverage is ensured by the fact that it is divided into several functional zones and contains elements that improve several operational properties at once. In particular, the shoulder blocks are connected by narrow rigid bridges, which, without impairing their effectiveness on unpaved surfaces, improve grip and handling when maneuvering on asphalt.

The protector also contains two rows of free-standing blocks. Their complex polygonal shape provides the tire with traction and grip properties on low-bearing pavement, and the inclined arrangement reduces rolling resistance and noise, increases directional stability, enhancing the action of the central continuous longitudinal rib.

Confident handling on slippery surfaces

A distinctive feature of the tire is confident behavior on slippery surfaces, including packed snow. It is provided by the presence of a large number of narrow slots lamellae. When in contact with the road, they form many sharp edges, the gripping properties of which are noticeably enhanced due to the curved shape of these tread elements.

Key Features of Mastercraft Courser STR

  • the universal protector provides reliable coupling on any covering;
  • numerous curved slots give the tire a confident behavior on wet and snowy roads;
  • high blocks of the center tread and its shoulder areas improve off-road performance.

Mastercraft Glacier Grip II Review

Mastercraft Glacier Grip II is a winter tire that has become the second generation of the series and surpasses its predecessor in many ways. Its advantages include good cross-country ability, excellent traction, a high level of hydroplaning resistance, low noise level. The production used a new tread pattern and Ice Biter 12 studding technology.

Mastercraft Glacier Grip II Review
Mastercraft Glacier Grip II Review

Mastercraft Glacier Grip II tread pattern

The tread design of the Mastercraft Glacier Grip II tire has a complex tread pattern that, due to the special shape of the blocks and the increased number of edges, increases grip on ice and snow-covered roads. Deep longitudinal and transverse grooves provide effective removal of water and snow mass from the contact patch of the wheel with the road.

A large number of densely spaced zigzag sipes provide more confident handling on packed snow, eliminating the possibility of slipping. Thanks to the negative profile drainage system, the water film covering the road is effectively removed, thereby minimizing the occurrence of one of the main causes of accidents.

Technology studding model Mastercraft Glacier Grip II

Ice Biter 12’s studding technology lies in the optimal number, location and design of studs to ensure maximum grip. Steel spikes located directly in the contact patch provide maximum safety on the ice, minimizing the risk of slippage.

Above all, car owners who use Mastercraft Glacier Grip II note that the tire has high wear resistance and stability in a wide variety of operating conditions.

Mastercraft Sensys 01 Review

The Mastercraft Sensys 01 all-weather tire is used primarily in compact passenger cars. Designed for European countries with rather special climatic conditions. This model is characterized by reliable grip on wet and snowy surfaces, a comfortable quiet and soft ride and a long service life.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the arrangement of blocks, in which elongated transverse edges of a large area are formed in the contact patch. This increases traction and shortens the braking distance on snowy surfaces. It is worth noting the presence of numerous lamellas. Cross sipes further enhance longitudinal grip on any slippery surface.

Main Features of Mastercraft Sensys 01

  • a continuous rib in the middle and rigid blocks in the shoulder areas improve handling, prevent uneven wear of the tread;
  • optimized arrangement of blocks increases traction and shortens the braking distance on snow;
  • Numerous sipes improve grip on wet surfaces.

Mastercraft A/S IV Review

Mastercraft A/S IV is an all-season tire from the world’s largest tire manufacturer with over a century of history. In the production of this tire, the developers did not radically change the usual classic design of this category. The tire has a non-directional tread pattern. Its rectangular elements guarantee excellent grip on the road surface in all conditions. A five-rib system stabilizes straight-line driving and distributes loads when cornering.

The main advantages of the American tire A / S 4

The tread also has a number of wide circular and lateral grooves that effectively remove water and wet snow from the contact patch, increase traction and minimize the risk of hydroplaning as a result, the tire behaves very obediently both on wet summer and slushy roads in winter and is labeled M+S, meaning “mud plus snow”. Improved traction is also achieved through a reinforced inner layer. It is formed by numerous slots and grooves and gradually becomes thinner as it approaches the shoulder area. This ensures uniform wear of the tire and, as a result, increases its service life.

The tread pattern, which includes a variety of pattern elements, helps to reduce the noise level when moving. So the tire guarantees its owner acoustic comfort while driving.

Mastercraft A/S IV is a reliable all-season tire developed with cutting-edge technology. Balanced characteristics ensure safety and comfort when traveling on any road. Due to its elasticity, achieved due to the unique composition of the rubber compound used in the tread, the tire is not afraid of Russian frosts and will perfectly serve its owner throughout the year.

Distinctive features of the Mastercraft A/S IV tire

  • Mastercraft A / S 4 all-season tire marked M + S (“mud plus snow”). Wide circumferential and lateral grooves effectively evacuate water and sleet from the road contact area. The risk of hydroplaning is extremely low.
  • Improved inner layer is formed by slots and grooves and provides uniform tire wear.
  • The design of the tread pattern contributes to an increase in acoustic comfort when driving.
  • The tire is resistant to severe frosts due to its elasticity, it does not freeze in severe sub-zero temperatures.
  • The five-rib system makes straight-line driving stable and distributes the load when cornering.

Mastercraft Avenger 4×4 Review

The Mastercraft Avenger 4×4 all-season tire is installed in SUVs and pickups. It is characterized by stability and precision in control when maneuvering at high speed, low tendency to hydroplanning.

Mastercraft Avenger 4x4 Review
Mastercraft Avenger 4×4 Review

The sidewalls of the tire are characterized by increased rigidity. This improves control accuracy and directional stability when maneuvering. The tread pattern has a directional design with V-shaped tread grooves. This minimizes the risk of hydroplaning even at high speed. The long and high edges of the numerous blocks improve traction on unpaved surfaces. In turn, the lamellas cut into them help to maintain efficiency on wet surfaces.

Mastercraft Avenger 4×4 Key Features:

  • Increased steering precision and directional stability at high speed due to rigidity and optimized sidewall profile;
  • V-shaped arrangement and numerous drainage grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning;
  • a large number of transverse edges ensures efficiency on wet surfaces and unpaved surfaces.

Mastercraft Avenger HP Review

All-season tire for passenger cars Mastercraft Avenger HP is designed for roads in European countries with quite specific climatic conditions. It features improved grip on wet and snowy surfaces, refined handling, reduced rolling resistance and good fuel economy.

The directional tread pattern is characterized by wide drainage grooves, most of which are V-shaped. This allows you to use the rotation of the wheel to drain water and melted snow, which significantly increases the reliability of control in adverse weather conditions. The long and high block edges allow intense acceleration and braking. It is worth noting the optimized profile of the running part of the tire, which improves handling, which is best felt when there is insufficient grip on the road surface.

Main Features of Mastercraft Avenger HP

  • wide counter-moving drainage grooves increase the reliability of control in difficult weather conditions;
  • elongated edges of the blocks provide intensive acceleration and effective braking on a snowy surface;
  • Optimized tread profile improves handling and traction.

Mastercraft Avenger LSR Review

The Mastercraft Avenger LSR tire is positioned by the manufacturer as a model for the widest range of cars and their owners. It is characterized by balanced performance, demonstrating sporty precise handling and reliable grip on wet surfaces, along with acoustic comfort, smooth running and high mileage.

Mastercraft Avenger LSR Review
Avenger LSR Review

The asymmetric tread pattern distinguishes the division into functional areas. The outer side, containing rigid elements, provides precise control and reliable grip at high speed. In turn, the inner part of the tread is “responsible” for stability on wet surfaces, due to the numerous and multidirectional gripping edges and drainage elements.

Mastercraft Avenger LSR Key Features:

  • asymmetric tread pattern with functional areas provides a balance in the main driving characteristics;
  • 3D sipes improve stability on wet surfaces;
  • the optimized tread profile increases the contact patch and ensures uniform pressure on the road surface, regardless of road conditions.

Mastercraft Avenger Touring lSR h/v Review

Mastercraft Avenger touring lsr h/v is a radial tubeless tire for passenger cars. Designed for year-round use.

The tread pattern resembles that of the similar summer model T, however, the ribs are not four, but five. A key central block rib is added, with the help of which it was possible to achieve improved grip on snowy and icy roads. Reinforced shoulder areas provide a high level of safety when cornering and braking, as well as when driving straight ahead. The drainage system is represented by four deep and wide annular channels, as well as many smaller grooves that quickly evacuate water, slush and liquid mud from the contact point of the tread with the roadway. A key feature of the product is an improved rubber compound that includes silica and carbon, which give the tire durability. In addition, the compound is multipolymer, due to which the tire remains elastic and resilient as in the heat,

Mastercraft Avenger Touring lsr h/v Key Features:

  • unique five-sided tread provides a high level of grip on the road both in summer and winter;
  • developed drainage system reduces the risk of aqua and slash planning;
  • the special composition of the compound can significantly extend the service life of the product.

Mastercraft Avenger touring lSR t Review

The Mastercraft Avenger touring lsr t is a tubeless tire designed for sedans, luxury SUVs and vans. The product is used in the summer season, shows excellent running, grip and traction characteristics both on dry and wet road surfaces.

The material of manufacture is a multicomponent rubber compound with a unique composition. The basis is silica and carbon, which allow to achieve a high level of wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. They also provide additional grip, especially on wet road surfaces. The compound also includes a combination of polymers that maintains the elasticity of the tire when the air temperature rises and in contact with a heated coating.

The tread pattern is symmetrical non-directional, includes two central and two shoulder ribs, which guarantee directional stability, a high level of grip and traction, driving safety, maneuvering and braking.

Mastercraft Avenger touring lsr t Key Features:

  • the drainage system includes three deep longitudinal channels and numerous small grooves that quickly and effectively remove water from under the contact patch;
  • a special composition of rubber provides a long service life and improved grip;
  • original tread design allows to achieve high stability of movement.

Mastercraft Courser A/T 2 Review

The Mastercraft Courser A/T 2 is the successor to the Courser A/T tire. Its tread has a non-directional pattern, which indicates good handling without sacrificing other qualities.

Mastercraft Courser A/T 2 tire features

The tread of the Mastercraft Courser A/T 2 tire features densely spaced sipe blocks to increase the efficiency of the cutting edges, which means improved traction on wet, snowy and icy surfaces. The shape of the profile uses the latest VT2ech technology, which allows you to achieve the optimal balance between handling and abrasion of the tire.

Mastercraft Courser AWT Review

The all-season Mastercraft Courser AWT tire is used in SUVs, pickups and crossovers. The universal model of the All Terrain category is effective on any road surfaces, including unpaved ones.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of double blocks in the central part. They increase directional stability, reduce rolling resistance and prevent tire abrasion. The elements along the edges of the tread with their elongated transverse edges make it possible to effectively implement traction on unpaved surfaces, and on the highway they provide stability and precision in control. The arrangement of blocks with different pitches allows avoiding the occurrence of resonant noises and vibrations, which has a positive effect on acoustic comfort.

Key Features of Mastercraft Courser AWT

  • universal tread pattern, effective on highways and unpaved surfaces;
  • numerous edges of blocks and sipes allow the tire to demonstrate reliable grip in winter;
  • “multi-step” arrangement of tread elements improves acoustic comfort, especially on “rough” asphalt.

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