Maxtrek Tires Review: What are Best Maxtrek Tires for 2023

We’ve taken a closer look at Maxtrek Tires and put together this comprehensive Maxtrek Tires review to help you make an informed decision. Maxtrek Tires is a well-known brand in the tire industry, offering a wide range of options for various types of vehicles.

Maxtrek Tires Review: What are Best Maxtrek Tires
Maxtrek Tires Review

who makes maxtrek tires?

MaxTrek Tires are manufactured at a Chinese plant, which was built only in 2007. Quality control is carried out directly under the control of the government of China, which means that there is no doubt about the quality of products. Production facilities are equipped with the latest technology, in addition, all equipment installed at the plant is Japanese.

Winter and summer tires Makstrek are made using the latest Japanese Bridgestone technology. As the dynamics of the development of the industrial potential of the plant shows, in the very near future it will be able to compete with such giants of the marine tire industry as Yokohama, Dunlop, etc.

In addition to undeniable quality, MaxTrek winter and summer tires have another huge plus this is a low price. Compared to the above brands, Maxstrek tires are 30% more affordable.

MaxTrek tires enjoy prestige and great demand in Europe and the USA. During the construction of the plant, the goal was set to become one of the world leaders in the production and sale of rubber. To do this, the management not only conducts a fairly successful advertising campaign but also significantly increases industrial capacity. In just 7 years of its existence, the Maxstrek brand has reached the level of production of more than 8 million tires per year. Such a pace of development suggests that soon winter and summer tires Makstrek will be able to compete for world leadership, and this will be a well-deserved achievement.

Already at the moment, MaxTrek tires are exported to almost all countries of the world. The quality of the MaxTrek tire is certified by both Chinese authorities and European and American experts. The constant modernization of production and the introduction of new ideas is due to the fact that many experts in the field of tire design and chemistry work with the Maxstrek staff.

Maxstrek tires are a unique, inimitable product that was able to achieve excellent results in a short time, thanks to a well-built policy and an infusion of huge funds. This also applies to quality control and testing systems. The plant has unique systems installed, thanks to which the probability of marriage during the production process is completely excluded.

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Maxtrek Fortis T5 Review

The Maxtrek Fortis T5 summer tire is installed in the most powerful versions of passenger cars. Adapted for use in conditions of constant exposure to high loads that occur during long-term movement at high speed. Differs in excellent course stability, precision in management and stability when maneuvering, low tendency to aquaplaning.

Maxtrek Fortis T5 Review
Maxtrek Fortis T5 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an asymmetrical arrangement of elements. They are divided into several functional areas. The inner side, containing a large number of water-removing elements, provides resistance to hydroplaning, increases the intensity of acceleration and deceleration. The outer part of the tread improves traction and steering precision when maneuvering. In addition, it is necessary to note the increased width of the running part of the tire and its optimized profile, which makes the contact patch even larger. This enhances grip and stability when changing direction.

Maxtrek Fortis T5 Key Features:

  • asymmetric tread pattern provides balanced driving performance;
  • a large number of transverse hydraulic grooves and their curved shape increases resistance to aquaplaning and longitudinal grip on wet surfaces;
  • increased contact patch and its stability during lateral accelerations provides stability on dry surfaces.

Maxtrek Ingens A1 Review

The Maxtrek Ingens A1 summer tire is aimed at the widest range of motorists, as it combines sporty handling and a high level of comfort.

Maxtrek Ingens A1 Review
Maxtrek Ingens A1 Review

Center rib with wear indicator

Exactly in the center of the tread runs a longitudinal rib. This element features a solid construction and a considerable width, which makes it very rigid and resistant to deformation. These properties give the tire several important qualities at once. Among the most important of them, it is worth noting the increased accuracy in control and stable behavior at high speed. In addition, the degree of tread wear can be determined from the central tread rib. An inscription printed on it with the name of the tire is used as a sensor.

Confident behavior in the rain

The drainage system available for this tire is highly efficient. It is provided by the very large capacity of each of the four longitudinal grooves, as well as the angled and curved shape of the numerous transverse channels.

The main features of the Ingens A1 Maxtrek

  • wide rib in the center improves tire stability at high speed, improves steering accuracy;
  • improved resistance to aquaplaning due to the significant internal volume of the longitudinal drainage grooves.

Maxtrek MK-700 Review

The Maxtrek MK-700 summer tire is used in small commercial vehicles. It is characterized by excellent longitudinal grip on wet surfaces, maneuverability under heavy weight loads, and high mileage.

Maxtrek MK-700 Review
Maxtrek MK-700 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the large dimensions of the elements. This increases the contact patch and allows for a more even load distribution across the road surface. Massive blocks in the central part, forming long curved edges, improve traction on wet surfaces. Solid shoulder areas improve steering precision and traction stability when maneuvering under heavy weight loads.

Maxtrek MK-700 Key Features:

  • increased contact patch and even load distribution on the road surface improve grip and wear resistance;
  • continuous shoulder zones increase the accuracy of control and directional stability under the influence of a large weight load;
  • long curved block edges in the central part increase traction on wet surfaces.

Maxtrek MUD TREK Review

Maxtrek MUD TREK is a tubeless model designed for minivans and SUVs. The tire has a radial carcass for improved grip and traction on any road surface. The product belongs to the class M / T, that is, mud tires. It performs well not only on asphalt, dirt or gravel roads, but also off-road, so it can be classified as a subclass of universal or off-road tires. Outwardly, in design and performance characteristics, it resembles a tire for tractors and other agricultural machinery working in the fields.

Maxtrek MUD TREK Review
Maxtrek MUD TREK Review

The main distinguishing feature is an aggressive deep tread with powerful lugs. The tread pattern is asymmetric directional, it is a variation of the “checkers” and “clubs”. The high profile and large blocks are in reliable contact with the road surface, and wide channels, grooves and voids effectively remove liquid dirt and moisture from under the contact patch. The tire can also self-clean from viscous mud and small stones.

Maxtrek MUD TREK Key Features:

  • high-strength rubber compound reduces wear when driving on asphalt;
  • the developed drainage system promotes good self-cleaning;
  • Aggressive tread design enhances traction and off-road traction.

Maxtrek Trek M7 Review

The Maxtrek Trek M7 winter tire is attractive not only for its low cost, but also for its rather high performance properties. By using the experience and knowledge of foreign experts involved by the Chinese manufacturer in the development of this model, she managed to provide reliable and stable grip even on icy surfaces, while doing without spikes.

Maxtrek Trek M7 Review
Maxtrek Trek M7 Review

original tread design

The Maxtrek Trek M7 tire features a classic winter tread pattern with a V-shaped design. Nevertheless, it has a number of original technical solutions designed to improve performance, primarily on winter surfaces. One of them is the structure of the central part, where there are two very wide longitudinal ribs with zigzag edges. This allowed the company’s specialists to achieve very good stability indicators, as well as to give the tire accuracy and responsiveness when turning the steering wheel. The combination of these performance properties greatly facilitates the process of driving a car on a winter road.

A large number of individual blocks

The shoulder areas and part of the tread center contain a large number of individual blocks. In combination with a significant distance between them, this feature of the tread design improves the traction and grip properties of the tire on snow.

Maxtrek Trek M7 Key Features

  • two wide longitudinal ribs in the center improve stability and control efficiency;
  • block tread design provides good traction on snow;
  • excellent grip on ice and packed snow, thanks to several thousand grip edges formed by numerous sipes.

Maxtrek Trek M900 Review

The Maxtrek Trek M900 Ice winter tire is essentially the debut of a newly formed Chinese company. This model was created specifically for the markets of Northern Europe and Canada, which implies a number of features in its design that provide reliable traction on snowy and icy roads. Their rather high efficiency was achieved by using the experience and knowledge of foreign experts who were directly involved in the development of this tire.

Maxtrek Trek M900 Review
Maxtrek Trek M900 Review

Wide longitudinal rib in the center

One of the key features of this tire’s V-shaped tread design is the central longitudinal rib design. It consists of numerous trapezoidal blocks interconnected by rigid bridges. Combined with their fore-and-aft position, this gives the tire stability as well as quick and precise steering responses.

Excellent traction on snow

Another characteristic feature of the tread of this tire is the openness of its design. It contains many individual blocks. Due to the grip edges they create and the large distance between them, it demonstrates good traction and grip on snow.

Good grip on ice

In addition to the blocks, the reliability and stability of adhesion on slippery surfaces is ensured by numerous sipes. These miniature tread elements open up to form several thousand gripping edges. In addition to them, high performance on packed snow and ice is achieved by studs that form more than 10 continuous “anti-skid chains” during movement.

Maxtrek Trek M900 Key Features

  • good directional stability and efficiency of control due to the rigid design of the longitudinal rib in the center;
  • excellent traction on snow thanks to the open design;
  • reliability and stability when moving on ice is ensured by numerous lamellas and spikes.

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