Mirage Tires Review: What are best Mirage Tires For 2023

Welcome to blog post where I’ll be sharing an in-depth Mirage tires review. If you’re in the market for new tires, then you know how important it is to find a reliable and durable option that can handle any road condition. Mirage tires are a popular choice among drivers for their affordability and performance.

Mirage Tires Review What are best Mirage Tires
Mirage Tires Review

who makes mirage tires?

Mirage is a tire brand of the Chinese company Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., which appeared on the market in 1995. In addition to Mirage Tires, the company also produces tires under the brand’s Agate, Ovation, Fesite, Hifly, and Sunfull.

are mirage tires any good?

A wide range of winter, summer, and all-season models allows you to successfully compete in the global market. The main assortment offer consists of tires for trucks, but there are also passenger cars. Rubber is produced exclusively according to modern technologies, using innovative materials, high-quality raw materials, and the latest equipment. Tires are popular in more than 80 countries of the world, some machine builders even complete their cars with them. A distinctive feature of winter, summer, and all-season modifications is their low cost, which in no way affects quality indicators: Mirage tires have the same technical and operational parameters as more expensive versions.

Mirage winter and summer tires

  • Winter line includes such popular tires as MR-W662 and MR-WT172. All models have exquisite designs, the practicality of which is beyond all bounds. Rubber is as efficient in operation as required by the difficulty of moving on slippery surfaces, loose snow or ice. For city driving, friction tires will be enough, and for off-road use, Arctic or Nordic Mirage tires with spikes or dense siping are suitable. All winter tires are equipped with heavy-duty internal structures, and functional tread patterns. The sidewalls are reinforced with additional layers of rubber, which makes the tires resistant to deformation, punctures and cuts. The metal breaker and an additional sub-groove layer allow you to maintain the original shape throughout the entire service life.
  • Summer tires Mirage are made of high-quality, resistant to external influences compound. Special hardening and abrasion-resistant components give the rubber abrasion resistance, which significantly increases the service life. Even after prolonged use, Mirage summer tires retain their original abilities, demonstrate excellent grip, traction and braking. The car confidently holds its course, is easily controlled and maneuverable. Moderately hard tires do not melt on hot asphalt, however, when frost sets in, they need to be changed to winter tires, otherwise they will harden and will not be able to perform their assigned duties. A tread pattern with a large number of wicking grooves prevents the risk of hydroplaning in the rain.
  • Mirage all-season tires for off-road vehicles (MR-HT172) are characterized by a clear response to control commands, high performance on various road surfaces, endurance, and reliability.
  • But still, Mirage all-season truck tires are beyond praise(MG121 universal, MG-022 trailed, MG-312, MG-628, MG-638, MG-668, MG-768 leading, MG-660, MG111 steering). Thanks to balanced combinations of tread elements, Mirage tires consume less fuel, which is especially important for heavy trucks. Low rolling resistance also has a positive effect on economy. Safety is due to special sealing layers that protect against excessive pressure loss. The successful arrangement of the lamellas increases traction and coupling parameters. During the development of Mirage truck tires, a number of important technological innovations were combined so that the tires met all the requirements and met European standards.

What are best Mirage Tires For 2023

Here is the top Mirage tires for 2023:

  • MR-W562
  • MR-W662
  • MR-182
  • MR-162

Are you in search of the best tire review source? We have covered approximately all tire brands.

List of All Mirage Tires

Below is the complete table of all Mirage Tires:

Summer tiresWinter tiresAll season tiresTruck tiresOther Tires
MR-162MR-W300MR-100FTL-311 (trailed)MR-700AS
MR-182MR-W562MR-762ASFTM-313 (trailed)MG-122 (universal)
MR-200MR-W600MR-AT172MG-011 (universal)FAR515 (universal)
MR-HP172MR-W662MR-HT172MG-022 (trailed)MG-313 (universal)
MR-MT172MG-121 (universal)MG-707 (host)
MG-312 (host)MR-WT172
MG-628 (host)MG-200
MG-638 (host)MG-324 (lead)
MG-660 (helmsman)
MG-668 (host)
MG-688 (helmsman)
MG-702 (universal)
MG-768 (host)
MG111 (steering)
Mirage Tires Table

Mirage MR-W562 Review

Scope of winter tire Mirage MR-W562 – compact passenger cars, operated mainly in urban areas. This model is characterized by confident behavior, both on slippery snow and ice, and on dry surfaces. At the same time, the process of movement is accompanied by comfortable handling, low noise level and smooth running.

Mirage MR-W562 Review
Mirage MR-W562 Review

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design. Its distinctive feature is the arrangement of lamellas with a very high density. In this case, two types of such slots are used. The outer part of the tread contains straight sipes that accelerate the removal of water from the contact patch, and also, by giving the blocks some longitudinal mobility, allow better control of traction and braking. The undulating sipes enhance traction on ice, which, due to their shape, is accompanied by good stability. Another important feature is the large size and numerous drainage grooves. This minimizes the risk of aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Mirage MR-W562 Key Features:

  • asymmetric tread pattern with a large number of small high blocks;
  • increased density of sipes improves grip on icy and wet surfaces;
  • multi-directional wide drainage grooves prevent hydroplaning and slashplanning.

Mirage MR-182 Review

The scope of the summer tire Mirage MR-182 is the fastest modifications of passenger cars. The model is available in more than 30 sizes for wheels with a diameter of 15 to 20 inches with a profile height of 35 to 55% and VW speed indexes. It is distinguished by increased stability at high speed, sporty honed handling and wear resistance.

Mirage MR-182 Review
Mirage MR-182 Review

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetric design, sustained in a rather aggressive style. It is attached to the large sizes of blocks and longitudinal ribs containing lamellas bent at acute angles. Such elements have excellent deformation resistance, which gives the tire stability at high speed, and when maneuvering, it allows you to carefully control the trajectory of movement. These properties are fully preserved even on wet surfaces, thanks to the large dimensions of the drainage grooves. It is also worth noting the rubber compound with a high content of silica. This component further enhances traction in rainy conditions.

Mirage MR-182 Key Features:

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern with wide ribs for high speed stability.
  • rigid shoulder zones prevent slipping in turns, allowing you to carefully control the trajectory;
  • Silica-based compound improves grip on wet surfaces.

Mirage MR-200 Review

The Mirage MR-200 summer car tire, designed for minibuses and light trucks, stands out for its attractive price. It is the end result of an extremely lean development approach that uses extremely simple yet highly effective solutions. This made it possible to create a tire that is distinguished not only by its low price, but also by its excellent load capacity, wear resistance, and excellent grip, especially on wet roads.

Mirage MR-200 Review
Mirage MR-200 Review

Sturdy frame

A significant part of the numerous advantages of this model is provided by the design features of the frame. Its basis is an all-metal cord. This structural element allows the tire to withstand the dynamic deformation that occurs during movement, which has the most positive effect on handling, rolling resistance, resistance to uneven wear and load capacity.

Excellent traction on dry and wet roads

As mentioned earlier, in the development of this model, extremely simple, but effective solutions were used. One of them is a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. Its design contains only four longitudinal ribs, two of which are located in the center, and two more are shoulder areas. Each of these tread elements is characterized by massive dimensions, which made it possible to significantly increase the size of the contact patch, thereby improving grip on dry roads.

Of the other features of the tread pattern of this model, one cannot fail to note the structure of two central longitudinal ribs. Each of them is a series of separate blocks of complex polygonal shape, interconnected by rigid bridges. This design can significantly reduce rolling resistance while improving directional stability and control efficiency.

Another benefit of this tire’s tread pattern is its excellent hydroplaning resistance. This feature was achieved through block design. The presence of a large number of individual elements made it possible to equip the tread with a large number of longitudinal and transverse drainage grooves. Thanks to their significant total internal volume, the contact patch is very quickly freed from almost any amount of water, which in turn increases the resistance to aquaplaning, and at the same time grip on wet roads.

Main features of the Mirage MR-200 tire

  • a strong frame based on an all-metal cord increases the load capacity, as well as resistance to uneven wear;
  • rubber compound optimized for specific operating conditions provides the tread with increased resistance to abrasive wear, punctures and cuts;
  • the original design of the symmetrical non-directional tread pattern allows the tire to demonstrate excellent grip with a high level of driving comfort;
  • excellent traction and coupling properties in the longitudinal direction, due to a large number of tread blocks;
  • the original design of two central longitudinal ribs reduces rolling resistance, improves directional stability and control efficiency;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning, thanks to the block design of the tread pattern, which made it possible to equip it with a large number of longitudinal and transverse drainage grooves.

Mirage MR-AT172 Review

Summer tire Mirage MR-AT172 is installed on SUVs, pickups, and SUV-class cars. The size range is presented with options for wheels with a diameter of 15 to 17 inches with a tread height of 65 to 85%. Belongs to the All Terrain category, demonstrating confident behavior, both on highways and on rough terrain.

Mirage MR-AT172 Review
Mirage MR-AT172 Review

The versatility of application is largely ensured by the design of the tread pattern. It is characterized by a symmetrical non-directional arrangement of elements, as well as their complex shape, containing numerous angles and curved edges. At the same time, a small distance between the blocks increases the contact patch and reduces rolling resistance, thereby increasing the efficiency of the tread on asphalt surfaces. Under its running part there is a breaker reinforced with a steel cord. On the highway, this element gives additional stability, and off-road reliability and resistance to damage.

Key Features of Mirage MR-AT172:

  • symmetrical tread pattern, effective on the highway and rough terrain;
  • original polygonal shape of blocks with curved edges;
  • breaker reinforced with steel cord.

Mirage MR-HP172 Review

Summer tire Mirage MR-HP172 is designed for dynamic off-road versions. Recommended by the manufacturer for use exclusively on paved roads. It is characterized by reliable handling at high speed, braking performance on dry and wet surfaces, hydroplaning resistance, long service life.

Mirage MR-HP172 Review
Mirage MR-HP172 Review

In the asymmetric tread pattern, massive and therefore deformation-resistant elements prevail. This significantly improves directional stability and steering precision, and also reduces rolling resistance and uneven wear. Significant width of the drainage grooves, coupled with increased tread depth, allows you to maintain control over the car even at high speed.

Main features of Mirage MR-HP172

  • tread pattern with massive ribs and blocks provides directional stability and sporty refinement in high-speed control;
  • the increased volume of drainage grooves allows them to effectively prevent hydroplaning in any conditions;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” gives the tire tenacity on cold wet surfaces.

Mirage MR-HT172 Review

Summer tire Mirage MR-HT172 is designed for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. The High Terrain model performs best on paved roads, where it demonstrates reliable grip, braking performance and precise handling.

Mirage MR-HT172 Review
Mirage MR-HT172 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of numerous coupling edges. They are formed both in blocks and lamellas cut into them. This solution significantly increases the efficiency of the tire on wet surfaces. Wide drainage elements minimize the risk of water film formation between the tire and the road surface, intensively removing it from under the contact patch.

Main features of Mirage MR-HT172

  • tread pattern with numerous blocks and sipes is effective on wet surfaces;
  • a special shape of the tread profile makes the contact patch larger, enhancing grip and increasing tire mileage;
  • Elastic and wear-resistant rubber compound improves grip on wet surfaces and provides long service life.

Mirage MR-W600 Review

Commercial tire Mirage MR-W600 is designed for use on urban roads and highways in winter. It is characterized by stable grip and reliable control on snowy and icy surfaces, good fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Mirage MR-W600 Review
Mirage MR-W600 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by massiveness and dense arrangement of elements, as well as their distribution along wide longitudinal ribs. This design minimizes rolling resistance and wear while improving directional stability at high speeds. The tread contains a significant number of lamellas, the pointed edges of which allow you to maintain stability on wet surfaces, packed snow and icy surfaces.

Mirage MR-W600 Key Features

  • increased contact patch, rigidity of tread elements increase directional stability and control accuracy at high speed, prevent wear;
  • a large number of lamellas provides reliable grip on slippery winter surfaces;
  • Special rubber compound resistant to abrasion, punctures and tears.

Mirage MR-W662 Review

The Mirage MR-W662 winter tire is an excellent option for owners of compact cars who appreciate the balance of performance properties in such products. This model is characterized by reliable behavior in difficult situations, soft running, low noise and high mileage.

Mirage MR-W662 Review
Mirage MR-W662 Review

A distinctive feature of the tread pattern is a very wide swept rib in the middle. This element has a high resistance to deformation, thanks to which the tire shows excellent stability when driving in a straight line, and when maneuvering transparent feedback on the steering wheel, allowing you to carefully control the trajectory. Another feature is the presence of blocks separated from each other at a considerable distance. This solution provides good grip on poorly cleared roads. On icy surfaces, stability is achieved due to the work of thousands of lamellas. If necessary, grip can be significantly enhanced by installing spikes in special holes on the tread for them.

Key Features of Mirage MR-W662:

  • symmetrical directional pattern with a very wide rib in the middle;
  • numerous high blocks improve flotation in snow;
  • low risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning due to large drainage grooves.

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