Nitto Tires review: What Are best Nitto Tires for 2023

Let’s start our Nitto tires review with features and benefits for all car lovers.

Nitto Tires is a well-known brand in the tire industry that has been producing high-quality tires for over 70 years. They offer a wide range of tires for different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and sports cars. Nitto Tires are designed to provide excellent performance, safety, and durability on the road, whether you’re driving on wet or dry surfaces. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of Nitto Tires to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next set of tires.

Nitto Tires review: What Are best Nitto Tires
Nitto Tires review

who makes nitto tires?

Nitto Tires is a brand that is owned by Toyo Tire Corporation, a Japanese tire manufacturer that has been in business since 1945. Toyo Tires is known for its high-quality products and innovative tire technologies, and Nitto Tires is no exception. Nitto Tires are designed and manufactured by Toyo Tires in their state-of-the-art facilities around the world, using the latest tire-making technologies and materials.

Nitto tires List

Here is a table of Nitto TIres.

Nitto Summer tiresNitto Winter tiresNitto All season tiresOther Nitto Tires
Dura Grappler HTNT SpkMud GrapplerNomad Grappler
Neo GenNT90WTrail Grappler M/TNT420V
NT421QTherma SpikeNTGTT
NT555Dura Grappler Highway Terrain
NT555 G2NT5G2A
NT850Ridge Grappler

Nitto NeoGen review

Tire Nitto NeoGen summer model belongs to the Ultra High-Performance class. Specially designed for low-profile vehicles to provide enhanced stability in all conditions. Owners of low-profile cars are well aware that the simple tires on their cars wear out fairly quickly. This is due to the fact that these machines have a lower center of gravity and an increased value of negative camber angles, and conventional tires do not take this specific into account. The tire is designed specifically for low-profile vehicles, it provides even load distribution, thereby guaranteeing a long service life.

Nitto NeoGen review
Nitto NeoGen review

Since the inner shoulder area is one continuous block, this type of pattern provides excellent stability for a vehicle with a low center of gravity and negative camber angles. The special rubber compound used made it possible to achieve excellent grip characteristics and an increase in the contact patch.

The specially designed tread pattern quickly removes water from the contact patch, preventing hydroplaning. The presence of a large number of lamellas reduce driving noise and provide increased grip. Also, the Nitto NeoGen tire has an original pattern that will decorate any car, so it has gained popularity in car tuning.

During the production of the carcass, a special reinforced cord was used, which made it possible to increase the reliability of the tire. In the production of the tire, only modern equipment and the latest materials are used, so when purchasing this model, you can be sure of its quality, which is confirmed by various certificates. All these characteristics make the tire quite popular among consumers.

Key features of the Nitto NeoGen tire

  • Specially designed tread pattern provides excellent performance especially when driving on wet road surfaces;
  • The special rubber compound allowed to increase grip with the road surface and increase ride comfort as a result of reducing the sound effect when driving;
  • Reinforced lateral zone not only provides protection from external damage, but also allows you to more confidently take turns at high speeds;
  • The distribution of the load allowed to increase the life of the tire.

Nitto Dura Grappler review

The Nitto Dura Grappler passenger tire is mainly aimed at owners of pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs operating on paved roads. This is due to the fact that this model belongs to the H / T category, in which only 20% of the mileage falls on off-road.

Nitto Dura Grappler review
Nitto Dura Grappler review

Reinforced sidewalls

The rather large weight of this tire is due to the presence of an additional steel cord in the sidewalls. Combined with the use of a special mechanically resistant rubber compound for their manufacture, this ensures a high level of reliability over the entire service life.

Additional steel cord in the breaker

The breaker located directly under the tread also has a structure reinforced with an additional steel cord. In addition to increasing load capacity and strength, this solution significantly improves control accuracy at high speed, and in addition, reduces rolling resistance.

Key Features:

  • excellent reliability throughout the entire service life, thanks to the reinforced design of the sidewalls and breaker;
  • high control accuracy at high speed is provided by numerous jumpers between the blocks and their longitudinal arrangement;
  • confident behavior on wet roads, thanks to a large number of sipes.

Nitto Mud Grappler review

The all-season Nitto Mud Grapper tire is designed for SUVs and special vehicles designed for off-road use. The model, although it belongs to the Mud Terrain category, has a universal scope, being suitable for sand and rocky surfaces. Reinforced tread and abrasion-resistant rubber compound provide it with high reliability in the toughest conditions.

Nitto Mud Grappler review
Nitto Mud Grappler review

Grousers on sidewalls

One of the factors that determine the confident behavior of a tire on off-road is the design of the sidewalls. They contain an aggressive type of lugs. The elements have a large height, and their complex shape provides the formation of numerous edges with which the tire effectively clings to the road surface.

Self-cleaning protector

A distinctive feature of the tread pattern is that a significant part of its area is the space between the blocks. A large distance between them allows the tire not to be “washed out” by soil particles and stones, providing excellent traction and grip properties in extremely difficult conditions.


The tire contains a reinforced carcass and sidewalls. The first has an additional steel cord located directly under the tread. In turn, the sidewalls are made of 3-layer polyester cord. In both cases, reliable protection against any mechanical impact is provided.

Main Features of Nitto Mud Grappler Tires

  • lugs on the sidewalls improve patency on soils with low bearing capacity;
  • self-cleaning tread retains efficiency in the most difficult conditions;
  • reinforced frame and sidewalls provide reliability on the road;
  • tread blocks hold part of the ground cover, which enhances traction with it.

Nitto NT420S review

With a sporty character, the Nitto NT420S is one of the more brutal and unique options for SUVs and pickups on the market today. The unique tread design will be the perfect addition to your beautiful rims.

Nitto NT420S review
Nitto NT420S review

Most SUV tires on the market are directional, so there is no chance of them moving on the same axle. This model has a non-directional sketch braid, which allows you to move it. This results in uniform wear of all tires, increased tread mileage, the highest degree of comfort and reduced noise levels.

The tire tread pattern was created by an artist and is immediately noticeable. The computer-simulated asymmetric pattern provides good flotation, excellent grip and excellent handling. She has proven herself well on slippery and wet road surfaces.

A large number of lamellas of various shapes and one wide drainage groove help to cope with aquaplaning perfectly. Special additives in the rubber compound made it possible to give the rubber certain properties, so the Nitto NT420S tire has an increased contact patch and increased wear resistance. Riding on this tire will give you real pleasure, as it provides a fairly soft movement while being almost silent. In the process of tire production, the latest equipment and the most advanced technologies were used, which made it possible to create a very high-quality tire that meets all international standards.

Due to the stylish design, excellent speed performance and reliable carcass, the tire is often used for tuning powerful cars.

The main features of the Nitto NT420S tire

  • The unique tread pattern not only provides the tire with excellent performance (excellent handling, excellent stability, increased grip), but can also become an ornament for the car, making it noticeable on the road;
  • A special rubber compound has made it possible to achieve excellent grip characteristics and an increased level of driving comfort;
  • Increased reliability, so necessary for SUV cars, is obtained as a result of the use of a special reinforced cord and a unique frame design;
  • Optimally matched blocks provide excellent self-cleaning, as a result, controllability and patency have increased.

Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance G2 review

The “target audience” of the Nitto summer tire with factory index NT555 is sports cars. The model is characterized by uncompromising handling and grip at high speed. At the same time, it is intended for use on ordinary roads, where, in addition to the above-mentioned properties, it demonstrates a long service life.

Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance G2 review
Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance G2 review

The perfect “couple”

This model is offered in two versions. In addition to the “basic” in the range there is a special version of R for the rear wheels. The development of both options was carried out jointly, resulting in the creation of tires that complement and enhance the performance of each other.


When developing the tire, the experience gained by the manufacturer in road racing was actively used. One of the places of its application was the compound. Its physical and chemical properties cause the tread to have high traction and grip properties on dry surfaces and tear and tensile strength.

cornering stability

The shoulder areas of the tread contain very massive blocks, which in the lateral projection have a trapezoidal shape. It gives them high resistance to transverse acceleration forces. As a result, they are very quickly transmitted to the steering column, providing the driver with transparent feedback. In addition, a large area of ​​the shoulder blocks improves traction when maneuvering and cornering.

Key features of the Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance G2 tire

  • designed for sports cars;
  • two versions for all or rear wheels;
  • a compound created using “racing” technologies;
  • trapezoidal shoulder blocks provide the driver with transparent feedback, improve handling and grip when maneuvering

Nitto NT830 review

Despite the Thai origin of this brand, very modern tire products with high technical characteristics are produced under its trademark. One of them is the Nitto NT830 summer tire designed for the fastest versions of passenger cars.

Optimized rim design

One of the signs that this model belongs to the modern generation of tires is the design, developed with great attention to detail. In particular, its rim has an optimized shape, providing a tighter fit between the tire and the rim. This seemingly insignificant innovation noticeably improves handling.

Enlarged contact patch

This tire has a very wide contact patch. It was possible to increase its dimensions due to the design of the shoulder zones, which contain many massive blocks, as well as the shape of the tread profile. At the same time, the rigid structure of the frame ensures the preservation of the geometric characteristics of the contact patch. On the one hand, this improves grip, and on the other hand, it gives stability and predictability to handling.

Key Features of Nitto NT830

  • sporty handling thanks to reinforced shoulder areas and an optimized tire rim shape;
  • Three wide drainage grooves improve traction on wet roads.

Nitto NT830+ review

Summer tire Nitto NT830+ is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It is characterized by confident behavior at high speed, stability and directional stability during dynamic maneuvering, low noise level for tires of this category and smooth running.

A distinctive feature of the tread pattern is the closed design of the shoulder zones. Each of them is a wide continuous longitudinal rib with a very high resistance to deformation. On the move, this feature improves steering accuracy and directional stability, and prevents uneven wear during dynamic maneuvering. It is worth noting the presence of the same rigid double rib at the inner edge of the tread, which also improves these properties. They are almost completely preserved on a wet surface. Wide longitudinal drainage grooves reduce the risk of tire floating above the road to a minimum. Their walls have a corrugated surface, which reduces the level of aerodynamic noise from air passing through the grooves at high speed.

Key Features of Nitto NT830+

  • wide closed shoulder zones increase the stability of grip properties during dynamic maneuvering and braking, prevent uneven wear;
  • increased longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning, and the corrugated surface of their walls noise when driving at high speed;
  • Numerous multidirectional lamellas provide intensity of longitudinal acceleration on a wet surface.

Nitto NT860 review

Nitto NT860 is a summer tire from a Japanese manufacturer, which is aimed at car owners. It features high cornering stability, good traction, safety and driving comfort.

Compound Features

Thanks to the company’s own developments, some of which were embodied in this model, the tire is distinguished by its uniform wear and reduced rolling resistance. In particular, these indicators were affected by the content of a certain percentage of special resins, silica and natural rubber in the compound.

Tread characteristics

In this case, we are talking about an asymmetric tread pattern, which provides improved driving performance, both on dry and wet road surfaces. On its inner part there is a large number of small lamellae and medium channels. This factor increases the flexibility properties of the elements, and this directly affects the effectiveness of noise reduction and ride comfort.

The rigidity of the tread is given by F-shaped blocks, which, in addition to resistance to deformation, also improve driving comfort.

As for the drainage system, in addition to numerous lamellas, it is represented by a rounded shape by the edge of the main channels. This factor contributes to the faster removal of moisture from the contact zone, thereby preventing the effect of aquaplaning.

The presence of a corrugated surface, located on the walls of numerous grooves, is achieved by reducing resonant sounds during fast driving. This contributes to the reduction of sound effects and increases the comfort of movement.

There are also special holes in the shoulder area that contribute to uniform tread wear, especially pronounced during frequent acceleration and sudden braking.

Main features of Nitto NT860

  • summer tire for a wide range of cars of various classes;
  • has uniform wear, which is due to special holes of the point type;
  • has effective protection against aquaplaning due to the developed system of lamellas;
  • has minimal noise effects;
  • provides ease of management and creates safe conditions for movement on a wet road;
  • has a long period of operation.

Nitto NT SPK review

Unlike other winter tires from the Land of the Rising Sun, Nitto NT SPK was developed taking into account the specific climatic conditions of the countries of Northern Europe. In combination with the advanced technologies and materials widely used in the construction of this model, this has made it perfectly adaptable to use in really harsh and cold winters. The most important advantages of this tire include reliable grip in all weather and road conditions.

Unconventional composition of the compound

One of the factors that determine the high technical performance of this tire is the unique physical and chemical properties of its tread compound. It is distinguished by an unconventional set of components that make up its composition. One of them is walnut shells crushed to small fractions. In the process of movement, they create many so-called “micro-spikes”. They significantly increase traction on ice and packed snow, effectively complementing the action of the studs.

Another component not often used by other manufacturers is bamboo soot. With its help, Japanese tire manufacturers gave the rubber compound the ability to absorb moisture from the road surface. By drying the contact patch in this way, this compound significantly improves traction characteristics, especially on icy surfaces.

3D slats

Another design feature of this model, which determines its high performance on ice, is the sipes with which the tread is literally dotted. In the process of movement, these miniature elements form an additional several thousand coupling edges. Each of them is located at small angles relative to the direction of movement. Thanks to this, the tire demonstrates a very short braking distance, especially on wet asphalt, ice and packed snow.

All these advantages have been achieved without sacrificing handling thanks to the three-dimensional design of the sipe walls. There are numerous protrusions and depressions on them, which limit the mobility of the blocks, both in the longitudinal and transverse directions, fixing the lamellas in the open position upon contact with the road. This gives the tire additional stability on any hard and smooth surface, improves its handling on them.

Two rubber compounds

This tire has an asymmetric tread design. It is divided into two halves internal and external. They differ not only in the location, shape and size of the elements located on them, but also in the composition of the rubber compound. The inner side of the tread is made of a more elastic compound. This further improves the softness on the move, as well as increasing grip during acceleration and braking. In turn, the outer side of the tread features a stiffer rubber compound, which gives this model improved cornering and manoeuvring.

Extended temperature range

The next feature of the rubber compound of this tire is an extended temperature range. Due to the fact that it is more than half silica, the tire remains elastic in very severe frosts and excellent wear resistance during thaws.

Improved traction in bad weather

As noted earlier, this model is equipped with a tread with an asymmetric design, divided into two functional zones. The outer side is characterized by a different structure of the drainage system. This is where most of the drainage ditches are located. At the same time, almost all of them are located at an acute angle relative to the direction of movement and have a significant width and depth. The combination of such features in the design makes it possible to effectively remove not only water, but also heavier melted snow from the contact patch. This significantly increases the tire’s resistance to both hydroplaning and slashplanning, while demonstrating reliable and very stable grip due to numerous blocks.

Main features of the Nitto NT SPK tire

  • unique characteristics of the compound with bamboo black and crushed walnut shells, which significantly improves grip on ice and packed snow;
  • 14-row studding system ensures confident behavior on any icy roads;
  • three-dimensional sipes form several thousand additional coupling edges, and by limiting the mobility of the blocks provide reliable and predictable handling;
  • two rubber compounds a hard compound on the outer side of the tread improves handling when maneuvering and cornering, and a more elastic inner side provides comfort and improved grip during acceleration and braking;
  • excellent elasticity even at very low temperatures due to the increased content of silica;
  • Improved slashplaning resistance is provided by the rear facing and large drainage grooves on the outer side of the tread.

Nitto NT90W review

The Nitto NT90W non-studded winter tire is an excellent and at the same time inexpensive opportunity to increase the passive safety of a car or crossover. The high technical characteristics of this model are ensured by the use in its design of advanced technologies and materials that were “borrowed” from Toyo, the owner of this Japanese brand.

“Gnawing” rubber compound

One of these borrowings is the rubber compound. In addition to natural rubber, it contains crushed walnut particles. When driving, they form not only sharp, but also very hard gripping edges, thanks to which the tire demonstrates confident behavior on ice and packed snow. Another component of natural origin is bamboo soot. With its help, the tread dries the contact patch, which improves grip on wet roads.

It is also impossible not to mention the high content of silica. This component, in addition to increasing grip on water-coated surfaces, ensures the elasticity of the tread at low temperatures.

Lamella with wavy walls

This model, in the complete absence of spikes, provides reliable and confident behavior on ice. The grip on such surfaces is achieved by several thousand edges formed by the sipes. They are located at a distance of several millimeters from each other, which was achieved due to the undulating shape of their walls. Numerous protrusions at the contact of the lamella with the road make the block in which it is cut very rigid and resistant to deformation, which in turn improves handling.

Main features of Nitto NT90W

  • a compound containing walnut shells, bamboo black and silica improves grip on any winter roads;
  • 3D sipes provide increased grip on ice;
  • wide longitudinal and numerous transverse drainage grooves increase resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning.

Nitto SN2 Winter review

The Nitto SN2 Winter tire was created specifically for those people who value safety and high-speed driving on winter roads.

This model is one of the most successful models among winter tires used on passenger cars. Its large size range allows you to choose a model for most popular models.

Nitto SN2 Winter review
Nitto SN2 Winter review

During the development of the Nitto SN2 WinterThe company’s specialists paid special attention to safety when driving at high speeds. They were able to achieve this through the use of the latest technologies and unique materials. The unique tread pattern, developed using 3D computer modeling, allowed for excellent performance on winter roads. In the manufacture of the tread, unique additives were used in the rubber compound, which allowed the rubber to maintain its elasticity under sudden temperature changes. An excellent combination of high-quality grip and the ability to maintain rubber plasticity at high negative temperatures allow the driver of a car “shod” in SN-2 Winter tires to feel confident in almost any winter road conditions, even at high speed.

A large number of lamellas reliably keep the car from possible drifts, also reducing the sound effect when driving. The central narrow rib provides excellent directional stability, and a carefully thought-out system of drainage grooves reliably protects the tire from aquaplaning. Massive shoulder blocks increase handling and traction. The increased number of cutting edges bite into the icy crust when braking, shortening the braking distance and increasing safety. Increased tire life was achieved due to special additives in the rubber compound, which reduce tread wear, as well as prevent tread deformation under increased loads.

Main features of Nitto SN2 Winter

  • Unique tire design. The tread covered with a large number of sipes is ideal for winter slippery roads, packed ice and snow;
  • The narrow rib dividing the tread into two parts in the center of the pattern is responsible for directional stability, and the water evacuation paths surrounding the walls of the blocks help to cope with a large flow of water from melted snow.
  • The tire has increased reliability the high-strength cord structure perfectly resists deformation, preventing deformation of the working form.

Nitto SN3 Winter review

Winter tire Nitto SN3 Winter due to the vastness of the size range is suitable for both cars and SUVs and crossovers. It is a so-called “friction” tire with improved grip on any slippery road surface.

The tread pattern is made in the “classic” V-shaped design for winter tires with a directional arrangement of transverse grooves converging in the center. Here is a wide double longitudinal rib with serrated edges, which further enhance grip. The transverse grooves extending from it to the edges of the tread effectively remove water and its mixture with melted snow and road dirt from under the contact patch. Large blocks contain multidirectional lamellae. Together with the serrated edges of the elements, this significantly increases traction on packed snow and ice.

At the base of the blocks there are special triangular protrusions. They limit the mobility of elements during movement. This improves steering precision and shortens the braking distance.

Among other features of this tire, it is worth noting the rubber compound made using Microbit technology. The compound contains small walnut particles, the sharp edges of which give the tread additional “tenacity” on slippery surfaces. In addition, the rubber compound contains finely dispersed bamboo charcoal, which gives the running part of the tread the ability to absorb moisture from the road surface, thereby drying the contact patch.

Main features of Nitto SN3 Winter

  • serrated edges of the tread elements further enhance grip on snow;
  • a wide double rib in the middle increases directional stability and control accuracy;
  • enlarged transverse drainage grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning;
  • rubber compound with walnut particles and bamboo charcoal powder improves traction on packed snow and ice.

Nitto Invo review

Nitto Invo is a sports tire for luxury cars. This tire is for people who prefer an aggressive dynamic driving style. But at the same time, the developers paid special attention to reliability, safety and durability.

Nitto Invo review
Nitto Invo review

The tire has a revolutionary tread design that provides reliable grip on various road surfaces (dry and wet) and, at the same time, a quiet comfortable ride. The design and tread height were modeled using computer technology. Large tread blocks provide increased performance. To increase wear resistance, a special layer consisting of wire spirals was added. The specially designed variable tread pitch and the presence of cross cuts have reduced the noise level while driving.

Composition of the Nitto Invo tire

The tire is made of polyester and man-made fiber, allowing for a long time to maintain performance. The non-directional asymmetric tread pattern allows the tires to be moved from one axle to another. This movement prevents uneven wear, ensuring a quiet and smooth ride throughout its life.

This tire has the perfect balance of handling and comfort. Represents the optimal balance of traction on dry and wet road surfaces. Provides high comfort and will add sophistication to your car.

The tire has been tested on the latest digital equipment, so you can always be sure of your safety.

The main features of the Nitto Invo tire

  • excellent handling and comfort;
  • excellent adhesion to the road surface;
  • increased service life;
  • minimum noise level.

Nitto Motivo review

Nitto Motivo is an all-season tire belonging to the UHP class. The model is focused on use in high-speed cars, withstanding any driving style while maintaining performance. The product provides high reliability of coupling and safety in any weather.

Nitto Motivo review
Nitto Motivo review

The company’s own design bureau ensured the creation of a unique asymmetric tread pattern, a fair proportion of the elements of which were developed using computer simulations. All this led to outstanding properties of maneuverability and sensitive handling at any speed.

To a large extent, grip with the roadway is provided by a system of fin-shaped sipes. Forming a large number of gripping edges, they do an excellent job on both dry and wet roads. They are complemented by a developed drainage system, represented by four annular channels and numerous grooves located transversely.
The shoulder area is responsible for maneuverability and resistance to side skids. There are numerous blocks that are not subject to deformation effects.

Key Features of Nitto Motivo

  • belongs to the UHP class, ensuring the stability of grip characteristics at any speed;
  • rapid removal of water and snow masses is realized through a developed drainage system;
  • asymmetric tread increases traction on winter roads due to numerous sipes.

Nitto NT SPK (non-thorn) review

Winter tire Nitto NT SPK due to the vastness of the size range is suitable for most popular passenger cars. Designed specifically for regions with difficult climatic conditions. On any winter roads, it is distinguished by reliable grip, ease of operation, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements. Some of them are free-standing blocks, which, due to their high edges, provide good traction and braking power on snowy surfaces. The performance of the tread on wet surfaces, packed snow and ice is supported by hundreds of 3D sipes, thanks to which, in such conditions, reliable control is maintained.

Main features of Nitto NT SPK (non-thorn)

  • asymmetric tread pattern with elongated transverse edges of the blocks provides high traction on snow;
  • Numerous 3D slats allow you to maintain control over the car on ice and rolled snow;
  • rubber compound with a high content of silicon oxide gives the tire elasticity even at very low temperatures.

Nitto NT Van review

The Nitto NTVan tire is a summer model for passenger car applications. When developing this tire, the company’s specialists focused on obtaining maximum controllability and safety. And they managed to achieve this through the use of modern technologies and the latest equipment.

The tread pattern was developed using computer simulation. It has optimally located blocks and excellent performance characteristics. Two lateral wide channels and one zigzag channel perfectly remove water from the contact patch, providing maximum protection against aquaplaning.

A large number of different sipes in the Nitto NT Van tire provide excellent grip and reduce the sound effect when driving. Special components have been added to the rubber compound to improve grip, increase the contact patch and improve driving comfort.

The special carcass design, together with a reinforced cord, has increased the reliability of the tire, so even when driving at high speeds, you can be sure of your safety. Two rows of central blocks provide excellent directional stability and excellent feedback. Having such excellent performance characteristics, the tire has a low cost, therefore it is quite in demand among buyers, due to the optimal cost / quality ratio.

The main features of the Nitto NT Van tire

  • Optimally selected blocks, as a result of the use of computer simulation, provide excellent performance;
  • The special carcass of the tire and the use of a strong cord provide increased tire reliability and excellent protection against external damage.
  • The unique rubber compound allowed to achieve excellent grip and handling regardless of weather conditions;
  • The special sipe system not only perfectly copes with hydroplaning, but also reduces the occurrence of noise and increases traction.

Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance review

The NT555 Extreme Performance is a high performance summer tire designed specifically for sporty driving. It is DOT certified

The NT555 Extreme Performance tire has the largest possible contact area, providing perfect grip and confident handling without sacrificing mileage. A specially designed tread pattern and the use of a special rubber compound have made it possible to achieve excellent performance on dry road surfaces.

The use of rigid tread blocks made it possible to achieve increased stability and increase the service life. The use of specially shaped blocks made it possible to reduce the level of generated noise and increase controllability. The special composition of the rubber compound made it possible to achieve excellent stability and grip on various road surfaces covered with water or mud.

This tire will allow you to go fast, provide excellent directional stability on straight and winding road sections.

Main features of Nitto NT555 Extreme Performance

  • the size of the tread blocks increases directional stability when driving at high speed and improves the quality of cornering;
  • high-quality frame with a rigid sidewall provides excellent feedback;
  • breaker belt, which is located along the perimeter of the tire and a one-piece cord construction, increase directional stability, controllability and provide resistance to deformation while driving at high speed;
  • the rubber compound of the new composition provides excellent grip on various road surfaces and has increased resistance to abrasion;
  • blocks of a special form and arrangement, reduce the level of noise generation, increasing comfort when driving.

Nitto NT650 review

The main target audience for the Nitto NT650 summer tire is those car owners who like to travel long distances. This model is characterized not only by excellent grip, including on wet roads, but also by a high level of comfort.

Large contact patch

A significant part of the advantages of this tire is provided by the almost flat shape of the tread profile and the optimized arrangement of its elements. In combination with a rigid carcass, this translates into stable traction and predictable handling, as well as increased resistance to uneven wear.

Confident handling on wet roads

The drainage system used in this model is characterized by high efficiency. It is provided by an optimized arrangement of the grooves. The longitudinal elements serve as a kind of reservoir for water, which is discharged to the outside of the tread through a plurality of transverse grooves.

Key Features of Nitto NT650

  • a large area of ​​the contact patch, as well as the stability of its shape and size, increases the stability of adhesion, makes controllability predictable, and reduces uneven wear;
  • Numerous drainage grooves improve traction on wet roads.

Nitto NT850 review

The Nitto NT850 tire is a premium touring model. According to the developers, the tire provides increased comfort and safety, regardless of the road surface and weather conditions. Each block of the multi-row tread performs its function, and their layout and shapes have been optimized to provide maximum performance and balance performance on various road surfaces in any weather. The key point that the tire designers focused on was safety, because only when you feel completely safe can you really enjoy driving.

Curved large grooves remove the maximum mass of water, while breaking the water film, while 3D lamellas effectively clean the road surface from the slightest traces of moisture, resulting in reliable grip on any road surface. Interlocking continuous ribs and tread blocks provide extra rigidity for improved handling on asphalt.

To reduce noise levels and ensure maximum performance, the tread has undergone multi-stage optimization using modern computer simulation technologies. The use of “Quiet Serration” technology minimizes the noise produced by the tread. The performance of the Nitto NT850 is enhanced by a springy extra layer around the steel belt, which is made using Silent Pad technology for maximum comfort over the life of the tire.

Key features of the Nitto NT850 tire

  • Excellent grip on any road surface is achieved through the use of optimally located tread blocks and special additives to the rubber compound;
  • Increased comfort and minimum noise level are realized due to a large number of lamellas and a special rubber compound;
  • Increased stability and precise control obtained by increasing the contact patch through the use of three rows of blocks with different notch depths in the center of the tread;
  • Increased reliability is achieved due to the belt of a special design and the use of a reinforced cord. All this allows you to perfectly resist external damage (punctures and cuts).

Nitto NT850+ review

Summer tire Nitto NT850+ is designed for the most powerful versions of crossovers and SUVs. Belongs to the High Terrain category and has high technical characteristics on asphalt roads.

Confident handling on wet surfaces

The asymmetric tread pattern contains four longitudinal grooves in the central part. These elements, having a significant internal volume, remove water from the contact spot with high efficiency. A significant part of it is removed through the inner side of the tread, where the diagonal grooves are located. They are inclined and directed against the movement, which significantly increases their capacity and, as a result, prevents hydroplaning.

Enlarged contact patch

The tire is characterized by an increased contact patch. Its area is due to several design features. First of all, these are the massive dimensions of the tread elements longitudinal ribs and blocks. In addition, the tread profile has been optimized accordingly. Under load, the contact area with the road expands and takes on a rectangular shape, which is optimal in terms of handling, grip and rolling resistance.

Low noise

Despite the obvious “high-speed” orientation, the tire demonstrates a good level of acoustic comfort. Several solutions have been applied for this. In particular, the side walls of the drainage grooves have a serrated profile that reduces high frequency sound vibrations from air currents. In turn, the multi-step arrangement of the tread blocks prevents resonant low-frequency hum.

Main features of the Nitto NT850+ model

  • confident behavior on a wet surface is ensured by the volume of longitudinal grooves and the direction against the movement of transverse drainage tread elements;
  • increased contact patch guarantees reliable grip on dry surfaces;
  • low noise level due to the multi-step arrangement of the blocks and the serrated profile of the walls of the drainage grooves.

Nitto Terra Grappler review

The Nitto Terra Grappler off-road tire has a versatility that is in line with the philosophy of the vehicles it is intended for. This model belongs to the All Terrain category, which implies its suitability for operation, both on asphalt roads and far enough beyond them. In addition, this tire is positioned by the manufacturer as an all-weather tire, which makes it even more versatile in use.

Two inscriptions on the sides

When developing this model, much attention was paid to seemingly insignificant details in its design. One of these little things are the inscriptions on its sidewalls. There are two of them and they are located opposite each other. This decision is dictated by the desire to get rid of the imbalance of weight, which, when driving at high speed, can cause vibrations.

Grip and handling on all surfaces

This tire is characterized by good performance on any type of surface. This is mainly due to the universal tread pattern. Its design was developed using 3D modeling technologies. They made it possible to choose such a combination of shapes and arrangement of tread blocks, in which the tire demonstrates maximum traction properties and excellent handling, regardless of the characteristics of the road surface.

A large number of lamellas and drainage grooves

In all tread blocks, several lamellas are cut. The main function of these miniature elements is to increase resistance to hydroplaning. It is performed by directing water from the contact patch into one of the nearby drainage grooves. At the same time, their number has been significantly increased due to the open design, which has a positive effect on grip in rainy conditions.

Key features of the Nitto Terra Grappler tire

  • two inscriptions on the sidewalls, located opposite each other, prevent the occurrence of vibrations when driving at high speed;
  • excellent performance on any type of surface due to the universal tread pattern with an open design;
  • an increased number of lamellas and drainage grooves reliably prevent the occurrence of aquaplaning effect.

Nitto Trail Grappler review

A key feature of the Nitto Trail Grappler all-season tire is that it is better suited for use on rough terrain than on paved roads. The model belongs to the Mud Terrain category, which implies the presence of a number of features in its design, which will be discussed below.

Low noise

When creating the tire, modern computer modeling technologies were widely used. In particular, with their help, a tread pattern was developed. It is made in an open design containing a large number of blocks. However, the combination of their shapes, sizes and location is chosen so well that the tire demonstrates low noise for its category on asphalt roads.

Off-road grip

The distance between the blocks is so large that the tread is extremely effective in self-cleaning from adhering soil particles. In combination with numerous and very high gripping edges, this provides the tire with excellent off-road flotation. Additional grip is provided by trapezoid-shaped shoulder blocks and special ledges on the sidewalls.

Smooth running

The tire is soft on the go. This is due to several factors at once. One of them is the rubber compound. It has increased elasticity, which allows you to smooth out the impact from road bumps. Another feature is the use in the manufacture of modern technologies that ensure uniformity of characteristics throughout the tread.

Key Features of Nitto Trail Grappler

  • designed specifically for ground coatings;
  • low noise level on paved roads;
  • open-design tread effectively self-cleans from adhering soil particles;
  • smooth running, thanks to the elastic and uniform rubber compound throughout the tread;
  • very strong carcass with three synthetic cords in the sidewalls

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