Ovation Ecovision Tires Review: All Ecovision Models 2023

The Ovation Ecovision series is one such effort by Ovation tires, a well-known tire manufacturer, to offer a range of tires that are environmentally friendly without compromising on performance.

Ovation Ecovision Review: All Ovation Ecovision Models
Ovation Ecovision Review

In this article, we will review all the models in the Ovation Ecovision series for the year 2023. We will examine each model’s features, performance, and environmental impact to help you make an informed decision when choosing tires for your vehicle.

Ovation Ecovision VI-286AT Review

When creating the Ovation Ecovision VI-286AT SUV tire, its developers drew inspiration from their Japanese counterparts. And it was not blind copying, but a creative rethinking of some of the most effective technical solutions. For this reason, this model is characterized by a number of beneficial qualities. First of all, it is versatility in use, due to good performance on any surface and the possibility of use throughout the year.

Ovation Ecovision VI-286AT Review
Ovation Ecovision VI-286AT Review

Tread pattern adapted to any road

The abbreviation AT in the name of this tire stands for All Terrain. The ability to move confidently on any road surface is provided largely due to its tread pattern. It features an open, non-directional, symmetrical design. It has a clear division into several functional areas the central part and two shoulder zones. Each of them is designed to provide certain technical characteristics.

The shoulder zones are the most indicative in this regard. They contain many transverse blocks spaced from each other at a considerable distance. This design provides the tire with good traction characteristics on soil surfaces with reduced bearing capacity, as well as in snow.

Opportunities of operation

This model is positioned by the manufacturer as an all-season, i.e. suitable for use in both summer and winter. This possibility is provided by a compound that remains elastic at low temperatures, as well as by numerous lamellae. These elements are not much inferior to spikes in their effectiveness.

Main features of Ovation Ecovision VI-286AT

  • The versatile protector is suitable for all types of surfaces, regardless of the pavement.
  • Its elastic compound and numerous lamellas enable year-round usage.

Ovation Ecovision VI-386HP Review

Summer passenger tire Ivation Ecovision VI-386HP is one of the novelties of the well-known Asian manufacturer. This time it is addressed to owners of powerful SUVs and crossovers, moving mainly on paved roads. This model has excellent grip on wet and dry roads, as well as very stable and predictable behavior at any speed.

Ovation Ecovision VI-386HP Review
Ovation Ecovision VI-386HP Review

Five wide longitudinal ribs

A characteristic feature of the tread design of this tire is not only asymmetry, but also the massive dimensions of all its elements. Of these, five very wide longitudinal ribs are formed. This design provides the tire with a number of important performance properties. First of all, it is the stability and reliability of grip properties when driving at high speed, as well as extremely fast and accurate reactions to steering turns. Another advantage is the very even distribution of the external load across the contact patch. This prevents uneven wear, which in turn increases tire life.

Hydroplaning resistance

Between all tread ribs there are longitudinal drainage grooves. They are distinguished by a very impressive volume, due to which they are able to accommodate almost any amount of water directed from the transverse drainage grooves. At the same time, many of them are located at an acute angle relative to the direction of movement, while having a curved shape, which greatly increases their throughput, and at the same time the tire’s resistance to aquaplaning.

Main features of the Ovation Ecovision VI-386HP tire

  • This tire is specifically intended for use on paved roads by off-road vehicles and crossovers.
  • Its five wide longitudinal ribs serve to enhance directional stability, prevent uneven wear, and ensure reliable and stable coupling properties.
  • Thanks to its significant internal volume of drainage grooves, it offers excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

Ovation Ecovision VI-686AT Review

Summer tire Ovation Ecovision VI-686AT is installed in SUVs and pickups. It is a universal model, effective both on asphalt roads and on various unpaved surfaces.

Ovation Ecovision VI-686AT Review
Ovation Ecovision VI-686AT Review

The running part of the tread is made of a rubber compound with a high content of “silica”. This gives the tire extra grip on wet hard surfaces. It is worth noting the presence of multidirectional sharp edges, which are formed by blocks and lamellas cut into them. They improve traction on wet pavement and rocky ground. On dirt and sand surfaces, efficiency is ensured by a large contact patch, the ability to increase it by reducing the pressure inside the tire, as well as the design of the shoulder zones, where a significant part of the surface of the blocks is located on the sidewalls.

Main features of Ovation Ecovision VI-686AT

  • rubber compound with a high content of silica improves grip on slippery surfaces;
  • blocks of complex shape form multidirectional clutch edges in the contact patch;
  • the ability to release pressure to minimum values ​​​​without the risk of disassembling the tire.

Ovation Ecovision W-686 Review

Winter tire Ovation W-686 is one of the novelties of the well-known Chinese manufacturer, which has developed this model specifically for the Nordic countries, including, of course, Europe. Since foreign specialists took part in its creation, it is not surprising that practically the same technical solutions were used in its design as in the products of leading tire manufacturers.

Ovation Ecovision W-686 Review
Ovation Ecovision W-686 Review

Excellent directional stability on slippery roads

The first thing that catches your eye at the first glance at the tread pattern of this model is a very wide longitudinal rib located strictly in the center. It is a series of separate arrow-shaped blocks interconnected by rigid bridges. This design feature gave this tread element a very high rigidity, which had the most favorable effect on a number of very important indicators. This is, first of all, directional stability, thanks to which the tire shows stable behavior even at very high speeds. In addition, the rigid central rib provides precise and very fast responses, making steering easier.

Excellent flotation in deep snow

Another advantage of this winter tire is the ability to move confidently in deep snow. It is provided by the block structure of the tread pattern. Many separate blocks, spaced apart from each other at a considerable distance, create a lot of grip edges, while the tread does not clog with snow, which provides the tire with excellent flotation performance.

Reliable grip on ice

As befits a quality modern winter tyre, the Ovation W-686 is equipped with a plethora of steel studs. They are arranged in such a way that when the wheels rotate, they form a plurality of longitudinal rows, which ensures reliable grip on icy surfaces.

High lamella density

Another sign that we have a high-tech product in front of us is the S-shaped sipes located on the entire area of ​​the tread pattern. They simultaneously perform two functions grip on snowy and icy surfaces, as well as handling on asphalt cleared of snow and ice. At the moment of contact with the road, the walls of the sipes close tightly due to their wavy profile, thus forming a lot of additional grip edges and significantly increasing the rigidity of the tread elements.

cross grooves

One of the components of the drainage system of this model are cruciform grooves located in the shoulder areas of the tread. Their key feature is that they grip the snow, making snow-covered traction even more reliable.

Main features of the Ovation W-686 tire

  • the original V-shaped tread pattern was developed taking into account the specific climatic conditions of the countries of Northern Europe and Russia;
  • stable behavior on any winter surface, thanks to a rigid longitudinal rib in the central part of the tread;
  • excellent traction on snow is ensured by the block structure of the tread pattern;
  • a lot of spikes and S-shaped sipes allow you to confidently move on icy roads;
  • massive rectangular blocks of shoulder zones, due to which increased cross-country ability in deep snow is provided.

Ovation Ecovision WV-06 Review

Winter commercial tire Ovation Ecovision WV-06 is one of the novelties of a well-known Chinese manufacturer. In addition to the low price, this model favorably differs from most competitors in its high technical characteristics. The presence of attractive consumer properties is due to the use of advanced solutions in its design.

Ovation Ecovision WV-06 Review
Ovation Ecovision WV-06 Review

Silica rubber compound

More than half of this tire’s compound is silica. This component allows the tread to maintain elasticity at temperatures well below zero. In addition, this compound is extremely effective on wet roads, providing reliable grip on them.

Increased block sizes

A distinctive feature of the tread design is the increased block sizes. This decision is dictated by the desire to provide grip on dry roads, reduce rolling resistance, and also reduce the likelihood of uneven wear. In addition, the long edges of the blocks significantly improve traction on slippery roads.

Reinforced carcass

As a model designed for commercial vehicles, this tire is built around a reinforced carcass. Its basis is a double steel cord, which is distinguished by both high mechanical strength and significant bearing capacity.

Main features of Ovation Ecovision WV-06

  • rubber compound with a high content of silica gives the tread elasticity at low temperatures and additional grip on wet roads;
  • oversized blocks improve grip on dry roads, reduce rolling resistance, prevent the development of uneven wear;
  • carcass with double steel cord increases the mechanical strength and load-bearing capacity of the tire.

Ovation Ecovision WV-186 Review

A distinctive feature of the Ovation Ecovision WV-186 winter tire is that its “budget” should be taken rather conditionally. After all, it is characterized not so much by low cost as by good performance properties. This is the result of the use of exceptionally effective technical solutions in its development.

Ovation Ecovision WV-186 Review
Ovation Ecovision WV-186 Review

Multifunctional center rib

This tire is equipped with a tread with a rather aggressive V-shaped design with a massive rib in the middle. It has a non-breakable structure, giving it high rigidity. The practical result of this decision was a significant increase in directional stability, as well as speed and accuracy in reactions to steering turns. It is also impossible not to note a number of other “side” effects a decrease in rolling resistance, preventing the occurrence of uneven wear.

Good cross

On both sides of the central rib, the developers placed a large number of blocks of massive size and complex shape with numerous faces. The combination of these design features also allows these tread elements to perform several functions at once. First of all, it is increased grip and snow flotation. This property has been further improved by increasing the distance between the blocks. At the same time, the location of the drainage grooves lying between them against the movement provides a quick and effective removal from the contact patch of snow sludge and dirt.

Reliable grip on ice

The tread of this model is equipped with several “tools” at once, providing the tire with reliable grip on icy surfaces. First of all, these are the spikes, which are arranged in such a way that they form many continuous “anti-skid chains”. To help them, the developers equipped the tread with several thousand sipes, each of which forms a long grip edge. At the same time, their wave-like shape limits the mobility of the tread blocks, which has a positive effect on the tire’s resistance to side slips.

The main features of the tire Ovation Ecovision WV-186

  • high-performance tread pattern with original V-shaped design gives the tire excellent performance on any winter surfaces;
  • a wide longitudinal rib in the center improves directional stability, and also facilitates the process of driving a car by giving speed and accuracy to the tire’s reactions to steering turns;
  • several thousand lamellas in combination with many spikes allow you to move confidently on icy roads.

Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT Review

Car tires Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT are designed for the summer season and are used on passenger cars. This novelty is designed for use at medium speeds, as the load index of this type of tire is 170-180 km/h. Accordingly, this type of tire will best show its qualities when used on SUVs and all-wheel drive cars.

Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT Review
Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT Review

Tread pattern

This series of tires uses a unique tread pattern developed by the company’s employees to achieve its goals. Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT tires do not have center grooves or longitudinal circles. At the same time, the innovative forms of the system of wide and narrow water and air ducts that streak the surface of the tire made it possible not only to stabilize the conditions in the contact patch, but also to achieve smooth running of the car and increase its cross-country ability.

The composition of the rubber compound

In this model, manufacturers decided to use a rubber compound that is unique in its composition. Silicic acid has become the main component that ensures the stability of tire characteristics.

Main characteristics of the tire Ovation Ecovision VI-186AT

  • a qualitatively new tread pattern, providing improved cross-country ability and grip with the road surface;
  • increase in wear resistance due to the presence of additional components that make up the rubber compound;
  • an innovative system of drainage channels that optimizes grip conditions in the contact patch.

Ovation Ecovision VI-186HT Review

The Ovation Ecovision VI-186HT summer passenger tire was created specifically for SUVs and crossovers that operate mainly on asphalt roads. This is clearly hinted at by the prefix HT in the name of this model, which means High Terrain. The size range of this tire consists of 5 sizes for wheels with a landing diameter of 15 and 16 inches. Depending on the size, the profile height can be 60, 65, 70 or 75%.

Excellent hydroplaning resistance

The tread pattern of this model is distinguished by a very developed drainage system. It consists of four longitudinal grooves that serve as a kind of water storage, which is then removed from the contact patch through the shoulder zones. This part of the Ovation Ecovision VI-186HT tread pattern has a large number of drainage channels, which allows the tire to very effectively remove water from the contact patch, thus providing high resistance to aquaplaning.

Comfort and improved grip on wet roads

On the surface of each of the tread blocks there are special lamellas that perform several functions at once. When in contact with the road surface, they open up, forming countless additional edges, thereby providing reliable grip on wet roads. In addition, these sipes allow the tread blocks to more tightly fit the unevenness of the roadway, thereby damping impacts from them. It is also impossible to note the presence of silicon-containing components in the composition of the rubber compound, which increase this ability, thereby improving grip on wet roads.

Rigid longitudinal rib in the center

In the very center of the symmetrical tread pattern there is a wide longitudinal rib, which, due to the absence of any breaks along its entire length, has a high structural rigidity. The presence of such an element in the central part of the tread made it possible to provide the tire with stable behavior when driving at high speed.

Main features of the Ovation Ecovision VI-186HT tire

  • original symmetrical non-directional tread pattern provides excellent grip on asphalt types of coverage;
  • four longitudinal grooves and many drainage channels in the shoulder areas allow the tire to demonstrate excellent hydroplaning resistance;
  • special sipes and rubber compound with silica provide excellent grip on wet roads and smooth running;
  • Rigid center rib for excellent stability when driving at high speeds.

Ovation Ecovision VI-186MT Review

The Ovation Ecovision VI-186 MT summer passenger tire is designed exclusively for off-road vehicles that operate primarily off-road. There is a corresponding hint in the name of this model, where the abbreviation MT stands for Mad Terrain. The tire is offered in three sizes for wheels with a bore diameter of 15 and 16 inches. Regardless of the dimension, the profile height is 75%.

Aggressive tread pattern

One of the key features of the Ovation Ecovision VI-186MT is its aggressive, symmetrical, non-directional tread pattern, which is a real eye-catcher. It consists of two longitudinal ribs located in the central part and two shoulder zones. Each of these functional elements is a series of separate blocks of complex polygonal shape. This configuration is replete with numerous facets, which ensures excellent traction in all conditions.

Excellent hydroplaning resistance and self-cleaning performance

The tread pattern of this model is distinguished not only by the presence of many tread blocks, but also by the large distance between them. Thanks to this, the drainage system does an excellent job of not only draining water, but also large soil particles, thereby providing more confident off-road behavior.

Special profile and reinforced shoulder design

When developing the design of the tread shoulder zones, special attention was paid to ensuring high resistance to dynamic deformation. To do this, the specialists of the Chinese company had to significantly increase the height of the blocks located in this part of the tread, making their profile concave. As a result, the tire demonstrates excellent flotation in sand and mud.

Main features of the Ovation Ecovision VI-186MT tire

  • Exceptional traction in all conditions due to aggressive non-directional tread pattern.
  • Open design and wide distance between tread blocks allow drainage system to handle water and large soil particles.
  • Special profile of blocks in shoulder tread zones for confident navigation through sandy and muddy off-road areas.
  • Reinforced carcass structure provides excellent resistance to aggressive impacts.

Ovation Ecovision VI-286MT Review

Summer tire Ovation Ecovision VI-286MT is used in SUVs and pickups. Belongs to the Mud Terrain category, demonstrating its strengths on earthen and sandy ground surfaces. In such conditions, it is distinguished by high traction force, strength, resistance to abrasive abrasion, and smooth running on uneven surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in an open design with large high blocks. The multidirectional edges formed by them make it possible to effectively implement the traction force on the ground surface. A large empty space between the tread elements allows the tire to self-clean intensively, which increases its flotation in difficult off-road sections. The blocks are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. This increases the useful area of ​​the tread, reducing pressure on the ground and making it more uniform, which improves grip, reduces rolling resistance, wear, and when driving on asphalt provides an acceptable level of acoustic comfort.

Main features of Ovation Ecovision VI-286MT

  • open tread pattern with high blocks is effective on any earthen and sandy surface;
  • the increased distance between the tread elements allows the tire not to “blur” on heavy off-road conditions;
  • Increased tread thickness and special rubber compound provide reliability and long life in the most difficult conditions.

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