Ovation Tires Review: What are Best Ovation Tires For 2023

In this comprehensive Ovation Tires Review, we’ll take a closer look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of these tires, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing new tires for your car or truck. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an off-road adventurer, Ovation Tires have a range of products that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Ovation Tires Review What are Best Ovation Tires
Ovation Tires Review

who makes ovation tires?

The Chinese tire manufacturing company Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd was founded in 1995. Ovation is currently one of the fastest-growing tire manufacturers in the world. It has an annual output of about 18 million tires for various wheeled vehicles and employs 6,000 employees. The company’s products are of high quality, confirmed by many international certification organizations, as well as reliable, which can be evidenced by the recognition won by consumers around the world. To date, the company produces several tire models designed for a wide range of passenger cars.

Ovation Summer tires

The Ovation V-01 tire is designed for passenger cars. Its key feature is its excellent hydroplaning resistance, which is ensured by the high efficiency of the tire’s drainage system.

The Ovation V-02 tire is perfect for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including vans and light trucks, that operate primarily in urban or suburban areas. It features excellent tread wear resistance and low rolling resistance.

The Ovation VI-182 tire, designed for mid-range passenger cars, is aimed at those car enthusiasts looking for a tire that combines high performance with excellent fuel efficiency.

The Ovation VI-388 tire is perfect for powerful passenger cars. This tire has been developed using technologies previously used in drifting tires. In motion, this tire is characterized by a lightning-fast response to any steering movement, as well as excellent directional stability at high speed.

The Ovation VI-682 tire is suitable for most modern passenger cars. When it was created, all the latest technical developments at the disposal of this Chinese manufacturer were applied. In particular, special components were included in the composition of the rubber compound of the Ovation summer tire, due to which it was possible to reduce rolling resistance. In addition, the dimensions and shape of the tread blocks have been specially selected to reduce noise and vibration levels.

We have separately reviewed the Ovation Ecovision series.

What are best Ovation Tires for 2023

Top Ovation Tires for 2023 are:

  • VI-388
  • V-02
  • VI-682
  • Ecovision VI-386HP
  • W-586
  • Ecovision VI-286AT
  • Ecovision W-686
  • Ecovision VI-286HT
  • WV-688
  • Ecovision WV-06

Ovation V-02 Review

The Ovation V-02 tire is a summer model designed for passenger cars. Its stability and reliability were given careful consideration by the company’s experts during production. Thanks to its modern equipment and advanced technologies, the tire boasts an optimal quality-to-price ratio and meets global quality standards. The tread pattern was developed using computer simulation, resulting in an optimal shape and placement for all its elements. Excellent directional stability and confident feedback are provided by two rows of central blocks. Additionally, a specialized sipe system and three wide channels work together to quickly remove water from the contact patch, thereby preventing hydroplaning.

Ovation V-02 Review
Ovation V-02 Review

Unique additives in the rubber compound have resulted in excellent grip and a larger contact patch, resulting in improved stability and controllability. Also the Ovation V02 tire differs in the increased wear resistance. To increase reliability, a special frame made of increased cord strength was developed. Therefore, the driver should not be afraid for his safety when driving at high speeds.

The combination of a large number of sipes and optimally selected tread elements provide a minimal sound effect, which allows you to move comfortably even on long trips. All these excellent technical characteristics have made the tire very popular among car owners.

Key features of the Ovation V-02

  • The tire offers outstanding traction, thanks to its unique tread pattern and special rubber compound.
  • With a large number of slats, drivers can enjoy increased comfort while on the road.
  • For excellent straight-line stability, the tire features two longitudinal rows of blocks situated in the center of the tread.

Ovation VI-388 Review

Tire Ovation VI-388 summer, passenger model. This tire was developed taking into account the possible nuances that may appear during summer operation. A distinctive feature of this model is an unusual tread pattern, consisting of a large number of different elements.

Ovation VI-388 Review
Ovation VI-388 Review

Four wide drainage channels provide effective removal from the contact patch of water, minimizing the effect of aquaplaning, which allows the driver to feel confident and safe even at high speeds. Large blocks in the shoulder area perfectly protect the Ovation VI-388 tire from various external damage and increase stability when cornering. A huge number of sipes of various shapes provide excellent grip on wet road surfaces and reduce the sound effect when driving.

The specially designed tread has a unique structure that reduces rolling resistance for a more economical ride. Unique additives to the compound increase wear resistance and provide maximum grip on wet pavement. By purchasing this tire, the driver will feel safe in all weather conditions. The tire meets all international standards and at the same time has an affordable price.

Main features of Ovation VI-388

  • Unique tread pattern provides increased stability and controllability;
  • Silicon additives in the rubber compound have improved wear resistance;
  • Special nylon cord used in the manufacture of the frame, provided increased reliability and resistance to increased loads;
  • A large number of lamellas of various depths and shapes provide a minimum noise effect when driving and increased grip on wet road surfaces.

Ovation VI-682 Review

Tire Ovation VI-682 for passenger cars summer model. It was developed taking into account all the advanced technologies. At the same time, the model is produced on the latest equipment, therefore it has an optimal price / quality ratio. A distinctive feature of the tire is increased handling under any road conditions.

Ovation VI-682 Review
Ovation VI-682 Review

A specially developed rubber compound has improved many performance characteristics (wear resistance, grip, etc.). The specially designed tire pattern provides excellent performance.

Central continuous rib provides fast feedback and excellent directional stability. Also, the tire has increased stability when cornering, due to massive blocks located in the shoulder area, which perfectly protect the tire from external damage.

Four wide longitudinal channels together with a large number of lamellas help to quickly remove water from the contact patch. The Ovation VI-682 tire provides a fairly soft and comfortable ride due to special additives in the rubber compound and a unique sipe system. The increased contact patch allowed for increased stability and controllability. Reinforced carcass provides increased safety when driving at higher speeds,

Main features of Ovation VI-682

  • The use of specific additives in the rubber compound, along with a unique tread pattern, results in excellent traction capabilities.
  • Enhanced stability during cornering is achieved through the incorporation of large blocks located in the tire’s shoulder area.
  • Thanks to a specially formulated rubber compound, the tire boasts exceptional durability and a long lifespan.
  • The central rib provides outstanding directional stability and immediate feedback.

Ovation W-586 Review

Winter studless tire Ovation W-586 is one of the novelties prepared by a well-known Chinese manufacturer for the upcoming winter season. This model is the result of many years of cooperation with the most famous tire manufacturers. Although low cost, this tire still delivers excellent traction in all road conditions.

Ovation W-586 Review
Ovation W-586 Review

The tire is available in 24 of the most popular sizes from 14 to 17 inches, some of which have an XL load index. This allows us to talk about the excellent applicability of this model not only to most cars, but also to minivans. Depending on the tire size, the tire may carry the speed index T or H.

One of the characteristic features of this model is the asymmetric design of the directional tread pattern. In this case, the protector is divided into two parts, each of which is designed to perform certain functions. The outer part of the tread pattern contains a wide longitudinal rib divided into massive quadrangular blocks. The high structural rigidity of this tread element allows the tire to exhibit excellent directional stability while reducing rolling resistance.

The inner part of the Ovation W-586 tread contains two longitudinal rows of free-standing blocks. These tread elements provide the contact patch with many sharp grip edges, which significantly increased the traction capabilities of the tire on snowy surfaces. In addition, traction and grip performance on snow was further improved due to the structure of the tread shoulder zones, also consisting of massive rectangular blocks.

Also, it is impossible not to note the effective drainage system of the tire. Its tread contains three wide longitudinal grooves designed to collect water and melted snow, which are then brought out through a system of side channels.

Main features of the Ovation W-586 tire

  • Aggressive asymmetric tread design provides superior grip in all road conditions
  • Excellent directional stability, thanks to a massive longitudinal rib in the central part of the tread;
  • An effective drainage system perfectly copes with the removal of both water and melted snow;
  • A large number of blocks and sipes creates a lot of sharp grip edges in the contact patch.

Ovation WV-03 Review

The winter non-studded passenger tire is addressed to those car enthusiasts who seek to find a product that combines both a high level of safety on the winter road and humane cost. These features are the key features of this model. At the same time, it is designed for the widest range of modern passenger cars, despite the not very large size range. However, it is selected in such a way that all 8 sizes with a bore diameter of 15 and 16 inches are perfect for most modern passenger cars.

Ovation WV-03 Review
Ovation WV-03 Review

Tread pattern

In an effort to provide the Ovation WV-03 tire with versatility of use, the Chinese tire manufacturers preferred to use one of the classic layouts of the tread elements, grouped into 4 longitudinal ribs. This solution, which is widely used on commercial vehicle models, has provided the tire with a number of important advantages. First of all, this is increased wear resistance, provided by a reduced number of tread elements, which allows you to optimally distribute pressure over the contact patch.

Another advantage of this layout of the tread elements is the large area of ​​the contact patch. This was achieved by maximizing their size. Thanks to this design feature, the tire demonstrates excellent grip on asphalt.

High resistance to splashplanning and hydroplaning

Among other features of the structure of the tread pattern of this tire is the presence of a large number of drainage channels. Their dimensions are such that not only excess moisture does not linger in them, but also much heavier masses of melted snow. This ensures reliable behavior during thaws.

Main features of the Ovation WV-03 tire

  • rubber compound with a high content of silica provides the tread with elasticity at low temperatures, increased grip on wet and slippery road surfaces, as well as additional resistance to abrasive wear;
  • zigzag grooves and a large number of transverse sipes provide increased grip on snowy and icy surfaces;
  • a lot of massive blocks allow you to confidently accelerate and brake on snow and ice.

Ovation WV-688 Review

Winter tire for SUVs and crossovers Ovation WV-688 is perfect for everyday use on any snowy and icy roads. It is distinguished by reliable grip properties, ease of control in difficult road conditions, smooth running and high mileage.

Ovation WV-688 Review
Ovation WV-688 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by an asymmetrical arrangement of elements. This provides the tire with the ability to maintain reliable grip when road conditions change. Another important feature of the tread pattern is the increased sipe cutting density. Several thousand slots with pointed edges allow intensive acceleration and braking on ice and packed snow, while maintaining good control accuracy due to the “three-dimensionality” of the wall profile.

Main features of Ovation WV-688

  • asymmetric arrangement of tread elements provides the tire with balanced running properties;
  • an increased number of sipes enhances grip on the most slippery winter surfaces;
  • Optimized tread profile improves handling and wear resistance.

Ovation V-01 Review

The Ovation V-01 summer passenger tire is one of the novelties of the Chinese tire industry, in which advanced technologies and the latest materials have been applied. At the same time, it is intended for light-tonnage freight transport. The key features of this model are excellent traction, both on dry and wet roads. The size range includes 4 sizes for wheels with a bore diameter from 14 to 16 inches.

Large contact patch

The tread pattern of the Ovation V-01 tire consists of four longitudinal ribs formed by the corresponding number of rows of blocks. Due to their massive dimensions and minimum distance from each other, they provide the maximum area of ​​the contact patch. In addition, due to the high resistance to dynamic deformation, they allow it to maintain stable dimensions regardless of the mode of movement. Also, the rectangular shape of the contact patch provides a more even distribution of external pressure, which prevents the occurrence of uneven wear.

High load capacity

This tire is characterized by high load capacity, which is provided not only by the large size of the contact patch and uniform distribution of the load on it. This is largely due to the strong carcass, the basis of which is a steel belt layer, covered with nylon on top, which makes the tire resistant to punctures and cuts.

Excellent grip on wet roads

When developing the tread pattern of this tire, Chinese experts paid special attention to ensuring high traction on wet roads. To do this, the tread was equipped with a very developed drainage system, consisting of three longitudinal grooves interconnected by a large number of transverse channels. As a result, the tire exhibits excellent hydroplaning resistance over a very wide speed range.

Main features of the Ovation V-01 tire

  • excellent fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance;
  • high resistance to uneven wear due to the large area of ​​the contact patch and optimal distribution of the load on it;
  • excellent wear resistance of the tread is provided by special components in the composition of the rubber compound;
  • excellent load capacity, thanks to a strong carcass with a steel breaker and nylon layers.

Ovation V-05 Review

Summer passenger tire Ovation V-05 has a rather narrow specialization. It is designed exclusively for light commercial vehicles, vans, vans and light trucks. This model has a long service life and low rolling resistance, which, combined with an affordable price, makes its purchase economically justified.

Low rolling resistance

When developing the tread pattern for this tire, the company’s specialists paid special attention to ensuring low rolling resistance. That is why all blocks of the tread pattern are rigidly interconnected. Due to this, each of the four ribs has a high resistance to dynamic deformation, which, combined with a small number of them, provides the tire with low rolling resistance.

Uniform load distribution over the contact patch

As mentioned earlier, the Ovation V-05 tread pattern consists of four longitudinal ribs. At the same time, each of the shoulder zones is distinguished by a reinforced structure, which gives the contact patch a more rectangular shape. This, in turn, provided a more uniform load distribution over the contact patch. As a result, it was possible not only to increase the load capacity of the tire, but also to increase the resistance of the tread to uneven wear, which extended its service life.

Excellent hydroplaning resistance

Each of the four longitudinal ribs is separated from each other by a wide drainage groove. When driving on wet roads, these grooves serve as a kind of reservoir for water drained from the contact patch. Due to their large size, they can hold a fairly impressive amount of moisture, thus providing high hydroplaning resistance even in heavy rain.

Main features of the Ovation V-05 model

  • With its carefully designed symmetrical non-directional tread pattern, this tire offers outstanding traction in a wide range of driving conditions. This optimized design ensures that drivers can maintain excellent grip and control on both wet and dry roads.
  • Furthermore, the tire’s exceptional drainage performance is achieved through the incorporation of three wide longitudinal grooves. These grooves quickly channel water away from the contact patch, allowing the tire to maintain maximum grip even in heavy rain or other wet driving conditions.

Ovation V-07AS Review

The Ovation V-07AS tire is used on light commercial vehicles and full-size minivans. The model is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, high load capacity for its category and a long service life.

Increased number of gripping edges

A characteristic feature of the tire tread pattern is the high content of gripping edges. Most of them are formed by narrow slots located at a slight angle relative to the direction of movement. This significantly improves the performance of the tread during longitudinal accelerations, especially on wet surfaces. It is also worth noting the zigzag shape of the slots. It limits the movement of the blocks in the transverse direction, which enhances stability when maneuvering, and in addition, optimizes the distribution of the external load over the contact zone of the tire with the road. This reduces the level of abrasive action on the tread, reducing the rate of wear.

Closed shoulder design

A significant part of the tread area is reserved for the shoulder zones. These are two longitudinal rows of massive blocks rigidly interconnected by special bridges. This gives the entire shoulder area high resistance to deformation, which has a positive effect on grip, both during maneuvering and during longitudinal accelerations.

Key features of the Ovation V-07AS

  • designed for minibuses, light trucks and full-size minivans;
  • excellent grip on wet surfaces;
  • increased wear resistance due to the optimized design of the tread blocks.

Ovation V-09 Review

The Ovation V-09 summer tire is used in small commercial vehicles. It is favorably distinguished by increased load capacity, long service life and fuel efficiency, due to which its use can significantly reduce operating costs. In motion, it is characterized by balanced driving performance, demonstrating reliable grip properties, good handling.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the presence of four continuous longitudinal ribs. This design reduces rolling resistance, evenly distributes the load across the contact patch, reducing the abrasive effect on the tire. The elements have a curved shape, due to which the running part of the tread contains a significant part of the transverse edges. This ensures good longitudinal traction, especially on wet surfaces.

Key features of the Ovation V-09

  • solid ribs reduce wear and fuel consumption, increase directional stability and control accuracy;
  • the curved shape of the tread ribs ensures the intensity of acceleration and deceleration on wet surfaces;
  • a special rubber compound with increased resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion.

Ovation V-LA Review

The Ovation V-LA all-season tire is designed for use in commercial vehicles, motorhomes and full-size minivans. A versatile model that is effective on any road surface, including winter ones. Differs in grip stability, comfortable handling, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

Ovation V-LA Review
Ovation V-LA Review

The tread pattern is dominated by small blocks. The dense arrangement of elements increases the contact patch and allows you to evenly distribute pressure over it, improving controllability and resistance to abrasion. Each block contains several narrow sipes that further enhance traction on slippery winter surfaces. Under such conditions, the rubber compound remains elastic due to the presence of “silica” in the composition.

Key features of the Ovation V-LA

  • tread pattern with many small blocks and lamellas provides reliable grip, including on winter surfaces;
  • compound with “silica” in the composition retains elasticity at low temperatures;
  • optimized tread profile, dense arrangement of elements of its pattern increase the contact patch, prevent uneven wear.

Ovation Vi-07 as Review

The Ovation Vi-07 all-season tire is used in small commercial vehicles. It is characterized by improved grip on snowy and wet surfaces, as well as properties inherent in such models, such as durability, fuel efficiency and long service life.

The tread pattern is dotted with narrow slots. Numerous sipes provide the tire with performance on wet and snowy surfaces, forming hundreds of additional gripping edges. The tight arrangement of the tread elements and the optimized profile of the tread and sidewalls of the tire increase the contact patch and contribute to an even distribution of pressure over the surface. As a result, handling is improved and tread wear resistance is increased.

Main features of Ovation Vi-07 as

  • Numerous lamellas provide reliable grip on slippery roads;
  • increased contact patch and rigidity of the tread elements improve handling, prevent rapid tire wear;
  • enlarged drainage grooves to a minimum reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Ovation VI-182 Review

The Ovation VI-182 tire is designed for summer use on passenger cars. It has optimally selected performance characteristics, therefore it is very popular among consumers. Computer modeling was used in the development of the tread, which made it possible to achieve impressive results.

All tread elements are optimally positioned and shaped to provide excellent tire performance. The specially designed continuous center rib provides fast steering response and straight line control.

The optimal sipe system, together with four water channels, quickly removes water from the contact patch, allowing the driver to fully control the movement of the car.

Optimally placed tread elements and an elastic rubber compound contributed to an increase in the contact patch, which affected the increase in stability.

The Ovation VI-182 tire is low cost and has excellent performance, so it is not surprising that it is in great demand among car owners.

Key features of the Ovation VI-182

  • Excellent handling and grip, obtained through the use of a special tread pattern and unique additives in the rubber compound;
  • Increased resistance to aquaplaning was obtained as a result of the use of four wide drainage channels and a large number of lamellae;
  • Massive shoulder blocks provide excellent protection against various external damage.

Ovation VI-782AS Review

The Ovation VI-782AS tire is designed for compact and mid-size vehicles. Characterized by improved grip on slippery surfaces, driving and acoustic comfort, long service life.

Ovation VI-782AS Review
Ovation VI-782AS Review

“Demi-season” tread pattern

The tire was developed for Western and Central European countries, where winter is characterized by unstable snow cover. This is the reason for the choice of developers in favor of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern with a large number of blocks. These elements, having a massive size, give the tire stability during high-speed movement and efficiency on snowy surfaces.

Z-shaped slats

The tread pattern is characterized by the presence of numerous sipes. These elements have a Z-shape, which provides them with versatility. Due to the original configuration of the lamellas, the blocks in which they are cut are movable within certain limits. The deformation controlled in this way, on the one hand, increases the contact patch, and on the other hand, distributes the external load over it with higher uniformity. As a result, several important tire performance properties are improved. First of all, it is the stability of grip properties with a continuous change in the characteristics of the road surface and the driving mode. In addition, this solution significantly slows down the rate of tread wear, increasing the service life of the tire.
Z-shaped sipes also improve longitudinal traction on slippery surfaces. The gripping edges formed by them are located transversely, providing the tire with efficiency during braking acceleration.

Hydroplaning resistance

Most drainage grooves are oversized. The large internal dimensions of these elements allow the tread to intensively remove water from the contact patch, preventing the slashplaning effect.

Main features of Ovation VI-782AS

  • tread pattern provides efficiency on slippery surfaces from water and snow;
  • numerous Z-shaped sipes improve grip in difficult weather conditions, increase the contact patch, and prevent wear;
  • wide drainage grooves intensively remove not only water, but also its mixture with snow and road chemicals.

Ovation W-582 Review

Winter studless tire Ovation W-582, produced by one of the leading Chinese tire brands, will perfectly suit the widest range of modern passenger cars belonging to various classes.

The tread pattern of this tire is built on a completely modern five-rib design. One of the distinguishing features of the tire is a very wide central rib, consisting of many free-standing blocks, each of which has a trapezoidal shape. Due to the very small distance between the blocks, it was possible to provide this tread element with a high level of rigidity, which had a beneficial effect on directional stability.

On the other hand, the sharp edges of the blocks improved grip on slippery roads. Another key feature of this tire is the different shape and size of the blocks, also located in the central part of the tread. This solution allowed for excellent grip on dry surfaces, low rolling resistance, and also improved cross-country ability on snow-covered sections of the road. In addition, these blocks are located on the tread with a different step in relation to each other, which has a beneficial effect on the noise level.

It should also be noted that the Ovation W-582 tire has four very wide and deep longitudinal grooves on the tread. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to provide excellent resistance to hydroplaning, which brought a sense of stability and reliability to driving on wet roads.

When developing the design of the shoulder zones, the specifics of winter operation were taken into account, during which the domestic motorist often has to overcome road sections that have not been cleared of snow. To ensure a decent level of patency, blocks were placed in the shoulder areas of the tread, the size and height of which turns them into excellent lugs that work great when overcoming snow drifts.

Main features of Ovation W-582

  • Excellent cross-country ability in snow, provided by high and massive blocks located both in the central part of the tread and in its shoulder areas;
  • Remarkable resistance to aquaplaning, excellent self-cleaning performance, thanks to four deep and wide grooves, as well as a sufficiently large distance between the blocks;
  • Excellent elasticity of the rubber compound at low temperatures is ensured by the inclusion of special components in its composition.

Ovation Winter master Review

Produced by one of the fastest growing Chinese tire brands, the Ovation Wintermaster studless winter tire is designed primarily for compact passenger cars that operate primarily in urban areas.

The design of the Ovation Wintermaster’s non-directional symmetrical tread pattern can certainly be described as original. The tread pattern of this tire consists of five ribs, each of which consists of separate blocks that differ in shape and size. Three rows of blocks are located in the central part of the tread, forming, respectively, three longitudinal ribs. This decision allowed us to achieve several goals at once.

Firstly, due to the proximity of small-sized blocks to each other, it was possible to provide a large area of ​​the contact patch, which had a beneficial effect on traction performance on a dry road. Secondly, a large number of blocks form many sharp engagement edges, thereby improving grip on snowy surfaces. Thirdly, the carefully selected distance between the blocks provided the tire with excellent efficiency of removal from the contact patch of water and melted snow.

In addition, it is impossible not to note the special configuration of the blocks located in the central part of the tread. Due to their shape, it was possible to form an S-shaped structure of the arrangement of elements. This solution provided the tire with a high level of comfort and high side slip resistance, making driving on slippery roads comfortable and safe.

Key features of the Ovation Wintermaster

  • Excellent grip on snow-covered surfaces due to a perfectly optimized tread pattern design;
  • Excellent handling on an icy surface, due to the presence of many multidirectional sipes;
  • A high level of comfort is ensured by the uneven pitch of the tread blocks;
  • Excellent traction and grip on slippery surfaces due to the S-shaped arrangement of the tread blocks, formed by the original shape of the blocks themselves.

Ovation Snowgrip Review

The Ovation Snowgrip winter studded tire, produced by one of the fastest growing Chinese manufacturers, is designed for small and medium-sized passenger cars. In this tire, tire engineers from the Middle Kingdom applied a number of interesting design solutions, which gave it excellent performance and consumer qualities, surprisingly combined with an affordable price.

Ovation Snowgrip Review
Ovation Snowgrip Review

The Ovation Snowgrip’s directional symmetrical tread design has a fairly aggressive look. In the very center of the tread is a double central rib. This decision provided this tire with excellent directional stability, and the longitudinal groove separating the two halves of the central rib contributes to the rapid removal of water and melted snow from the contact patch. Also in the central part of the tread there are two longitudinal ribs, each of which consists of separate blocks with a complex configuration. Due to this form of blocks, as well as the scheme of their location, it was possible to form a V-shaped structure of these elements in the center of the tread.

This improves the performance of acceleration and braking on snowy surfaces. In addition, the carefully calculated distance between the blocks has significantly improved the performance on snowy roads. To increase the efficiency of grip on an icy road, on the surface of each tread element there are several S-shaped sipes, which, without compromising rigidity, pierce the water film that forms when driving on ice with their sharp edges.

Main features of Ovation Snowgrip

  • An excellent combination of low cost and excellent performance and consumer qualities, provided by a balanced approach and special attention to detail in the development of this tire;
  • Excellent directional stability, thanks to the rigid design of the double central rib;
  • Excellent performance on snow for a passenger tire due to four longitudinal ribs, consisting of separate blocks.

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