Pace Tires Review: Best Models with features For 2023

In this article we will share Pace tires review of the best models with features and specs.

The brand of Chinese origin Pace is known not only at home but also far beyond its borders. At the moment, the company has been operating for more than 30 years, which indicates its viability. The main activities are the production of tires for trucks, agricultural and passenger vehicles. Moreover, the share of passenger tires accounts for only 25%. Among the zones of its export are the countries of Africa, and Europe. 

Pace Tires Review Best Models with features
Pace Tires Review

Millions of tires are produced every year, which are characterized by the following indicators:

  • sensitive control under various weather conditions;
  • confident maneuvering;
  • increased comfort (minimum level of noise and vibrations);
  • quick removal of water, snow and dirt due to a well-developed drainage system.

To optimize logistics and reduce costs, the company has located part of the factories in China. This approach made it possible to make the cost of the final product lower, which had a positive effect on competitive opportunities.

An important point is the modern technical equipment, which is represented by robotic lines of Japanese and German production. The company pursues a policy aimed at reducing human labor in the production process. To this end, new systems are regularly introduced, which are responsible, among other things, for quality control.

Pace pays considerable attention to the development of new models. The most experienced specialists from all over the world are working on this. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, the company is constantly improving its products, offering quality tires at competitive prices. Get a grip with our tire review guide.

Pace Antarctica 6 Review

Winter tire Pace Antarctica 6 is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. It has a classic design for the so-called “friction” models, which ensures reliable grip and good handling on any winter surfaces. In addition, it is distinguished by fuel efficiency and a high level of acoustic comfort.

Pace Antarctica 6 Review
Pace Antarctica 6 Review

The tread pattern is directional with a large number of large blocks. The massiveness of the elements, coupled with their arrangement and the optimized profile of the running part of the tire, increases the contact patch and ensures uniform distribution of the load over it. At the same time, the elongated transverse edges of the blocks allow intensive acceleration and deceleration, especially on snow. Each of these elements contains several narrow slots that ensure the efficiency of the tread on ice. It is worth noting the presence of drop-shaped lamellae in the shoulder areas. They additionally dry the contact patch in these areas, which has a positive effect on handling with a lack of grip.

Key features of Pace Antarctica 6

  • increased contact patch due to large block sizes and optimization of the tread profile;
  • directional tread design with long V-shaped edges provides high performance on snowy surfaces;
  • special drop-shaped sipes improve grip on icy surfaces.

Pace Alventi Review

The Pace Alventi summer tire is mainly used in mid-size passenger cars. It provides the control process with simplicity and comfort, is distinguished by pronounced fuel-saving properties, low noise and high mileage.

The running part of the tread has a directional design with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements and their distribution over functional areas. One of them is formed by two monolithic ribs in the central part and a shoulder area on the outside. These elements increase control accuracy and reduce yaw, both in straight-line motion and when maneuvering. The inner side of the tread is characterized by an increased content of drainage grooves and sipes, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves traction on wet surfaces.

Pace Alventi Key Features:

  • tread pattern with an asymmetrical arrangement of elements ensures efficiency in any road conditions;
  • a special rubber compound with a high content of silicon dioxide and natural rubber in the composition improves grip on wet surfaces, gives the tread wear resistance and reduces the risk of mechanical damage;
  • tread profile with variable radius increases the contact patch and ensures even pressure on it.

Pace Antarctica 5 Review

The Pace Antarctica 5 summer tire is used in compact crossovers and SUVs. It is characterized by improved traction on snowy surfaces, a high level of acoustic comfort, fuel efficiency and a long service life.

Pace Antarctica 5 Review
Pace Antarctica 5 Review

The tread pattern has a directional design with large blocks. The elements are arranged in such a way that very long V-shaped transverse edges are formed in the contact patch. They allow intensive acceleration and deceleration on a snowy surface. On packed snow and ice, traction remains reliable thanks to several thousand wavy sipes that literally dot the entire tread. Another feature in its design is the location and triangular shape of the blocks in the central part, where they form a wide longitudinal rib. This significantly reduces rolling resistance and noise levels.

Key features of Pace Antarctica 5

  • excellent performance on snow thanks to the tread pattern with long V-shaped edges;
  • triangular shape and “chessboard” arrangement of blocks in the central part reduce rolling resistance, improve acoustic comfort;
  • Numerous sinus-shaped lamellas provide reliable grip on packed snow.

Pace Antarctica Ice Review

The Pace Antarctica Ice winter tire is designed for compact passenger cars. Differs in a set of operational properties which allows to move safely and comfortably on any slippery roads. In motion, it is characterized by comfort in driving, quiet and smooth running, stability of grip properties in difficult situations.

Pace Antarctica Ice Review
Pace Antarctica Ice Review

The tread pattern is made in a directional design typical of “friction” tires. A distinctive feature is a location in the middle of the longitudinal drainage groove. This significantly increases resistance to hydroplaning and slash planning. Here it is worth noting the presence of a large number of drainage elements directed against the movement. This solution also allows you to maintain grip reliability in difficult road conditions. All tread blocks and ribs contain sipes. Narrow slots with their narrow edges allow the tire to better cling to any slippery surface. If necessary, this ability can be enhanced. The manufacturer has provided mounting holes in the tread for installing spikes.

Key Features of Pace Antarctica Ice

  • double rib in the middle reduces rolling resistance and noise from it, increases stability at high speed;
  • multidirectional sipes allow the tire to better cling to a slippery surface;
  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning and slashplaning due to the increased volume and direction of the drainage grooves against the movement.

Pace Antarctica Sport Review

Winter tire Pace Antarctica Sport is designed for the most powerful versions of crossovers and SUVs. It is characterized by increased stability at high speed even on surfaces with a low coefficient of adhesion, sporty refinement in handling.

Pace Antarctica Sport Review
Pace Antarctica Sport Review

The protector is made directional with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. This solution significantly increases directional stability and longitudinal grip, especially on snowy surfaces. At the same time, the inclination and curved shape of the grooves allows water and its heavy mixture with snow and road dirt to be removed from under the contact patch with a very high intensity. The blocks have a “chessboard” arrangement, which made it possible to increase the usable tread area and ensure uniform load distribution over the contact patch. This improves traction, its stability when maneuvering, and in addition, significantly reduces the wear rate.

Main features of Pace Antarctica Sport

  • increased contact patch and “staggered” arrangement of blocks improves grip and reduces wear;
  • directional V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves increases directional stability at high speed, reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning;
  • a lot of sipes and spikes provide reliable grip on packed snow and ice.

Pace Azura Review

Summer tire Pace Azura is installed in SUV class cars. Great for their most dynamic versions. Provides sporty handling, stability when maneuvering, effective deceleration on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern features a striking directional design with symmetrically arranged elements. In the middle is a monolithic rib that improves control accuracy and reduces yaw on straight lines. The adjacent blocks are turned transversely, and their edges are elongated due to the inclination and curved shape. This allows the tire to implement traction on slippery surfaces with high efficiency and to decelerate intensively. Shoulder blocks have an original U-shape with a “bridge” on the outside. This gives the elements excellent deformation resistance when exposed to lateral acceleration forces, which prevents drift during maneuvering, and in addition, increases the stability of grip properties due to a more even distribution of pressure over the road surface.

Pace Azura Key Features:

  • a monolithic rib in the center gives handling a sporty refinement and stability on straight lines;
  • wide X-shaped blocks increase traction and deceleration efficiency on wet surfaces;
  • deployed across the U-shaped blocks prevent drift during maneuvering, reduce wear.

Pace PC18 Review

The performance and driving characteristics of the summer tire Pace PC18 are selected taking into account the peculiarities of city traffic. Designed for passenger cars of small and medium classes, the model is characterized by improved stability on wet surfaces, pronounced fuel-saving properties and acoustic comfort.

The running part of the tread is distinguished by the symmetry of the arrangement of elements. Those that are closer to the outside are enlarged in size. This significantly increases directional stability, both in a straight line and when maneuvering, and also gives the steering process precision with the formation of transparent feedback on the steering wheel. Another important design feature of the tread pattern is the slope of a significant part of the drainage grooves. This allows the rotation of the wheel to be used to divert water, which, along with the increased width of the elements, reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Main features of Pace PC18

  • tread pattern with a symmetrical arrangement of elements gives a balance to operational and driving performance;
  • enlarged shoulder blocks and a double segmented rib in the middle give the steering process precision with the formation of transparent feedback on the steering wheel;
  • multi-step arrangement of blocks, the inclination of most of the edges formed by them increases the acoustic comfort.

Pace PC20 Review

Summer tire Pace PC20 is designed for compact passenger cars. Driving and performance are selected in such a way as to ensure maximum driving comfort and safety in difficult road conditions.

The running part of the tread is distinguished by a high content of gripping edges for products of this category. They are formed both in blocks and lamellas cut into them. Narrow sipes are positioned at various angles to enhance wet traction in all directions. In the middle there is a narrow rib, which, along with enlarged shoulder blocks, gives handling precision and predictability, while at the same time reducing rolling resistance and uneven tread wear. It is made from a rubber compound that is more than half silica. This gives the tread elasticity with high resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damage.

Pace PC20 Key Features:

  • tread pattern with an increased content of gripping edges is effective on wet surfaces;
  • a rigid rib in the middle and shoulder blocks give controllability accuracy and predictability, reduce wear unevenness;
  • Wet-optimized rubber compound.

Pace Toledo Review

Named after the Spanish province, the Pace Toledo all-season tire is designed for SUVs, SUVs and pickups. It has a wide range of applications due to its high efficiency, both on asphalt roads and various types of soil surfaces.

The running part of the tread has a non-directional design typical for tires of the All Terrain category with a symmetrical arrangement of blocks. In the central part they have a complex polygonal shape. It increases the number of formed edges, giving them multidirectionality. This improves stability on low friction surfaces. On the ground, this property is preserved largely due to the increased width of the grooves and the toothed profile of the side walls of the blocks. On wet pavement, efficiency is achieved by numerous wavy and straight sipes. Such slots are available in each block.

Pace Toledo Key Features:

  • a wide range of applications due to the universal tread pattern with an increased number of blocks;
  • the complex polygonal shape of the blocks in the central part improves traction on low-traction surfaces;
  • wavy and straight lamellas give stability during longitudinal accelerations on slippery surfaces.

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