Petlas Tires Review: Best Petlas Tires For 2023

Petlas is a Turkish economy brand covering a full range of tires for passenger cars (including SUVs), light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles, as well as military vehicles and aircraft. Founded in 1976, Petlas is currently the 56th largest tire manufacturer in the world. It also includes the Starmaxx brand, which often has the exact same tires as the parent brand. Today we will share Petlas tires reviews and features for all models.

Petlas Tires Review Best Petlas Tires
Petlas Tires Review

Who makes Petlas Tires?

The company was founded by the Turkish government on August 19, 1976. Its creation was caused by an international embargo imposed against Turkey in connection with the invasion of Turkish troops in Cyprus in 1974. The embargo on the export of military products to Turkey has resulted in a significant shortage of tires for fighters. It was tires for military aviation that became the first products manufactured by Petlas. After peace came the boom in the automotive market. More and more Turkish citizens became owners of their own cars. At that time, Petlas began manufacturing tires for the increasingly consuming civilian market. To provide modern technologies, the manufacturer established cooperation with experienced foreign tire companies in 1977 with a consortium of Japanese concerns, and in 1981 with the Czechoslovak Barum. This cooperation allowed the Turkish concern to start exporting its products.

The economic downturn that hit Turkey in the early 1990s also had a negative impact on Petlas. In 1990, the government decided to privatize the company, but there were no buyers, which cast doubt on its further functioning. The company was privatized only in 1997. The new owner launched the “Road to Quality” program, which was supposed to increase sales and reach the full processing capacity of the plants. In the course of the changes, environmental protection was not forgotten. In 2004, the company received an environmental management certificate ISO 14001. In 2005, Petlas was acquired by leading Turkish tire company Abdulkadir Özcan A.Ş. At that time there was a dynamic development of the brand. In 2011, the first Petlas all-season tires debuted, and a year later, the first winter tire from a Turkish manufacturer. Petlas are valued as durable tires available at a reasonable price. Most buyers are happy with their purchase.

Petlas summer and winter tires

The range of the Turkish manufacturer is huge. The brand has literally everything from tires for classic cars to aircraft tires. The only thing that is not currently produced by the plant is motorcycle tires, but this is only a matter of time, judging by the dynamic growth in demand for brand products.

Petlas winter tires have all the necessary basic qualities. Of course, it would be unfair to compare them with recognized leaders in the segment. However, the price and quality that Turkish tire manufacturers offer is worth attention. Tires for winter seasons give confidence and safety on every section of the winter road. This is guaranteed through the use of rich experience and the latest technology. 

Throughout the history of the manufacturer, he has not stopped working with leading brands, for example, at the moment Petlas is working with the famous Italian Pirelli. Regarding the brand’s summer tires, it is worth noting that they are of higher quality, are easily balanced and have proven themselves quite well, occupying a niche in the middle price segment.

Petlas Elegant PT311 Review

Summer tire Petlas Elegant PT311 is installed in compact passenger cars. Differs in comfort in management, stability on a wet surface, a quiet and smooth ride even on uneven roads.

Petlas Elegant PT311 Review
Petlas Elegant PT311 Review

The tire is offered with two tread patterns. For the tread width of more than 185 mm, a design with a monolithic longitudinal rib in the middle is offered, which improves control accuracy and directional stability at high speed. The tread is made of a rubber compound based on fine particles of silicon dioxide. This improves wet grip and abrasion resistance. The tire uses a “hybrid” breaker, in which a spiral nylon cord is located on top of the steel cord. This keeps the clutch stable and reduces wear.

Key Features of Petlas Elegant PT311:

  • a monolithic rib in the middle increases the accuracy of control and exchange rate stability;
  • rubber compound based on fine particles of silicon dioxide improves grip on wet surfaces and resistance to abrasion;
  • “Hybrid” breaker improves grip stability and steering precision, reduces wear.

Petlas Progreen PT525 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Petlas Progreen PT525 belongs to the so-called “energy efficient” models. Its strengths include pronounced fuel-saving properties, resistance to abrasion, a high level of safety on dry and wet surfaces.

Petlas Progreen PT525 Review
Petlas Progreen PT525 Review

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by hypertrophied shoulder zones. The wide blocks located in them increase stability during maneuvering and control accuracy, prevent uneven abrasion, increasing tire mileage. Another important feature of the pattern is the ratio of tread blocks and grooves verified using computer simulation. This provides reliable grip on wet surfaces with high fuel efficiency.

Main features of Petlas Progreen PT525

  • excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces due to the asymmetry of the arrangement of the elements of the tread pattern;
  • optimized ratio of tread elements and voids reduces rolling resistance without compromising traction;
  • three wide longitudinal grooves effectively combat hydroplaning at any speed.

Petlas Velox Sport PT741 Review

Summer tire Petlas Velox Sport PT741 is aimed at owners of the most powerful modifications of passenger cars. The model is adapted for long-term high-speed movement. In this mode, it demonstrates stable traction and fast, accurate reactions to the driver’s actions.

Petlas Velox Sport PT741 Review
Petlas Velox Sport PT741 Review

To a large extent, the excellent grip properties of the tire are achieved due to the physical and chemical properties of the rubber compound. More than half of its composition is represented by the smallest particles of silicon dioxide. This component gives the tread flexibility at low temperatures, enhancing grip on wet surfaces. When heated and in high-speed movement, its integrity is ensured by special polymers that enhance tensile and tensile strength. A breaker is located under the running part of the tread. It has a combined design containing, in addition to steel, a seamless synthetic cord made of nylon fibers. This solution significantly improves stability at high speed and reduces rolling resistance.

Main features of Petlas Velox Sport PT741

  • compound with finely dispersed silica;
  • combined breaker;
  • rim with a seamless ring and hard ball filler.

Petlas Velox Sport PT741-2 Review

Summer tire Petlas Velox Sport PT741-2 is designed for dynamic versions of passenger cars of various classes. Adapted to high-speed operation, demonstrating grip stability, directional stability and control precision. Depending on the width of the tread, it is equipped with two pattern options with one or a double rib in the middle.

Petlas Velox Sport PT741-2 Review
Petlas Velox Sport PT741-2 Review

The tread is made from an ultra-high silica rubber compound. The component is characterized by low dispersion and forms strong molecular bonds with other substances from the composition of the compound using special polymers. As a result, the tread is characterized by increased elasticity with high resistance to abrasive wear, punctures and tears.

Under the running part there is a “hybrid” breaker. In addition to steel, its construction uses an additional nylon cord, the spiral winding of which is distinguished by the absence of seams and joints. This increases the rigidity of the structure, which has a positive effect on steering precision, stability at high speed, as well as reducing rolling resistance and uneven wear.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high silica rubber compound enhances grip on wet surfaces
  • “hybrid” breaker improves control accuracy, stability at high speed;
  • rim ring with ball filler securely fixes the tire on the rim.

Petlas Explero PT411 Review

Summer tire Petlas Explero PT411 is installed in compact crossovers. Belongs to the High Terrain category. It is characterized by high stability on wet surfaces, lateral stability, acoustic comfort on rough roads.

The running part of the tread features a profile with variable curvature. This increases the contact patch, keeping its size when maneuvering. As a result, grip properties are increased in all driving modes, and wear is significantly reduced. The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design, which ensures a balanced running properties. The outer shoulder area contains an additional longitudinal rib that limits the mobility of the blocks. This improves stability and control accuracy when maneuvering.

Key Features of Petlas Explero PT411:

  • tread profile with variable curvature enhances grip in all driving modes and reduces wear;
  • an additional longitudinal rib in the outer shoulder area increases stability and control accuracy when maneuvering;
  • “Hybrid” breaker design and hard bead filler improve traction in high-speed corners.

Petlas Explero PT421 Review

Petlas Explero PT421 is a tire designed for passenger vehicles, namely for pickups used in the summer season. The model was created specifically for light trucks.

The tire provides a high level of traction with the road surface, as well as excellent acceleration performance, both on dry and wet roads. Large tread blocks improve grip on wet surfaces. The blocks are reinforced, and their special shape not only affects the hitch, but also the handling of the car.

Blocks located in the center of the tread stabilize the car’s movement even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The tire material is a compound with an additional component (silicon dioxide). The product is elastic, but resistant to wear and adverse mechanical stress.

Main features of Petlas Explero PT421

  • excellent grip with the road is provided by a special tread pattern (powerful blocks with additional reinforcement);
  • the tire provides confident control and directional stability in all weather conditions (including heavy rains, hurricanes, etc.);
  • due to the material of manufacture, the product turned out to be mechanically strong and wear-resistant.

Petlas Explero PT431 Review

The Petlas Explero PT431 summer tire is used in SUVs and SUVs. Belongs to the High Terrain category. The operational properties of the tire are selected based on the characteristics of use on an asphalt surface. It is characterized by stable grip in all situations, shortened braking distances on wet surfaces. Available with two tread patterns. For tires with a tread width of more than 255 mm, the number of longitudinal ribs in the central part has been increased to two.

Petlas Explero PT431 Review
Petlas Explero PT431 Review

Regardless of the size, the tire uses an asymmetric tread pattern. The key feature of the design is the massiveness of the elements. This solution increases the size of the contact patch and, as a result, enhances grip on dry surfaces. The increased number of blocks and sipes ensures efficient operation of the tread in difficult weather conditions.

Main features of Petlas Explero PT431

  • two variants of the tread pattern with one or two longitudinal ribs in the center;
  • increased size of the contact patch due to enlarged blocks;
  • excellent performance on wet surfaces is ensured by a large volume of drainage grooves.

Petlas Explero W671 Review

Winter tire Petlas Explero W671 is installed in SUVs and pickups. Belongs to the High Terrain category, differing in the greatest efficiency on asphalt roads. In motion, it is characterized by course stability, speed and accuracy of responses to the actions of the driver.

Petlas Explero W671 Review
Petlas Explero W671 Review

The rubber compound is obtained using FST technology. The basis of its composition is natural rubber and fine particles of silicon dioxide. This combination provides a highly homogeneous mixture, so that the tread remains flexible at extremely low temperatures. The breaker located under the running part has a mixed design. In addition to steel, a helical nylon cord is used here. This solution ensures the stability of the contact patch under the influence of multidirectional acceleration forces, improving grip on slippery surfaces and when maneuvering. The tread pattern is distinguished by the numerous sipes and their ability to self-lock over the entire surface of the block. This significantly increases the efficiency of the tire on packed snow and ice.

Petlas Explero W671 Key Features:

  • a compound based on natural rubber and fine particles of silicon dioxide improves grip at extremely low temperatures;
  • “hybrid” breaker provides stability of coupling and reduces wear unevenness;
  • self-locking sipes increase the efficiency of the tread on rolled snow and ice.

Petlas Full Grip PT925 Review

Winter tire Petlas Full Grip PT925 is installed in commercial vehicles. Favorably differs from most similar products of other brands in improved grip on snowy and icy surfaces.

Petlas Full Grip PT925 Review
Petlas Full Grip PT925 Review

The tread pattern has a V-shaped structure. This significantly increases traction and deceleration on slippery surfaces while maintaining directional stability. The blocks in the shoulder areas are connected by longitudinal “bridges”. Together with their trapezoidal profile, this significantly improves control accuracy at high speed and reduces wear unevenness under heavy weight loads. The running part of the tread is made on the basis of fine particles of silicon dioxide. This gives the tire elasticity at low temperatures, further increasing its “tenacity” on slippery surfaces.

Key Features of Petlas Full Grip PT925:

  • tread pattern with V-shaped transverse edges increases traction and braking efficiency on slippery winter surfaces;
  • a rubber compound based on fine particles of silicon dioxide provides the tire with “tenacity” at low temperatures;
  • the steel breaker, supplemented with a nylon spiral cord, ensures the stability of the contact patch, reduces tread wear, and increases reliability on bad roads.

Petlas Full Grip PT935 Review

Winter tire Petlas Full Grip PT935 is designed for SUVs and pickups. It has a unique combination of performance properties, demonstrating high efficiency not only on slippery roads, but also on unpaved surfaces.

Petlas Full Grip PT935 Review
Petlas Full Grip PT935 Review

The tread pattern has a directional design with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges. Due to the large height of the blocks, they have a large area, which, in combination with wide grooves, makes it possible to effectively implement traction not only on paved roads, but also on unpaved ones. In addition, all tread elements have sipes. Narrow sipes increase stability on ice and packed snow. Special “blockers” fix them in the open position and limit the mobility of the blocks, due to which, in such conditions, the tire demonstrates grip stability and precise control.

Main Features of Petlas Full Grip PT935

  • directional pattern with high blocks and wide grooves is effective on slippery winter roads and off-road;
  • Numerous lamellas with “blockers” improve grip on ice and packed snow, provide precise control;
  • increased tread depth and rubber compound, flexible at low temperatures and resistant to cuts, provide tenacity on slippery winter surfaces and a long service life.

Petlas Full Power PT825 Review

The Petlas Full Power PT825 tire is designed for light trucks and is also suitable for minibuses. The model was developed specifically for trucks with a wide range of work performed cargo delivery both on urban and country roads. The model shows high operational and technical characteristics in extreme conditions, differs in wear resistance, reliability and safety.

The tread pattern is universal and multifunctional. The symmetrical non-directional design includes two central ribs with shaped blocks that provide directional stability and reliable traction on any road surface. Rigid shoulder zones improve stability and ride safety when maneuvering, cornering and braking. Three annular wave-like grooves and numerous thin cross-diagonal grooves quickly remove moisture from the contact patch area. High-strength rubber compound gives the product durability in difficult working conditions in quarries, on construction sites, etc.

Petlas Full Power PT825 Key Features:

  • good grip of the tread with the road surface and excellent traction characteristics;
  • developed drainage system reduces the risk of aquaplaning;
  • high-strength rubber compound provides mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Petlas Full Power PT825 Plus Review

The Petlas Full Power PT825 Plus tire is designed for use on light trucks, providing reliable traction on both dry and wet road surfaces. Also, the model has a small braking distance and increased resistance to loads.

The product was developed using computer simulation tools, thanks to which the optimal arrangement of blocks and channels was achieved, providing improved traction and coupling characteristics. In addition, drainage has been improved, which is carried out through 3 annular channels and a number of transverse slots. It is important to note that the channels differ in their depth, so the tire can handle different water volumes.

The grip coefficient with the roadway has been enhanced through the use of a network of sipes. Represented by a zigzag shape, they form numerous sharp edges, which, “biting” into the road surface, contribute to increased traction.

Petlas Full Power PT825 Plus Key Features:

  • designed for light trucks;
  • provides efficiency of a drainage at the expense of cross tubules, lamellas and annular channels;
  • able to withstand heavy loads thanks to the internal frame.

Petlas Full Power PT835 Review

The summer tire Petlas Full Power PT835 is designed for use in small commercial vehicles. It is characterized by high load capacity, wear resistance, reliability, comfortable handling on dry and wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a dense arrangement of elements and, as a result, a large usable area. Combined with an optimized tread profile, this increases the contact patch and promotes even pressure distribution across the road surface. The result is improved handling and reduced wear. All blocks have narrow slots Z-shaped and straight lamellas. These elements, forming dozens of additional sharp edges, allow the tire to effectively cling to wet surfaces. Even more stability in such conditions is provided by the significant capacity of the drainage grooves and the elasticity of the rubber compound with a high content of “silica”.

Main features of Petlas Full Power PT835

  • increased contact patch due to the dense arrangement of pattern elements and optimization of the tread profile;
  • numerous sipes provide high traction and braking force on wet surfaces;
  • increased resistance of the shoulder blocks to deformation increases grip during maneuvering, reduces the risk of uneven wear.

Petlas Imperium PT515 Review

Summer tire Petlas Imperium PT515 is designed for passenger cars of various classes. The size range contains several dozen options, starting with 13 inches. However, some of them belong to the Run Flat category. And all options meet European requirements, having the appropriate marking.

Petlas Imperium PT515 Review
Petlas Imperium PT515 Review

The rubber compound is made using FST technology. It consists of fine particles of silicon dioxide. The compound obtained in this way is distinguished by uniformity, elasticity at low temperatures, wear resistance, and reduced rolling resistance.

The tire breaker has a combined structure. Two-ply steel cord complemented by nylon seamless cord. This solution increases grip stability, prevents wear, and gives the tire a soft ride.

Main features of Petlas Imperium PT515

  • compound with finely dispersed silica;
  • combined breaker;
  • -seamless single-row rim with hard ball filler inside.

Petlas Imperium PT535 Review

All-season tire Petlas Imperium PT535 for compact passenger cars has been developed taking into account the specific climate of European countries with their so-called “warm winters”. This model is distinguished by reliable grip on wet and snow-covered roads, as well as quiet and smooth running, fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern contains a large number of sipes. They, along with the blocks in which they are cut, allow you to maintain reliable control on wet and snowy surfaces. Under such conditions, wide drainage grooves provide intensive drainage from the contact patch of water and its heavy mixture with snow. On cleaned dry roads, the efficiency of the tread is achieved due to the rigidity of the longitudinal rib in the middle and large blocks along the edges. They improve steering precision and provide excellent directional stability when driving at high speeds.

Main features of Petlas Imperium PT535

  • the increased density of the lamellas improves traction properties on wet and snowy surfaces;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” remains elastic at low temperatures, providing the tire in such conditions more reliable grip;
  • a rigid rib in the middle and massive blocks in the shoulder areas increase stability and control accuracy at high speed.

Petlas Snow Master W601 Review

Winter tire Petlas Snow Master W601 is installed on passenger cars of various manufacturers. It is distinguished by the use of modern technologies, which have found expression in increased grip, safety and driving comfort.

FST technology involves the use of fine silica. This element contributes to the preservation of the elasticity properties of the compound under various temperature conditions. Thus, it provides a high level of grip and braking, both on snowy and icy roads.

The model’s breaker consists of steel layers that are covered with seamless nylon. This structure provides stabilization of the contact patch at any speed, and also increases resistance to mechanical impacts.
The hard-filled bead ring helps the tire to sit firmly on the rim, and also provides confident maneuvering while maintaining controllability.

The protector of the model has three central ribs, two of which are represented by a block structure, and one is monolithic. Thanks to this, increased handling is achieved, and the presence of numerous transversely arranged sipes helps to maintain grip on a winter road.

Key Features of Petlas Snow Master W601:

  • silicon-containing compound ensures the safety of rubber elasticity at low temperatures;
  • a network of sipes and a block structure of the main zones helps to maintain a high level of grip under any conditions;
  • ease of maneuvering due to the reinforced side zone.

Petlas Velox Sport PT711 Review

Summer tire Petlas Velox Sport PT711 is designed for the most powerful versions of passenger cars. Differs in wide applicability, being available in more than fifty standard sizes with a diameter from 13 to 19 inches. A significant part of the proposed options is made using RunFlat technology.

The tread pattern is made in an aggressive design with wide and deep V-shaped grooves. These elements minimize the risk of aquaplaning, regardless of speed. Massive blocks located along the edges of the tread provide stability when maneuvering, give the tire reactions speed and accuracy.

The running part of a protector is made of the compound received using the FST technology. Its composition is characterized by a high content of fine particles of silicon dioxide. This ensures the elasticity of the rubber compound, combined with excellent tear and tensile strength.

Main features of Petlas Velox Sport PT711

  • Aggressive tread pattern with wide shoulder blocks and large V-grooves for high speed performance.
  • rubber compound obtained by FST technology improves grip on wet surfaces, reduces fuel consumption and wear;
  • Reinforced with steel and seamless nylon cords, the breaker gives the handling a sporty edge.

Petlas Velox Sport PT731 Review

Summer tire Petlas Velox Sport PT731 is installed in compact and mid-size passenger cars. Favorably differs by the balance of the main operational properties, due to the stability of grip properties on dry and wet surfaces, comfort in control when maneuvering, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

Petlas Velox Sport PT731 Review
Petlas Velox Sport PT731 Review

The tread pattern is made asymmetrical and is characterized by large dimensions of the elements. Together with an optimized tread profile, this increases the contact patch, increasing grip on dry surfaces. Efficiency on a wet surface is ensured by numerous transverse edges of narrow drainage slots, as well as enlarged longitudinal drainage grooves. Here it is worth noting the use of a rubber compound based on finely dispersed “silica”. It improves tread tenacity at low temperatures. When maneuvering, the tire demonstrates excellent steering precision and stability for its class. This is due to the massiveness and rigidity of the two longitudinal ribs on the outer side of the tread.

Main features of Petlas Velox Sport PT731

  • tread pattern with enlarged ribs and shoulder areas, optimized profile of the running part of the tire increase the contact patch;
  • Numerous slanted sipes improve longitudinal traction on wet surfaces.
  • Rigid shoulder zones increase steering precision and directional stability.

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