Pro Comp Tires review: All Best Pro Comp Tires for 2023

Today we are going to share our best pro comp tires review with you along with features and the best option for you.

Pro Comp is an American company founded in 1998 that manufactures tires for SUVs. The company’s headquarters is located in San Diego. Thanks to its constant development and its implementation in manufactured products, the tires of this company are famous for their high quality and excellent performance, but at the same time, they have a low cost. In production, modern materials are used to create tires that meet all international standards. All tires undergo thorough electronic and visual quality control.

Pro Comp Tires review All Best Pro Comp Tires
Pro Comp Tires review

Summer tires

All summer tires have been developed taking into account operating conditions, therefore they have excellent performance. Properly selected tread and the use of a special rubber compound that is used in its manufacture ensured excellent traction and reduced rolling resistance, making the ride more comfortable and quiet.

Pro Comp tires have minimal vibration and noise due to rounded shoulders and groove edges. They also have increased traction due to a large number of small cuts on the tread.

Maximum resistance to aquaplaning is achieved through the use of a special system of sipes and well-designed wide drainage channels. The blocks have sharp edges that make braking more efficient and provide a quick response to speed changes.

All season tires

All-season tires Pro Comp combine summer and winter performance, which will allow you to feel safe in any weather. All tread patterns were developed using computer simulation, which made it possible to achieve excellent performance. The treads have an increased depth and optimally shaped blocks, which made it possible to increase self-cleaning, resulting in increased cross-country ability.

The use of stiffer blocks in the tread improved handling and grip. Maximum aquaplaning resistance is achieved through specially designed drainage longitudinal channels of a certain width and the use of an efficient system of lamellas. Special additives, which are present in the rubber compound, allowed it to maintain its characteristics under temperature extremes.

Winter tires

All winter tires have excellent grip on any road surface. Silicon was specially added to the rubber compound, which has unique features: due to its flexibility, it increases the service life and retains the properties of rubber at low temperatures.

All treads have special patterns that allow you to effectively remove slush, snow, and water from the tire surface. Special large blocks located at the edges stabilize the outer part of the tread and increase control at high speed. The increased reliability of the tire, due to the use of a special cord, will allow you to always feel safe behind the wheel.

Pro Comp All Terrain review

Pro Comp All Terrain review
Pro Comp All Terrain

The Pro Comp All Terrain tire compares favorably with numerous analogs by its excellent adaptation to operation on roads of satisfactory quality, which are the majority in our country. At the same time, this model is able to maintain very high grip properties at the original level even with significant tread wear. These abilities come from the use of modern technologies that have improved a number of other performance characteristics not only of this but also of other Pro Comp tires.

Pro Comp Mud Terrain review

The Pro Comp Mud Terrain All-Season Tire from a well-known North American manufacturer has been specifically designed for SUVs and pickup trucks that regularly traverse challenging mud and sandy off-road terrain. In addition, spikes can be installed on this model, for which special holes are located in the shoulder areas of the tread.

Pro Comp Mud Terrain review
Pro Comp Mud Terrain review

This model is equipped with a non-directional symmetrical tread pattern featuring an original Z-shaped design. The protector is equipped with four longitudinally arranged ribs, each of which is a series of separate blocks. As befits a special off-road mud tire, all tread blocks are massive in size and high in height. At the same time, the tread blocks located in the central part of the tread have a complex polygonal shape, which makes it possible to ensure reliable adhesion to the surface in all directions.

A characteristic feature of the Pro Comp Mud Terrain model is the right angle of inclination between the blocks of the central ribs and the lugs of the tread shoulder zones. Due to this, maximum traction and grip are achieved when driving on loose and unstable soils. At the same time, thanks to the bidirectional tread pattern, traction and grip performance remains equally high in both directions of movement. In addition, the large distance between the blocks, combined with the depth of the tread pattern, made it possible to provide the tire tread with excellent self-cleaning performance not only from mud, sand and snow, but also from fairly large stones, which, of course, significantly improved the flotation performance.

Another distinguishing feature of this model is the presence of special elliptical sipes on the surface of the blocks located in the center of the tread. At the moment of contact of the block with the surface, the edges of the lamellas cling to each other, which significantly improves the rigidity of the tread block.

Key features of Pro Comp Mud Terrain

  • Excellent cross-country ability in mud and sand due to the Z-shaped tread pattern with many massive and high blocks;
  • Excellent self-cleaning performance of the tread is provided by a large distance between the blocks and the tread depth;
  • High resistance to punctures and cuts, combined with elasticity, due to the presence of polyester in the breaker layer.

Pro Comp Xterrain review

Pro Comp Xterrain review
Pro Comp Xterrain

Unlike most of the many competitors, the Pro Comp Xterrain tire is well suited for use on rough roads in our country. At the same time, it exhibits excellent grip, which remains very reliable despite the influence of environmental factors. This is entirely the merit of advanced technological solutions, many of which have demonstrated their effectiveness on previous models from Pro Comp.

Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain

ProComp X-treme is an all-purpose passenger car tire designed for installation on all-wheel drive off-road vehicles and pickups.

The directional tread design of the tire has a distinctly aggressive appearance. The tire is equally suitable for operation both on paved roads and will perfectly show itself off asphalt roads.

Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain
Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain

The tread of the Pro Comp X-Treme A/T tire is equipped with four rows of individual blocks of the original form, each of which is covered with three wavy sipes that improve grip on slippery surfaces. A well-chosen distance between the blocks ensures effective removal of water and sludge from the contact patch, and off-road it contributes to the self-cleaning of the tread from foreign objects. Thanks to the three-layer sidewall construction, the tire resists the rigors of off-road use.

The design of the tire tread was also developed taking into account the increase in the resistance of the tire to aggressive mechanical stress. Thanks to the use of two layers of steel tape wrapped in nylon, the tire tread has been significantly reinforced and ensures even load distribution. When driving outside hard surfaces, the tire demonstrates high resistance to deformation and the appearance of punctures and cuts. The tire is the ideal tool for everyday off-road use.

The main advantages of the Pro Comp X-Treme A/T tire

  • the tread pattern is developed using computer simulation tools;
  • reinforced shoulder tread zones;
  • three-layer sidewall construction;
  • high strength.

Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain review

The Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain All-Season Passenger Tire is one of the latest additions from the well-known North American specialist off-road tire manufacturer. This model is specially designed for SUVs and pickups, the operation of which is associated with the frequent overcoming of off-road areas with unstable loose soils mud and sand. This is also indicated by the word Mud (dirt) in the name of the tire.

Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain review
Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain review

This model has a tread pattern with a non-directional symmetrical pattern, which has an original and aggressive appearance. As befits a high-quality off-road tire, the tread of this model consists of four very wide ribs arranged longitudinally. The large width of the ribs allows, due to the extensive contact area, to provide excellent grip on various types of surfaces, simultaneously reducing the pressure on the ground.

Each of the four longitudinal ribs is a separate row of massive blocks. At the same time, the blocks located in the center of the tread are divided into two parts by special elliptical lamellas cut to the full depth. These lamellas are designed to increase the rigidity of the tread blocks at the moment they come into contact with the surface. In addition, the Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain tire blocks themselves have a complex polygonal shape, the edges of which also resemble an ellipse, and their corners are rounded.

This block design provides excellent traction characteristics. Also noteworthy is the bidirectional arrangement of the tread blocks, due to which it was possible to provide excellent traction and grip in both directions of movement. This significantly expanded the tire’s ability to overcome difficult off-road sections.

Main features of Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain

  • Unique S-shaped design of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern provides excellent traction and grip on various types of surfaces in both directions of movement;
  • Excellent self-cleaning performance, thanks to the large distance and depth of the tread;
  • The three-layer design of the sidewalls reliably protects them from punctures and cuts;
  • The addition of silicon-containing components to the rubber compound significantly improved grip in wet weather;
  • High strength and excellent elasticity of the tire is provided by a double steel cord and an additional nylon layer wound using seamless technology.

Pro Comp Xtreme Trax review

Pro Comp Xtreme Trax, an all-season passenger car tire from a well-known North American manufacturer, was specifically designed for ATVs and other similar wheeled vehicles of similar use. Despite the narrow specialization, this model used all the proprietary technologies used by this company in conventional off-road tires.

Pro Comp Xtreme Trax review
Pro Comp Xtreme Trax review

As befits a high-quality off-road tire, this model is equipped with a non-directional symmetrical tread pattern with a very aggressive design. The tire tread is equipped with powerful lugs located at a considerable distance from each other.

At the same time, the lugs are divided into separate blocks of complex geometric shapes. This structure and shape of the tread blocks provide the tire with a lot of advantages, due to which it demonstrates the phenomenal ability to overcome off-road. Also noteworthy is the bidirectional arrangement of the tread elements. This allows you to provide excellent traction and coupling performance, both when moving forward and in the opposite direction. This ability greatly expands the tire’s ability to overcome even very difficult off-road terrain.

Another distinguishing feature of the Pro Comp Xtreme Trax is its rounded tread profile. Thanks to this technical solution, a more uniform distribution of the load over the contact patch are ensured, which, in turn, reduces the load on the ground.

Taking into account the specifics of the tire application, its carcass was significantly reinforced with a two-layer steel cord and an additional layer of nylon wound using seamless technology. This allowed it not only to significantly increase its strength and resistance to punctures and cuts but also to give it excellent elasticity. In addition to a reinforced carcass, the tire received sidewalls with a three-layer design. This made it possible to reliably protect the most vulnerable part of the tire from various aggressive mechanical effects.

Pro Comp Xtreme Trax Key Features

  • Excellent cross-country ability, thanks to the unique design of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern;
  • Optimal load distribution over the contact patch when driving on unstable ground, thanks to the rounded tread profile;
  • High strength and excellent elasticity of the tire is provided by a two-layer steel cord and a layer of nylon fibers wound using seamless technology.

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