Radar Tires Review: All Best Radar Tires For 2023

You do not have to look further than our comprehensive Radar Tires review, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of Radar Tires, including their performance, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re in need of tires for your daily commute or for off-roading adventures, Radar Tires has a wide selection to fit your needs.

Radar Tires Review All Best Radar Tires
Radar Tires Review

Read on to discover why Radar Tires should be your go-to choice for your next tire purchase.

who makes radar tires?

The homeland of Radar tire is Singapore. This is where the brand was founded in 2006. It is worth noting that the brand did not go through that long and thorny path to success in its history because Radar was founded by Omni, an advanced company at that time. It was she who gave impetus to the development of the brand and produces its products under the name Radar. It is worth noting that in just four years, Radar tires have managed to conquer the domestic market. Then it was decided that it was time to expand our own capabilities, and the Radar brand should become recognizable in the world.

In 2010, the first strategic projects for conquering the world market with Radar car tires were developed. These projects were successful and today Radar products are exported to more than a dozen countries in Europe and Asia. Such popularity of the Radar car tire is not only due to perseverance, innovation, and the development of new projects. The range of goods that Radar offers its customers is also important. Radar tires are already available in sixty different sizes. In addition, the choice of tires is not limited to passenger cars: the company offers tires for pickups, SUVs, and trucks.

Radar Winter tires

Winter tires Radar is equipped with an asymmetric pattern, which allows for excellent traction in all weather conditions. In Radar’s catalogs, you will find a variety of representatives of the winter tire line. To make the right choice, determine the level of precipitation in your climate zone and choose the depth of the pattern accordingly.

Radar Summer tires

Summer tires Radar is an extraordinary lightness, which is exactly what you need in the summer. Radar summer tires are made from alloys, which provide a small tire weight, and this is only a plus. In addition, the tire pattern is symmetrical and provides good grip on the road surface. It is worth noting that the composition of rubber includes special active components that maintain stability on the road and the elasticity of tires even during critical summer temperatures.

Radar all-season tires are a great way to save money. All-season tires Radar combines the best qualities of winter and summer tires.

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Radar Argonite Alpine Review

The Radar Argonite Alpine winter commercial tire is designed for long-term and intensive use in regions with a cold climate. It is characterized by improved grip and driving comfort on any winter roads, increased load capacity, resistance to damage.

Radar Argonite Alpine Review
Radar Argonite Alpine Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a high density of siping, which is typical for modern winter tires. Hundreds of zigzag sharpened edges enhance traction and braking performance on wet, packed snow and ice. The rubber compound used in the tire with a high content of “silica” and the presence of special polymers significantly improves these properties in such conditions. Also worth noting is the optimized tread profile and carcass design. This significantly increases the contact patch and allows you to evenly distribute the pressure over the road surface. The result is increased grip stability, improved driving comfort and reduced wear.

Main features of Radar Argonite Alpine

  • high density of sipes improves traction properties on slippery winter surfaces;
  • rubber compound with a high content of “silica” and special polymers gives the tire tenacity at low temperatures;
  • optimized carcass design and tread profile improve handling at high speed, slow down the wear process.

Radar Argonite rv4 Review

The Radar Argonite rv4 summer tire is used in small commercial vehicles, minivans and campers. It features increased strength, increased mileage, stability of the trajectory and precision in control at high speed, quiet and smooth running on bumps.

Radar Argonite rv4 Review
Radar Argonite rv4 Review

The tread pattern contains four wide longitudinal ribs. Rigidity, longitudinal arrangement and uniform distribution of these elements reduces rolling resistance, slows down wear, ensures trajectory stability and stability when maneuvering. A pair of ribs in the central part contain S-sipes that enhance grip on wet surfaces. Short slots along the edges of the ribs further reduce wear. The shoulder areas contain narrow grooves, thanks to which it becomes possible to intensively accelerate and brake on wet surfaces.

Main features of Radar Argonite rv4

  • tread pattern with solid ribs increases the stability of the trajectory at high speed, reduces fuel consumption, prevents rapid abrasion;
  • S-shaped sipes enhance grip on wet surfaces;
  • optimized profile of the shoulder zones increases stability during maneuvering, prevents uneven wear.

Radar Centigrade Plus Review

The winter tire Radar Centigrade Plus is designed for use in vehicles with improved dynamic properties. Designed for use in cold climates, featuring improved traction and ease of handling on snowy and icy surfaces.

Radar Centigrade Plus Review
Radar Centigrade Plus Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a very dense cutting of lamellas. Their multi-directional pointed edges increase traction and deceleration on the slipperiest winter surfaces. At the same time, the “three-dimensional” profile of the walls of the slots provides stability of adhesion and ease of control in such conditions. Another feature of the tread pattern is the increased width and V-shaped arrangement of the grooves. This allows them to intensively remove not only excess moisture, but also a heavy mixture of water and snow outside the tread.

Main features of Radar Centigrade Plus

  • high density of 3D sipes provides excellent traction and efficient braking on packed snow and ice;
  • wide grooves directed against the movement maintain reliable control in difficult weather conditions;
  • tread profile with variable curvature improves handling at high speed, slows down the wear process.

Radar Dimax 4 Season Review

All-season tire Radar Dimax 4 Season is designed for year-round operation in regions with so-called “European” winters. It is characterized by stable grip on wet and snowy surfaces, braking efficiency, smooth running, acoustic comfort and high mileage.

The protector has a two-layer structure. The bottom “base” layer is made of a hard compound that reduces rolling resistance and wear, improves directional stability and control precision. The outer part of the rubber compound with “silica” due to its elasticity at low temperatures improves traction on winter surfaces. The tread pattern is distinguished by dense cutting of sipes and the presence of special “activators” that further increase the efficiency of these elements. With their help, traction and braking intensity on ice, packed snow and wet surfaces are increased.

Main features of Radar Dimax 4 Season

  • two-layer structure of a protector provides to the tire the balanced road performance;
  • 3D sipes with “activators” increase traction and braking intensity on slippery winter surfaces;
  • Optimized profile and tread pattern improve handling, acoustic comfort and ride comfort.

Radar Dimax Alpine Review

The winter tire Radar Dimax Alpine is developed taking into account the climatic features of European countries. Differs in stability of coupling on a wet and snowy covering, comfort of management at any speed, quiet and smooth running, long service life.

Radar Dimax Alpine Review
Radar Dimax Alpine Review

The tire tread is made of a rubber compound, which, in addition to a large amount of “silica”, contains complex polymer compounds. They additionally increase flexibility at low temperatures while maintaining high abrasion resistance. As a result, traction and grip on wet surfaces and snow are improved. They are also provided with a high cutting density and zigzag sipe edges, allowing the tire to effectively cling to any smooth, slippery surface.

Main features of Radar Dimax Alpine

  • optimized rubber compound, flexible at low temperatures and resistant to abrasion;
  • increased cutting density and sawtooth shape of the lamella edges provide stable grip on slippery winter roads;
  • directional arrangement of drainage grooves increases the intensity of water drainage and its mixture with snow.

Radar Dimax Eco Review

Summer tire Radar Dimax Eco is designed for everyday use on any paved roads. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, braking efficiency, driving comfort, pronounced fuel-saving properties and long service life.

The tread is made from a low hysteresis rubber compound. This significantly reduces rolling resistance, improving fuel economy and mileage. Here it is worth noting the presence of a frame made entirely of synthetic materials. The rigid yet lightweight design also reduces fuel consumption and wear while providing good directional stability and control at high speeds.

Main features of Radar Dimax Eco

  • optimized rubber compound reduces rolling resistance and heat during long-term driving at high speed, reducing fuel consumption and wear;
  • low weight and rigidity of the frame structure improve fuel efficiency, wear resistance and handling;
  • enlarged grooves, a large number of sipes provide reliable control on wet surfaces.

Radar Dimax R8 Review

Summer tire Radar Dimax R8 is designed for the most dynamic versions of passenger cars. At high speeds, it demonstrates excellent stability, provides accuracy and speed in control, and stability on wet surfaces.

The running part of the tread is distinguished by an asymmetric arrangement of elements and their distribution over functional areas. This structure gives the tire an ideal balance of performance properties. The outer side of the tread with a massive continuous longitudinal rib and large shoulder blocks provides stable traction and precise handling. The inner part is characterized by a high content of drainage grooves. This provides a low tendency to hydroplaning.

Main features of Radar Dimax R8

  • asymmetric tread pattern with division into functional areas provides a balance of performance properties;
  • Vane blocks improve wet grip and acoustic comfort.
  • massive elements in the shoulder areas provide stability and control accuracy when maneuvering.

Radar Dimax R8+ Review

Summer tire Radar Dimax R8+ is designed for use in cars with high dynamic performance. It features increased control accuracy at high speed, reliable grip on dry and wet surfaces, quiet and smooth running.

The tread pattern is notable for the asymmetric arrangement of elements, due to which balanced running properties are achieved. It is worth noting the numerous and long edges of blocks and lamellas. This is the reason for the high intensity of braking on wet surfaces. The increased volume of the longitudinal grooves avoids hydroplaning even at high speeds, and the elastic rubber compound with a high content of “silica” in such conditions gives the tire even more tenacity.

Main features of Radar Dimax R8+

  • balanced driving performance due to the asymmetry of the arrangement of the elements of the tread pattern;
  • rubber compound with “silica” in the composition provides a reliable grip on cold wet surfaces;
  • a large number of lamellas provide confident behavior in adverse weather conditions.

Radar Dimax Winter Sport Review

The Radar Dimax Winter Sport winter tire is designed for use in regions with a cold climates. It features improved traction and coupling properties on any slippery surfaces, driving comfort, acoustic comfort, and smooth running.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the “advanced” design of the sipes. They have sawtooth-pointed edges and are interconnected by special “activators”. They contribute to the simultaneous opening of all the slots cut in the blocks, which significantly increases the efficiency of their work on packed snow and ice. The optimized tread profile with variable curvature, the same density of the elements of its pattern provides the tire with a stable grip and facilitate the process of driving.

Main features of Radar Dimax Winter Sport

  • lamellas with “activators” increase traction and braking force on packed snow and ice;
  • optimized profile and uniform high density of tread pattern elements improve handling, increase wear resistance;
  • flexible at low temperatures rubber compound with a high content of silica.

Radar Renegade AT-5 Review

All-season tire Radar Renegade AT-5 is designed for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. A versatile model that is effective on asphalt roads and any type of dirt surface. Differs in reliability of coupling properties, course stability at high speed, resistance to punctures and abrasion.

Radar Renegade AT-5 Review
Radar Renegade AT-5 Review

Most of the tread pattern is occupied by densely spaced large blocks. They provide even pressure on the road surface, thereby slowing down wear. The shape and dimensions of the blocks were selected using computer simulation. This improves grip stability, especially on wet surfaces. The carcass of the tire is a 3-ply cord, which improves steering accuracy and reduces the risk of through mechanical damage.

Main features of Radar Renegade AT-5

  • dense arrangement and large dimensions of elements in the central part of the pattern slows down tread wear;
  • stable grip on any surface due to the special shape of the blocks, selected using computer simulation;
  • 3-ply carcass cord reduces the risk of tire damage on off-road, improves steering precision, improves handling on paved roads.

Radar Rivera Pro2 Review

The Radar Rivera Pro2 summer tire is a model designed specifically for long distance travel. Differs in comfort of management and reliability of coupling at a high speed, efficiency of braking on a wet covering, silent and smooth running, fuel economy and wear resistance.

The running part of the tire has a profile that significantly expands the contact patch and allows you to evenly distribute the load on the road surface. This improves traction, providing ease of control, and prevents rapid wear of the tread. Its asymmetrical pattern contains a large number of grooves, lamellas and blocks with long pointed edges. This significantly improves traction and grip on wet surfaces, allowing you to maintain reliable control even at high speeds.

Main features of Radar Rivera Pro2

  • increased contact patch, optimal load distribution on it improve grip, providing ease of control;
  • a solid rib in the middle increases the accuracy of control at high speed;
  • a large number of sipes and elongated block edges provide reliable control on wet surfaces.

Radar RPX800 Review

Summer tire Radar RPX800 is designed for compact and passenger cars with high dynamic performance. Designed for long distance driving with sporty handling, dry and wet traction.

Radar RPX800 Review
Radar RPX800 Review

Optimized tread profile widens the contact patch. Combined with the pattern design, this improves handling and slows down tire wear. The shoulder zones of the asymmetric tread significantly enhance these properties, as well as the accuracy of control due to the high resistance of the blocks contained there to deformation. The tread elements are arranged with variable pitches. This almost completely eliminates the occurrence of resonant noise and vibration, which has a positive effect on the acoustic comfort inside the car.

Main features of Radar RPX800

  • increased contact patch by optimizing the tread profile;
  • massive blocks along the edges of the tread increase stability when maneuvering, prevents uneven wear;
  • enlarged longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum.

Radar RPX800+ Review

Summer tire Radar RPX800+ is designed for everyday use on any paved road. It is distinguished by increased mileage, reliable grip and ease of control at high speed, acoustic comfort.

The asymmetric tread pattern is notable for the presence of a large number of multidirectional grooves. This avoids the formation of a continuous film of water in the contact patch even in heavy rain. In such conditions, the large length of the transverse edges of the sipes and blocks allows the tire to demonstrate high traction and braking power. The flexible rubber compound and tread design provide a quiet and smooth ride.

Main features of Radar RPX800+

  • an increased number of sipes allows the tread to effectively resist hydroplaning;
  • many transverse edges of slots and blocks provide high traction and braking intensity on wet surfaces;
  • an elastic compound and a “step-by-step” arrangement of elements increase acoustic comfort and give the tire a smooth ride on bumps.

Radar RVX1 Review

The Radar RVX1 summer tire is designed for small commercial vehicles. It is characterized by increased carrying capacity, and improved grip not only on asphalt roads but also on unpaved surfaces.

Radar RVX1 Review
Radar RVX1 Review

The tread pattern contains predominantly large deformation-resistant elements. This improves directional stability in straight-line driving, while maneuvering provides precision in control, preventing uneven abrasion of the running part of the tire. Multidirectional block edges allow the tire to maintain stability not only on wet paved roads but also on any unstable loose surface. Wide drainage grooves effectively cope with the removal of water, snow, and soil particles.

Main features of Radar RVX1

  • universal tread pattern, effective on any road surface;
  • Optimized tread profile and wear-resistant rubber compound ensure long life in the toughest conditions.
  • enlarged drainage grooves allow you to maintain reliable control in adverse weather conditions.

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