Rapid tires Review: All Best Models With Features For 2023

Do you want unbiased Rapid tires review! Rapid tires have been gaining popularity recently, and we’re here to give you an in-depth review of what they have to offer. From their design and construction to their performance on the road, we’ll cover all the important aspects of these tires. So whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventurous off-roader, read on to find out if Rapid tires are the right choice for you.

who make rapid tires?

Rapid tires Review All Best Models With Features
Rapid tires Review

Tires from the Chinese manufacturer Shengtai Group Co., ltd under the Rapid brand have won recognition from domestic consumers due to their low price and decent technical characteristics. Produced under license from the French company Michelin, these tires are manufactured in compliance with European quality standards and include innovative developments of European engineers. In our market, these tires are mainly represented by two models of summer tires for passenger cars Rapid P309 and Rapid P609 of various sizes from 14 to 20 inches.

Rapid Summer tires

Summer tires of this Rapid brand, in addition to low cost, combine the necessary technical characteristics for urban areas. These tires are great for everyday driving. Rapid tires provide high-quality grip on wet roads, ensuring driving safety on wet pavement. Tires also provide a low noise level due to the alternation of cutouts of a certain shape and depth in the tread, which dampen sound vibrations. The presence of drainage channels in the tread pattern protects the car from the effect of hydroplaning. 

Also, these tires are characterized by a fairly high handling and directional stability due to the use of technical solutions from Michelin specialists, the innovative developments of which are reflected in the design of Rapid tires.

Thus, these tires are an excellent budget option for urban drivers of small economy class cars, providing owners with a unique combination of high quality tires, decent technical characteristics and low cost, which ensures their popularity and demand in the domestic market. Discover the Best tyres review for your vehicle.

Rapid Ecosaver Review

The Rapid Ecosaver summer tire is designed for compact and mid-size cars. It is characterized by a high level of driving and acoustic comfort, long service life and stable grip on wet surfaces.

Rapid Ecosaver Review
Rapid Ecosaver Review

Low risk of hydroplaning

A distinctive feature of the tire tread pattern is the design of the drainage system. In the central part, the longitudinal grooves have a significant internal volume, due to which the tread can simultaneously remove almost any amount of water from the contact patch. In the shoulder areas, the drainage grooves are complemented by wide grooves on the sidewalls, which further enhance the resistance to hydroplaning when maneuvering.

Excellent handling in all conditions

The tread pattern contains three continuous longitudinal ribs. Two additional elements are located in the shoulder areas. Possessing high resistance to deformation, the longitudinal ribs increase directional stability and grip stability. In addition, they provide fast and precise transfer of lateral acceleration forces to the steering wheel, which makes driving easier.

Main Features of Rapid Ecosaver

  • low risk of aquaplaning at any speed;
  • two additional longitudinal ribs in the shoulder areas improve directional stability, control efficiency, acoustic comfort;
  • compound blocks in the central part improve longitudinal grip, give the tire a soft ride, and prevent uneven wear.

Rapid Effivan Review

The Rapid Effivan summer tire is designed for light commercial vehicles. Available in a wide range of sizes from 13″ to 16″. It is characterized by excellent controllability and long service life.

Rapid Effivan Review
Rapid Effivan Review

One of the distinguishing features of the design of the running part of the tread is the presence of three wide longitudinal grooves in the central part. These drainage elements effectively prevent hydroplaning. Shoulder zones contain narrow slots that improve several properties at once acoustic comfort, resistance to uneven wear. It is also worth noting the absence of gaps and the massive size of all tread ribs. This solution increases the contact area of ​​the tire with the road, reduces rolling resistance, and makes the tire behavior more predictable.

Main features of Rapid Effivan

  • suitable for almost any light commercial vehicle;
  • low risk of aquaplaning;
  • multifunctional slots in the shoulder areas prevent uneven wear, reduce rolling noise;
  • solid massive tread ribs increase the contact patch, improve directional stability and handling.

Rapid P309 Review

The area of ​​application of the Rapid P309 summer tire is compact passenger cars. The model is characterized by a high level of acoustic and driving comfort, improved grip during longitudinal acceleration, stability at high speed and resistance to aquaplaning.

Rapid P309 Review
Rapid P309 Review

Reduced noise level

One of the features of the tire tread is an increased number of blocks and their location at a significant inclination relative to the direction of travel. They are separated from each other by drainage grooves. These elements have dual functionality. In addition to removing water, they reduce the level of high-frequency noise from the air, ensuring its most intense dispersion.

Multifunctional rib in the center

Another element with enhanced functionality is a longitudinal rib located in the central part of the tread. Special grooves along its edges also improve acoustic comfort by preventing tire rolling noise. At the same time, the solid construction of this element enhances stability when driving at high speed, and in combination with the longitudinal lamella, the speed and accuracy of reactions to the driver’s actions.

Wet safety

The tire is characterized by increased resistance to aquaplaning. This is mainly the merit of four longitudinal drainage grooves in the central part. They provide continuous removal of water from the contact patch in almost any volume. This gives the tread exceptional hydroplaning resistance. Together with the increased content of silica in the rubber compound, this allows the tire to provide safety on wet surfaces.

Main features of Rapid P309

  • increased acoustic comfort due to effective dispersion of tire rolling noise;
  • a double longitudinal rib in the center increases stability during straight-line movement at high speed, facilitates the process of driving a car, giving it speed and accuracy;
  • confident behavior on wet surfaces is ensured by a high content of silica in the rubber compound and a significant volume of four longitudinal drainage grooves

Rapid P609 Review

Summer tire Rapid P609 is designed for passenger cars and has an optimal price/quality ratio. In the production of this model, advanced technologies of the well-known Michelin company were used, so there is no doubt about the quality of this tire. This model is ideal for urban use.

Rapid P609 Review
Rapid P609 Review

Asymmetrical tread design

The Rapid P609’s asymmetric tread design allows for a larger contact surface for superior performance. Three rows of blocks located in the central part of the tread helped to increase stability and controllability. Special channels between the blocks provide excellent grip and reduce noise while riding. Four deep channels quickly remove water, preventing possible hydroplaning. Therefore, in all weather conditions, the tire is characterized by confident handling and increased grip.

The shoulder area has blocks with sharp edges that increase traction during sharp maneuvers. A large number of cuts, grooves and grooves increase grip on any road surface. Even when driving into nature, the tire provides excellent handling and increased flotation.

Optimized frame

When creating this carcass, a new cord winding technology and the most durable materials were used. As a result, the tire is characterized by a minimum amount of damage, providing increased driving safety. Also, an optimized carcass made it possible to achieve a uniform distribution of pressure inside the tread. Due to this, the service life has increased and uneven wear of the tread has decreased. Also, the new structure made it possible to reduce driving noise, increasing ride comfort.

Main features of the Rapid P609 tire

  • ride comfort is ensured by a large number of cuts and an optimized carcass;
  • the minimum rolling resistance was obtained through the use of silicon dioxide in the rubber compound (which reduces energy loss);
  • excellent traction on any ground is obtained by using a special system of grooves and fins;
  • the minimal effect of aquaplaning is obtained through the use of four deep channels that quickly remove water from the contact zone;
  • increased service life is provided by an optimized carcass and a new rubber compound.

Rapid Tracvan Review

The all-season tire for small commercial vehicles Rapid Tracvan is perfect for daily use throughout the year. It is characterized by improved traction and grip on wet surfaces and snow, comfort of control when maneuvering, increased load capacity and high mileage.

The tread pattern is made up of separate blocks. The elements are distributed along the longitudinal ribs, which reduces rolling resistance and provides stable grip at high speeds. Larger blocks are located along the edges, and their profile has a trapezoidal shape. This noticeably reduces wear unevenness, improving handling when performing manoeuvres.

Key features of the Rapid Tracvan

  • a large number of blocks and lamellas provides reliable control on wet surfaces and snow;
  • optimized tread profile increases the tire-road contact area, improving grip, handling, and wear resistance;
  • a special compound that is flexible at low temperatures and resistant to abrasion and tearing.

Rapid Crosslander A/T Review

The Rapid Crosslander A/T is an SUV tire that can be used all year round (assuming the European winter). The model is characterized by a developed block structure, which provides increased traction properties, including off-road.

The central area of ​​the tread is occupied by irregularly shaped blocks that create a large number of hook edges. Thanks to the latter, the permeability of transport on unpaved areas increases, and the effective cleaning of the contact zone is also realized. The elements themselves are made quite high. This factor has a positive effect on protection against mechanical stress, as well as an increase in the service life.

As a compound, a special mixture was used with silica and a number of additional additives that provide elasticity and resilience. In addition, their action prevents the rubber from hardening at low temperatures, thereby maintaining the working properties.

Features of the Rapid Crosslander A/T

  • installation on off-road vehicles of various manufacturers, operated in a mixed mode: asphalt off-road;
  • numerous block structures improve patency on soft soils;
  • the increased height of the tread elements contributes to an increase in mileage.

Rapid Cruise HTX Review

Summer tire Rapid Cruise HTX is installed on a wide range of SUVs, which are operated mainly in urban areas. The model has proven itself in high-speed driving, providing control transparency and stability of course stability.

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical style. In the central region there are three longitudinal ribs of various sizes with a large number of multidirectional notches. Such a constructive solution provides several properties at once. First, good handling at speed. Secondly, improved coupling, traction and braking characteristics. The wide shoulder areas are also equipped with numerous grooves. The combination of all channels and notches creates an extensive drainage network that can easily handle large volumes of water. Therefore, contact with the roadway always remains reliable.

Features of Rapid Cruise HTX

  • summer operation on off-road vehicles that move along paved roads;
  • a developed network of channels quickly copes with excess water in the contact zone, excluding aquaplaning;
  • wear-resistant compound increases service life.

Rapid Eco809 Review

Rapid Eco809 is a summer tire for a wide range of passenger cars, from compact to large vehicles. It is characterized by excellent control at speed, fast drainage and increased mileage.

The tread is made in a classic asymmetric non-directional style for summer. Its central zone is occupied by a narrow one-piece cast rib, which provides precise response to steering turns. On the sides of it are segmented ribs, the elements of which act as hooks, improving traction and braking performance. The shoulder area is made wider, which provides improved stability when maneuvering.
Deep circumferential channels, together with multidirectional notches, form an extensive drainage network that eliminates the effect of hydroplaning. Also, the tire is distinguished by acoustic comfort, which was achieved due to the special arrangement of elements that suppress the turbulence of air masses.

Main features of Rapid Eco809

  • installation in the summer on a wide range of passenger vehicles;
  • acoustic comfort, including at high speed;
  • a large network of grooves and channels effectively prevents aquaplanning, increasing the level of safety;
  • sensitive control and good maneuverability due to the developed shoulder area.

Rapid Eco819 Review

Rapid Eco819 is a summer passenger car tire with an asymmetric tread pattern. The model is characterized by excellent maneuverability, resistance to hydroplaning, as well as directional stability.

When it was created, modern modeling methods were used, which were reflected in the optimization of the location of individual elements. This had a positive effect on protection against aquaplanning, noise reduction transmitted to the car interior, as well as braking and traction properties. The central zone is occupied by three medium-sized ribs with diagonal notches. They are responsible for improving grip and traction. 

In addition, they are directly involved in the removal of excess moisture from the contact zone to the circumferential channels. The wide, segmented shoulder area keeps the vehicle stable during cornering, ensuring steering transparency.
During development, special attention was paid to the compound. A number of additives have been added to it, which maintain elasticity at elevated temperatures, and also protect the tire from rapid wear.

Main features of Rapid Eco819

  • installation on cars used in the summer;
  • asymmetric tread provides ease of control at speed;
  • a network of channels and notches contributes to protection against hydroplaning.

Rapid Ecolander Review

The Rapid Ecolander is an SUV tire that can be used all year round (subject to European winter availability). It features an aggressive tread pattern consisting of many individual blocks with a network of zigzag sipes. It is this structure that provides increased flotation on soft ground, stability on slippery roads and effective protection against damage.

Numerous block structures with sharp edges are located in the central region. The hooks formed by them are effective both on mud and loose snow, increasing traction properties. Deep interblock channels quickly remove water, sludge and liquid dirt, keeping the contact area clean.

The tire compound was made using modern additives. This is reflected in the reduction of abrasion, even with intensive use, as well as maintaining elasticity at various temperature conditions.

Main features of Rapid Ecolander

  • the possibility of year-round operation on SUVs, subject to warm winters;
  • aggressive tread provides reliable grip on slippery roads;
  • the developed network of a drainage quickly clears a contact zone, supporting coupling;
  • compound with antiwear properties.

Rapid Effitrac Review

The Rapid Effitrac commercial bus and light truck tire is a versatile tire that performs well in both urban and regional traffic. It is characterized by ease of control and grip stability at any speed, increased load capacity and resistance to wear and punctures.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a well-balanced ratio of the dimensions of the longitudinal ribs and grooves. This made it possible to significantly reduce the rolling resistance, avoiding the deterioration of the basic driving characteristics. A large number of transverse gripping edges provides high traction and braking properties on wet surfaces. A significant volume of longitudinal grooves minimizes the risk of formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch at almost any speed.

Main features of Rapid Effitrac

  • optimized profile and tread pattern even out and reduce pressure in the contact patch, improving handling and increasing tire wear resistance;
  • stiffness of the longitudinal ribs provides stable grip and control accuracy at high speed, reduces rolling resistance;
  • increased volume of longitudinal grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum.

Rapid Mud Contender M/T Review

The Rapid Mud Contender M/T summer tire for SUVs and pickups is a classic model in the Mud Terrain category. It is characterized by improved traction properties on soft and medium-hard ground surfaces, resistance to impacts, abrasion and tearing.

The tread pattern is made in an open design with increased voids between the blocks. This allows the tire to intensively self-clean from soil particles, which significantly increases the patency on earthen and clay surfaces that are viscous from excess moisture. It is also worth noting the presence of special protrusions between the shoulder blocks that prevent stones from getting stuck in the tread. Along with the use of a particularly durable rubber compound, this greatly improves the tire’s off-road reliability.

Main Features of Rapid Mud Contender M/T

  • open tread pattern is effective on earth and clay soils;
  • increased thickness of the running part and a large depth of the tread pattern reduce the risk of tire damage on the road;
  • Reinforced carcass and sidewalls, a special extra strong rubber compound increase tire mileage in difficult operating conditions.

Rapid RoadLegend HT Review

Summer tire for SUVs and crossovers Rapid RoadLegend HT is designed for use on paved roads. It is characterized by increased control precision and stable grip at high speed, excellent braking properties on dry and wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and smooth running.

The tread pattern is replete with gripping edges. Most of them are formed by sipes, which provide high traction and braking properties, especially on wet surfaces. Another important feature of the running part is the massiveness of the edge blocks and the trapezoidal profile of the shoulder zones. This helps offset the high center of gravity of SUVs and crossovers, providing consistent grip and precise control when maneuvering, and reducing the risk of uneven wear and tear.

Features of the Rapid RoadLegend HT

  • improved grip on wet surfaces due to the large number of sipes and the volume of drainage grooves;
  • trapezoidal profile and massive shoulder blocks improve handling, reduce wear unevenness;
  • a rubber compound with increased resistance to abrasion and the formation of small cracks increases the mileage of the tire.

Rapid Shark-Z02 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars Rapid Shark-Z02 is designed specifically for their most dynamic modifications. It is characterized by exceptional resistance to aquaplaning, sporty precision in handling, increased resistance to wear and overheating.

The asymmetric tread pattern is made in an aggressive design, the perception of which is due to the increased volume and a significant angle of the grooves. Most of the drainage elements are directed against the movement, due to which the rotation of the wheel is used to drain the water, which greatly increases the intensity of this process and, together with it, the resistance to hydroplanning. Another feature of the pattern is the hypertrophied dimensions of the shoulder blocks on the outer side of the tread. This allows the tire to demonstrate excellent stability and control accuracy when performing maneuvers at almost any speed.

Main features of Rapid Shark-Z02

  • exceptional resistance to hydroplaning due to the multiplicity, increased volume and direction of the grooves against the movement;
  • a rigid solid rib, massive blocks on the outer side of the tread and a reinforced carcass provide grip stability and sporty control at any speed;
  • optimized compound is resistant to abrasion, tearing and prolonged heating.

Rapid Ecosport Review

The Rapid Ecosport summer passenger car tire is designed for long-term, high-speed driving. In such conditions, it is characterized by stable grip, sporty handling, braking performance on dry and wet surfaces.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the massiveness of its constituent elements. Wide longitudinal ribs in the central part provide stable grip during straight-line driving at high speed, while reducing rolling resistance. Large double blocks on the edges of the tread give the tire responses with precision and speed, which greatly facilitates control over the vehicle’s trajectory when performing maneuvers.

Main features of Rapid Ecosport

  • optimized profile of the shoulder zones, massive blocks along the edges increase stability and control accuracy when maneuvering, prevent uneven wear;
  • rigid solid ribs in the central part provide directional stability during straight-line movement;
  • four longitudinal grooves and a curved shape of the transverse drainage elements avoid hydroplaning at almost any speed.

Rapid Tuftrail A/T Review

The Rapid Tuftrail A/T summer tire for SUVs and pickups is a classic All Terrain tire with versatility. On any road surface, including unpaved, it demonstrates reliable traction properties, ease of control, smooth running and resistance to mechanical damage.

Much of the tire’s versatility comes from its tread pattern. It is divided into functional areas. Shoulder zones contain large blocks with elongated transverse walls. Such elements increase the cross-country ability on unpaved surfaces, and on asphalt roads provide stable grip and precise control when maneuvering. In the central part, the blocks are located with a greater density, which reduces rolling resistance and increases wear resistance.

Features of the Rapid Tuftrail A/T

  • universal tread pattern is effective on asphalt roads and unpaved surfaces;
  • special rubber compound, flexible at low temperatures and resistant to abrasion and tearing;
  • a reinforced carcass with programmed deformation zones gives the tire strength and resistance to impacts, provides a smoother ride on off-road.

Rapid XTerrain Review

Summer tire for SUVs and pickups Rapid XTerrain is designed for operation on sandy soils. Under such conditions, it demonstrates high traction and braking properties, ease of control, smooth running and resistance to abrasion and punctures.

The tread pattern is distinguished by small block sizes and large voids between them. This design is most effective on loose, unstable soils, preventing the tire from burying under these conditions. It is also worth noting the arrangement of the blocks, in which virtually continuous transverse edges are formed, which provide high traction and braking properties. A large distance between the elements and special protrusions in the grooves further strengthen them, preventing the tire from “washing out” and stones getting stuck in its tread.

Main features of Rapid XTerrain

  • the tread pattern is optimized for operation on loose, unstable ground surfaces;
  • special rubber compound with increased resistance to abrasion, punctures and tears;
  • the increased width of the running part and its optimized profile reduce the pressure on the road surface, increasing flotation and slowing down the wear process.

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