Riken Tires Review: What are Best Riken Tires For 2023

Riken tires are great option for all seasons including summer and winter. So today we are sharing with you Riken tires review and features.

Riken Tires Review What are Best Riken Tires
Riken Tires Review

Who makes Riken tires?

Tire brand Riken belongs to the French company Michelin, which is one of the largest European tire manufacturers. Founded in 1889, Michelin is the world’s leading tire manufacturer with subsidiaries and representatives in more than 170 different countries. More than 115,000 employees work at Michelin’s factories, the company has 69 production sites in different parts of the world. Riken brand tires are manufactured in France based on innovative developments carried out by Michelin employees. Summer and winter tires of various sizes of this brand for cars are presented on the domestic market.

Riken Summer tires

Summer tires are represented by such tire models as Allstar, Raptor, and Maystorm. Riken summer tires feature a unique projector pattern that provides confident traction and excellent handling even on wet roads, which is achieved through a high-performance drainage system of grooves in the tread pattern, as well as side serrations that minimize vehicle noise. The use of a reinforced central part of the tread significantly increases the wear resistance of the tire, significantly increasing its service life. And the use of softer rubber provides a smooth ride. At the same time, these tires are characterized by high directional stability due to the use of side stiffeners.

Riken Winter tires

The main representative of winter tires of this brand are the SnowTime and SnowTime B2 models, which are distinguished by an effective system for removing water and snow porridge from the contact patch, the improved composition of the rubber compound used in the production of these tires provides them with excellent performance and increased wear resistance. The unique arrangement of the studs provides high directional stability and controllability when driving on snowy and icy roads. At the same time, these tires are characterized by a low noise level, which provides comfortable driving for the driver and passengers.

Thus, reliability, controllability, driving safety, and durability during operation are the main competitive advantages of Riken tires, ensuring their great popularity and demand in the domestic tire market.

Riken 701 Review

The Riken 701 summer tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. It features improved wet grip, comfortable handling, acoustic comfort and smooth ride.

Riken 701 Review
Riken 701 Review

The tread pattern is characterized by an increased number of coupling edges formed by blocks and lamellas cut into them. In combination with the increased volume of the drainage grooves, this increases the stability on wet surfaces. Shoulder blocks are modules of several elements, forming elongated multidirectional faces of a large area. This allows intensive acceleration and deceleration, gives the tire a significant margin of grip when maneuvering. The “modularity” of the shoulder zones significantly increases the softness of the ride and resistance to uneven wear.

Key features of the Riken 701

  • a large number of blocks and lamellas provides stability on a wet surface;
  • “modular” arrangement of blocks along the edges of the tread increases traction and braking efficiency, grip during maneuvering, gives the tire a soft ride;
  • optimized tread profile, increasing the contact patch, improves handling.

Riken All Season Review

The all-season tire for passenger cars Riken All Season is developed taking into account specific features of a climate in the European countries. It features improved grip on wet and snowy surfaces, along with refined handling, fuel efficiency and a smooth ride.

The tread pattern is made in a design familiar from Michelin tires, reminiscent of the skeleton of a fish. Numerous extended V-shaped block edges provide the tire with performance on wet and snowy surfaces, where it exhibits directional stability and high traction and braking properties, along with reduced rolling resistance. It is also worth noting the use of a “multi-radius” tread profile, which increases the contact patch, improving handling when maneuvering and reducing wear.

Main features of Riken All Season

  • tread pattern “fish skeleton” provides excellent traction and grip on wet and snowy surfaces;
  • optimized tread profile increases the contact patch, providing more stable grip and increased wear resistance;
  • Silica-based rubber compound remains flexible at low temperatures, improving traction on winter roads.

Riken Allstar Review

The Riken Allstar winter tire is designed primarily for low-cost compact passenger cars used both in the city and on country roads. This is mainly due to the size range, which includes sizes for wheels with a bore diameter of 13 inches or more. As for the performance, they are at a fairly high level, especially considering the attractive cost of this tire. This was achieved through the use of inexpensive, but at the same time extremely effective technical solutions in its design.

Riken Allstar Review
Riken Allstar Review

Three rigid longitudinal ribs in the central part

The high level of safety of this model is largely ensured by a very decent stability at any speed. This ability appeared in the tire, thanks to the original design of the central part of the tread. It contains three continuous longitudinal ribs, which have excellent deformation resistance. This feature allows the tire not only to maintain stability when driving at high speed, but also to respond very quickly and accurately to the actions of the driver.

Open shoulder design

Unlike the central part, the shoulder areas of the tread of this tire are made in an open design, consisting of many massive blocks. For the sake of ensuring maximum longitudinal traction and coupling properties, as well as stability during maneuvering, they are located almost at a right angle relative to the direction of movement. At the same time, it is impossible not to note the presence of lamellas in each of the blocks. These tread elements not only create additional grip edges, but also increase grip on wet roads by directing water from under the contact patch into nearby drainage grooves.

Main features of Riken Allstar

  • three rigid longitudinal ribs increase stability at high speed, improve control efficiency;
  • open shoulder design provides high performance during acceleration and braking;
  • Numerous transverse sipes increase braking efficiency and also prevent the occurrence of aquaplaning effect.

Riken Allstar 2 Review

The Riken Allstar 2 winter passenger tire is perfect for those car owners who like a high level of comfort, both driving and acoustic. This model is characterized by excellent handling and grip at a very low level of noise and vibration. Almost perfect balance was achieved through the use of advanced technologies and modern materials in the design of the tire.

Double longitudinal rib in the center of the tread

One of the main features of the symmetrical tread of this tire is the structure of its central part. It contains two longitudinal ribs of an inseparable structure, which gives them a very high resistance to dynamic deformation. On the move, this feature provides the tire with exceptional stability and reliability, as well as quick and precise steering responses that give the tire a sporty handling feel.

Increased grip edge content

In general terms, describing the design of the tread of this tire, one cannot fail to note its rather large openness. It contains many individual blocks that form numerous edges. However, much more of them are formed upon contact with the road by the lamellas cut into them. Since a significant proportion of these edges are located transversely, the tire exhibits very high longitudinal traction properties.

Main features of Riken Allstar 2

  • a symmetrical tread pattern with three inseparable ribs in the center provides the tire with good stability at high speed, as well as sporty honed handling;
  • a significant content of gripping edges gives the tire excellent grip during acceleration and deceleration;
  • multi-step arrangement of tread blocks reduces noise and vibrations.

Riken Cargo Winter Review

The popularity of the commercial winter tire Riken Cargo Winter is promoted not only by its “European” origin, but also by its attractive performance properties for our country. This model is characterized by reliability and good grip on snow and ice.

Riken Cargo Winter Review
Riken Cargo Winter Review

Lamellas and the possibility of installing spikes

This model is offered by the manufacturer without spikes. However, they provide the opportunity to install them. Mounting points are located in such a way as to not only improve grip on ice, but also give it maximum reliability and stability. But even without studs, this tire can provide a high level of safety on icy surfaces. It is provided by numerous coupling edges formed by wavy lamellas.

Increased load capacity and wear resistance

This tire is quite heavy. A significant part of the mass falls on the reinforced frame structure, almost entirely made of steel cord. This made it possible to improve several characteristics at once from load capacity to resistance to uneven wear.

Key Features:

  • good grip on ice, which can be further improved by installing spikes;
  • large size of the contact patch due to the massiveness and proximity of the tread blocks.

Riken Maystorm Review

At a low cost, the Riken Maystorm summer tire has good performance properties. This is largely due to the fact that this brand belongs to Michelin.

Riken Maystorm Review
Riken Maystorm Review

Enlarged shoulder areas

More than half of the entire tread area is occupied by its shoulder zones. Each of them, in turn, contains very wide transverse blocks separated from each other by drainage grooves. On the one hand, this design gives the tire excellent grip when maneuvering, and on the other hand, it significantly reduces the braking distance. In addition, rigid shoulder areas combined with a double longitudinal rib in the center of the tread provide precise control and stable behavior when driving at high speed.

Increased hydroplaning resistance

In addition to three longitudinal grooves, the drainage system of this tire contains many transverse elements. Thanks to their rearward facing and curved shape, the tread dries the contact patch with high intensity.

Key Features of Riken Maystorm

  • wide shoulder zones improve cornering stability, reduce braking distance;
  • Numerous drainage grooves, thanks to an optimized arrangement, increase resistance to aquaplaning.

Riken Maystorm 2 Review

The Riken Maystorm 2 summer passenger tire is designed specifically for use on passenger cars. Creating this model, the company’s specialists used all their vast experience and the best advanced technologies. Due to this, the tire has excellent driving performance and quite affordable cost. Even at high speeds, it holds the road perfectly, ensuring maximum driving safety. The tire meets all international standards and fully complies with the declared characteristics.

Unusual tread pattern

While designing Riken Maystorm 2tread, a computer simulation method was used, due to this, it was possible to achieve a better arrangement of all elements on the surface of the tire. The drainage system does its job perfectly, providing confident control even in heavy rain. Three deep central channels quickly remove water from the contact zone, preventing possible hydroplaning. A large number of smaller channels provide a “sticky” effect on wet surfaces and reduce driving noise. The new arrangement of the tread blocks allowed for an increased contact patch, which contributed to improved stability and controllability. Thicker tires were used to create the shoulder area, which reduced the amount of side damage and improved cornering stability.

New rubber compound

The new composition of the rubber compound used has a large number of modern components. Silicon was used to improve wear resistance, which made it possible to increase tire mileage under any operating conditions. Excellent elasticity is achieved as a result of the use of modern silica. This made it possible not only to increase the traction characteristics, but also accelerated the regenerative qualities of the tread. The tire swallows all the bumps, making the movement as comfortable as possible. This reduces the load on the suspension elements, which reduces the cost of car repairs.

Key features of Riken Maystorm 2

  • excellent grip on any road surface and at any speed is provided by a new tread pattern;
  • excellent directional stability and fast feedback obtained through the use of special central ribs;
  • minimum noise during movement is achieved due to a special system of lamellas of various depths and lengths.

Riken Maystorm 2 B2 Review

Summer tire Riken Maystorm 2 B2 is designed for compact passenger cars with high dynamic performance. Differs in reliability of coupling properties on a wet covering, sports perfection in management, fuel efficiency and long service life.

Riken Maystorm 2 B2 Review
Riken Maystorm 2 B2 Review

The tread pattern features a striking V-groove design. Drainage elements have a large volume, and a significant part of them is directed against the movement. This minimizes the risk of forming a continuous film of water in the contact patch even at high speed. In such conditions, the elongated edges of the blocks allow intensive acceleration and deceleration, and their rigidity and large dimensions allow precise dosing of traction and braking force, which greatly facilitates control over the vehicle’s trajectory.

Main features of Riken Maystorm 2 B2

  • “rain” tread pattern with numerous grooves is effective on wet surfaces;
  • elongated transverse edges of the blocks allow intensive acceleration and braking in rain conditions;
  • optimized profile of the tread and shoulder blocks increases stability when maneuvering, prevents uneven wear.

Riken Raptor ZR Review

The Riken Raptor ZR summer passenger tire is one of the most successful attempts by a little-known Chinese manufacturer in our country to create a high-performance model designed for high-performance passenger cars. In addition to being attractively priced, it offers excellent grip on wet roads, where it exhibits excellent hydroplaning resistance.

Riken Raptor ZR Review
Riken Raptor ZR Review

Aggressive V-shaped design

Judging by the tread pattern, this tire was originally created with the desire to provide maximum grip, especially on wet surfaces. This is clearly hinted at by the very aggressive V-shaped tread design that is characteristic of the so-called “rain tires”.

It consists of several functional zones, each of which is designed to solve a certain range of tasks. In particular, the central longitudinal rib of the Riken Raptor ZR is designed to provide maximum directional stability. In addition, due to the fact that this tread element has a very high rigidity, it gives the tire handling a sporty clarity, precision and speed.

On both sides, a plurality of arrow-shaped blocks adjoins the central longitudinal rib. Their massive dimensions, as well as a complex polygonal shape, provide the contact patch with maximum dimensions and a large number of differently located coupling edges.

Along the edges of the tread pattern are fairly wide shoulder zones. Due to their massive dimensions and multi-radius profile, the tire demonstrates increased stability when making sharp maneuvers. In addition, this part of the tread contains a large number of rectangular blocks, the edges of which made it possible to significantly reduce the braking distance.

Key features of the Riken Raptor ZR tire

  • the tire is specially designed for powerful high-speed passenger cars of different classes;
  • Aggressive V-shaped design of symmetrical tread pattern is optimized for driving on wet roads;
  • exceptional resistance to aquaplaning due to numerous rounded drainage channels;
  • a rigid central rib provides excellent directional stability, as well as sporty honed handling;
  • wide shoulder areas, divided into massive rectangular blocks, give the tire excellent cornering stability, as well as a short braking distance, especially on wet roads.

Riken Road Performance Review

The Riken Road Performance passenger car summer tire is perfect for those who prefer a dynamic driving style. It is characterized by stable grip properties at high speed, increased steering precision, the ability to brake intensively on wet surfaces, as well as fuel efficiency and wear resistance.

The tire features a carcass with programmed crumple zones and an optimized tread profile. These features improve traction in all driving modes, providing precise and quick responses to driver inputs. The tread pattern, in addition to the asymmetric design, is characterized by massive ribs and blocks, which increases the performance of the tire when driving at high speed, and also slows down the process of abrasion.

Key features of Riken Road Performance

  • ease of control at any speed due to the optimization of the carcass structure and tread profile;
  • excellent grip on wet surfaces is provided by an increased volume of longitudinal grooves and a rubber compound with a high content of “silica”;
  • massive longitudinal ribs reduce rolling resistance, prevent uneven wear.

Riken Snow Review

The Riken Snow passenger car winter tire is developed by Michelin. It is characterized by reliable grip properties and comfort in driving on snowy and icy roads, braking efficiency on any surface, acoustic comfort, smooth running.

Riken Snow Review
Riken Snow Review

The tread pattern features a striking directional V-groove design. The large width of the drainage elements and their direction against traffic allow the tire to maintain stability in the most difficult weather conditions. Another feature of the pattern is the presence of elongated transverse edges of a large area. This increases traction and braking power on snow. On wet and icy surfaces, the tire almost fully retains its ability to accelerate and brake intensively thanks to numerous sipes that form hundreds of additional sharp edges.

Key features of Riken Snow

  • directional V-shaped tread pattern with numerous blocks is effective on any winter roads;
  • multidirectional lamellas provide reliable control on slippery surfaces;
  • special rubber compound, flexible at low temperatures and resistant to abrasion.

Riken Snowtime Review

The Riken Snowtime winter tire fits most of today’s popular compact and mid-size passenger cars. It features improved traction and grip on snow and wet surfaces, directional stability, fuel efficiency and long service life.

The tread pattern is made in a “classic” design for such products, with a V-shaped arrangement of transverse edges. Due to this, on slippery surfaces, high directional stability and traction are achieved. In turn, the tilt and direction against the movement significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning, and due to the increased volume of drainage grooves slashplanning. On packed snow, the high efficiency of the tread is supported by numerous wavy sipes, which additionally form a large number of sharp edges in the contact patch.

Key features of Riken Snowtime

  • directional pattern with V-shaped grooves is effective on any winter surface;
  • the increased volume of the longitudinal grooves and the direction against the movement of the transverse drainage elements reduces the risk of aquaplaning and slashplanning;
  • Wave-shaped sipes increase efficiency on packed snow and ice.

Riken Snowtime B2 Review

In addition to the frankly uncomplicated name, the Riken Snowtime B2 winter tire is characterized by excellent traction on snowy and icy roads. In addition, the use of modern technologies and materials in its design has allowed its developers to improve a number of other operational properties, from fuel efficiency to acoustic comfort. Together with an attractive price, this makes the purchase of this model even more profitable.

Riken Snowtime B2 Review
Riken Snowtime B2 Review

Composite design of the central rib

A distinctive feature of the V-shaped tread of this tire is that its central part is a separate functional area that provides only those performance properties that were determined by its developers. This is the reason for its original design, which contains many trapezoidal blocks, in motion forming a very wide longitudinal rib. The small size of these tread elements made it possible to place them on the tread in a much larger quantity, which had a positive effect on traction and grip properties, primarily on snow. At the same time, rounded edges, as well as rounded corners of the blocks, help to reduce rolling resistance and noise levels.

Enlarged shoulder areas

In turn, the shoulder areas of the Riken Snowtime B2 tread are characterized by an open design and a large area. They contain many rectangular blocks, which, due to special longitudinal grooves, have a composite structure. With their help, the tire is given increased stability and grip when maneuvering and cornering. In addition, the very long and numerous transverse edges of the shoulder blocks greatly improve the braking performance of the tire.

Main features of the Riken Snowtime B2 tire

  • the composite design of the central rib improves the longitudinal traction properties, directional stability, while reducing noise and rolling resistance;
  • special longitudinal grooves in the shoulder areas improve handling in corners;
  • wide shoulder blocks allow the tire to demonstrate confident behavior when maneuvering, reduce the length of the braking distance.

Riken SUV Stud Review

The Riken SUV Stud winter tire is installed in SUVs. It features stable grip and high efficiency when braking on icy surfaces, pronounced fuel-saving properties.

Riken SUV Stud Review
Riken SUV Stud Review

The running part of the tread is distinguished by large block sizes. In the central part, they are located longitudinally, which reduces rolling resistance and improves directional stability. The gripping edges formed by them are multidirectional, which adds stability to the behavior of the tire on slippery surfaces during longitudinal accelerations. Shoulder blocks are deployed transversely, due to which high efficiency is achieved when maneuvering and braking. On icy surfaces, the tread shows excellent performance due to several thousand sipes and 8 longitudinal rows of studs.

Main features of Riken SUV Stud

  • Designed for SUV class cars and off-road vehicles;
  • tread pattern with large blocks provides large contact patch sizes, resistance to uneven wear;
  • longitudinally located central blocks reduce rolling resistance, improve longitudinal grip;
  • transverse blocks in the shoulder areas reduce the length of the braking distance, increase stability when maneuvering;
  • Numerous sipes and spikes increase efficiency on icy surfaces.

Riken Trail A/P Review

The Riken Trail A/P summer passenger tire compares favorably with most of its numerous analogues not only by its attractive cost, but also by its excellent adaptability to the most adverse operating conditions. This model is great for use throughout the year, both in summer and winter. At the same time, on any type of coating, it demonstrates reliable and stable coupling properties.

Riken Trail A/P Review
Riken Trail A/P Review

Open tread design

The tread pattern of this model is distinguished by a rather open design containing a large number of blocks. Due to their polygonal shape, each of them, in contact with the road surface, forms a plurality of differently located grip edges. This allows the tire to demonstrate confident and reliable behavior even under the most adverse road conditions.

Five longitudinal ribs

All numerous tread blocks are located in such a way that during movement they form five longitudinal ribs of an inextricable structure. Thanks to this feature, directional stability is improved, rolling resistance is reduced, and the likelihood of the occurrence and development of uneven wear is also reduced.

Wide shoulder blocks

Unlike the central part, the shoulder zones of the tread contain blocks of much more massive sizes. At the same time, small jumpers connect every two blocks into a single element, which gives this part of the tread pattern even greater rigidity and resistance to dynamic deformation. In motion, this shoulder design allows the tire to exhibit stability when maneuvering, as well as a very stable and reliable grip during acceleration and deceleration.

Elastic at low temperatures rubber compound

Much of this model’s versatility comes from the physical properties of the rubber compound. Due to the increased content of silica and the presence of a number of other components, it is able to retain most of the original elasticity even at very low temperatures. This allows the tire to demonstrate reliable grip in any winter, as well as wet from the rainy surface.

Key features of the Riken Trail A/P

  • excellent performance on any type of surface due to the universal tread pattern with an open symmetrical non-directional design;
  • five inseparable longitudinal ribs improve directional stability, reduce rolling resistance, and prevent uneven wear;
  • wide blocks of shoulder zones, united in groups, provide excellent stability when maneuvering, and improve traction during acceleration and braking;
  • Reliable grip on winter and rain-soaked roads thanks to the rubber compound, which is flexible at low temperatures.

All Riken Tires sizes table

185/60 R15205/65R16225/65R17
185/65 R15205/75R16235/45 R17
195/50 R15205/60 R16235/55R17
195/65R15215/55 R16235/60 R17
205/60R15215/60 R16235/65R17
215/65 R16

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