RoadX tires Review: Best Models with Features for 2023

RoadX brand tires are manufactured and developed using cutting-edge technology. At the same time, carefully selected materials are used, and the engineers of the manufacturer have done everything to ensure that every trip with RoadX tires is as safe and comfortable as possible. Let’s discuss RoadX Tires review with all features.

RoadX tires Review Best Models with Features
RoadX tires Review

There are currently very few passenger cars that cannot be fitted with RoadX tires. The manufacturer offers a wide range of models, as well as a choice of a large number of sizes. All this diversity has a clear structure, consisting of tires of the following categories:

  • for cars;
  • for commercial vehicles of small capacity;
  • for SUVs and crossovers;
  • for a taxi.Tires for passenger cars

The most numerous is the line of tires for passenger cars. It is divided into several parts depending on the generally accepted classes High Performance and Ultra High Performance. In the first case, the tires are distinguished by an increased level of driving comfort, and in the second, the performance properties are selected with a bias towards sports handling and increased grip at high speed.

RoadX Tires for commercial vehicles

This category includes several models for minibusses and light trucks. All tires are characterized by a long service life, reliability, and pronounced fuel-saving properties.

RoadX Tires for SUVs and crossovers

This category offers a very wide range of models, both on-road and off-road. Their performance properties are selected accordingly, which makes each tire extremely effective if used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A common feature for all models is extended service life, backed up by a long warranty.

RoadX Taxi tires

This part of the RoadX tire range is made up of models designed with the specific needs of taxis in mind. The tires are distinguished by exceptional mileage, low fuel consumption and acoustic comfort.

Let’s check out our all tires reviews.

RoadX RXMotion 4S Review

The RoadX RXMotion 4S all-season tire is designed for intensive use on unstable loose ground surfaces. It is installed in full-size pickups and SUVs, as well as trucks of small capacity. It is characterized by increased traction and grip properties off-road with a hard surface, resistance to damage and wear resistance.

RoadX RXMotion 4S Review
RoadX RXMotion 4S Review

The tread pattern is made in an open design, which is dominated by large blocks of complex polygonal shape with multidirectional high edges. They allow you to effectively implement traction on loose, unstable soil surfaces, while maintaining excellent directional stability in such conditions. A significant distance between the blocks prevents the “blurring” of the tread, making it easier to overcome the most difficult off-road sections.

Features of the RoadX RXMotion 4S

  • open tread pattern provides high efficiency on any unstable soil surfaces;
  • the polygonal shape of the blocks, the “stepped” profile of their walls increases the traction on earthen and clay soils;
  • special rubber compound, wear-resistant and resistant to tearing and punctures.

RoadX RXMotion H11 Review

Summer tire for passenger cars RoadX RXMotion H11 is perfect for everyday use, both on city roads and on highways. It is characterized by improved handling and stability on dry and wet surfaces, fuel efficiency and high mileage.

RoadX RXMotion H11 Review
RoadX RXMotion H11 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by a relatively small number of elements. This made it possible to make them more massive, thereby increasing the contact patch. As a result, traction and control are improved, the process of abrasion of the tread is slowed down, and rolling resistance is reduced. Another feature of the pattern is the large volume of grooves, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning even at high speed.

Features of the RoadX RXMotion H11

  • enlarged shoulder zones provide directional stability, prevent abrasion, increase control accuracy when performing maneuvers;
  • a large volume of longitudinal and transverse grooves minimizes the risk of aquaplanning;
  • two massive ribs in the middle provide high grip stability when driving at high speed.

RoadX RXMotion H12 Review

The RoadX RXMotion H12 summer tire is an all-rounder with a driving performance that will suit most car owners. The tire has a predictable behavior in difficult conditions, a comfortable quiet and smooth ride, and fuel efficiency.

RoadX RXMotion H12 Review
RoadX RXMotion H12 Review

The tread pattern is distinguished by high density and large sizes of elements. This increases the contact patch, which, in combination with the optimization of the profile of the entire tread of the tire, results in a significant improvement in traction and handling. Tread blocks contain long transverse slots. They allow more intensive traction and braking power on wet surfaces, additionally increase the softness of the ride and prevent wear.

Features of the RoadX RXMotion H12

  • rigid rib in the middle reduces rolling resistance, improves stability at high speed;
  • increased contact patch due to the design of the tread pattern improves grip on dry surfaces and handling when maneuvering;
  • many extended transverse sipes improve longitudinal grip on wet surfaces.

RoadX RXMotion U11 Review

Summer tire RoadX RXMotion U11 is designed for the most dynamic versions of crossovers and SUVs. Structurally, it is a “passenger” road tire adapted to the increased weight and high center of gravity of SUV category vehicles.

RoadX RXMotion U11 Review
RoadX RXMotion U11 Review

The asymmetric tread pattern is distinguished by the numerous and large volume of drainage grooves. Together with the increased tread depth, this reduces the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum, even at high speeds. The presence of continuous longitudinal ribs and rigid shoulder blocks determines the precision in control and stability when maneuvering, which allows you to get a lot of driving pleasure.

Features of the RoadX RXMotion U11

  • excellent resistance to aquaplaning due to the numerous and large volume of drainage elements;
  • a rubber compound with a high content of “silica” provides the tire with tenacity on cold wet asphalt and resistance to abrasion;
  • Rigid shoulder blocks and a solid rib in the central part increase steering precision and directional stability at high speed.

RoadX RXQuest A/T Review

Summer tire for SUVs and pickups RoadX RXQuest A/T is a typical representative of the models of the All Terrain category. It is characterized by improved traction and grip properties on unpaved surfaces, good handling and control reliability on asphalt roads, smooth running and high resistance to abrasion and punctures.

The tread of the tire is made of a compound whose properties have been optimized for ground conditions. It is distinguished by increased tensile and tensile strength, resistance to abrasion and the formation of small cracks. The tread pattern is a combination of polygonal blocks and wide cambered grooves with an aggressive angle. This off-road design provides high traction and stability, and on paved roads stable traction and driving comfort, reduced rolling resistance and limited noise and vibration.

Features of the RoadX RXQuest A/T

  • special compound, elastic, resistant to abrasion, punctures, tears and cracking;
  • universal tread pattern with polygonal blocks and wide curved grooves provides high traction and off-road stability, stable grip and comfortable handling on asphalt;
  • Optimized tread profile and tight tread patterns increase wear resistance, providing more precise control when performing manoeuvres.

RoadX RXQuest C01 Review

The RoadX RXQuest C01 summer tire is designed for medium duty commercial vehicles. Mounted on any of the axes. Adapted to intensive use in urban environments and on regional routes. Differs in reliable grip on dry and wet surfaces, increased strength and mileage, pronounced fuel-saving properties.

The tread pattern contains four continuous ribs that provide directional stability, reduce rolling resistance and prevent uneven tire wear. S-shaped sipes cut into two central ribs increase traction and braking power on wet surfaces. Under such conditions, the large volume of the longitudinal grooves prevents the formation of a water film between the tire and the road surface. Solid shoulder ribs, with high resistance to deforming effects, provide stability when maneuvering.

Features of the RoadX RXQuest C01

  • closed tread pattern with solid ribs ensures trajectory stability at high speed, increases mileage and saves fuel;
  • long S-shaped edges increase traction and braking power on wet surfaces;
  • a special rubber compound with increased resistance to abrasion, tearing and prolonged heating ensures greater mileage even on poor roads.

RoadX RXQuest C02 Review

The RoadX RXQuest C02 summer tire is designed for small commercial vehicles, motorhomes and full-size minivans. It is characterized by improved grip on wet surfaces, precise control at high speed, long service life.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the numerous and dense arrangement of blocks forming four wide continuous longitudinal ribs. This structure reduces rolling resistance and prevents abrasion, provides directional stability and precise control at high speed. The multidirectional edges formed by the blocks make it possible to effectively implement traction and braking force on wet surfaces, providing driving comfort in such conditions. In turn, the location of the tread elements with an offset relative to each other provides a high level of acoustic comfort.

Features of the RoadX RXQuest C02

  • dense arrangement of blocks and an optimized tread profile increase the contact patch, prevent abrasion;
  • Numerous multidirectional edges of blocks and sipes provide reliable grip on wet surfaces;
  • “multi-step” arrangement of tread elements improves acoustic comfort.

RoadX RXQuest H/T01 Review

The RoadX RXQuest H/T01 summer tire is used in pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers whose owners prefer to operate them primarily on paved roads. The High Terrain model stands out in such conditions with balanced driving performance, fuel efficiency and long service life.

A characteristic feature of the tread pattern is the original S-shaped blocks. It provides a contact patch with additional grip edges, reduces the level of abrasive impact on the tire, and improves acoustic comfort. Shoulder blocks are enlarged and have a trapezoidal profile. When maneuvering, this increases stability, and off-road allows you to more confidently overcome difficult sections, for example, being in a rut.

Features of RoadX RXQuest H/T01

  • S-shaped blocks enhance traction properties, reduce wear and noise when driving;
  • enlarged shoulder elements with a trapezoidal profile improve stability when maneuvering and off-road patency;
  • large volume of drainage grooves provides excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

RoadX RXQuest H/T02 Review

Summer tire RoadX RXQuest H/T02 is designed for use in crossovers, SUVs and pickups. Shows the greatest efficiency on asphalt roads. In such conditions, it demonstrates comfortable handling, reliable grip and long service life.

RoadX RXQuest H/T02 Review
RoadX RXQuest H/T02 Review

The tread pattern contains a large number of drainage elements. Wide longitudinal grooves communicate with each other through numerous slots with which the entire tread is dotted. This solution minimizes the risk of formation of a continuous water film in the contact patch. Under such conditions, numerous sharp edges formed by the sipes and groove walls make it possible to intensively accelerate and brake, and maintain stability when maneuvering.

Features of the RoadX RXQuest H/T02

  • tread pattern with a large number of drainage grooves and sipes provides reliable handling on wet surfaces;
  • variable block spacing improves acoustic comfort;
  • trapezoidal profile and large dimensions of the shoulder blocks provide precise control and stability during dynamic maneuvering.

RoadX RXQuest M/T Review

The RoadX RXQuest M/T is a summer tire designed for SUVs and pickups that require a significant portion of their use on soft, unstable ground surfaces. In such conditions, it demonstrates the reliability of grip properties, comfortable handling, softness on bumps and resistance to mechanical damage.

The tread pattern contains a large number of deep and wide grooves, which allow the tire to be effectively cleared of soil particles and small stones. To a large extent, this is facilitated by special ledges at the bottom of the drainage elements in the shoulder areas. The blocks located there, forming long high edges, provide excellent traction on the unpaved surface. The sidewalls of the tire contain numerous protrusions. They improve off-road traction and also reduce the risk of tire damage.

Features of RoadX RXQuest M/T

  • tread pattern with an open design is effective on any ground surface;
  • enlarged drainage grooves allow the tread to intensively self-clean from soil particles;
  • lugs on the sidewalls of the tire reduce the risk of damage on off-road, increase traction and grip properties when pressure is released.

RoadX RXQuest SU01 Review

The field of application of the RoadX RXQuest SU01 summer tire is the most dynamic version of the SUV category. The model is a High-Performance tire, the design of which is adapted for use in crossovers and SUVs. Accordingly, such a tire demonstrates the greatest efficiency on expressways.

The tread pattern has a large usable area, which, in combination with an optimized profile of the running part of the tire, increases the contact patch, ensuring reliable grip on dry surfaces. In rain conditions, the behavior of the tire practically does not change. The drainage elements have an increased volume, and the compound, due to its elasticity, allows the tire to cling well even to asphalt that is cold from rain.

Features of RoadX RXQuest SU01

  • Larger contact patch and reinforced belt improve traction and stability.
  • a double longitudinal rib in the middle, enlarged blocks along the edges increase directional stability and control accuracy;
  • wide drainage grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning at any speed.

RoadX RXQuest Van 4S Review

All-season tire for commercial vehicles RoadX RXQuest Van 4S is designed taking into account the specific climate of European countries. It is characterized by improved traction on snow and wet surfaces, driving comfort, ride smoothness and fuel efficiency.

The closed tread pattern is distinguished by massive longitudinal ribs. Such elements provide grip stability at high speed, control accuracy, preventing rapid abrasion of the running part. Another feature of the pattern is the presence of a significant number of lamellae. Multi-directional sipes with their pointed edges provide reliable grip on wet and snowy surfaces. The rubber compound, flexible at low temperatures, enhances this ability.

Features of the RoadX RXQuest Van 4S

  • tread pattern with massive longitudinal ribs provides grip stability and control accuracy, and prevents rapid tire wear;
  • a large number and multidirectional lamellae increase traction and grip on wet surfaces;
  • the wavy shape of the grooves prevents hydroplaning, reduces noise and vibration, and prevents uneven wear.

RoadX Frost WCS01 (Non studded) Review

Winter tire for commercial vehicles RoadX Frost WCS01 is designed for intensive use on any snowy and icy roads. It is characterized by reliable traction and coupling properties, ease of control when performing maneuvers, increased load capacity and resistance to damage.

The tread pattern is made in a directional design with a swept-back solid rib in the middle, characteristic of “Scandinavian” tires. This element reduces rolling resistance, providing good traction stability at high speed. The blocks located next to it are distributed in L-shaped groups, due to which traction and braking properties are increased, especially on snow. The efficiency of the tread on ice is ensured by “three-dimensional” sipes, which, with their sawtooth edges, allow the tire to cling even to such a slippery surface.

Main features of RoadX Frost WCS01

  • a solid swept rib in the middle and shoulder blocks with a trapezoidal profile increase resistance to uneven wear, grip stability and control accuracy;
  • Numerous 3D sipes provide high traction and braking properties on ice and wet surfaces;
  • a special rubber compound resistant to abrasion and flexible at low temperatures.

RoadX RXFrost WC01 Review

Winter commercial tire RoadX Frost WC01 is designed for operation on any snowy and icy roads. It is distinguished by increased load capacity and resistance to mechanical damage, reliable adhesion and high mileage.

The tread pattern is distinguished by a combination of straight and sawtooth sipes, as well as a high density of their cutting. On the one hand, this solution increases resistance to aquaplaning, and on the other hand, it provides excellent traction and grip on wet surfaces, packed snow and ice. Another feature of the tread pattern is the increased size of the shoulder blocks and the presence of rigid bridges between them, further limiting their mobility. This significantly increases the accuracy of control and stability in corners, reduces the risk of occurrence and development of uneven wear.

features RoadX Frost WC01

  • straight and sawtooth sipes improve grip on wet surfaces, packed snow and ice;
  • massive dimensions of the shoulder blocks, special “bridges” between them improve handling, prevent uneven abrasion;
  • increased area and rectangular shape of the contact patch increases wear resistance, provides ease of control when maneuvering.

RoadX RXFrost WCS01 Review

The RoadX RXFrost WCS01 winter tire is designed specifically for small-capacity commercial vehicles based on passenger cars. It is characterized by increased load capacity, resistance to abrasion and tearing with high traction properties on any snowy and icy surfaces.

The tread pattern is made in a classic V-shaped design for models of Scandinavian brands with an arrow-shaped rib in the middle and large U-shaped composite blocks along the edges. The long, curved edges formed by these elements provide excellent traction and stability on snowy and wet surfaces. Sawtooth lamellas are cut throughout the tread, which maintain reliable control on ice. It is also worth noting the trapezoidal profile of the shoulder zones. It increases the stability and accuracy of control during maneuvering, prevents the rapid development of uneven wear.

features of RoadX RXFrost WCS01

  • “Scandinavian” tread pattern with V-shaped grooves and numerous sipes is effective on any winter surface;
  • trapezoidal profile of the shoulder areas increases stability and control accuracy, and prevents the occurrence and development of uneven wear;
  • a special rubber compound, which is characterized not only by its elasticity at low temperatures but also by its increased resistance to abrasion, cuts and cracking.

RoadX RXFrost WH01 Review

The RoadX Frost WH01 winter tire is designed for a wide range of passenger cars operating in urban areas. The model provides stability of control on a winter road at various speeds, as well as good stability when maneuvering.

RoadX RXFrost WH01 Review
RoadX RXFrost WH01 Review

The directional symmetrical tread pattern has a five-rib structure. The central part is occupied by three segmented ribs. All of them are covered with a network of small sipes that increase the edge effect, creating a strong grip on the winter road. The presence of large channels provides fast self-cleaning from water and sludge, maintaining the protector in working condition. The shoulder area is also represented by block structures with an abundance of slits. Due to the reinforced sidewall design, the contact patch area is maintained during turns.

features RoadX Frost WH01

  • confident control on a winter road is provided by the edge effect created by numerous blocks and a network of sipes;
  • a high level of driving comfort by maintaining the softness of the compound at different temperatures;
  • quick cleaning of the contact spot due to the developed system of channels;
  • fuel efficiency.

RoadX RXFrost WH02 Review

The RoadX Frost WH02 winter tire is designed for compact and mid-size passenger cars. It features reliable grip on snowy and icy roads, comfortable handling and stability of the trajectory when maneuvering, low noise and vibration levels.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the large size of the elements in the central part. A wide longitudinal rib in the middle improves trajectory stability at high speed, reduces fuel consumption and prevents rapid tread wear. The blocks are grouped to create long and multi-directional edges that help the tire stay effective on snow. Performance on icy surfaces is provided by hundreds of 3D sipes and numerous studs that allow the tread to literally bite into the ice on the road surface.

features RoadX Frost WH02

  • a wide rib in the middle increases the stability of the trajectory at high speed, provides ease of control when maneuvering;
  • “modular” arrangement of blocks increases traction and stability on snow;
  • Numerous “three-dimensional” sipes and spikes provide reliable control on icy surfaces.

RoadX RXFrost WH03 Review

The RoadX Frost WH03 winter tire is designed for mid-size passenger cars. It is a so-called “friction” tire, characterized by improved grip on packed snow and wet surfaces, as well as acoustic comfort and high mileage.

The design of the tread pattern is dominated by large blocks that provide the formation of multidirectional elongated edges in the contact patch. This allows the tire to demonstrate confident behavior on snow. The distribution of elements along the longitudinal ribs reduces rolling resistance, improves steering precision and stability at high speed. Blocks contain several types of slots. Wavy lamellas, forming numerous sharp edges, improve grip on slippery surfaces. Small holes in such conditions dry out the road surface. This further enhances grip on ice and wet roads.

features RoadX Frost WH03

  • large blocks improve grip on snowy surfaces;
  • enlarged drainage grooves effectively remove water and heavy mixture with snow and road dirt;
  • several types of sipes provide reliable control on icy and wet surfaces.

RoadX RXFrost WH12 Review

The RoadX Frost WH12 winter tire for passenger cars is designed for use in the toughest conditions. On any slippery roads, it is characterized by reliable grip and stability in control, it is characterized by reduced rolling resistance and increased service life.

The directional tread pattern is made in a “classic” design with a V-shaped arrangement of drainage grooves. The large width of these elements and their orientation against the movement makes it possible to extremely effectively remove not only water from under the contact patch, but also its heavy mixture with snow. Long, high groove walls provide reliable traction on snow. Handling on ice is maintained at a high level due to the numerous and multidirectional wavy sipes cut in all blocks. Additional grip in such conditions can be provided by installing spikes, for which special mounting holes are provided in the tread.

features RoadX Frost WH12

  • “Scandinavian” tread pattern is effective on any snow-covered surface;
  • Numerous sipes provide grip on ice with the possibility of strengthening it by installing spikes;
  • wide anti-trafficking tread grooves allow the tire to maintain control in difficult weather conditions.

RoadX RXFrost WH12 (Non-Studded) Review

The RoadX RXFrost WH12 passenger car winter tire has performance characteristics that make it an excellent choice for everyday use on all wet and snowy roads. It is characterized by stable traction and grip properties and driving comfort on slippery surfaces, fuel efficiency, quiet and smooth running.

The tread pattern is a typical representative of the so-called “Scandinavian” design, which largely determines the confident behavior of the tire on any winter surface. Almost the only difference is the increased size of the grooves, which provides not only increased resistance to hydroplaning but also excellent traction on snow.

Main features of RoadX RXFrost WH12

  • directional V-shaped tread pattern with enlarged grooves has increased efficiency in adverse weather conditions;
  • the sawtooth shape of the edges and the multidirectional arrangement of the sipes guarantee reliable grip on wet surfaces and ice;
  • a rubber compound with a high content of “silica” and special polymers in the composition is not only elastic at extremely low temperatures, but also resistant to abrasion.

RoadX RXFrost WU01 Review

The RoadX Frost WU01 winter tire is suitable for most popular passenger cars. It is characterized by improved traction on wet surfaces and snow rolled to a mirror shine. Distinguished by sporty refinement in handling at high speed, acoustic comfort and fuel efficiency.

The tread pattern, in addition to the asymmetrical design, is distinguished by large block sizes. Combined with the optimization of the tread profile, this increases the contact patch and gives it a rectangular shape. This solution significantly enhances the grip on dry surfaces and their stability when maneuvering. The transverse arrangement of a significant part of the edges of the blocks provides the tire with good longitudinal grip on snow. The efficiency of the tread on more slippery surfaces is achieved by an increased density of sipes, which form additional thousands of sharp edges.

features of the RoadX Frost WU01

  • asymmetric tread with large blocks provides reliable grip and precise control at high speed;
  • the increased density of the sipes increases the intensity of acceleration and deceleration on an icy surface;
  • enlarged drainage grooves increase the reliability of control in difficult weather conditions.

RoadX RXFrost WU02 Review

Winter tire RoadX Frost WU02 belongs to the so-called “friction” models, being designed for operation in regions with a cold climate. It is characterized by improved grip on snow and wet surfaces, the ability to brake intensively on any slippery surface, acoustic comfort, and high mileage.

The tread pattern is distinguished by the high density of the sipes and the sawtooth shape of the edges formed by them. The slots have a “three-dimensional” profile, which fixes them in the open position when in contact with the road surface, while simultaneously limiting the mobility of blocks and ribs. As a result, traction on wet, snowy, and icy surfaces is enhanced, and reliable control is ensured in such conditions.

features RoadX Frost WU02

  • the increased density of the sipes, their sawtooth edges, and the “three-dimensional” wall profile allow intensive acceleration and braking on slippery surfaces, providing reliable control over the car;
  • optimized tread profile, the predominance of large elements in its pattern increase the contact patch, improving grip and handling on snow-free roads;
  • a special rubber compound that is resistant to wear and elastic at low temperatures.

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