Rovelo Tires Review: What Are Best Rovelo Tires For 2023

Rovelo Tires is a brand that has gained popularity in recent years, offering a range of tires for various vehicles and driving conditions. But with so many choices, it can be difficult to know if Rovelo Tires are right for you. In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth Rovelo Tires review to help you make an informed decision about your next tire purchase.

Rovelo Tires Review What Are Best Rovelo Tires
Rovelo Tires Review

who makes rovelo tires?

Rovelo tires were first presented to consumers in 2013 by Sailun. The brand was created to promote the manufacturer’s tire products in the markets of Canada, the USA and Europe. The official distributor representing the new product to European car owners is the Italian company Felsinea Gomme. The Rovelo range includes tires of different seasonality for cars and light trucks of different classes. The company is constantly improving and improving its products, introducing innovative technologies into the production process and applying the latest methods of its manufacture.

are rovelo tires good?

Rovelo Tires provides reliable, long-term, and safe operation in any period of the year. For manufacturing, high-quality raw materials, modern materials, and revolutionary design technologies for all constituent elements are used. The rubber developed for each of the seasons differs in its composition, and, accordingly, has different properties. For summer models, it is more rigid, and able to withstand high temperatures. 

Winter tires are endowed with high elasticity and do not freeze even in the most severe frost, due to the presence of silicon-containing polymers, natural oils, and other additives in its compound. But excellent strength, wear resistance, and ease of rolling are their general positive properties. Ultimately, rubber improves the fuel efficiency of products and extends their life. The structure of the tire tread results in excellent driving properties, traction and braking power, driving stability, and handling quality.

Rovelo Summer and winter tires

Rovelo tires hold the road perfectly, both in dry weather and during rains, snowfalls, thaws with an abundance of snow slush, and ice. The tread of each Rovelo summer or winter tire is equipped with a specially designed drainage system that effectively evacuates water or sleet and resists hydroplaning and skidding.

Quiet and comfortable driving will provide tires for the summer period: RCM 836, RHP 780, Road Quest HT, RPX 988.

For harsh and not very winters, the RWS 677, and RWT 768 will be excellent choices, which will allow you to confidently move on snow and ice.

Tires Rovelo quickly gained popularity due to a fairly high level of quality for economy-class products, driving characteristics that are not affected by the vagaries of the weather, and affordable prices.

Rovelo RCM-836 Review

The Rovelo RCM-836 summer tire is used in small commercial vehicles. It features increased load capacity, stable grip on dry and wet surfaces, comfortable handling, fuel efficiency and extended service life.

Rovelo RCM-836 Review
Rovelo RCM-836 Review

The tread pattern is dominated by large blocks, of which four longitudinal ribs are formed. This design reduces rolling resistance and wear, ensures the stability of the trajectory at high speed, ease of control when maneuvering. Multidirectional edges formed by blocks and the presence of lamellas in them improve traction and grip on wet surfaces. Wide drainage grooves prevent the formation of a continuous film of water between the tire and the road surface.

Rovelo RCM-836 main features

  • tread pattern with large blocks is effective on dry and wet surfaces;
  • the special shape of the running part of the tire and the wear-resistant rubber compound provide the tire with a long service life under extremely intensive use;
  • the strengthened framework causes high loading capacity and resistance to shock influence.

Rovelo RHP-778 Review

Summer tire Rovelo RHP-778 is suitable for most popular cars due to a wide range of sizes. Differs in reliability of coupling and accuracy in management, along with wear resistance, fuel economy.

Rovelo RHP-778 Review
Rovelo RHP-778 Review

The tire tread is made from a special rubber compound. The use of a large amount of “silica” allows it to remain elastic at various temperatures, making it more tenacious on wet surfaces. The presence of special polymers in the composition of the compound increases its tensile strength and tensile strength, which gives the tread additional resistance to abrasion. Its pattern is distinguished by an increased number of drainage grooves and edges of blocks and lamellas. Due to this, the tire demonstrates reliable grip and driving comfort even on wet surfaces.

Rovelo RHP-778 Main Features

  • wear-resistant and elastic rubber compound increases tire mileage and grip on wet surfaces;
  • tread pattern with numerous blocks and sipes is effective on wet surfaces;
  • Increased contact patch and comfortable handling thanks to the optimized tread profile.

Rovelo RPX-988 Review

Rovelo RPX-988 summer tire is designed for powerful versions of passenger cars. It is distinguished by precise handling, stable grip on wet and dry surfaces at any speed, high mileage and good acoustic comfort for UHP tires.

Rovelo RPX-988 Review
Rovelo RPX-988 Review

The tread pattern is made in an asymmetrical design, which gives a balanced driving performance. The outer side contains larger and more resistant to deformation elements, which improves the stability of the trajectory and the accuracy of control at high speed. The inner part of the tread with an increased number of transverse edges of blocks and sipes allows intensive acceleration and braking on wet surfaces.

Rovelo RPX-988 Main Features

  • many wide drainage grooves allow the tread to effectively deal with aquaplaning at any speed;
  • Rigid blocks along the edges of the tread and a solid rib in the middle provide sporty precision in handling and stable grip during dynamic cornering;
  • Optimized compound gives the tire extra grip and ease of handling when maneuvering.

Rovelo RWT-768 Review

Rovelo RWT-768 winter tire for passenger cars is designed for use in regions with very cold climates. It is distinguished by its reliable grip on snowy and icy surfaces, good directional stability, fuel efficiency, and a quiet, soft ride.

Rovelo RWT-768 Review

The tread pattern is made in a directional design, well-known from the tires of the Scandinavian brands. A solid swept rib in the middle ensures trajectory stability and reduces rolling resistance. The blocks located next to it are distributed in modules of several elements each. This increases traction and braking power on snow, prevents uneven tread wear and reduces noise and vibration when driving. Tightly spaced sipes provide a reliable grip on wet and icy surfaces.

Rovelo RWT-768 main features

  • “Scandinavian” tread pattern is effective on snowy and icy roads;
  • densely spaced 3D sipes improve traction and handling on packed snow and ice;
  • rubber compound with a high content of silicon oxide retains elasticity at extremely low temperatures.

Rovelo RVS-677 Review

The Rovelo RVS-677 model demonstrates unique abilities due to the special tread structure, the most reinforced carcass, and the innovative rubber compound.

Rovelo RVS-677 Review
Rovelo RVS-677 Review


The symmetrical, directional tread pattern of a winter tire, is very typical for most representatives of the winter series. However, our version is distinguished by an unusual central rib in the form of a herringbone, but without sharp corners. Blocks resembling a slightly beveled picket fence adjoin it on both sides. Their pointed edges create excellent contact with a slippery road, and their multiplicity has a positive effect on the uniformity of pressure distribution, which causes uniform wear of all tire elements.

Rovelo RWS-677 winter tire should consist of rectangular macroblocks, sharply turning into sidewalls. This significantly strengthens the side zone, making it resistant to mechanical and abrasive effects. The entire surface of the rubber is densely lamellae with wavy lamellae. It is they who make the entire structure inactive and serve as additional lugs that enhance grip and traction. Numerous capacious grooves of the drainage system of the Rovelo RVS-677 tire easily cope with any volume of water-ice mixture, evacuating it beyond the contact spot. This reduces the risk of slash planning and drifts to a minimum. On the treadmill of the tire, special seats are provided where, if necessary, spikes can be inserted. So friction rubber turns into studded in a few manipulations. This approach allows you to use tires on good tracks with maximum fuel savings, and to go out of town, where the roads are not cleared of snow, insert spikes and boldly overcome even difficult sections of the road. Noise-absorbing technology reduces noise and vibration generated while driving, so that the interior feels completely comfortable from a quiet and smooth ride.

RWS-677 Lightweight Rubber Inner Construction

Rovelo RWS-677 tires are equipped with a strong and reliable carcass made using seamless winding technology from ultra-strong and lightweight materials. The use of polyester fibers reduces the overall weight of the tire in order to reduce wear on the suspension and chassis parts of the car. A metal cord and a multi-layer belt protect the rubber from deformation, damage and loss of integrity. Armide fibers in the sidewalls provide cushioning and super-strength. Tires easily withstand shock and dynamic loads, retain their original shape and properties for a long time.

Rubber-technical mixture

The compound of the Rovelo RVS-677 winter tire contains special ingredients that give the rubber elasticity, resistance to abrasion, low temperatures and reagents that are sprinkled on roads in winter. Highly dispersed silica replaced the previously used silicon compounds, polymers, additives, oils and elastomers were also included, so the new generation rubber is much superior to earlier modifications. Thus, the controllability of the winter tire increased by 9%, wear resistance by 11%, braking efficiency by 7%, and traction characteristics improved by 5%.

Rovelo RHP-780 Review

Summer passenger tires Rovelo RHP-780 of the High Performance (HP) class, as it should be for models with this marking, are characterized by impeccable grip and braking, performance and controlled handling on asphalt roads. Tire tires were first presented to consumers in 2016 by a well-known tire manufacturer. The Rovelo brand was created by Sailun to promote its products in the markets of Europe and America. Rubber of this brand is of decent quality and affordable prices.

Key features of the Rovelo RHP-780 tire:

  • highest performance;
  • improved tires;
  • fuel efficiency;
  • impeccable adhesion;
  • resistance to aquaplaning;
  • great driving resource.

The asymmetric tread pattern of the Rovelo RHP-780 tire has a block structure. The treadmill consists of three rigid ribs, on the blocks of which slots are applied, forming numerous edges. Thanks to them, the sensitivity of control, the stability of the course movement and the grip properties of the tire on dry and wet roads are increased. Large shoulder blocks have two rows of slots, which significantly increased braking in any weather. The possibility of stable performance of turns and maneuvers at high speed is also realized. The multi-channel drainage system formed by the tire blocks, with a unique groove structure, made it possible to accelerate the process of fluid transfer outside the contact zone, which improved hydroplaning resistance.

High-dispersion microsilica and modified styrene-butadiene rubber in the composition of the mixture from which the tire is made, provided it with excellent wear resistance, strength and rigidity. In addition, due to its properties, the rolling resistance of the tire is reduced, which is the reason for the 9 percent fuel economy. Rubber retains rigidity even at very high temperatures, which significantly extends the life of the tread elements.

To increase the durability and reliability of Rovelo RHP-780 rubber, the manufacturer subjected the internal elements of the tire to maximum reinforcement. A frame made of steel and a metal breaker, together with rigid nylon sealing layers, provide not only structural strength, but also high performance, comfort and traffic safety. As a result, the mileage increased by 12% compared to competitor brands.

Rovelo RHP-780P Review

Rovelo RHP-780P summer tires for passenger cars are characterized by smoothness and quietness of movement, excellent road holding in any weather. The manufacturer also guarantees a safe and long service life of the tire, the mass production of which began in 2016. 

Rovelo RHP-780P Review
Rovelo RHP-780P Review

The HP (High Performance) label in the title recommends using tires on paved roads, where they will provide excellent driving performance.

The high performance of the Rovelo RHP-780P tire is a merit not only of the special structure of the tread elements but also of the reinforced tire structure. Its power part is a frame made of a high-strength cord. Several layers of the hard seal under it increase resistance to mechanical stress, change in shape, and integrity. Rubber is hermetically fixed on the discs with steel side rings, which ensures the comfort and reliability of the ride.

Advantages of Rovelo RHP-780P summer tire:

  • high level of performance;
  • good traction properties;
  • elimination of aquaplaning;
  • low noise and smooth ride;
  • shortened braking distance;
  • improved tires.

The asymmetric design of the tread pattern of the tire made it possible to realize excellent grip, sensitivity and easy handling on wet and dry road surfaces. A large number of slots of different configurations in the tread elements are designed to improve stability, both in straight-line driving and when maneuvering. Due to the edges and the rapid evacuation of water from the contact patch, aquaplaning is almost completely eliminated. Strong shoulder sections in tandem with hook edges improved the tire’s braking properties. What affected the reduction of the braking distance on wet roads by 5%, and on dry roads by 7%. According to this indicator, tires have significantly surpassed the models of competitors.

The outer layer of Rovelo RHP-780P rubber is made from an advanced compound created using Sailun’s innovative technology. Rubber, due to the addition of high-density micro silica and modified styrene-butadiene rubber, has received high resistance to abrasion, heat resistance, rigidity, and increased strength.

Rovelo Road Quest HT Review

Summer tires Rovelo Road Quest HT is addressed to owners of SUVs and crossovers. The model is maximally adapted to the technical needs of cars of this class and, as the manufacturer assures, guarantees safe and comfortable operation. 

Rovelo Road Quest HT Review
Rovelo Road Quest HT Review

Developed in 2016, the Rovelo Road Quest XT is categorized as Highway Terrain (HT) so its excellent performance will come to the fore when driving on well paved roads.

Tires perfectly hold the road at high speed, clearly and quickly react to the movement of the steering wheel and guarantee a stable grip on dry and water-covered roads. Such qualities are provided by a tread with an asymmetric pattern. The ribs of the central zone of the tire consist of small blocks that form a large number of sharp edges that enhance contact with the road surface. Shoulder blocks have a complex configuration and deep slots, which also works to increase the edge effect. Thanks to all the features of the structure of the elements, the rubber demonstrates excellent maneuverability at high speed, without the risk of side drift, and maximum acceleration and braking efficiency. At the same time, the braking distance of the tire is 6% less than that of similar models. The increased adhesive properties that the manufacturer endowed with rubber also had an impact on the grip and braking properties of the model. The silica and innovative polymers contained in its composition have increased strength, resistance to wear and high summer temperatures.

Advantages of Rovelo Road Quest XT summer tire:

  • predictable behavior of the car;
  • required level of acoustic comfort;
  • excellent performance;
  • minimization of aquaplaning;
  • stable grip and braking;
  • increased operating life.

The tread of the Rovelo Road Quest HT tire is equipped with a functional drainage system. Its throughput is increased due to the large volume of grooves and grooves, as well as the presence of slots in the blocks. Water is instantly removed from the contact patch and at the same time it is dried, which minimizes the possibility of aquaplaning.

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